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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Wounded Angels

    by Chuck Miceli

    Available January 14, 2020. Maureen Bower remembers the day her father walked out of her life forever. She struggles with her fear of abandonment until she falls in love with Frank Russo. Together, they overcome family prejudices, separation, war, and loss. Their life becomes rich and full until the unthinkable happens and Maureen’s fear of abandonment rises to the surface and consumes her. Friends, family and ministers are helpless to lift her from her depression. Enter Doris Cant... more

  • The Peninsula

    by Alan Thompson
  • The School of Illusions

    by Karl Toepfer
    In 1969-1970, the unnamed narrator, a film student at UCLA, begins a homosexual affair with another student of film, Victor, a Jewish political activist engaged in the organization of demonstrations against the Vietnam War. They plunge into eerie, complex erotic pleasures. But the narrator continues his sexual relationship with a Jewish girl, Rachel, a philosophy student, and harbors amorous feeling toward another young woman, Laurie, a chemistry student. Victor, too, pursues an erotic relations... more
  • Our Land: everyday stories can change an election

    by JJ Gaitán

    During an important election year in Europe, Ferosa, a successful American company, and a European government investigate the death of Manu Moretti, an employee who worked for Ferosa’s European branch.

    Documents left by the victim expose the company´s bad management and financial secrets but also links his death to the growing far-right movement.

    As the election year develops, an anti-immigrant sentiment that has been slowly stewing in the population is taken advantage... more

  • The Hand of Fate

    by Alvira Michaels
    If you like reading contemporary fiction with a supernatural theme, add a splash of romance, some social issues and a pinch of humour, then this is the book for you! Minimum reading age: 18 and over. She was still coming to terms with being adopted, then all of a sudden she was thrust into the limelight by a celebrity and had to deal with the resulting fallout. Determined to live her life her way, on her terms, Alexandra Gray, who hails from London, finds love across the pond and settles in S... more
  • Song of Sugar Sands

    by Debra Coleman Jeter

    A deeply committed young man falls in love with the beautiful but troubled Acadia, who knows herself too selfish, too sinful, and too skeptical in her faith to marry a preacher.


    Acadia Powers nearly lost her faith at an early age due to what she saw as the hypocrisy of her parents’ generation. In college—where the novel begins—she meets and falls in love with Peter O’Neil, who is fervent in his faith and wants to share the good news with th... more

  • LONG NOSE LEGACY: A Dog's Story of Royalty and Loyalty

    by J. G. Eastman

    Winner 2020 Parents' Choice Silver Award for audiobook and 2019 BRAG Medallion.

    Gracie, a haughty royal Russian Wolfhound (Borzoi) show dog, expects her noble puppies to follow in her pawprints of being a pampered princess.

    Daughter Carnegie has inherited Gracie’s aristocratic attitude and assumes she’ll be pick of the litter. But when the coveted title goes to her humble but perfect sister, Madison, she’s resentful and scoffs at being a sill... more

  • Obsessed By A Promise

    by Sandra Warren
    A CHILDHOOD PROMISE! A LOST CHILD! THE ORPHAN TRAIN! A LIFE ON HOLD! JT Saunders grew up homeless on the streets of New York at the onset of The Great Depression. Through perseverance and hard work he gained money and prestige, married and had a son, yet it all meant little to him because, as an eleven-year old, he promised his father he'd keep his little brother safe and he failed. The compulsion to find his lost brother and rectify what he perceived as he personal negligence in carrying out th... more
  • The Misadventures of Rabbi Kibbitz and Mrs. Chaipul

    by Mark Binder
    She owns the only restaurant in Chelm.  He’s the wisest man in this village of fools. Together, they make an unlikely and lovable pair.  Weddings and celebrations, stories of Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Passover, this brief novel of stories has it all. Themes include the importance of exercise for seniors, maintaining your identity, the challenge of work and relationships, and of course the joy of eating good food.
  • The Winter Sisters: A Novel

    by Tim Westover
    Dr. Waycross knows bleeding and blistering, the best scientific medicine of 1822. He arrives in the Georgia mountains to bring his modern methods to the superstitious masses. But the local healers, the Winter sisters, claim to treat yellow fever, consumption, and the hell-roarin' trots just as well as he can. Some folks call the sisters herb women; some call them witches. Waycross calls them quacks.But when the threat of rabies—incurable and fatal—comes to town, Dr. Waycross and the Winter siste... more
  • Dancing on the Spider's Web

    by Sasha Paulsen
    Is love incompatible with intelligence? Sarah Glass believes this is the case. Shy and serious, she is half-way through medical school when she receives a prize for being outstanding and decides to give herself "a month to live." She goes to San Francisco where, in the colorful, chaotic 1970s, she falls into a series of adventures with characters who fill the city in this "winter after the summer of love." These draw her back to her home in a farming community, Napa, to the Mexico of her grandp... more
  • Heart in Dixie

    by Nicholas Bouler
    Gordon Halt, a privileged son of the Deep South, disappointed his progressive father when he joined the campaign of a segregationist governor for U. S. President in the 1960’s. Gordon Halt denied he was a racist; he had only wanted to “rein-in” the worst impulses of the governor’s followers while helping the South gain respect from the rest of the nation. But in 1999, the former governor lies near death and a newspaper reporter, who knows nothing of the South, asks Gordon’s help to explain t... more
  • Elder Brother's Maze

    by Jan Kelly
    The ancient desert O’odham people’s creation stories parallel the path a young Guy Thornton takes to emerge from the “maze” he has made of his life. The novel opens in the center of the narrative as Guy, a down-on-his-luck Arabian horse trainer fresh out of prison, is getting drunk at the Wander On Inn. He spends the next several months living in the central Arizona desert with an elderly O’odham woman who seeks to teach him “tribe spirit,” while alternating chapters recount the past and his big... more
  • BigFoot Moon: formerly The American Quarterly Review a Portland Novel

    by A. B. Paulson

    When beatnik sailor Bill Caxton waded ashore near Manzanita in 1958, he encountered an extraordinary local woman. 40 years later, he's searching for the son they conceived. But the eccentric detective he's hired must also solve a murder. Caxton hands over the operation of his literary magazine, The American Quarterly Review, to two newcomers. Their next tangled issue becomes this novel. Piecing together the plot, veiled in a web of short stories, articles, and serial fiction—pre... more

  • Raising Mary Jane

    by Christian Van Allen
    It's 1969, and Wesley Daggert arrives in Big Sur, CA with just a suitcase and $300. He is soon swept up in an epic adventure including wildfires, wild parties, and marijuana cultivation. We follow Wesley's early dabbling in growing marijuana to his becoming one of the largest growers of high grade sinsemilla on the coast.
  • Maggie's Secret Garden

    by Thurston Pope
    An true story and outdoor adventure unlike any other! Maggie takes finding buried treasure to a different level when a new world is uncovered in her backyard.