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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Dr. Fran White
    This book provides a description of the meaning of dyslexia and what it feels like and the challenges of children who are afflicted with this leaning difference ( NOT disability). All children will be knowledgable of this learning challenge and, hopefully, exhibit compassion for those classmates who struggle to learn. Motivation and encouragement are the goals in writing this book that parents and children will enjoy.

    by Dr. Fran White
    This book was written to educate all children on how to identify bullies and to understand why they choose to hurt others. Nicki Nice, the protagonist, learns how to deal with the painful experience that she sustains from her bully and how to solve this problem. As reported by the media, all of the violent behaviors and killings by angry students were once victims of bullies and are displacing their rage on innocent children. We must teach our children about bullies and how to help them.

    by Dr. Fran White
    This is a novel about racial identity, racism, parental abandonment and family connections. It is hoped that the reader will understand the pain of racism as noted by the protagonist, Brandy's, abandonment, rejection and dilemma in finding the answer to her racial identity before marriage and motherhood.
  • Midway Field

    by Mike Marcon
    Midway Field is the story of an aging pilot on his way to the American Midwest for a summer of solo barnstorming, flying from town-to-town selling rides and living out of his airplane. On this, his second summer of barnstorming, he crashes his airplane in heavy fog and then discovers he has died and gone where all of us may go. Through his main character, Doc, the author presents us with his view of what he thinks actually happens when we leave this reality and enter into the realm of death. 122... more
  • Whistleblower

    by Terry Morgan
    Huge amounts of international aid money are being stolen by those at the heart of the political establishment. Ex politician, Jim Smith, threatened and harassed into fleeing abroad for accusations of fraud secretly returns to renew his campaign. A realistic thriller covering events in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and a sensitive study of a stubborn and talented man who steadfastly refuses to fit into the stereotype of a successful businessman and a modern politician. "Hi... more
  • The Cacouna Caves and the Hidden Mural

    by Barbara Burgess
    Deanna Aynsworth’s older brother, Matthew, finds himself staring at a seventeenth-century painting of a sea captain who looks just like him. Then, before Deanna’s eyes, Matthew vanishes without a trace. A year later, still struggling with the fact that her brother has gone missing, Deanna decides to get away for the summer. She and her boyfriend, Justin, rent a room in a B&B near Cacouna village. They discover a seventeenth-century diary by Wasaweg, a young Mi’gmaq woman, who fell in love with a... more
  • Nobody

    by Tina White
    It is about a city which is dense. But everybody is alone.
  • The Great Bacon Escape

    by William Markham
    In a world of talking food, only one guy has what it takes to escape the dark confines of the refrigerator that has become his prison—Jeff the Bacon. Residents of the fridge are disappearing, and Jeff decides he won’t be another victim. But the path to freedom is a perilous journey. A monstrous slice of pizza wants Jeff as his newest topping. A devious pair of sisters would add him to their “trophy”collection, and the sub-zero temperatures of the freezer stand between him and the only exit. W... more

    by E. O. Elliott

    WINONA, INC. iWINONA, INC. is a 92-page adventure that swirls around the celebrity-filled world of retired supermodel Winona Warner, now the owner of the hottest modeling agency in Manhattan. Finding herself in a little jam with a much-younger male model, it’s a fun and fast-moving rollercoaster ride loaded with haute couture fashion, high-end glamour and steamy sexual hijinks. Each page features colorful illustrations and vibrant graphics. Presented like a children’s book, it&rsq... more

  • Knights of the Castle of Light

    by Maher Alkaser
    In parallel with the world we live in there's a hidden world where hidden war raging old, intensified and began fighting gets out occasionally between revoked and her Knights and their Governments, hidden history record battles but they changed the course of history without knowing their human, most notably the war between forums Enlightened circles of society on the one hand, and on the other hand the Illuminati society forums, an extended war in the roots of history between (Guards of the Cast... more
  • The Baby Ban

    by Tamara Thompson

    Fed up with her baby sister's behavior while flying to visit family, a little girl  shares her frustrations and finds a creative idea to make future flights a little smoother. Ultimately, she develops a greater appreciation and empathy for her sister in this humorous and relatable lyrical story.

  • Race Music

    by Mark Herder
    Home to prostitutes, drug dealers, mobsters, and cops who subscribe to a wide range of moralities, Marecage is a low-rent district in St. Louis (“Several square blocks of rickety-brick nightclubs, taverns, flop joints, whorehouses, and warehouses, all squeezed along a crumbling cobblestone levee as if the city had swept all its filth into a pile and left it on the banks of the Mississippi for the next big flood to wash it away”). In 1963, when crooner Eddie Devine is found dead in a Marecage mot... more
  • Crazy Crab

    by Mark C. Evans
    Steve is no ordinary Hermit Crab. He has a big dream... to be an astronaut and fly in space! His friends and family think he is crazy. They don't send crabs into space. Will Steve have "the right stuff" to be sent on a daring mission to Mars? Can he work hard to beat mischievous mice and mad monkeys to ride a rocket to the red planet? Only time and training will tell in this hilarious story of a crazy crab who wants to reach for the stars.
  • The Crimson Heirlooms

    by Hunter Dennis
    The Crimson Heirlooms. One tangible – a priceless necklace called the Cross of Nantes. The other ephemeral – a secret hidden within the lyrics of a song. Each holds the power to change the course of history. But together, the price of ownership is death or salvation. 1832, Paris. Jake Loring is an American student living in the city during the turbulent march to revolution. Torn between the safety of going home to America and the passionate adventure of joining the Resistance, Jake foolhardily ... more
  • 319 Emily Street

    by Joseph M. Boylan
    Stuart Donovan lives at 319 Emily Street. He hates his job, his life, his neighbors and himself. The only thing he loves are his wife, Rachel and their roommate, Todd. Stuart drinks too much coffee, too much alcohol,is vulgar and is quick to anger. He is haunted by a past that he refuses to share with his loved ones and he is extremely particular about how one should be mannerly in a polite society. His life gets turned upside down through a series of events over one summer that tests his sanity... more
  • Shadow of the Shoe Fixer

    by Joseph M. Boylan
    Pendleton Stevens has a great job working for a mutual funds company that hires sexy swimsuit super models as inside wholesalers. He is beloved by his boss, a color blind incompetent, who has fast tracked Pendleton to the executive level. He has a beautiful wife at home who has a dangerous secret and he has developed a passion for cobbling which he does free of cost for friends and co-workers. He also lives a secret life as an assassin for the United States Government. When a hit goes bad one fa... more