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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Aftershock

    by Tom Bentley

    Three Disaster Survivors Must Survive Each Other

    Wisecracking, ineptly lustful Hayden is the disgruntled proofreading coordinator at a large San Francisco leasing company. His big secret is that he's writing a novel that he hopes will change his fortunes.

    Megan, his prim, overachiever boss, a former editor at a publishing house, has a secret too: she's a closet alcoholic. Jacob, the homeless vet who begs outside their office, once a hopeless drunk himself... more

  • The Driver's Wife

    by S. K. Keogh
    A story of redemption and unconventional love. Leighlin Plantation offers Edward Ketch a new life, an opportunity to forsake his violent, troubled past and become a man worthy of respect and trust. But when a slave named Isabelle arrives, Ketch is drawn into a turbulent relationship that threatens the very peace he has struggled to attain. Isabelle has her own desires for a fresh start, but scurrilous gossip about her past undermines those hopes. She struggles to be accepted by Leighlin’s ... more
  • The Fortune

    by S.K. Keogh
    A deal with the devil... Jack Mallory has vowed to abandon his nefarious seafaring life to be with the woman he loves, but his final act of piracy leaves him facing the noose. His one chance at freedom: a deal with an old enemy, Ezra Archer, a wealthy Charles Town planter. Archer has his sights set on increasing his lands and securing a seat on the Carolina Assembly--and he will destroy anyone in his way. At first, Jack's pact with the ruthless planter seems benign--sail to Virginia to fet... more
  • The Alliance

    by S.K. Keogh
    Two pirates; sworn enemies. An alliance forged by blood… Jack Mallory sailed into Carolina waters seeking vengeance upon fellow pirate James Logan, the man responsible for his father’s murder and his mother’s kidnapping. But Jack never expected his well-laid plans to be foiled by a mere child: Logan’s precocious six-year-old daughter, Helen. A deathbed promise to her mother inexorably binds Jack to the child and robs him, at least temporarily, of his revenge against her father. But the two... more
  • The Prodigal

    by S. K. Keogh
    A story of relentless pursuit, betrayal, and revenge: As a young boy Jack Mallory knows horror and desolation when James Logan and his pirates murder his father and abduct his mother. Falsely accused of piracy himself, Jack is thrown into jail. He survives seven years in London’s notorious Newgate prison and emerges a hardened man seeking revenge. His obsession with finding his mother’s kidnapper drives him to the West Indies where he becomes entangled with a fiery young woman named Mari... more
  • Contemporary Bloody Literature: Stories & Poems

    by Martin Connolly
    This is a collection of five original stories interlaced with 18 original poems, all published here for the first time. Three of the stories involve situations which might be seen as playing with the idea of reality. One story is a straight narrative about human interaction. The final story concerns a fictional professor who delivers a lecture criticizing contemporary literature and publishing practices. As with most of the stories, there is a comedic edge to it. The poems range from observation... more
  • Pregnant Without a Cause

    by Wilshire Lewis

    When Callie Scharf discovers that her “super-rational Supermom"’s unplanned pregnancy was the result of a one-night stand, and that the baby is going to be given up for adoption, she has to do something.  Something fast, and something brilliant. Obviously her mother, suffering from well-deserved guilt and “after-birth crazy” cannot be totally trusted. So Callie comes up with a seemingly bonkers idea that keeps Baby Booms in the family, allows her mother to du... more

  • Novel - Son of Soothsayer

    by Simon A. Smith
    Son of Soothsayer... This provocative satirical novel dares to question the prevailing notion that the cure-all for society's ills is a heavy dose of positive thinking. Written as a chapter-by-chapter response to the self-help manual The Secret, Son of Soothsayer is both a sprawling family saga and a critical look at the trappings of new age philosophy. The book traces the coming-of-age of narrator Clayton Blaine, who lives in the shadow of a mother so steeped in the cult of positive thinking... more
  • Polly's Awesome Surprise

    by Alexandria J. Snowdon
    Today is Polly's birthday! She is very excited...and she thinks Mom is secretly planning something special. Or is she? Polly can't tell, because Mom won't say. Mom is baking a birthday cake and being very mysterious, not wanting Polly to find anything out. Dad is about to take Polly to the park, but before they leave, Mom gives her daughter a special treat: a big, juicy strawberry--Polly's favorite! Overjoyed, Polly decides to bring this treasure with her to the park. But when a collision near ... more
  • Jack Moloney's Century

    by Per Fagereng
    Jack's life begins in Ireland in 1980 and ends in Oregon (now part of Cascadia) in 2080. He helped some friends lob a mortar round into a British army barracks in Derry, so the IRA got him out of town with a job on a cruise ship. He jumped ship in New York, married a girl he met on the ship and headed west. They rehabbed houses in Chicago, lived through the great oil crash in South Dakota, then migrated to Oregon. The story goes from past to future and traces the end of an empire and a new way ... more
  • Selah's Painted Dream

    by Susan Count
    Thirteen-year-old Selah’s life is about as perfect as it gets. She has horsy friends at school, and on weekends, she rides her black mare on Grandpa’s farm. Training the horse to do upper-level liberty work is what makes her heart beat. But one word can ruin a perfect life—moving. A move would separate her from her horse, so she plots to get her name on the farm mailbox instead. She’s sure she could persuade Grandpa—except he’s overly distracted by a sheep-loving neighbor. Determined no... more
  • Adam's Reign

    by Jonathan Macnab
    In a time of myth, angels and demons wage war for the souls of mankind. When giants and dinosaurs roam the earth and all the world is clothed in perpetual springtime, man lives for hundreds of years, forever growing either in righteousness or in evil. In these days, there are few who remember where they have come from, few who keep hold of the one true God who wrought the world. For those who do, the blinders are ripped off and they see the truth: a world at war. Tucked just behind the veil of s... more
  • A Hundred Fires in Cuba

    by John Thorndike
    In the spring of 1956, a young American photographer falls in love with a Cuban line cook at New York’s Waldorf Astoria. They have a ten-week affair which ends when Immigration arrests and deports him, and by then Clare Miller is pregnant. Few Americans know the name Camilo Cienfuegos. All Cubans do. In real life he was the most charismatic of Fidel Castro’s commanders—until his small plane vanished only months after Fidel came to power. In A Hundred Fires in Cuba, Clare must choose between... more
  • New York's A Go Go: A Political Memoir

    by Michael Boyajian
    A recollection of the GOP party years from Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki to George W. Busy as our candidate journeys through the rough and tumble world of New York politics.
  • Cheers, InshaAllah

    by Missy K
    One is Muslim. One is Amazing. Only one is Mister Right. Over a long weekend in Sydney, Kamilla finds herself caught between hipster Aussie Jeremy and her old flame Mehmet. Jeremy is laid back and thoughtful, with a wholesome lifestyle and large doe eyes that melt her narrow views. Mehmet knows exactly what to say, exactly what to wear and exactly how to get her heart racing. A uniquely Australian look into the lives of Muslim millennial females, facing universal challenges in love an... more
  • The Flute Player from Urumqi

    by Jeffrey L. Carnett
    Ayşe Altay, a Turkic Muslim women living in far Western China has a problem; she is single, pregnant and the father of her child wants only to destroy her and her people. Set in China in the year 2028, Ayşe’s challenge of Chinese colonialist authority at her university ends in her detention and “re-education”. Through this ordeal she meets and falls in love with a young Chinese Communist Party member. Ayşe becomes pregnant. Her lover is transferred to Beijing to deal with civil unrest that is ... more