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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lizzy Kuroo: Saturday's Adventure

    by Jamie R. Gandy
    In a desperate attempt to avoid a day full of yard work, Lizzy takes to the suburban woodlands in her neighborhood in search of adventure. Featuring Belle her eccentric best friend, and Ralph her not so courageous other best friend. Packed with action, hair raising close calls, ankle deep mud and one serious splinter!
  • All My Truths & One Lie

    by Fabiola Francisco

    A captivating story about love, family secrets, and self-discovery. 

    I finally followed the life I always dreamed of. All of the pieces fell into an easy path, but the illusion of perfection hid the pain I was still carrying.

    Until I met him.

    They say when you cross paths with a twin flame, everything changes. Matthias proved that to be true as he stripped me down, removing the illusion and baring every single truth I refused to look a... more

  • The End of the World... Again or Hitbodedut

    by JM Dark
    The first book in the series provides a glimpse into the lives of a primitive people as they endure a geomagnetic pole reversal event that strains their reliance on spiritual dogma and communal responsibilities. The tenuous existence of a band of Neolithic hunter-gatherers forms the backdrop for a spiritually uplifting epic action-adventure of love and commitment. A young warrior is thrust into the role of tribal leader when his adoptive father dies. The situation turns dire when severe weather ... more
  • What Death Can Touch

    by Robert Miskimon
    Through multiple losses, including alcoholism, the death of his daughter and estrangement from his wife, Peter Danforth discovers a spiritual path to healing and serenity. Death, he realizes, is but the opening of another door in his journey through time.
  • A Relative Invasion: The trilogy

    by Rosalind Minett
    Who can predict how long retribution will hang over Billy's life when he first meets his cousin, aged five? An innocent, well-meaning boy who so wanted another to play with grows up with the menace of manipulative Kenneth as well as with Hitler's war. His good nature and resilience, and frail Kenneth's artistic talent must be played out in the context of wartime London, evacuation and post-war austerity.
 But the tensions between them fester and eventually explode. “This well-executed emotional... more
  • Dobby Is So Polite What a Delight

    by Kimberley Kleczka
    Dobby Is So Polite, What A Delight is the latest children’s book from the friendship series. It is a rhyming children’s book about how a caring brother brings home a special friend called Dobby for his sister. Dobby, is a blue heeler Australian Cattle Dog puppy, who is loving, energetic and was placed where there was no love. He is very sad as he is all alone and is stuck in a smelly cage. One day he is hoping that he will meet a new buddy and be able to run free and play Frisbee. So he is so ex... more
  • Alook's Dance in France

    by Kimberley Kleczka
    Alook’s Dance in France is about a magical and colorful journey around the world, which ends in Paris, France where Alook learns how to do the Koolamundo street dance with his new International friends. Alook also has an enchanted magic bead magic that he carries with him wherever he goes. His home, personal belongings and travel journal are kept safe inside of the magic bead until he needs them. Alook is eager to learn more about the world we live in and his enthusiasm for nature and other cult... more
  • Luna & Alook's Magical Music Book

    by Kimberley Kleczka
    Luna & Alook’s Magical Music book is about how Luna and Alook get sucked into the magical adventure travel book and then come to discover a magical picturesque town, where they get to meet lots of interesting characters. One of them being an old tree called Wispy. Magical notes bump into Alook and Luna gets to play a drum on stage with a goat band. “Come and rock with us dude,” said the happy hippy goat, he wore big crazy glasses and a long colorful coat. All the way through this book are unusua... more
  • Luna & Alook's Funny Food Book

    by Kimberley Kleczka
    Luna & Alook’s Funny food book is about some of the different cuisines that you can try around the world. Alook wants to eat everything, whether it is naughty, sensible, spicy or culturally different as in garden weeds. But his new sophisticated South American friend Luna tries to educate and show Alook about the importance of eating nutritious fruits, vegetables and packing healthy lunches. This book is about the culinary adventures of these two fun loving birds.
  • Chook Named Chuck Has Amazing Luck

    by Kimberley Kleczka
    The Chook Named Chuck Has Amazing Luck book is about a chicken that has an unusual talent. Unfortunately, he is not accepted for his uniqueness, because he is very different and not like his family and friends. Then he gets to meet Klara who introduces him to her friends on the farm. In the end Chuck does something remarkable and helps out Klara’s local farm community. Because of Chuck’s gallantry efforts, he is honoured with a friendship and bravery plaque from the local Mayor.
  • Visit Alook's Cool Place in Outer Space

    by Kimberley Kleczka
    Alooks Cool Place in Outer Space is a rhyming children’s book about his special home in the universe. And his wonderful family and pet dragon called Zagon. They live on the Koolamundo star which is the tiniest in the Universe. He has a very cool stylish sister called Lala and a baby brother named Kaia. His father is a scientist who studies the stars and surrounding planets and his mother is a magical Koolamundo queen, that brings life to nature. You will get to meet them all in this rhyming chil... more
  • Klara the Cow Who Knows How to Bow

    by Kimberley Kleczka
    Klara the cow is a little different from the other cows, because she has a very special talent. She is so special that a Prince offered to buy her from the farmer, but the Prince soon learned that Klara is more precious than any money he could ever offer. It’s okay to be different, and it feels good to be loved and special, learn more about Klara and her friends in this fun rhyming picture book!
  • Krazee Mouse Blues

    by Mark Herder
    When Danny Dowd – a spoiled, upper-class white kid – is kicked out of college again, his father decides to teach him that not everyone is born with a silver BMW in the garage. Sentenced to spend a summer doing manual labor at a shipyard in St. Louis, Danny comes face to face with people from all walks of life. One of these is Clement Buchman, a guitar-playing welder who claims to be the bastard son of Jimi Hendrix. Another is Maggie Moore, a single mother, hair-stylist, ten years his senior, and... more
  • It's All in the Stars & Other Stories

    by Gopal Ramanan
    A collection of short stories set in the Indian subcontinent, that provide a compassionate and at times humorous commentary on the lives of ordinary people and their culture.
  • Gentleman of Misfortune

    by Sarah Angleton
    Lyman Moreau is a gentleman swindler, who in 1833 finds himself well positioned to assume a false identity and claim a shipment of eleven Egyptian mummies due to arrive in New York from the Valley of the Kings. Exhibiting the stolen goods across several states, Lyman seeks his fortune, attracting curious crowds and plenty of danger as well as love, loss, and a growing sense of his own mortality. By the time he reaches Ohio, Lyman is anxious to unburden himself of the remaining collection and fi... more
  • Coco

    by Marie-Paule Mahoney
    Coco, an orphaned bear cub born in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, is heartbroken to leave her three canine friends. But as Babou, the adult male bear who cares for her explains, it's time to find a mama bear to adopt Coco and teach her how to live as a free, wild bear.