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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Offsides (Hockey Rivals Book 2)

    by Stacy Juba
    Face-Off’s McKendrick brothers return in the explosive sequel Offsides. Twin hockey stars T.J. and Brad have finally resolved their differences and forged a friendship on and off the ice. Now high school seniors, they focus on landing a commitment to a D1 school. What should have been the best year ever takes a nasty hit when the boys’ parents announce their divorce, and Brad makes a mistake that could impact his game eligibility. Meanwhile, T.J. faces off against their father, who opposes his d... more
  • The Barnyard Buddies Stop for Peace

    by Julie Penshorn
    The delightful Barnyard Buddies engage everyone as they show how to use peaceful conflict resolution and dialogue for problem-solving! This rhyming, richly illustrated children's book, for ages 3 to 8, conveys important social skills and anger management tools. With a wonderful Parent and Educator Guide, and a complete Mentor Program Guide included, this is a comprehensive smart tool! Plus, kids love it! The Barnyard Buddies are angry because King is taking all the space under the shelter. Th... more
  • Discovery in the Desert: It Will Shake the Nations (The Discovery Series Book 1)

    by Tom Thiele

    Do you call yourself a Christian? Do you wonder about heaven? If I am a "good person," does that mean that I am heaven-bound? Heaven-bound: That is exactly how David Hart saw himself before his discovery in the desert. David Hart, a bright NASA physicist, is chosen to join a team of other NASA scientists assigned to a Classified Military Project. The team is formed to bring a new, cutting edge technology to the United States military—Time Travel. Great strides are made in deve... more

  • The Adventures of Isabelle Necessary

    by Martii Maclean
    Once upon a beach, there was an eleven-year-old girl called Isabelle Necessary. A girl with an unusual name and a rather extraordinary life. Left behind while her parents are off traveling, Isabelle roams around a sleepy beachside town getting into one sticky situation after another. She does her best to help the residents find their keys, watch over their stores and return their parrots, but not all goes according to plan for Isabelle. Fans of Beverly Cleary will enjoy this touching,... more
  • To Squeeze a Prairie Dog: An American Novel

    by Scott Semegran

    2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Winner - Gold Medal for Humor

    2019 Readers' Favorite International Book Award Winner: Silver Medal for Fiction - Humor/Comedy

    2019 Texas Author Project Winner: Adult Fiction

    This is the story of J. D. Wiswall, a sincere young man from a small town, who joins a state government agency in a data entry department comprised of quirky clerks. Quickly endearing himself to the diverse group in ... more

  • The Insistence of Memory

    by Susan Quilty
    Nothing could prepare Joanne for the secrets her husband left behind. As she stumbles through each day, attempting to raise their young daughters alone, Joanne soon learns that Jeff's basement tinkering had led to a remarkable invention: a machine that can record memories and play them back in someone else's mind. Now, Jeff's partner-in-crime wants to turn their unfinished project into a money-making scheme, while Joanne's best friend argues the dangers of dredging up buried memories. Joanne... more

    by Subhajit Khara
    Finding a good bookkeeper is a bit like finding a good family doctor – when you find one, you should never let them go. Now that we are well into the new financial year, we should all make sure we have a great accounts team backing us for the financial year, especially for those of us running our own small businesses.

    A good bookkeeper vs a great bookkeeper

    A good bookkeeper understands the process well and has the knowledge. A great bookkeeper is not only someone wh... more
  • Clones New People

    by Angelo Gualtieri
    Angelo Gualtieri traines as an Engineer and worked most of his life in engineering related activities. He started his working life as a research engineer , and retired as a Managing Director of a shipyard he helped to found. Having spent much time writing reports, he turned o stories in his retirement. Reports have to be factual he says, in stories you can let your imagination run free. ANTHONY DEVLIN Born to an uppercrust English family , Tony brekas the mould to study biology in the USA, and i... more
  • Grateful Grace: Having an Attitude of Gratitude

    by Debbie McKiver
    Winner of the Heart & Soul Book Awards for children's literature. Grateful Grace is the story of a little girl who shows gratitude in every situation. She believes that there is always something to be grateful for, and the more grateful you are the happier you are. And the happier you are for what you already have, the more good things that come to you.
  • Myra Kemp (Volume 1): I Need a Vacation from My Family

    by Debbie McKiver
    Go on an adventure around the world with 13-year-old Myra Kemp. Venture the globe everywhere from Canada to the Caribbean to Egypt and even Beijing. You’ll lounge on the beach, see great sites and eat delicious food! Or maybe not... Maybe it’s all just in Myra’s vivid imagination.
  • A Life with 12 Siblings

    by Therese Crutcher-Marin
    A story about a young girl growing up in the bread basket of the United States, Ottawa Kansas, in the 1920's with Austrian immigrant parents and 12 siblings.
  • Take the Late Train

    by Jack Messenger
    Stephen Ketley’s life goes off the rails on the night of his tenth wedding anniversary. Suddenly, his marriage to Sarah is not quite as secure as it seems. Meanwhile, his stepdaughter Emma relies on him to mediate between her warring parents, his sister refuses to speak to him, and Audrey his mother drinks too much and shouts too loud. As his certainties fragment, Stephen recalls an idyllic summer in Florence with his first love, Giuliana. Forced to choose between career and love, authenticity a... more
  • Only Summer

    by Rachel Cullen
    From the beaches of Cape Cod to the manicured lawns of Westchester to the steamy streets of Manhattan, summer is the time for clambakes, sunbathing at the country club and sunset drinks at exclusive rooftop bars. However, for Sabrina, Molly, Heather and Megan, this summer is when their lives unravel, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Only Summer is the interlaced story of four women who spend the summer making impulsive choices that have difficult and often disastrous effects on ... more
  • Nescient Decoy

    by John Morris Benson
    JASON CARTER FINN never thought he’d feel like he was watching himself in one of his grandfather’s generation black and white movies, but that’s how he felt during much of 2016 and 2017. A note on a photograph he discovered in the late summer of 2017 gives personal meaning to something his grandfather said about decoys the last Saturday of the 2000 water-fowl hunting season. Twenty-five- year-old Finn uses his personal diary and declassified CIA notes to write a travelogue of curiosity, intrig... more
  • The Best Uses for a Rotary Mower

    by Jashon Langer
    If you own a large expanse of land, there are going to be different types of terrain that need to be maintained, and different types of mowers will be needed for effective results – not to mention that using the appropriate equipment is essential for your safety on the job. For clearing tall grass and thick brush, a rotary mower with a stump jumper will be ideal. Mounted to your tractor, a rotary cutter will control the overgrowth not meant for a mere grooming mower. If you have rough areas that... more
  • Gap-Toothed Girl

    by Ray Harvey
    “Tournament night in a sweltering Las Vegas stadium, and the girl with the gap-toothed smile stood bleeding in her ballet slippers.” Thus begins Gap-Toothed Girl, the story of Dusty May, a Lakota orphan with an iron will, who runs away from the horrific circumstances of her foster home and her foster father — a man of beast-like brilliance and power — to pursue her dream of lightness and ballet, even as her foster father unleashes an army to bring her down. Part literary fiction, part thri... more