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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lake Fun for You and Me

    by Rinda Beach
    This book is part story – part souvenir. Follow Zoe and her family on their lake vacation on the left side of each page. On the right side, there’s room to record your own lake vacation story. When Mom reveals Lake Hunt Fun, the adventures begin. Maddie, Nick, and Zoe explore the lake while they look for answers to Mom’s questions. The more answers they find, the more points they earn towards winning a prize. Zoe is the youngest in the family, but she’s determined to beat her older sister and br... more
  • Snakes and Lovers

    by Anne Lovett

    Can a snake give two stubborn people a second chance at love?

    Beach bum Daisy needs to save her parents’ marriage. They’re the one steady thing in her twice-divorced life. But her trip home to a small Georgia town  gets complicated by a disappeared friend, a small boy named Raj, a five-foot python named Bogart, a jewel thief, a cranky bus, a trip to New Orleans, and, oh yes—the guy who broke her heart in high school. Can Daisy risk a second chance?

  • Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion

    by Dave Agans
    Years after Meg Brecker’s scuba-diving boyfriend is scooped up by a firefighting plane, she returns incognito to investigate the crime scene. Spear-gun-wielding dolphins attack; Meg escapes and collapses on a Galveston beach. So much for going incognito—she wakes up surrounded by the cast of the Next Bikini Cowgirl reality show, and the discovery launches her and the cowgirls into the viral stratosphere. Meg links the show to her boyfriend’s demise and joins as a contestant to find the mo... more
  • Datuk: A Memoir of the Fallen King

    by VC Thong M.D
    “Once, he was like a big tree that sheltered our whole family.”- Mdm LiLi, my mother.
A story about a person in his late life, of how he influenced the dynamics of his huge family. Contrary to his past, when he was rich and powerful, he is now frail, abandoned, and alone. How does a person who was once regarded as the ‘Most Notable Chinese of Kuala Lipis’, end up being in such a situation? And how does his family react to it?
This is a book that tells the final days of that old man, who I love.
  • Priestess of Pompeii: The Initiate's Journey

    by Sandra C. Hurt
    Pompeii, First Century BCE: Fate intervenes when a baby girl destined to be a servant is abandoned and miraculously found by a wealthy merchant family. Epileptic seizures and prophetic dreams disturb young Rufilla's life and loves. Leaving home, she embarks on a journey to ancient Greece where rituals, both healing and provocative, compel her to reconcile her powerful desire for independence with the expected role as someone's wife. Goddesses and gods, oracles and healers, women of wisdom and my... more
  • Try Baby Stuff For Free

    by Amazing Surveys
    Do you love to receive free samples? Simply take surveys, read emails, or play games to try baby stuff for free and also make money and rewards when participating.
  • Melody's Magical Flying Machine

    by Elaine Ambrose
    Melody is an amusing 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome who narrates her adventures. She's a storyteller and loves to daydream beneath a catalpa tree in the backyard. After a sad day at school, she meets an enchanted talking bird, and they use a 3-D printer to create a flying machine so she can soar through the air, scare a group of bullies, and proclaim her unique abilities.
  • Odette's: The Finest Whorehouse in Portsmouth, NH

    by Bridget Finnegan
    It’s been five years since investigator Jessamyn Jakes left her life as a prostitute to start her detective agency, J. Jakes Discrete Investigations. When Suzanne—her former lover and fellow prostitute—goes missing, Jess is drawn into a mystery that goes beyond the raunchy, shipbuilding town that was 1854 Portsmouth—all the way from the antebellum south to the Isles of Shoals. Together with her adopted daughter Sarah, Jessamyn unravels Suzanne’s disappearance all while uncovering other my... more
  • Scotty's Junction

    by Andrew Arthur
    Scotty Madaki is a teenage artist and musical prodigy who lives abroad most of his life until his father relocates to New York City. He is gifted, talented, and trained by his father to challenge the boundaries of conventional roles and thinking and to esteem his family’s diversity. At his new school, Scotty quickly connects with other music and art lovers who draw him into New York’s art and graffiti scene. Scotty is coming of age in a world filled with technological marvels but with very fe... more
  • Talking to Herself

    by Melissa P Gay

    Amara Vivian Graves is turning seventy on December 31, 2049. Mourning the death of her husband John Darnley, Amara takes the advice of her wellness counselor and signs up for a biochip plasma treatment plan to tackle her depression. The plan works, sort of. She looks and feels forty all over again, but it doesn’t cure her longing for John. 

    In her altered state, she is hurled back to the year 1999 where she meets a cast of Way Backers who have also succumbed to treat... more

  • B086R64QVJ

    by Elli Lewis
    Every week, an unlikely gaggle of misfits meets in a dingy hall in North London. They have just one thing in common: Winning the lottery has ruined their lives. Follow the darkly comic journey of this improbable support group as they bicker and bemoan their millions, unaware that someone is on a mission to end their woes. Permanently.
  • My Day as Regan Forrester

    by Misty Urban
    On the eve of her 42d birthday, BETH BARONY makes a tiny, private birthday wish for excitement. Her life in the lovely town of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, offers everything else she could ask for, but her husband has been distant lately, she feels more like a chauffeur than a mom to her two kids, and her summer honors class hasn’t been a success. Then she wakes up in the body of sexy young starlet REGAN FORRESTER and finds that Regan has taken up residence in Beth’s body, Beth’s bedroom, Beth’s lif... more
  • Book Endings - A Call Numbers novel: Loss, Pain, and Revelations

    by Syntell Smith
    In the dramatic sequel, Robin Walker and the staff of the 58th Street Branch Library endure shocking developments in life and death.
  • Don't Date Crazy, The Phil=-Am dream runs into the American Justice system

    by DJDS
    The tale of the immigrant in America is an old one. The names and faces change but the struggles of those who come seeking a new and better life are the same. In this story we have a hard working, tax paying, friendly young man from the Philippines. He found some trouble through faults of his own with a young woman, as young men are prone to do. But then the American Justice system stepped in and through incompetence, stupidity, and self-righteous actions cost him his livelihood, freedom, ... more
  • The Gold Rush Girls

    by Craig Moody
    America is westward bound in 1849; gold is calling from the California earth. Opportunity, wealth, and prosperity await any brave soul daring enough to venture the merciless miles of the California Trail. Or does it? Sixteen-year-old Meredith, an orphaned housemaid, jumps at the chance to marry Jeremy Brown, a handsome Southerner with dreams of gold dust filling his charming eyes. Meredith’s imagined life of adventure and wedded bliss are quickly destroyed once on the trail with Jeremy. Chain... more
  • His Name Was Ezra

    by Craig Moody
    Judith Bracewell, a twenty-one-year-old, pale-skinned, red-haired, freckle-faced tomboy, enjoys spending her Saturday afternoons playing baseball with the boys on the other side of town. Falling in love with one of her teammates, dream-driven, hopeful future lawyer Ezra Washington, the pair are forced to spend their shared off-field time together in secret, deep in the woods within the confines of an abandoned Civil War-era cemetery. Residing in Waynesboro, Mississippi, in 1957, the strict, limi... more