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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Impossible People

    by Anna Lyndsey

    Tom, a young physicist, is drawn into the nightmare world of “reactors”, people made ill by modern communications technology. But is their condition psychological or real? A university experiment claims to find out – but is full of dangerous flaws, which Tom and his friend Kevin battle to expose. In an isolated valley where reactors have found a haven, Tom starts a rival research project which uncovers something so shocking that vested interests take reve... more

  • The Lights That Stay

    by Cortney Cino

    In a world awash in artificial light, two lights are made unlike all the rest. These two lights never dim, never fade. This whimsical and elegantly simple story artfully weaves together the parallels of the sun's light and a child's inner light, reminding those big and small that there is something inside each of us that is enduring and powerful. The Lights That Stay follows the journey of a girl whose inner light grows and transforms in various and profound ways.

    In a satisfyin... more

  • Piper's Pet Pursuit

    by Cortney Cino

    Children everywhere can relate to Piper's longing for a real furry friend. Despite her eagerness to prove she is ready for a pet, Piper's parents continue to say "no."

    Frustration mounts until several unexpected and somewhat icky (according to her parents) house guests give Piper a much-needed distraction. Embodying the values her parents instilled in her, Piper goes above and beyond for these visitors and even rescues a few creatures from outside.

    ... more

  • Tao of Life and Death A Tale

    by Stephen McDonough
    This tale, set in ancient China, braids the stories of Zhong Kui and Happy Willow—two poor but talented boys who left their villages with their eyes set on officialdom. Like the epics of old, Tao of Life and Death is composed mostly in verse, and like any good tale, it offers both adventure and thought-provoking explorations of morality and mortality. Accompanied by original paintings created by the author, this book is sure to captivate readers interested in mythology, Eastern philosophy, and q... more
  • The Corset Factory, Book 1: Threads of Destiny

    by Valerie Anne Hudson
    Set during the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England, the story centers around two young women from vastly different social backgrounds: one living in abject poverty while facing a daily struggle to survive, and the other who feels trapped in a life of luxury, privilege, and societal expectations. As the first in a series, "The Corset Factory: Threads of Destiny" presents a vivid tapestry of mid-nineteenth-century London, exploring themes of social class, gender roles, and the quest for ... more
  • The Compass: A Novel

    by Jenna Miles

    From the author of The Catch comes THE COMPASS, Part One of its stand-alone “midquel.” With brand-new material as well as flashbacks to The Catch, all told from William’s point of view, The Compass is equal parts hilarious, harrowing, heartwarming, and hopeful.

    In 1995, twenty-year-old William Quinn’s quest for reprieve after a painful breakup reunites him with Serafima “Haze” Temkina, a tat... more

  • Soul Hoppers

    by Laura Clementz
    Cody, a pleasure-seeking caterer, and Josephine, a self-sacrificing philanthropist, are destined to discover each other in a union so intense it sets them free and unleashes healing across the land. When souls depart this world, they return to The Origin, a realm of profound bliss and connection. But, occasionally, a unique phenomenon occurs—two souls return to this world as intertwined reflections of one another or what is known in the spiritual texts as soul hoppers. Once they make the cho... more
  • Winters’ War

    by Life Cunningham
    After witnessing the bloody attack on her family, Crystal is consumed by a single, burning desire: Vengeance upon the Royals. But she can't do it alone. She travels far and wide to bring together a team that share the same goal. The Shēna. A fabled and persecuted race of beings who possess elemental powers beyond the imagination. In this captivating tale of revenge and redemption, Crystal's unwavering determination will ignite a revolution and usher in a new era. Will she prevail against i... more
  • Going Where They Belong, Stories

    by Judith Day

    Going Where They Belong is a collection of nine stories from late 20th- and early 21st-century America that voice the peculiarities and perceptions of ordinary, sometimes eccentric, people. A woman runs away after killing another woman; a homeless teenager takes care of his younger brother after their father disappears; an aging lesbian faces the disordered personality of her long- time partner. Most of the characters are plagued with inner instability and social marginality; all of them disc... more

  • Glowing in the Dark, Stories of Wounded Healers

    by Judith Day
    Glowing in the Dark is a book of fiction that portrays the inner worlds of several physicians—psychiatrists and an ICU doctor—as they discover healing through encounters with other people. In authentic voices and a range of moods, these three compelling stories follow each healer’s personal, unconventional path on an unprescribed journey. The stories are evocative, disturbing, sometimes erotic, sometimes funny, always heartful. Like wounding, like healing, the stories are not what you expect.
  • Born a Viking: Blót

    by Riccardo Polacci
    "Born a Viking: Blót" delves deep into Viking Age Scandinavia, narrating the journey of nine-year-old Sigurd during a spiritual pilgrimage to Uppsala, Sweden, alongside his family. Filled with mystical visions and the revelation of his father's hidden life as the leader of a group of shaman-warriors devoted to Odin, Sigurd becomes embroiled in a tapestry of ancient secrets, political intrigue, and family bonds. The novel intricately weaves Norse paganism, mysticism, and legends into a riveting t... more
  • The Shoe Box Waltz: A Psychological Novel

    by Kathleen Patrick
    Two women. A yacht in the Tyrrhenian Sea. One choice that changes everything. Cora Daneli is a young woman looking for adventure. Against a gorgeous backdrop of the coast of Italy, she begins a journey that takes her to places she never wanted to go. And she is not alone. Characters stories are woven together, taking the reader on an emotional ride, blurring the lines between reality and fiction, between dreams and nightmares, between that which could have happened, and that which did. This psyc... more
  • Lex Talionis: An eye for an eye

    by Njord Christensen

    "God does not play dice," it's how I start all my physics undergraduate lectures. Little do they know that I'm the one holding the dice.

  • Día de entrenamiento para ir al baño: Para niños

    by Akilah Trinay
    Juntos, Malcolm y Papá exploran las alegrías, los desafíos y las frustraciones de la transición de ser un bebé a convertirse en un niño grande. El entrenamiento para ir al baño no es un proceso que se ajuste a todos los niños y cada uno lo experimenta de manera diferente. “Día de entrenamiento para ir al baño”™ celebra ese espacio intermedio en el que tu pequeño está curioso y listo y, como padre, tú está listo y asustado de lo que significa realmente tener un bebé entrenado para ir al baño.
  • Potty-Training Day: For Boys

    by Akilah Trinay
    Together, Malcolm and Daddy explore the joys, challenges, and frustrations of transitioning from being a baby into a Big Boy. Potty-training is not a one-size-fits-all process, and everyone experiences it differently. Potty-Training Day™ celebrates that space in between, where your little one is curious and ready, and as a parent, you are ready and yet scared of what a potty-trained baby really means.
  • Refuge

    by Bill VanPatten
    Jesse Pérez’s fifteen-year-old pregnant niece from Texas shows up on his doorstep in Central California seeking help. Still grieving from the death of his husband while raising their son alone, he is plunged into the politics and law of a post-Roe era and a showdown with his estranged evangelical family.