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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Yukon Wolf

    by Brett Roehr
    As a family of wolves struggle for survival in the mountains of northwestern Canada, a young female wolf is banished from her family for disobeying her father. She falls in love with a lone wolf and together, they struggle for survival against starvation, enemy wolves, and the threat of humans.
  • Stalkings

    by Alex Dandino
    During WWII, the Allied Forces were hard at work developing new techniques for espionage, defending against double agents and the general onslaught of the Axis Powers. At the behest of Colonel William “Wild Bill” Donovan, the man in charge of the OSS (the organization that would eventually become the CIA), plans were made to recruit female spies for the more clandestine aspects of OSS work. Under the guise of “Foreign Correspondence Desk” recruitment, 50 women were brought in for OSS training i... more
  • Ahmed's Journey: A Story of Self-Discovery

    by Jill Apperson Manly
    Ahmed's Journey: A Story of Self-Discovery unfolds through the eyes of a young boy named Ahmed. The book tells of the Camel Races, a tradition in Ahmed's country and in much of the Middle East. While traveling to the Camel Races with his family and favorite camel, Jamal, Ahmed faces his fear of riding in the upcoming race. Watching Jamal calmly breathe, Ahmed finds his own breath, and in doing so he discovers he has a colorful array of emotions and feelings. By the end of the book, the reader... more
  • Primary Paintsville

    by stacey waldman
    A new color named Gary Green comes to a primary town of colors that consist of only red, yellow and blue. Gary green is not accepted and is bullied by his classmates. Discover what he needs to do to fit into this pint sized, peculiar, paints town .
  • Miss Someday: A Young Adult Novel

    by R.J. Ryker
    It's funny how one stupid little mistake can change your life forever. Okay, maybe what I did was slightly more serious than your average slip-up. But still... As far back as I can remember I've had one goal in life: get into the vocal performance program at the Vanderbilt Conservatory of Music in New York City. It's the crème de la crème of music schools. Guess what. They accepted me, a practically anonymous girl from the other side of the continent. And they even offered me a p... more
  • Short Term Memory

    by Ahlia Demas
    A collection of short stories that tie into the life of the person recounting her life. Some are an autobiography and some are total fiction; thus the short-term memory,
  • Fifth Street Bridge

    by William Wendell Walters
    For most people on the Eastern seaboard, the words ‘Fifth Street Bridge’ have become a metonymy for disaster, pain, sorrow, greed, cruelty, and murder, but, for those people who lived it, the Fifth Street Bridge has become so much more. All Richard Mitchell wanted from life was to teach, until he was too old to do so, and then retire to a spot down by a slow stream that he and his wife, Fancy, loved. It was his dream, one that was obliterated by a drunk driver going the wrong way, wrenching his... more
  • A Nest for the Savior: An Interactive Christmas Tradition

    by Didi Zayas
    A Nest for the Savior is more than a children’s book – it’s an interactive Christmas tradition that teaches children about the best adventure of all – following Jesus. The story follows Sadie, a sparrow who builds a nest for Jesus after finding the manger empty, while the Advent Activity Guide (on the opposite side of the book) provides instructions for kids to make their own nest for the Savior using 12 symbolic elements. A Nest for the Savior is really two books in one – with a picture b... more
  • Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book

    by Adele Park
    Skitters the Cat seems to have it all, but when his twitchy teen handlers get tangled up with a polygamist cult in Utah, the fur begins to fly. For Brandon Spinkle, the son of the lead singer for a band called the Rectal Surgeons, dating a polygamist girl is hardly a pleasure cruise through the love canal. Especially after Brandon's mother becomes a contestant on a reality TV show called Celebrity Cougars. Narrated by a full cast of characters, this outrageous comedy is highlighted with sna... more
  • Touched By Evil

    by D'Ann Turner
    TOUCHED BY EVIL, set in current day New England, is a tale of spectral horror: the lives of three associates of a Realty Office become entangled by physical and psychological terror inflicted on each of them by a vengeful spirit who occupies a historic home which they are trying to sell. What follows, is a young woman left fighting for her life, conflict between local law enforcement, medical professionals and the clergy - each drawing their own conclusions, desperately trying to stop the perpe... more
  • Emma & Friends - Izzy the Bully

    by Nipa Shah
    One day a bear cub named Izzy, moves in to the forest where Emma and her friends live. Izzy is not a very nice cub. When the fed up neighborhood cubs ask Emma's help in handling Izzy the Bully, Emma comes up with a compassionate solution.
  • Bocage

    by Charles Birmingham


    A richly detailed historical novel and rollicking adventure that spans the Paris of today and 1944, the London Blitz, D-Day and the bloody hedgerow fighting of the Allied breakout from Normandy in World War II along with unforgettable characters like Churchill, Patton, Ernie Pyle and even Lady Di.  With the help of time-traveling commandos, Charley Montgomery discovers the terrible secret beh... more

  • Blue Valentine

    by Thomas Cummings
    Nicki Valentine's life is wearing thin under the drag of her unchosen role as the bad girl, the slut, and the endless psychodrama of a small Oregon town. Then at an after-hours party in a house on the rich side of town, an old acquaintance has walked out of the darkness, dragging the past with him. The meeting is no chance affair, and it can only mean that someone is gunning for Nicki, someone who's used to getting what he wants and who has the means to take it, whatever the cost. In a town whe... more
  • The Great Pillow Sham: An allegory of the Donald Trump presidency

    by Travis Dunn
    The Great Pillow Sham is a read-aloud children's picture book that portrays an allegory of the current U.S. presidency. A pompous pillow is elected to resolve a family's bed head problems. His glorious promises enamor the family. Unfortunately, they ignore an ominous warning tag attached to his back. Is this pillow all he's stuffed up to be? Or, is he just a sham?
  • The Art of Being Remmy

    by Mary Zisk
    It’s 1965. In this funny, illustrated, coming-of-age novel, when mid-sixties attitudes kept girls in their place, 12-year-old Remmy questions what is fair and challenges rules that restrict her. She fights to be an artist in spite of Dad’s objections, a goofball boy rival, and the danger of losing her best friend to a rat fink.
  • Building Heaven

    by Andrew Osborne
    BUILDING HEAVEN is an existential thriller about atheism, blind faith, death, and one agnostic’s perilous journey through the afterlife. In the Cedars-Sinai coma ward, a law professor named Pete Herlinger miraculously regains consciousness five years after the car wreck that claimed his wife, child and parents. Grief-stricken, Pete wishes to see his family again and winds up in a supernatural realm where the dead create their own reality. Guided by the soul of his father (who, free of... more