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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Misfits

    by Mark Jonathan Harris
    How do you connect with others when you always feel out of place? Following a kaleidoscopic array of characters adrift in a precarious world, Misfits grapples with the challenges of contemporary life, including climate change, inequality, uncertainty, and pain. A depressed accountant stumbles on a teenage eco-terrorist in a parking garage; a middle-aged psychiatrist buys a drink for a seductive young artist during a flight delay; an out-of-work journalist recruits Chicano gangbangers to he... more
  • An Unusual Squirrel

    by Devin Hintze
    Do you like pets? How about a sentient, vocal, reckless squirrel? While Squirrel adapts to living with a human, his hapless friend tries to survive chaos that includes a buried car, copious property damage, and an unfortunate misunderstanding with a bear. He attempts buoyancy training and surviving on dehydrated food. He tries out a virtual reality headset and straps himself to a rocket-powered toy train. He even learns to pilot a stolen drone which, regrettably, gets shot down by the Air For... more
  • Glitter Girl

    by Toni Runkle & Steve Webb
    True Confessions of a Trendsetter Hi! I'm Kat. Welcome to my blog. I may be from a small town but I'm also Glitter Girl Cosmetics' newest trendsetter. Thanks to my flair for fashion and my popular style blog, I've been chosen to be an Alpha Girl, which means I get to try out all the Glitter Girl products before they hit the stores. Forty-eight hours after she blogs about the goodies in the new line, every girl at Kat's school is sporting the gear. Kat's popularity skyrockets, but Jules—Kat... more
  • Do No Harm

    by Tom Tom B. Stone
    Doctor Gideon Teague is ready to call it quits as he nears the end of his medical training. Years of continuous hard work and the specter of tragedy following him from his time as a Marine have taken a heavy toll and his physical and emotional reserves are spent. In the nick of time, an opportunity for a mission trip to Honduras seems like just the ticket to rekindle a long dead spark of passion and adventure; and to escape the day-to-day drudgery of his life as a resident physician. While there... more
  • Sunset Collector

    by Cade
    Illusion and disillusion Friendship and betrayal Ecstasy and madness Two young Englishmen arrive in LA in 1980, hungry for experience. They dive headlong into technicolour Hollywood days, sunkissed and free beneath exotic palms. At night they slide on charm through a Sunset Strip parade of hookers, pimps, dealers, gigolos, hitmen, punks and struggling actors. They set up camp in a glamorously sleazy joint and befriend the eccentric barflies. They are a million miles away from Thatcher’s grey,... more
  • Blood for Pearls

    by Peter Von Perle
    A Legacy Written in Blood and Pearls… In 1498, the world was on the brink of a seismic shift. Christopher Columbus, during his fateful third voyage, stumbled upon the Pearl Coast—an enchanting realm teeming with riches beyond imagination. Yet, behind the glistening pearls lay a dark and treacherous history that would forever change the course of human lives. At the heart of this gripping historical thriller lies Cubagua Island, a place where dreams and nightmares intertwined. Here, the lives... more
  • Grandma Ethel's Braid

    by Lori
    Grandma Ethel’s Braid is an epic and engaging story of culture, family, love, romance, and adventure. In Part 1, the story follows three generations of a Jewish family as they journey from oppressive Russia in the early 20th century to freedom in America. Once in America, Ethel and her family carve out a new life. Ethel marries and has a daughter. In Part 2, Ethel, her daughter, and her granddaughter face more modern challenges well into the 21st century. A story you won’t forget!
  • The Legend of Circe: Circe's Awakening

    by Leonard Kearon MSc
    Circe Goodwin is a normal teenage girl who lives in Sunsport, Hibernia. She is loved by her adopted father, goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and can fire energy blasts from her hands. Wait… That’s not normal. Yeah, Circe doesn’t think so either. Attending Sunsport Super School’s basic hero training course to learn to control her new powers; Circe will learn a lot about herself, her past, and her powers, while making new friends and maybe more…However, Circe’s dreams warn of ancient fo... more
  • Tomorrow, Again

    by Justin
    If you took a blank calendar and looked at it month by month, would each month hold a special, life-changing anniversary? Could you fill the calendar with events which have shaped you and stood out, or would it be filled with blanks? Do you seek a life where you create more meaningful moments which can become important anniversaries as you look back? Are you spending your life in pursuit of something worthy, or are you drifting around from day to day as time passes by? These philosophical questi... more
  • Lily's Way

    by Julie Dumaine
    Lily is a toddler who through the meanders of her early life becomes a young adult propelled by her travels on a quest of what we all humans long for. That is, not only to be desired or loved, but merely to be valued and to find one’s own sense of belonging. Lily learns to trust her actions and faith and eventually to lean forward into her destiny. A kaleidoscope of endeavors and emotions awaits the reader on every page, fostering clarity and joy and profound musings on human nature.
  • The Haunting of Gaspard Feeblebunny

    by Kernow
    Young Constable Gaspard Feeblebunny is unfortunate that one evening on a lonely road he sees Death attempting to harvest the soul of Percy Pargeter which has done a runner. It is doubly unfortunate that the new whiz kid in the afterlife civil service decides that Death should have an assistant to handle such a mundane task as tracking down ghosts, because Feeblebunny is pressganged into service as a human subcontractor, though with some powers to assist with his task. This is the beginning of a ... more
  • A Comedy of Pretzels

    by Joseph
    When tradition twists with popular culture and lands on “people’s oral humor,” idealistic Reuben Lamberth finds himself in a mess. He is a young, progressive, inspired scholar teaching at a prestigious northeastern university, but his other unique self has another foot planted secretly in the world of standup comedy as Josh Sandburg. His stage name is a composite of ‘joshing’ and the renowned American poet Carl Sandburg. Neither his fully tenured professor wife Byrra who is enmeshed in a cabal o... more
  • King's Spur

    by Harry Treasure
    Set in the high plains of the Victorian Alps, King’s Spur follows the life of Emanuel Trask and his iron willed wife, Emily as they establish a cattle empire at the turn of the last century. Aided by head strong daughters and ruthless sons They fight blizzards, fire and hostile neighbours in this harsh beautiful land
  • A Settler's Passion

    by Hocutt
    JAMESTOWNE, 1611 Four years have passed since the colonists sailed up the Chesapeake to establish the first permanent English settlement in the New World. And now… it’s barely hanging on. Thomas Harcourt is desperate to save the settlement from ruin, but he has one major problem: Lady Elizabeth Rotheley, a woman who will do almost anything to live by her own rules, no matter what it costs her or anyone else. As Thomas embarks on an unpopular and dangerous plan to save the colony, the two are for... more
  • Carnian Street

    by McGowen
    Emily is a college beauty course student. Single, attractive, well mannered, curious about the world and living with a promiscuous, overprotective mother in the West Yorkshire city of Thewlington, a less than ideal city that Emily wants out of ASAP. As she goes about her progression through college and work-life she encounters all kinds of characters from the boorish to the compelling, all the while unaware of the dramas of prehistory that occurred on the soil of her home town, and that her life... more
  • Hetty

    by Claire Gathercole
    What will the outcome be?