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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Taxi App development

    by Alex Joseph

    Taxi App Development Company India develop similar Taxi apps clone like Uber, Ola, Hailo & easy Taxi for Android/iOS/Web App users. Get professional driver, user & Admin Panels.

  • nursing colleges

    by eiden philip more
  • HSE consultancy and training Kuwait

    by kiran roy
    There are several job vaccancy in the field of of health and security like professional health and safety advisors and health practitioners.NEBOSH course is one of the best course that help the candidate those who are searching for job in this field. This course train them how health and safety management can be applied in the workplace. HSE consultancy and training Kuwait provide certified safety courses course. Those who are interested can join t... more
  • The Maverick

    by Jennifer Valenti
    Getting the chance to move to New York City to work for Imaigene, one of the world’s most promising tech startups was a dream come true for Jane Valiante. She had put so much of her life on hold to care for her father and little brother back in Florida since her mom died that she’d nearly forgotten she once had dreams of her own. So, when the company offers to fly her to New York for an interview, she jumps at the chance - knowing it’s now or never. After what shapes up to be a whirlwind, tag... more
  • Heites, Sheites and Itites

    by John C. West
    This is a collection of short stories with metaphysical themes. Some of the stories are about religion itself, while others are about things and the powers we sometimes ascribe to them.
  • Low Reign

    by Mario D. King
    One Summer, Two boys—in search of manhood. Growing up is hard to do, especially when you are surrounded by adults who think they know what’s best for you in conjunction with the attractive lure of the streets. Lorenzo, Jr. (LJ) & Bee find life in the Low Reign to be exactly like the name indicates but for different reasons.At 15, LJ longs for the day he can leave home and be rid of his misguided police officer father, his overbearing worrisome mother, and his annoying little brother. Bee want... more
  • Adventures in Xenia-Pterodactyl Island

    by Richard Hansen
    Four young boys travel to a new world where dinosaurs roam free. There, they meet a young girl and together, the five must save Xenia from certain doom as dinosaurs ravage the land after stealing the jewel that powers the village and controls the life guarding shields. On land, in the sea and in the air, they face overwhelming odds as they race to save Xenia!
  • Catching Fireflies

    by Celina Lagnado
    A moving story about a little monster that loved nature. So much so that he wants it all for himself. But he is in for a surprise! Lovingly written and illustrated, this is the author's original debut for all kids who are fascinated by every little rock and leaf they find. This is a short story for toddlers and small kids about a cute monster who likes to venture out into nature and collect items in jars. Eventually he has a change of heart and discovers the importance of appreciating and respe... more
  • I Woke Up A Black Man

    by Jamell Crouthers
    Eric a white man wakes up one morning to find out he's a black man. While he does freak out, his life doesn't stop because of this. He goes out into the world to find out the stories his best friend Warren tells of being a black man has truth to them. Eric soon realizes that there is a huge race problem that exists in this country. After his experiences of being a black man, he understands that his white privilege has allowed him to get by in life and that change must happen and it starts with h... more
  • America Under Mind Control

    by Jamell Crouthers
    What happens when society takes control of your mind and how you think? This book speaks on all of the issues going on in today’s society and how the rich, wealthy and elite do everything in their power to keep the American people under mind control. There are different tactics and ways they use to make sure we as a people don’t strive for greatness in life. It starts from when you’re a child in the education system and how we’re taught to be obedient and to respect authority all the way into Co... more
  • The World In Ruins

    by Jamell Crouthers
    A young teenager named Derek is seeing the world and how terrible it is in the current time he’s living in. He goes into the future in a dream he has and travels 50 years into the future, only to find out the world is in disarray and it’s in complete ruin and turmoil. As he’s going around the world in this time machine, he soon realizes that the world he currently lives in, has to be changed in order to prevent the future from looking the way he’s seeing it in his dream. The question is, can a y... more
  • Kids With Guns Part 1

    by Jamell Crouthers

    Matthew and Max walk into school armed with arsenal to take out whoever is in their path. Another mass shooting has occurred in America but this time around, you will hear detailed accounts from survivors, police officers, EMS workers, doctors, surgeons and others from the ill-fated afternoon where their lives were forever changed. This will be a story that tells it from various perspectives and not just what the news reports to you. It’s a book that will open your eyes to not only the ... more

  • The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 1

    by Jamell Crouthers
    Do you ever wonder what goes on in a man's mind and the things they think about? The daily struggles that men go through in life? Well here is a poetry diary of a young man in his 20s named Robert. Robert talks about his daily life from the neighborhood he lives in, his childhood and family to growing up and maturing into a man in a society where things are criticized and not discussed. He deals with a drug-addicted mother, a father who isn't around, a drug infest neighborhood with no male ro... more
  • Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun

    by Jamell Crouthers
    Doing the right thing is never easy. But are you willing to lose everything to keep your integrity? Gary has been on the police force for a few years. He feels he’s doing a great job of serving and protecting his community. Soon he realizes that he’s part of a police force where there are some police officers who dishonor the oath they all took to protect and serve their city and he knows what is going on around him is all wrong. He has a decision to make, whether to report it and risk his car... more
  • Despicable People

    by Eric David Roman
  • In the Shadow of Green Bamboos

    by C. L. Hoang

    In the Shadow of Green Bamboos is a series of snapshots in the lives of a cross-section of people, Vietnamese and American, whose worlds were torn asunder by the Vietnam War: a fortuitous encounter at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; a father-and-son outing that echoes a childhood trauma; a harrowing haunting finally laid to rest; two young brothers at their innocent play; the recovery of a lost family keepsake; Grandma sharing a fairy tale with her granddaughter. These captured moment... more