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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Nephi's Courage

    by Rory McFarlan
    A heart-wrenching story of a gay Mormon trying to find a place in his religious community, while looking for love. Nephi Willard is a practicing Mormon. He served a mission for the church and is committed to following its rules. The perfect Mormon life would be his, except for the fact that Nephi is gay, putting him at odds with church leaders. No matter how well Nephi obeys the commandments, he doesn't seem to fit in at church, and his desire to follow the Mormon rules makes it difficult to fit... more
  • Sycophants

    by Linda Gould
    Imogene, a country girl with stars in her eyes, moves to New York City after college to work for her former roommate, Sara, who has established a film production company.
  • The Adventures of Lula & Buso: A Splash at Victoria Falls

    by Mubuso Zamchiya
    When Baba announces they are going on a trip, it makes Lula and Buso's hearts just skip. A trip? Hooray! If they had their way they would leave today! The curious kids can't wait to be told. Where are they going? How will the journey unfold? Baba giggles as he wonders. How will they react to the Smoke that Thunders? Lula and Buso are a sibling duo, who go on a variety of escapades with their father and Teddy, Orange Bear, to discover the truth about African history.
  • The Old Stories

    by David Selcer
    THE OLD STORIES "The Old Strories"is a family story about a 17 year old Jewish Russian immigrant, apprenticed to a metal worker, who takes advantage of Russia's defeat in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 to desert the Navy at Vladivostok and escape to Manchuria, and then tgo North America.. He earns his passage across the Pacific to Canada by doing two years hard labor building the Northern Canadian Railway. He has left the world of pogroms with no education other than his Talmud Torah l... more
  • Body Language: Twelve unforgettable portraits of heartbreak and desire

    by Marylee MacDonald

    Life-changing moments. Impassioned encounters. Twelve stories at the crossroads of heartbreak and desire.

    When a long-lost love comes knocking, a loyally wedded rancher is tempted by old passions. A bartender wrestling with sobriety is pushed to the edge by a familiar barfly. After her husband's death, a famous composer struggles to write a single note. From international flights to hidden grottoes and a nude beach, twelve wayward souls seek to satisfy their deepest... more

  • Bonds of Love and Blood: Short Stories

    by Marylee MacDonald

    Twelve stories of wayward travelers. Twelve stamps on the passport of the soul.

    Walter struggles to see past his disfigurement, but a trip to Thailand and a mysterious woman may challenge his quest for perfection. Married to a workaholic, Leslie is accustomed to solitude until her overbearing Indian mother-in-law turns her kitchen into a verbal battlefield. A woman looks for the perfect souvenir in the Turkish Bazaar and instead finds a passionate love affair.

    Fro... more

  • The Old Stories

    by David Selcer
  • The Final Puzzle

    by Juhi Ray
    Set in 16th century Hindustan (the modern-day Indian subcontinent), Emperor Akbar discovers an incomplete astrological chart. It may hold a secret that could threaten his life and the Empire. He assigns the sensitive task of uncovering the chart's mystery to his brilliant adviser, Mahesh Das. This journey takes Mahesh to the heartland of Hindustan. Mahesh however, was not expecting to fall in love. He is torn between his heart and his loyalty. Why did Emperor Akbar bestow the title of Raja B... more
  • Iron Maiden: An Alternate History

    by James Musgrave
    Jared Diamond's COLLAPSE inspired this alternate history that takes place during the American Civil War, and tells the story of eight people who come together after the battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia. Using the money they earned by tricking the U. S. Government into buying more Monitor-class ships, they attempt to escape the war and retreat to "paradise," Easter Island. However, this paradise has been transformed by the natives into a human ecological disaster and monumen... more
  • Freak Story: 1967-1969

    by James Musgrave
    Buddy Hartman was adopted by a woman who wanted to get a child to please her husband. When the husband leaves, the woman becomes a prostitute to support herself, and then becomes an addict to soothe the pain. Buddy learns early that life teaches you to be selfish. However, it's Buddy's own drug abuse later in life that leads him to Barry, his "Eskimo," who saves him from a life of addiction. At 31, Buddy is a sober and clean music promoter in Minneapolis, and he writes mysteries on the side, but... more
  • Blame Atlas Save Atlas

    by Angelo Lytle
    There's something in the woods, and four years ago, it took Trinity Warren's voice. All she wants is to speak again, yet her search has led to a dead end. That's when she discovers the Students' Aid Alliance, run by fellow college students Isaac and Noah. Maybe this is the spark of hope she needs—if she can convince them to help her. A cynical skeptic, Isaac refuses to believe Trinity's story. But when Noah's mother disappears, a midnight search leads Isaac and Noah to an unsettling discovery in... more
  • teaching jobs in the uae dubai for indian

    by Mary Mathew
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  • I Dream of Puffy Clouds

    by Anat Tour
    Hop on a cloud. Paint your face silly! Let your imagination drift to a dreamy world of ice cream puffs and cotton candy. Climb an eagle's back and jump to outer space!
  • General Custer's Red Neckties

    by Peter August Hoetjes
    The story is a work of fiction and nonfiction, part history, part journey of discovery, all grounded in historical fact. This former slave from the rebellious South, begins to look back over his life going into retirement as he recollects his early slave years, his daring escape, his Union Army service credibly posing as a free white man (blacks were barred from serving in the Cavalry), in the 15th New York Cavalry, the famous “Red Neckties”, commanded by General George Armstrong Custer, his ... more
  • The Heavy Side

    by Ben Rogers
    A hotshot Silicon Valley programmer teams up with a Mexican drug cartel in this literary mash-up of art and science. Vik Singh has developed a lucrative app for drug dealers, and now both the DEA and the cartel are hunting him. Narrated by Vik’s girlfriend, Remi, the story grapples with America’s insatiable hunger for drugs and the human toll it takes. We witness a young man confronting his artistic pride and a young couple trying to make up for past betrayals.
  • From His Perspective

    by Lisa Keeble
    He and Norbert watch from their viewing platform as the human race blunders its way through history and do what they can to ensure that the entire species doesn't render itself extinct. They watch as cavemen tackle woolly mammoths in order to fill their larders and provide next season’s wardrobe and quickly regret introducing them to fire. When tyrants rise up against their fellow man in Ancient Egypt, rivers run red with blood and plagues of frogs are visited on the Egyptians as the Boss and No... more