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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Soul Train

    by David L. Smith
    Thomas Jefferson Chinua, a retired African American railroad worker, is nearing the completion of his memoir. It recounts his advancement up the line from waiter, conductor to station master, focusing on meaningful conversations with passengers, tragic experiences on and off the train, and the challenges of raising a family through the decades of social turmoil for black people. \tRooted in Jesuit Catholicism, a lifetime of soulful inquiry into diverse philosophies and religious beliefs leads h... more
  • Destroyer

    by Amo Sulaiman
    Mr, Cougar knows the time of his death. The Timeman can trap and enslave his soul. However, souls are community entities not a metaphysical item the Timeman should control. Due to knowing the time of his imminent demise, Mr. Cougar wants to give his loving family and dearest friends a farewell to remember. Without fear he also tells his precious daughter, who is thrown into a state of bewilderment, caught between love and community reprisal. Since death cannot be commanded, the unknown fore ... more
  • The Bondswomen

    by Jill Sim
    The Bondswomen is a work of suspenseful, historical fiction, about an escaped slave woman from Virginia, who enlists the help of a female Underground Railroad agent, to rescue family held in bondage in the Deep South. It is a saga that reveals the bonds of generations of a family, in black and in white, slave and master, from North Africa, to Antebellum Virginia, to New Orleans of the mid-century, to the expanding sugar empire of Florida, and finally to freedom in Canada.
  • Resolving Banking Error || How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 102.

    by khalid ansari
    Perhaps the best component of QuickBooks Software is the web-based financial administrations that you can utilize straightforwardly from QuickBooks Supportutilizing the Bank Feeds. It spares a great deal of your time as you don't need to go to your budgetary foundation's site and afterward play out your required assignments. In any case, at times you face a few issues in your financial administrations also. You may get QuickBooks Error 102 ... more
  • Every Last Drop: A Novel

    by Sarah Robinson
    Marry the love of my life. Become a mother. Write a book. Number one was complete. I was well on my way to checking off goals two and three, before a cancer diagnosis derailed my plans. A story meant to chronicle the journey of impending motherhood with wit, became a brutally honest memoir of living life to the fullest. Make every breath count. When finally confronted with the knowledge the cancer is terminal, I search for a way to accomplish all the things I wanted to do within my... more
  • BOULDER COUNTY: Crime, Love, and Cannabis, West of the 100th Meridian

    by Marc Krulewitch
    Cannabis farmer Buddy Fisher keeps Colorado’s legalization euphoria at arm’s length. Banned from going legit due to prior felonies, he’s happy living off the radar breeding super-potent hybrids, catering to the underground cannabis culture, and watching the sun set over the land his family has farmed for three generations. But keeping a low profile becomes tricky when skyrocketing demand for his bootleg weed catches the attention of an agribusiness giant wanting to cash in on the burgeoning mari... more
  • The Adventures Of Paulina The Tiny Fairy

    by Ayanna Boland
    An enchanting story for young readers that will inspire them to be happy with who they are and what they can do!
  • 978-0931761928

    by Barry Beckham
    My Main Mother is a novel about growing up. Without a father. With a mother who is beautiful, promiscuous, avidly ambitious. In a small town in Maine. In the human jungle of New York. Growing up defiant and scared, happy and torn up. Growing up black. And growing up human. It is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable novels in years.
  • The Seal Cove Theoretical Society

    by S.W. Clemens

    When tragedy strikes Tom Birmingham on the brink of his retirement, he has an out-of-body experience and a conversation with Fate, who charges him to tie up "loose ends.” Tom’s neighbors rally to his aid, bringing their own issues to bear. Emily Abbot, a closet novelist, seeks a "real life,” and freedom from obligation. Steve Wexler, a musician who once flirted with fame, must come to terms with growing older, but no wiser. Gary Myron is simply trying to make a liv... more

  • A VERY IMPORTANT POWER: A Portal Fantasy about Bullies, Bystanders, Upstanders, Kindness, Empathy, Inclusion, Diversity & Gender

    by Wild West Wendy Jo
    For everyone who has ever felt like they didn’t matter or belong. Nine-year-old Wild West Wendy Jo is a feisty, red-headed, cowboy-boot-wearing tomboy. She is considered a misfit by many of her classmates and becomes a target for bullying. Afraid to go to school, Wendy Jo writes a letter to VIPPI ̶ the main character of her favorite TV program ̶ The Vippi Mouse Show. When Vippi answers her, everything changes. Vippi leads Wendy Jo on an exciting quest that could help her to solve her pr... more
  • Hidden Among Us

    by Garrett Hutson
    Before America had its own spies, brave men like Martin Schuller tracked down and captured foreign spies hidden among us. As the threat of war looms in Europe, the shadow game of espionage has come to America, and Martin Schuller knows it. While most Americans go about their lives oblivious to any threat from abroad, Martin's work at the State Department's counter-intelligence office keeps them safe, even going undercover to catch Nazi spies. But an anticipated bust at the rally of the Germa... more
  • Searching for Nora: After the Doll's House

    by Wendy Swallow
    Searching for Nora answers the question that audiences of Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House have asked for decades: What happens to Nora Helmer, Ibsen's protagonist, after she walks out on her husband and young children at the end of Ibsen's play? Guided by the realities of Nora's time and close study of Ibsen's celebrated character, author Wendy Swallow sends Nora on a journey that takes the outcast down the social ladder in Norway and sweeps her, in disguise, onto an emigrant ship for America... more
  • The Kilwade Tragedy

    by Terry Keys
    Seventeen-year-old Blaze Planter is a Jr. at Kilwade, High School. His parents have recently divorced. His grades are slipping. His anger is growing with each day. Relationships with his closest friends are failing. Secrets about his life are being uncovered. No one understands what he is going through. And everyone who has betrayed him needs to be taught a lesson. So now he stands with the one friend that has never betrayed him. The one friend that does what he asks every time he squeezes the... more
  • The Inheritance - The Guernsey Novels No 7

    by Anne Allen
    How close were Victor Hugo and his copyist? 1862 Young widow Eugénie faces an uncertain future in Guernsey. A further tragedy brings her to the attention of Monsieur Victor Hugo, living in exile on the island only yards away from Eugénie’s home. Their meeting changes her life and she becomes his copyist, forming a strong friendship with both Hugo and his mistress, Juliette Drouet. 2012 Dr Tess Le Prevost, Guernsey-born but living in England, is shocked to inherit her Great-Aunt’s house on ... more
  • Against Mark: On the Antiquity of the Jew called Jesus

    by Brian Josepher
    "Against Mark: On the Antiquity of the Jew called Jesus," to be independently published on November 1, 2019, explores a revolutionary find. Did Jesus Christ die at the prison of Machaerus, years before he took his mission to Jerusalem? Did a book, written some forty years after that event, document the true story of Jesus? What happened to that book, following the rise of Christianity, and how did it resurface in recent times? In Against Mark, we find answers to these questions, and many oth... more

    by Aabish Kousar

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