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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Great Dates with Some Late Greats

    by David Finkle
    A series of adventures now begin for several unsuspecting people, who, while enduring the mundane tasks of daily life, are greeted by incarnations of celebrities, athletes, poets, politicians, and an evil dictator, to name a few. Author David Finkle is a critic who has written about theater, music, and books throughout his career. He is also a keen observer of human behavior, and his stories reflect that by placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations. His new collection, GREAT DATES WI... more
  • Things Every Employee Should Know About Their Job

    by Aisha Adele
    If you have just got your dream job for which you have been studying all your life for then welcome to the adult life. Now that you will be making your own money, you will also be paying your own bills and tasting the freedom because you are financially independent. However, just like how you would expect a good pay and respect from your job, in return you must also give something. This article focuses on the things every employee should do and know about his/her job.

    You Can Be Re... more
  • Ready for Whatever (The UnBRCAble Women Series Book 1)

    by Kathryn R. Biel
    "Look on the bright side, Mille. At least you don't have cancer." Testing positive for the BRCA gene only means one thing: Millie Dwyer is almost certain to develop cancer at a young age. After losing her grandmother and mother to the dreaded disease, Millie's always feared a similar fate. But now the twenty-nine-year-old has technological advancements on her side, including radical surgeries, that can save her from ever having to deal with the Big C… but at quite a cost. Now Mil... more
  • Mom Left Dirty Dishes in the Sink

    by Holly Carrington
    Life is busy in Camille's house. While she plays with toys and slime, her mom is busy cleaning dishes and doing laundry. Camille and her little brother start to think their mom forgets what fun is. One day, they discover their mom has changed..for the better!
  • Brooklyn Bitters

    by Sally Saylor De Smet
    You don’t get over killing your sister’s husband. Accident or not. When twenty-four-year-old Kate Hathaway graduated with honors from Emory University, she couldn’t wait to begin an exciting career in publishing. But one stupid mistake on a cold, rainy morning in Atlanta changed everything. Not only was Glen Lloyd Hastings her brother-in-law but he was also her best friend. Tormented by guilt, she vowed to do anything to make amends to Stacey—her provocative, pampered sister. The once-brilliant ... more
  • Kate and Caboodle In a spendidly blended tale

    by Jerri J. Pirc
    Follow Kate Caboodle as she and her family of animals move again. Join them as they load the old red truck with even more of their bits and pieces. See if you can spot the clues as to where they may be moving next...
  • Kate and Caboodle

    by Jerri J. Pirc
    Kate Caboodle's family of animals has grown so big that she needs to move house. She gets out her old red truck and has fun fitting them all in.
  • Letters (1855)

    by Rick Henry
    Follow James and Sadie Grey, separated by one crisis after another as James is called to a difficult birth, before being summoned north to The Hollow, a haven for young girls who suffer a variety of traumas, to investigate a rash of mysterious 'faintings.' At home, Sadie cares for patients and the practice, and encounters several mysteries of her own, including a hidden pregnancy, a fake birth, and a mistaken baby, who vanishes after a mishap at the county fair when a lantern tips during a Fox s... more
  • The Vegan Embargo

    by L.F. Mascarenhas
    Mason McLaughlin has spent a year pining for the one he let go—the one who didn’t want marriage or children—but he’s tired of being alone. He is determined to put the past behind him when a stunning colleague named Tessa takes him by surprise, figuratively barging into his life. Their relationship moves fast, and even though he knows they have the same goals, every new experience drags up unbidden and unwelcome comparisons to his ex-girlfriend. As they move forward, he can’t help but wonder if h... more
  • Opium and the Red Rose

    by Michael Rogers
    Danny Summers is a film technician working in Hollywood. He is a Vietnam veteran officer who was assigned to film the war for network news during the mid-sixties. While working on a film set, he is contacted by a U.S. Senator who offers him a deal to go to Myanmar and offer a powerful drug lord millions of dollars to burn the year’s opium crop. Danny’s team ventures into Myanmar as a film crew to present the proposal. The project itself is dangerous, and it also has become a thorn in the side of... more
  • The Diamond Grenade

    by Dan Julian
  • Eden Visits The Orchard

    by Erin Spaulding
    Mom and Eden have a fun tour guide when they visit the local orchard.
  • Eden's New Friend

    by Erin Spaulding
    Eden's mom allows her to get a new pet. Eden learns that taking care of a pet isn't as easy as she thought.
  • Surf and Sand, The Girl In the Seaside Hotel

    by W. B. Edwards

    This is the story of an 11-year old girl and her 14-year-old brother that takes place during the summer of 1959 during what came to be called the Gidget era.  Set in a formerly grand old beach front hotel, The Surf and Sand Club Hotel, the story also takes the reader back to an even earlier period of the hotel’s history, 1938 and the ball room dancing that the hotel was famous for. 

    11-year-old Mary Nell Morgan and her brother Lonnie have only been livi... more

  • Here Comes Ingo

    by odeta xheka
    Created by Odeta Xheka, Here Comes Ingo is a great example of the benefits of art in early childhood development. This unique picture book encourages children to switch seats with the illustrator via painting, coloring and drawing directly ON the page in order to tap into their creativity and let the imagination soar. The book presents the multi-layered tale of Ingo, a scarlet macaw who drifts off to sleep while sitting on her eggs and dreams of flying into the lush tropical rain forest she ca... more
  • Love & Daisies

    by Jennifer L Rowlands
    Ella has spent her life in a small town surrounded by loyal friends, the scent and beauty of her floral shop, and calm predictability. Everything changes when she runs over a newcomer in town. The usually level-headed businesswoman falls clumsily into a future she couldn’t have predicted, and finds herself entangled with a past never forgotten. Despite her resistance, Ella tumbles through romance and comedy into the arms of the man she never imagined she'd find.