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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lorenzo's Daggers

    by Ron McGaw
    Lorenzo’s Daggers begins in Florence in the year 1478 with an approaching conspiracy to murder Lorenzo de Medici. As the conspirators gather, we are suddenly taken to the present day on a windswept, snowy Block Island morning. It is the final day of classes before the winter break at the prestigious Block Island Academy High School, and history teacher Prester John is lecturing his class on the Italian Renaissance. During the lecture, twin daggers once belonging to Lorenzo de Medici are being... more
  • China Girl

    by Ho Lin
    In its nine tales, " China Girl and Other Stories" documents the collisions between East and West, the power of myth and the burden of history, and loves lost and almost found. The stories in this collection include contemporary vignettes about urban life to fable-like musings on memories and the art of storytelling.
  • The Death of Sherlock Holmes & Other Stories

    by Mark Conte
    This is a collection of short stories published in national nagazines in the last 25 years, including The Morning Bird that won Honorable Mention in the PEN American short fiction awards. Magic, Potomac Review & the anthology :OVE MATTERS. The Book of Life, Northwest Florida Review and the Anthology CONSUMING TALES, Fall Semester, the Anthology, STEPS IN TIME, Crimson Cloak publishing. Also, Moonlight & Love Songs, The Devil's Pocket, The Death of Sherlock Holmes and a novella, The... more
  • The King James Men

    by Samantha Grosser

    In the turbulent years of the early 17th Century, King James commands a new translation of Bible. For scholar Richard Clarke, the chance to be involved seems like a gift from God, until he discovers there is a price to be paid, and that price is betrayal. Caught between love for a friend and his faith in his Church, he must soon make a choice that could cost him his soul. Set against the writing of the King James Bible, and inspired by true accounts of the people who became the Mayflower Pilg... more

  • Dan Curran Quinn: The Currans, Book Four (The Manhattan Stories) (Volume 8)

    by Donna Foley Mabry
    Eighth in 'The Manhattan Stories' by Wall Street Journal Top 10 Best Selling author, Donna Foley Mabry, "Dan Curran Quinn | The Manhattan Stories: The Currans, Book Four" continues the saga of the Curran Family. After a romance that started when he was still in high school, Dan Curran Quinn marries his longtime love, Kathleen O’Malley. They begin their lives together with a bright future, but a vengeful killer from Dan’s past has other plans. When every dream he ever had is shattered, Da... more
  • Herbie's Happy Birthday!

    by Donte' Jackson


    "There's a new kid in town, he's changing the world. Teaching love and respect to young boys and girls. He's Herbie Vore the Dinosaur! Read his book and learn even more!"

    A whimsically illustrated rhyming picture book about the signficance of birthdays, good friends, and a grandmother's love.

    Most kids wish they could enjoy their birthdays more than once. "Herbie's Happy Birthday!" highlights the reason we celebrate our birthday... more

  • Decoding the Butterfly Promise: Regaining Our Sacred Power

    by Gail Siler
    Haunted by an urgent voice she hears each time she reads a book by Carlos Castaneda, world renowned anthropologist-turned-writer and TIME magazine man of the year, Gail seeks out Castaneda's apprentice and is catapulted into a strange world of ancient beings, aliens, native shamans, invisible teachers, and the world of metaphysics. Dr. Siler is thrust into an unknown world that takes her from the safety of her everyday life into a radiant landscape where true power lives. Introduced to an ancien... more
  • Check Out 4 Common Furniture Problems which People Encounter

    by Jashon Langer
    One of the most common equipment used to create furniture is wood. It is a material that stays remarkable for a long duration and also looks astounding. This is the reason most people prefer having wooden furniture or sofa rather than any other commodity. However, having a wooden chair means it would require some fixing or maintenance after a particular period of time. Hence, sofa repair Dubai seems like a better option than buying everything new. <... more
  • Study materials: Better way to outshine in exam

    by Subhajit Khara
    The academic world is now becoming harder day-by-day and aspirants have examinations, assignment, homework, project and a wide range of other co-curricular and additional activities to concern about. However a student might be well-prepared for an examination, he/she might not achieve good marks and this is maybe due to wrong planning.

    Here are a few vital tips to assist students to prepare for examinations better and excel at them.

    You cannot give out with planning... more
  • Sun Pacific Holding Corp

    by Jeremy Hans
    Sun Pacific Power has become a diversified publicly traded holding company, “Sun Pacific Holding Corp” (OTCQB:SNPW) to encompass all of its subsidiaries Sun Pacific Power Corp, Street Smart Outdoor Corp, Bella Electrical LLC,
  • We Call It Fall

    by James Fierro
    Paris Bellum returns to Chicago following the first football game of his sophomore year. The unexpected success of his freshman season at the University of Lake Shore caught the eye of his home city, and now the nineteen-year-old quarterback must navigate young fame, as well as the dangerous influences that come along with it. Paris takes us on a dark spiral through the seedier side of contemporary Chicago and a haunting exploration into the psyche of the Millennial generation. A generation made... more
  • Oink and Gobble and the 'No One Can Ever Know Secret'

    by Norman Whaler

    Oink and Gobble were best friends and, with all the other animals on the farm, had a BIG secret they could never, ever let any humans know!

    But did Oink let the cat out of the bag?

    (Adventure, Humor, Imagination, Animals)

  • 978-0692937259

    by Brandon Stevenson
    After moving to a new town days before Christmas, an adventurous boy named Eddie becomes suspicious when he learns that no one seems to be aware of the fact that Christmas is just days away. Always the curious adventurer and young spy, Eddie decides that he must get to the bottom of this strange situation.  It doesn't take him long to stumble upon a mysterious character and accidentally take a whirlwind ride through a hidden portal that lands him in, of all places, the North Pole. There he le... more
  • Driving Forces

    by Jaclyn Paul
    Mariana Taylor is about to turn 18 — the first birthday her big sister never had. She was four years old when a tragic accident took her only sibling. Trapped with a controlling mother in a small town that will always remind her of the family she lost, she dreams of graduation and adulthood. Then everything falls apart. Mariana endures a public humiliation at school on the heels of her first real heartbreak. Her parents pull the plug on her college plans. Then her mother hits her during a te... more

    by Arya F. Jenkins
    The engaging, colorful stories in BLUE SONGS IN AN OPEN KEY explore the hopes, longings and struggles of unforgettable characters who are musicians, artists, writers, junkies, alcoholics, outsiders, in settings as diverse as Ithaca, New York City, Lenox, Provincetown and Paris. They share a common pulse and legacy that is the love of jazz and their adventures are guaranteed to stir the reader’s heart.
  • Impact

    by Rosalind Minett
    Summer 1945 and Bill Wilson returns reluctantly to a dirty and damaged London.  Weighed down with sadness about leaving his loving evacuation family, Bill's emotions are confused with the thrill and shock of having Uncle Ted back from the war, safe but strangely different.  Worse, Kenneth is about to move in to Bill's Wandsworth home. The adolescent cousins now develop their different talents. Tensions mount, for Kenneth seems determined to encroach on every aspect of Bill's psychological territ... more