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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Huron's Bend

    by Darren Kent
    All Kodi Auyang wants is the word Doctor before his last name, but the closer he grows to Jordan Blythe, the more he seems to lose touch with reality. Bizarre dreams evolve into daydreams and visions, and his laser focus falters. Jordan Blythe is an enigma—the polar opposite of Kodi: she comes from a wealthy family and is a virtuoso on the harpsichord, while Kodi lives on Twinkies, soju, and ramen and goes on all-night coding binges. In a struggle to understand her, Kodi finds himself following... more
  • The Red Dirt Hymnbook

    Ruby Fae McKeever is realizing that she made a terrible decision when she dropped out of college two years ago to marry that sweet-faced JW Jasper and join his family's traveling revival ministry--or, as her Daddy had put it, when she "run off with the dang-fool Jesus Circus." She'd thought at the time that she was called by God. But now that she thinks about it, maybe she just really, really likes singing on stage. Or she could have confused God's voice with the feeling of JW's hand up her shir... more
  • Last Rites

    by Tony Gentry
    Ernest Hemingway wrote, “All stories…end in death.” With ringing lyricism, cinematic detail, and wry humor, in this diverse collection of tales Tony Gentry interrogates that notion. A father and son share a moment of everyday epiphany on their farm. An elderly widower must choose between a circumscribed life where every breath is an effort and a saving reunion he barely trusts, while another finds solace in the company of an old bear. The ghost of a Confederate general wanders the historic preci... more
  • The Coal Tower

    by Tony Gentry
    It’s Game Day at the University of Virginia, launching a new school year, when Charlottesville fills to bursting with incoming students, football fans and alumni. Famed neurosurgeon Rainsworth Cannon and his equestrienne wife, their goth teenaged daughter and her train-hopping boyfriend, a cop and his wayward brother, all have been living for this day. But they cannot imagine how at its end their lives will be changed and forever entwined by what goes down at the Coal Tower.
  • Last Stop Ronkonkoma

    by Fred Schneider
    Brooklynite Harry Sisler is consumed by two of his own prophecies: that he will die at the age of fifty (promptly!), but first raise a centerfielder better than "that damn DiMaggio!" Good plan, except his wife sets a prophecy of her own, that she will raise the same son to be the family's first priest.
  • Returned and Reborn: A Tale of a Korean Orphan Boy

    by Therese Park

    More than 200,000 South Korean infants and toddlers left their motherlands in the arms of strangers from the postwar era. "Returned and Reborn: a Tale of A Korean Orphan Boy" is the first novel about such an orphan--a boy fathered by a missionary priest who established the first Catholic Adult Institute in South Korea. This fiction is based on a true story, mixed with Korea's modern history--Vietnam War in which 300,000 South Korean troops fought (5001 were killed); the unintent... more

  • Good Buddy

    by Dori Ann Dupré
    Jonathan "Buddy" Cordova is a small-time criminal defense lawyer living paycheck to paycheck and practicing law out of his house in Fayetteville. Viewing himself as a modern-day Atticus Finch, he represents the poor, the indigent, the "probably guilty"—the kinds of clients who usually end up in jail. He's shy, painfully awkward around pretty women, and carrying a dark secret, but can't help falling for Julie Saint, a kindergarten teacher and army widow with a small daughter. Consumed with lov... more
  • The Illusions In Between

    by J.M. Robison
    Still hunted by the church, Zadicayn has remained in hiding with his small family for seven years. But rumors of his location finally reach the Illuminati, a secret underground society of Black Magicians. Wanting his magic for themselves, the Illuminati lure Zadicayn to Rome where the last wizard is forced to fight, not only for his life, but for his family, his magic, and for the world. Because his next death will be his last.
  • Between Magic and Mayhem

    by J.M. Robison
    Freed from his three-century-long incarceration, Zadicayn hopes to merge himself and his magic back into society. But the Church is still on the hunt to stop him, and the three families want him locked back up. Jaicom Whaerin—whose ancestors originally incarcerated the wizard—is working in the background trying to keep Zadicayn and Brynn safe. But when his father starts suspecting him, Jaicom must also find ways to keep himself safe. When the three families and the church both get hold of ... more
  • The Foes Between Us

    by J.M. Robison

    In 1842 England, Brynn suspects Reuben's "natural death" had actually been murder. Reuben has left cryptic clues for Brynn to find to help her locate Zadicayn, an imprisoned young man claiming to be a wizard from the Middle Ages.

    When Brynn frees Zadicayn, Reuben's murderers now turn their sights on her. Her life grows exceptionally harder when Zadicayn enlists her help to find his magical amulet, stolen by Reuben's murderers. But they know where to fi... more

  • Abusing His Grace

    by Stephanie Gridley
    To Dean Hardaway, a man of many secrets, image is everything, and he will do whatever it takes to protect and promote his own, even at the expense of his hapless wife, Grace. And if she fails to fall in line, she pays the price--dearly. Having weathered difficult adolescent years after the death of her parents, Grace longs for security, stability, and love. She thinks she has found it in former Marine Dean Hardaway. After a short courtship the two marry, and only then are Dean's true colors reve... more
  • Saint Agnes' Garden

    by Diana Klueh
    In 1955, eleven-year-old Jodie Sealy and her mother drive away from a privileged but troubled life in Biloxi, Mississippi They travel from "riches to rags" because Momma can't conform to Southern Upper class standards. She is divorced and a "free spirit." Jodie feels she has no say in what happens to her. She has figured out that when she grows up, she will become a teaching nun. Nuns don't need to worry about daddies who run off and a momma who runs away to a cold smelly place way up n... more
  • Adaptively Radiant

    by Joseph E. Henning
    A college student from CA named Justin, who grew up in Hawaii, flies overseas to spend a portion of his summer break visiting distant family members in Japan. While on vacation, Justin and his 21 year old cousin Kaito, compare recently inherited family heirlooms and soon realize the items contain a hidden map. After hiking to the area indicated on the map, the men find 9 small stones left to them by their great grandfather long ago. Each river rock contains a location etched in kanji along with a... more
  • Love Profane

    by Davis Byars

    Is it healthy for ten-year-old Amy Turner to be so obsessed with the story of Anne Frank? So much so that she and her Jewish friend, Ruth, hide away in the attic to recreate the harrowing experience of life in the Secret Annexe, under the evil shadow of the Holocaust?

    Their parents certainly don't think so. Amy's family worry about the morbidity unbecoming in children, while Ruth's academic father wants to protect his daughter from the horrors of the Shoah until she is of an... more

  • Slipperima the Water Dragon

    by Lenora Riegel
    Slipperima, the Water Dragon, loves frolicking in the water weeds of Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. Catfish wants to meet Slipperima, but a fish and a dragon are so different. One of them is big and one is small. One has a long tail, and one has a short tail. One has whiskers, and one has wings. How can Catfish overcome his nervousness, discover common ground, and grow a real friendship with Slipperima despite their differences?
  • Elephant Mountain A Novel

    by Linda Johnston Muhlhausen
    How many young women decide to leave their husband-to-be at the altar and run off to join the Peace Corps? After graduating from college in 1971, 21-year-old Laurel Bittelson finds she has a burning desire not for marriage, but to pursue 1960's style "relevance" in her life. Although she'd never been further from her Boston home than Vermont, she leaves fiancé, friends, family, and her music behind to live and teach in Uganda, East Africa. What she has no way of knowing is that her life will be ... more