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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Border Site Summer: Tales from the Super-Secret Army Security Agency

    by Jeremiah Davis

    Detachment K was a Cold War listening post on a Bavarian mountain. Life there was a mix of M*A*S*H, Animal House, and Catch-22. Its close-knit young men were reluctant soldiers and misfits with little supervision whose misadventures would strain the credulity of today's troops. A curtain of secrecy shielded the outpost and its men from the "real" Army. Learn how they worked, partied, loved, and coped with loneliness.

  • Love Chibis ABC Alphabet Bakery

    by Joqlie Publishing, LLC
    Welcome to the Love Chibis ABC Alphabet Bakery! Delicious treats await inside with an ingredient and dessert for every letter A to Z! Love Chibis ABC Alphabet bakery is an ABC book for children ages 2-6 with delicious desserts and fun characters for each letter of the alphabet! This is an easy reader book and has colorful illustrations that help keep young readers engaged while learning.
  • Rising Wind: Like Feathers of a Wing: Deep Informative and Pertinent (Book 4)

    by Diane Olsen
    Like Feathers of a Wing, the latest installment of the Rising Wind series by author Diane Olsen is suitable for the general reading audience. The book continues Gideon and Secora’s journey as they seek to shelter those in need and find a source of water in the deadly heat of the desert. As their quest takes them further into inhospitable lands, they come under threat from the beasts of the wild, and the prospect of death looms closer with each step. It’s a gripping adventure filled with danger... more
  • Easy 8-The Big Event

    by Carrolyn Foster
    The competition is tough in the roughest sport on dirt. The bulls are ready for smoke-blowing, snot-slinging, and tail-slapping action. The Native American bulls will be showing their dancing skills as they perform a special dance. There's lots of action, attitude, humor, and of course dirt. Athlete against athlete. Who will last the eight second ride?
  • My Very Punny Dad

    by Ryan Milligan
    My Very Punny Dad is a story for parents with an appreciation of word play and kids who are starting to understand all the silly ways in which language can be used. While a young girl goes about her day, her father wants to keep the laughs coming with his constant puns and “dad jokes”. But just like snacking on cheese, can there be too much of a gouda thing? Humor through rhythm and rhyme from author Ryan Milligan, combined with heartfelt illustrations by Justin Castaneda make for a reading expe... more
  • The Scandinavian Aggressors

    by Rowdy Geirsson

    An offbeat odyssey into the freezing heart of the modern Northlands, The Scandinavian Aggressors chronicles Rowdy Geirsson's tireless quest to uncover the secret history of the early 21st century's resurgence of authentic viking activity known as the Modern Viking Movement.

    Along the way he meets modern viking luminaries such as Trond "Troll-Breath" Trondsen, who successfully raided a historic monastery's gift shop in England; Björn Svensson, who habi... more

  • That's Ridiculous, Said Nicholas

    by Cheryl Taragin
    “That’s Ridiculous, Said Nicholas” is a picture book for children ages 3 to 8. Nicholas Jon Paul Martin William Annabelle Tydings is an energetic young daredevil who walks to the beat of his own drum. He wants to be treated like a sensible child, but people often tell him things he knows cannot be true like don't make faces, your face will freeze like that, or you broke this mirror, it will bring seven years of bad luck. Then he always said, “That's ridiculous,” and moved on. With the help of hi... more
  • Love, Sex & Murder Shows

    by Kelly Banks

    Emily Caine leads a quiet life. At the end of a long week, all Emily wants to do is curl up on her sofa and watch some true crime.

    Nothing beats corn chips and murder shows.

    When an old school friend pays a visit, Emily begins a journey of sexual awakening that leads to the world of crime and murder she’s come to know so well.

    There’s about to be one less angel in Los Angeles.


