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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sophie, Milo and the Great Change

    by Jody Walker
    Willabees have been with us for a long time. Their story begins when Sophie and her brother, Milo, discover the Magic Clay. Sophie dreams her little creatures to life with her potter’s hands and her kind heart and Milo gifts their minds with the ability to think and to reason. Things go along quite well for all 
these new, fun loving creatures until....until.... well, that you must discover for yourself. But when you step into their crazy, mixed up world, you’ll meet a little willa named 
Eshon... more
  • The Truth Won't Help Them Now

    by Joan Hunter
    It is 1939 when the bullet-riddled body of an accounting clerk from a gambling ship washes up under the Santa Monica pier. As city homicide detectives tenaciously chase down their only clue--a fast, expensive, and very exclusive Bugatti--their investigation leads them into a tangle of competing gangsters all looking to muscle their way to a bigger share of illegal gambling. Meanwhile, Los Angeles County deputy district attorney Cliff Thoms is leading a special squad searching for a pair of se... more
  • The Adventures of Rupert and The Mop: Piggly-Wiggly Guinea-Pig Tale Book 1.

    by Kerry Dinte

    The Adventures of Rupert and The Mop: Piggly-Wiggly Guinea-Pig Tale Book 1. 

    You will find my paperback available on many online book sites for PAPERBACK Print On Demand (POD) and also in Ebook format.

    Now available in over 40,000 Book Shops all over the world - walk in and online.

    You can walk into any bookshop, in Australia, U.S.A, Japan or wherever you live in the world and buy a copy. 

    Each one of my Guinea-Pigs shown in this post has been my pet and the ... more

  • The Pesky Fly

    by Vance Durrington
    Has a fly ever bothered you? Would it keep coming back when you tried to wave it away? This family has the same problem. There is a pesky fly in their house driving everyone crazy. Find out what that buzz-buzz-buzzing fly is up to. What will happen next? Where will the pesky fly appear? Follow along with the fly’s adventure. The Pesky Fly, with its repetitive text and humor, will almost certainly be one that young children will want to listen to over and over again. Kids will begin to repeat the... more
  • The Meany Monster

    by Krystal Fernandes
    The Meany Monster is out to make Lucy feel terrible about herself. Who is this creature? Can she defeat it and learn to be proud of who she is?
  • Jasper the Bold(ish)

    by Krystal Fernandes
    Jasper Jenkins is a boy who is brave and not afraid of anything! Or is he...? This humorous tale, written in rhyme, takes you through the mind of a young child who believes that he is courageous despite all the silly,strange, and even down right outrageous things he fears. It helps to teach children that people can be afraid of anything and that it is okay. This story brings to life the reality of fears and makes the reader laugh along the way.
  • Special Memory

    by Christina Francine
    Special Memory is a playful, feel good story that suggests using positive memories to help in times of stress and difficulties. Positive memories can then provide strength and remind us “good” times will happen again. Fiery five-year-old Emily is semi-cooperative when her mother announces the idea of making a SPECIAL MEMORY one summer morning. She doesn’t want to get used to getting up early for kindergarten. Despite herself, Emily finds dancing in the warm rain with her older sister and moth... more
  • Between the Walls of Time

    by Michael Stafford
    Home from the war, welcomed by his rural community, Cyrus marries the beautiful Jax, a professor of music and a talented artist in her own right. Returning to college to become a professor of philosophy, over the next thirty years he watches America descend into the Age of Violence which leads him to conclude after years of research that the American political process is broken. Why and how it broke, and the process of fixing it becomes​ the basis for three lectures which propel Cyrus and The Fr... more
  • White Night

    by Kathi Haacke Morehead

    Jo Campbell lived a brilliant life, or so she thought until she died. Denied entrance to heaven, adrift in darkness, she meets an unwilling guide: her own sarcastic Soul. Soul takes the unwilling Jo on a journey back through her life, a review that angers, humbles, and ultimately enlightens her. Jo’s ultimate lesson teaches her that her imperfections are her salvation.

  • My Friend Moose'r McDan

    by Sky Danley
    An aggressive hunter bear meets a gentle moose who is looking for a new friend. The moose is so friendly that the bear decides to drop his gun and stop hunting altogether. Instead, the bear learns that it's more fun to just hang out with a new friend, playing games and enjoying nature. However, after the fall colors change, it's time for the bear to go back home. The gentle moose is sad because he lost his play friend, so he is again looking for a new one. He invites whoever is reading the book ... more
  • Cocodrie

    by Sky Danley
    A young kit raccoon named Cocodrie can't swim and is terribly afraid of the river running past his cottonwoods home. When evil poachers suddenly appear and start capturing all the riverbank animals, their gunshots startle Cocodrie. He jumps away from his mother and lands on a riverbank log only to be taken downriver on a scary adventure. The river eventually turns into a bayou, where he meets a friendly pelican, alligator, and green water snake. They teach him how to swim and guide him back to h... more
  • A Walk with Cooper

    by Debbie Gonzalez
    A beautifully illustrated picture book about curiosity, action, mindfulness and the tremendous joy found in the simple things around us. Join fur baby Cooper and his mommy as he explores the world around him. Immerse into the adventure of this imaginative and playful dog with his loving mommy. Cooper’s enthusiasm taking in his surroundings is sure to bring a smile to all who read this children’s book. The warmth and security he experiences with his mommy is heartwarming.
  • Lament: A Soviet Woman and Her True Story

    by Liz Mackie
    Based on remarkable real life events, a modern epic centers on a young Jewish woman struggling to survive the 20th century's most pitiless decades.
  • Echoes of Nam

    by John Morris Benson
    Reading the 2017 obituary of Brandon Wosk gives Hacker Lee Goor echoes of Vietnam. Later, after a routine mental health checkup, he briefly meets Adam Brax and his wife Annie whom he’d seen at the VFW memorial. Wosk and Goor shared an ambush at Dak Bla Bridge 4 days after the start of TET-1968. They met again when both were homeless on the streets of Portland, OR. Goor said, “The many times we talked and shared mind and memory altering street product, I probed and gave details, but he couldn’... more
  • Loving Maria

    by T. R. Robinson
    Though Maria longed for a family of her own, she was not prepared to allow the conventions and expectations of society to manipulate her into a marriage of convenience. To her an arranged marriage or one without love were anathema. However, will she be able to withstand the pressures, demands and expectations of society and church doctrine? Her natural beauty combined with her caring, loving and intelligent character as well as her marriageable age do not help. While some quietly admire and hope... more
  • Felina

    by T. R. Robinson
    Had it been a mistake? Had it been motivated by love? Or had it been lust? For him it had been a marriage with potential. The potential for a happy loving family. For a contented life surrounded by those he would love and who would love him. For her it had been the opportunity for a new life. A life of ease and comfort. A chance to escape the poverty of her own people and land. Had there been anything else? Love? Respect? Attraction? Had it all just been a daydream? Would they... more