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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Twitter President

    by Mark Schreiber

    The Twitter President chronicles the rise and fall of a populist chief executive in his own bombastic, scurrilous tweets.

    Carl Rumble is a narcissistic entrepreneur from Boston who made his fortune building bridges. But as a reactionary presidential candidate he promises to build walls. Walls between countries, between allies, between genders, races and religions, dividing and conquering until no one is left to challenge him.

    Yet in his increasing paranoia he believe... more

  • Love You a Latte

    by Tori Bloodworth
    Show your little one that you love them a latte with this adorable children's book about what's near and dear to your heart - them. And, of course, coffee! This is perfect for the coffee-loving caregiver, teacher or parent in your life.
  • The Franklin Chemists

    by Tilly Turbet

    Elephant Toothpaste... submarines... rockets and a chase across the lakes of England. This book follows the adventures of Hannah and George as they find themselves on an unexpected adventure with their scientific Aunt Rosalind. When she disappears, they must protect her biggest scientific discovery from two scientists intent on stealing it as their own.

    A fun and enjoyable STEM tale from an exceptional author.

  • Better Together: A Cherry and Friends Tale

    by Kathryn Lee-Bennett
    Cherry the mouse loves her special job of making mint tea. But when a lemongrass-loving grouse introduces a new blend, Cherry worries that she's no longer needed. If they think creatively, maybe they can discover a way to be better together!
  • Shades of Gray Trilogy Collection

    by Jessica James

    Honor and conviction clash with loyalty and love in this epic Civil War love story that pits brother against brother. Shades of Gray chronicles the clash of a Confederate cavalry officer with a Union spy as they defend their beliefs, their country, and their honor.

    Shades of Gray Civil War Serial Trilogy consists of three books: Duty Bound, Honor Bound, and Glory Bound.

    What Readers Are Saying About Shades of Gray:

    “It is a book that I... more

  • Souls in Exile

    by Nick Padron
    Nick Padron's SOULS IN EXILE is a collection of short fiction composed of a novella, a novelette, and seven short stories. "Sylvia's Island," a novelette-length tale of women banding together to take on the World of Men "Papa's Bastard Son," magical realism about a Cuban man whose mother left him an unpublished manuscript by 'Papa,' yes, the famous one. ( Perhaps, one of the most celebrated shorts in this book, published in over a dozen literary magazines and print collections, including Calli... more
  • All People Are Beautiful

    by Vincent Kelly
    A beautifully illustrated picture book that encourages kids to celebrate our cultural differences around the world. All People Are Beautiful teach children to celebrate the people around them for who they are and that our differences are what unite us!
  • The Sentinel

    by Jacqueline Hodder
    Escaping from a failed relationship, Kathleen Devine flees to an isolated lighthouse off the Australian coastline. Taking up the position of Head Teacher to the lighthouse keepers' children, she is quickly ensnared in the lives of those marooned on the lonely outpost and soon realises no-one can escape their past. When the fearsome Head Lightkeeper, Mr Johannsson, forms an unlikely friendship with the daughter of one of the keepers, it threatens to destroy their fragile peace. Can Kathleen find ... more
  • Daisy Moves to America

    by Elyssa Nicole Trust
    When Daisy Mae and her family move from England to America, Daisy is teased because of her British accent. Overwhelmed by the many words and phrases that are different, Daisy wants to speak just like her American classmates. Follow Daisy’s journey as she learns that her uniqueness is something to honor and celebrate. You may even learn a few new words along the way.
  • The Magnificent Land of the Multi-Colored Horses

    by Ken Barry
    "A long, long time ago, there was a faraway land." So begins the engaging and thoughtful story of mythical and vibrant friends, who happen to be horses. "The horses called this magical land their own. They played in the grass, ate the sweet, colored flowers, and drank the cool, refreshing water. No one knows why, but the strangest thing began to happen in this magical land. Some say it began with the pink horses, others say it was the blues, but before long only the young horses of t... more
  • Sticks and Stones

    by Ken Barry
    Cavan and Walter are headed off to find life's good fortune on a colorful path filled with wizards, toads, owls and trolls. Each boy handles adversity that he faces differently. Will they find the good fortune they are looking for? This is a colorful picture book for children of all ages, and provides opportunities for conversations with adults about how to deal with bullying, and about how a positive attitude can overcome many difficulties in life.
  • Merry Christmas, Bobby the Bear!

    by Ryan O'Connor
    Christmas is Bobby the Bear’s favorite holiday. This Christmas, Bobby is planning on making special gifts for all his friends. While he is gathering things to make his gifts, he meets a new friend, Danny the Deer. Bobby invites Danny to his house to celebrate Christmas. When Danny arrives at the party, Bobby and all his animal friends learn that Danny does not have the same beliefs as they all do. Bobby the Bear helps his friends realize the importance of accepting someone who is different from ... more
  • The Warrior and the Enchantress

    by Diana Sherrill Richards
    Chanity was the beloved daughter of the Chieftain and Lady of Holdenworth. She enjoyed a happy childhood until the day raiders attacked. Vorik the merciless slew her father and enslaved her mother, Serina. After Serina's death, Chanity was alone and in Vorik's care. Who would protect her from him? She had nowhere to run, and no one to run to. Chanity was older now, and did not believe in a fairytale Knight in shining armor, but perhaps she should. Derek was a skilled warrior, born the second s... more
  • Her Mad Song

    by C J Halbard
    The strange and haunting tale of rediscovering yourself in a time of madness. A man and his adopted daughter come to Tempest Bay seeking a mystery. The world outside is aflame with anger and turmoil, but here in this tiny coastal town the old ways still hold. They take shelter with an obsessive meteorologist, in the shadow of a dark tower on the clifftops. From here they must navigate the labyrinth of small-town secrets and their own fears as a long-awaited storm approaches… Her Mad Song... more
  • A Shepherd of Wolves

    by R.J. King

    Detective Raymond Wright has spent his entire life in St. Anna, South Carolina, growing from a young boy dealing with family and societal issues to a man committed to protecting the community. Despite the harsh realities he has seen in the past, nothing has prepared him for the horrendous crimes being committed by Edmund Glass. Both the serial killer who is leaving parts of his victim around the town and the detective have roots in St. Anna, and their intertwined history begins to reveal itse... more

  • The Power Line

    by Christopher Shaw
    The Power Line transports the reader from the villages of Lake Aurora and Saranac Lake in the years following World War I, when Prohibition and tuberculosis kept them hopping, to Montreal and a thrilling escape by canoe across the St. Lawrence River in the dead of winter. It follows the adventures of Fran Germaine, rustic builder and old-time fiddle player, and his friend Lonnie Monroe, the source for the tapes and transcriptions made in the eighties about their days working as together as bootl... more