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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Hundred Veils

    by Rea Keech
    A young American professor at the University of Tehran falls in love with an Iranian artist and is thwarted by social, political, and religious forces that seem beyond his control.
  • Rosebloom

    by Christine Keleny
    Rose, a precocious girl in 1930s Wisconsin, runs away from home to avoid what she sees as a certain path to marriage and motherhood. What she seeks is adventure. What she finds is much more.
  • Grannie Panties Are Underrated

    by Gayle Erickson

    Elle Martin has it all. Handsome and sucessful husband. Check. Daughter and son attending an exclusive private high school. Check. Privilege, status, and wealth. Check. Check. Check.

    But there is more to Elle's story. Already struggling to keep up appearances in a social set full of pretension and ultra-competitiveness, Elle is thrown into a tailspin when a surprise announcement by her husband threatens to expose the truth behind her carefully constructed facade of perfection.

    Wha... more

  • Saddle Sore

    by Mike Schaible
    Uncle Mike’s new book Saddle Sore, a story about how Ben Wong claims the inheritance left by his brother. When Ben Wong’s brother, Charley Wong, dies, some family jewels were left to Ben. Charley’s lawyer sent an invitation to Ben in Wyoming to claim his inheritance in Southern California. As Ben travels on a horse together with his companion Lue, they encounter different people and go through exciting experiences. When Ben reaches the law firm in California, he is surprised by the jewels his b... more
  • Goodness and Mercy

    by frederick amina
    this book is about a man who over came all life's challenges through Jesus Christ.
  • Four Seasons

    by Eve Blohm
  • The Titchfield Turnabout

    by Paula Lennon

    Five teenagers from an elite high school in Port Antonio, Jamaica, vanish while sitting in detention and find themselves in the year 1728, which is the height of the slave trade from Africa to the West Indies and the Americas. The teens are from different racial backgrounds and the experience of the black teens Grace, Vanessa and Dalton differs significantly from that of mixed-heritage Isabel and white Patrick. Inevitable tensions arise among the students, exacerbated by living in an age of v... more

  • The Adventures of Sigi-Moving Day

    by Candace Carson

    "Scratch, Whack, Scratch", is Sigi's Florida initiation. Cracked eggs, slimy frogs and yucky worms await his investigation. Missing friends and hidden brushes, babies to tend and Mama's fusses all add to the drama.                                     This is the first book in the "Sigi" series of children's picture books about a dog living in Florida. Using rhyme and repet... more

  • Janoose The Goose

    by JD Holiday
    In the story, Janoose the Goose is visiting her cousin, Molly the Duck on the farm. Janoose likes the barnyard very much but she must go home because there are no job openings there. When her flight home arrives, the fox has begun a crime spree, and Janoose is the only one who can stop him.
  • Migrants

    by Keith Sobey
    We live in a world where economic migration resulting from war and other factors is commonplace. Migrants explores the stories of five women, forced by circumstances to uproot their lives, and the consequences of their actions. Migrants is a book in five parts. Each part deals with the story of a woman who is forced to change her life due to circumstances outside her control and journey to a new country.
  • The Light Over Broken Tide

    by Holly Ducarte
    Out of the blue, Rebecca Stafford’s Father arrives to parent her after years of absence, and then extracts her last bit of normalcy by moving them to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The shocking news plunges Rebecca into a despair that brings about an otherworldly encounter; she begins to have visions of her deceased Mom. Uncertain whether what she sees is reality or the product of a troubled mind, Rebecca searches for an anchor to keep her from drifting in the new coastal town. She clings to Shawn, t... more
  • Reconcilable Differences

    by M A Clarke Scott
    Kate is a survivor. Fifteen years after her breakdown, Kate has built a successful career as a family mediator, specializing in couple’s reconciliation. In fact, she’s about to receive a prestigious award for her accomplishments. Her latest mediation brings together a young couple on the brink of divorce, and only Kate’s expertise and sensitivity can save them. It also, unexpectedly, reconnects her with former lover Simon Sharpe, who represents the high and the low points of her life, unco... more
  • The Melancholy Moon

    by Glenda C Manus