    From the Pu... more

  • How To Grow A Pilot Seed

    by R. Banks
    A girl pilot, no way! Not without first seeing it through the mind's eye. "How To Grow a Pilot Seed" is a heartwarming story of a girl who wants to be a pilot, but is told by a classmate that only boys can be pilots. Fly away with her on a journey to far off places and "impossible" dreams as her mother helps her see with her mind's eye. "How to Grow A Pilot Seed" is a bright and colorful story that shares the importance of planting seeds of self-visualization in children to teach that- if you ca... more
  • Araye

    by Adenike Oni
    Everyone, except Araye, looked forward to the arrival of the crown prince. Despite her disinterest, she didn't expect that the crown prince would be her trial—the beginning of her trials. When she discovers that her betrothed is Prince Dovian's close friend, deceit and betrayal make her doubt everything she holds dear. Will she be able to stay true to her heart when the final tragedy strikes?
  • The Legend of Lilia: A Novel Based on a True Story

    by Christopher P. Redwine

    "The Legend of Lilia" is the story of Lilia Litvyak, who at 15 made her first solo flight in a wood and canvas biplane. By the age of 21 she was the most dangerous woman in the sky as an ace fighter pilot over the Eastern Front of WWII. Research was gathered through in person interviews in post-Soviet Russia, with veteran female pilots and mechanics, Colonels of Lilia's regiment, historians, and declassified records from Soviet archives. "The Legend of Lilia" tells the... more

  • Communication Station

    by MaryRose Geroulakis
    Are you searching for a meaningful, inclusive story containing tools to help your child become a successful communicator? Do you want to raise acceptance and celebrate the autistic community? Then meet Miles and his trusted pal Puzzles! You are sure to be touched by Miles, a clever, authentic boy with Autism who overcomes obstacles embarking on a trip to space. His dog Puzzles teaches successful tools to communicate words and emotions when met with a broken spaceship, new alien friends, a... more
  • Number Seven and the Life Left Behind

    by Mayumi Hirtzel
    Number Seven is a soldier-turned-bodyguard. His assignment: keep sheltered Olympic hopeful Kirill Morozov unharmed, untouched, and under control until he wins the gold. An easy job if only Kirill weren’t so desperate for a woman’s touch. And if Seven’s superior, Number Two, weren’t scrutinizing their every move. Seven enlists an old friend to satisfy Kirill’s lonely needs. But Number Two discovers their extracurricular activities, dropping Seven into a labyrinth of indecent proposals and explosi... more
  • Pete vs the City of Chicago

    by Brian Rosten
    Pete Martinen is perfectly happy splitting time between his mom and dad on weekends, visiting his Grandma Zoe almost daily, and putting ketchup on a hotdog without judgment, until his father decides to move from Detroit to Chicago for work. When his mother agrees to uproot and follow, Pete’s life descends into chaos just before his seventh grade year. Chicago isn’t all bad, to be sure, but it’s not the sites and sounds of a new city that have Pete hopeful, it’s the people he meets. He makes new ... more
  • Mr. Fluff and the Tall Tower

    by David Brandt
    Learn new Vocabulary with Mr. Fluff the Cat! When Mr. Fluff, a rascally orange tabby, moves from the suburbs to the big city, he isn’t sure he likes his new home. In this timeless new series, evocative of vintage-styled 1960’s illustrated early reader books, an adventurous cat explores city living. Lying on his belly soaking up the warm sun and listening to the birds outside, Mr. Fluff had the perfect life, or so he thought. When the orange tabby goes for a car ride one day with his human ... more
  • Brianna in Cymru

    by T N Traynor
    Christian Historical Romance – with just-a-dash of magical realism. 1664. Rhiannon and her daughter Brianna have been given a powerful gift, when they lay hands on people they are healed. Instead of being seen as beautiful demonstrations of faith, the miracles are called witchcraft. When the witch hunter Black Wolf embarks on his relentless hunt for them, Brianna’s world is torn apart. On the run from him and racing for her life, she receives respite in the sleepy hamlet of Trap. Among ... more