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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Corona Daze: Eva's time at home during Covid-19

    by Jennifer Angel
    When Eva stays home during the Coronavirus pandemic, she learns about the virus, the importance of good hygiene, and how to process difficult emotions.
  • Swimming Sideways

    by Mary Cresse

    Mary Clement, a New York magazine editor whose drinking lands her in a welfare hotel, is in the midst of a bender when she sees an envelope stuffed under her door. Inside is a hefty inheritance check. Bitterly she throws it aside, muttering to the ghost of her abusive father, “Fuck you, fuck your money, I wanted a family.” 

    Mary has been at the hotel six months—forgotten, invisible, her New York days a distant memory and a long way away from the the small, rough-a... more

  • The Twelve Spies Of Moses

    by Bruce R. Hampson
    The true adventure hides in history, unwritten… After four hundred dark years of slavery in Egypt, Moses leads his tribe home. Having crossed the desert wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula, overcome danger, thirst, and hunger, the nation of Israel stands on the doorstep of the Promised Land. Two and a half million people, including a powerful army of more than six hundred thousand trained soldiers, are camped at Kadesh-Barnea, torn between excitement and trepidation for what lies ahead. F... more
  • Paths: The Diary of Baine Adams

    by Paul Hood
    Paths: The Diary of Baine Adams, is the story of Baine Henry Adams, a gifted writer that escapes his hometown of Bessemer, Alabama after his mother inexplicably abandons him and his Grandfather. With this Baine struggles to come to terms with this traumatic event and decides to head North in search of "Momma," and to live out his dream of being a working writer living in New York City. As he eloquently expresses his thoughts within his journal and examines questions about Momma's leaving and Gra... more
  • Small White and the Wing Tailor: Counting and Colours Book for Kids

    by Antonina Novarese
    A small white butterfly has a broken wing, so she is looking for a wing tailor. But first, she needs to find one blue berry, two brown tree stumps, three black beetles…. Can you help her? With its colourful and captivating illustrations, this engaging circular tale gives little readers numerous examples of kindness and compassion. Small White always finds time to help others in need, while pursuing her own journey and keeping an optimistic attitude.
  • Architect of Hope

    by Heath Greenis
    Two women, two couples separated by more than a century, yet intertwined. Modern-day couple Keeghan and William discover a scrolled portrait sealed within an old bottle along their ocean wall. The portrait kickstarts Keeghan into a series of continuing, realistic dreams; an odyssey of pride, greed, hope, compassion, and family. With her royal heritage limiting her career choices, Natasha elects to volunteer at a local orphanage. Empowered by the experience, and her relationships with Stewa... more
  • Coop The Cat

    by Wendy Weber
    Coop The Cat is a touching tale of a cat who wants nothing more than to explore the outdoors. With an overprotective owner, Coop is finally able to realize his dreams and his wishes for freedom are granted. The story begins with a young girl who receives a cat as a present and the mother who refuses to let the cat go outside. The mother soon realizes that her over protective helicopter ways have diminished the cat's happiness and therefore she comes to a realization that benefits Coop the Cat ... more
  • Children of Pleiades, Rise of the Henge

    by Lloyd Tosoff

    “Rise of the Henge” is the first in a two part series, “Children of Pleiades.” It is a thought provoking supernatural epic that takes the reader through ancient historical settings, legends of alien visitations, ethereal realms, and the entire spectrum of human experience as it has existed since time began. A cinematic tale that follows three generations of a star seeded bloodline, “Rise of the Henge” is a character study with deeply insightful lessons in t... more

  • Glory Bound

    by Lloyd Tosoff
    To take the life you are given and raise it up to a higher purpose against all odds is to define the term, “Glory Bound”. Born and raised with neither means nor opportunity to go beyond the humble beginnings of his heritage, Ted Dimitroff was a man of courage that defied the odds against him. It was the spring of 1941 when the 17-year-old walked into the Canadian Army recruiting office in Prince George, Canada and lied about his age to join in the war effort against Nazi Germany. Many like Ted, ... more
  • Escape from Konigsberg

    by Lloyd Tosoff
    Escape from Königsberg is an epic human drama set in the former German province of East Prussia during the last days of WWII. Based on a true story, it follows one family's struggle to survive the brutal onslaught of the Soviet Red Army and the Allied bombing campaign that leveled the 700-year-old city. After watching his beloved home of Königsberg fall into communist hands and faced with unspeakable tragedy, 16-year-old Walter Heinrich bravely escapes along with his two sisters aged six and 10 ... more
  • The Initiates

    by Natasha Karis

    This is an uplifting story that follows a teacher, Alayne Adams, as she tries to help five students after the discovery of a suicide note. Through a series of life lessons, Alayne steers them onto a path that will change all their lives.

  • Once in a Blood Moon

    by Dorothea Hubble Bonneau
    Once in a Blood Moon By Dorothea Hubble Bonneau Inspired by a true story Synopsis Heaven Hill Plantation, upriver from Georgetown, South Carolina, 1807: Sixteen-year-old Alexandra Degambia walks a tightrope between her parents’ ambitions. Her father, a prosperous African American plantation owner, wants to preserve the heritage of his Gambian ancestors. But her mother, who can pass for white, seeks to distance herself from her African American roots and position herself in the elite societ... more
  • Corona Daze: Eva's time at home during Covid-19

    by Jennifer Angel
    When Eva stays home during the Coronavirus pandemic, she learns about the virus, the importance of good hygiene, and how to process difficult emotions.
  • Silver Bottle

    by Joan Spilman
    In a small West Virginia town, a woman scarred by the disappearance of her mother many years before tries to raise her kids while fighting phantoms of a past she barely remembers. Then a package arrives from her long-absent mother--an explanation, a plea for forgiveness but also a demand to be understood and accepted. Slowly, the novel unfolds, backward and forward from the early 20th century to the present--a story of suffering and escape, and of triumph that leads to more suffering--and a ques... more
  • Freddy the Frog

    by Tim Haddock
    Freddy the Frog wanted to be a rancher. Betty the Beetle wanted to be a horse. The two team up for adventures on a ranch filled with ducks and walnut trees and squirrels and a grumpy catfish who lives in a pond.
  • SUKI

    by CF Winn

    When you are young and in love, there is no reason to think of death, no matter how inevitable it is.

    In SUKI, Dwayne and Savannah are planning their life together when fate throws them an unexpected curve ball. Award winning author, CF Winn, allows her characters their flaws as they face the consequences of their own decisions. The couple is portrayed with humor and honesty as they try to make sense of their imploding world.

    The powerful voice of the unlikely narrator allows the ... more