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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Paradise Door

    by Brent Shibla
    Where do we go when we die? 35-year old high school teacher Memphis Clarke cannot remember the last moments of his life and finds himself unable to explain where he is now. While he ventures through this unknown place, he'll search for answers, encountering familiar and unfamiliar faces as he reflects on his past in hopes of finding absolution.
  • 9781734108729

    by Steve Lafler
    Alt-comix legend Steve Lafler delivers readers to the bright lights and glamor of Manhattan in 1956 with Jack, Susie and Ramona. In the new GN 1956 Book One: Sweet Sweet little Ramona, they cut deals in the Garment District by day and haunt the legendary Jazz Clubs of 52nd St. at night. Jack and Susie, junior buyers for the McCurdy's chain of department stores, are ambitious kids trying to make their mark as they vie for the position of Chief Buyer. And hey, maybe they happen to fall in love on... more
  • Airplane Mode

    by Ralph Bismargi
    Trish is a talented and beautiful young actress. In order to prepare for a life-changing audition, she signs up for a new acting class. The teacher of that class is a little quirky to say the least. Has Trish finally found a good teacher? Will she get the part? Or is she going to regret taking the class? A laugh-out-loud short story, especially if you enjoy comedies, sitcoms and sketches!
  • Sucker Kiss

    by Ralph Bismargi
    Jill is a talented film director. She is filming her first TV sitcom and, for the first time in her career, there is a live audience. Her entire life is riding on this particular project. However, she struggles when a quirky audience member doesn't know how to laugh normally. Will she succeed at keeping everything together? If you love comedies, sitcoms or SNL sketches, then this funny short story will make you laugh out loud!
  • The Bootlegger's Mistress

    by Marc Curtis Little
    A streetwise African American teenager departs racially polarized Anderson, South Carolina in the 1940s. During her travels over a span of nearly eighty years, she assumes the identity of her alter ego while living a good life as a nationally respected media mogul, though it is marked with deep-rooted secrets from her past life in two locales in the Deep South. The Bootlegger's Mistress embodies the essence of the Great Migration---the decades-long movement of six million African Americans from ... more
  • Everything left Unsaid

    by Kate Smith
    Tumultuous and unpredictable. The very essence of Savannah’s life from the day she learned she was adopted. Her journey of self-discovery continues as she begins her first year of college and faces a series of difficult decisions regarding the woman she once hoped to know. Regrets and devastation. The overwhelming emotions Tiffany faces daily since the loss of her daughter and her own betrayal of the man she loves. As she struggles with her inner demons, she realizes she’s sacrificed far too ... more
  • Top Key Points for writing a Strong CV

    by Bilal Hussain
    The following is a list of the key points about CV and Resume writing collected by Job Editor: 1. CV is longer than Resume. Because the former emphasizes the comprehensiveness of the applicant , while the latter emphasizes the brevity of the applicant's characteristics. 2. If you are about to graduate with a master's degree or a doctoral degree, write your Thesis Topic briefly on the CV. 3. Research language scale problem in CV: Your language should be understood by non-professionals, a... more
  • 9781697636369 & 978-0-578-53538-8

    by Cathleen Lynn Boyle
    A Forever Story is based on true events that were recorded in journals regarding the life and senseless date-rape-drug murder of a young college student in the late '90s in San Francisco, California. A Forever Story is narrated from several points of view, including the ill-fated protagonist. The central themes include love, loss, death, despair, injustice, revenge, and suicide. The story also explores impermanence in term of what it means to die to one's hopes, dreams, beliefs and desires,.
  • Harvest Moon

    by Jenny Knipfer
    In the wilds of 19th century Ontario, Maang-ikwe, a young Ojibwe woman, falls into a forbidden love, breaks her father’s honor, and surrenders her trust to someone who betrays it. The abuse she suffers divides her from her tribe and causes her to give up what she holds most dear.

    While Rock has lots of fun in the snow, Rambee Boo watches from the window. Will Rambee join Rock in the snow? Turn the pages so you will know.

    Count down the week with Rambee Boo, his brother Rock and their favorite sock, as they try to find fun and exciting things to do to keep Rock entertained until Beach Day. Will they find enough places to go until Saturday?
  • 1871: Rivers on Fire

    by paul buchheit
    "1871: Rivers on Fire" commemorates the sesquicentennial of the deadliest fire in the recorded history of the world -- in northern Wisconsin, on the very same night as the fiery destruction of Chicago. The book is part historical novel, and part a love story with interweavings of triumph, treachery, and heartbreak. It addresses our nation's long-held sense of exceptionalism, our treatment of minority groups, and issues related to the environment. It contains numerous references to matters of imp... more
  • The Adventurous Squirrels of Cool Waters Cove

    by Steven Whysel
    A fun loving squirrels family join an all animal forest circus and aside from the fun and adventure thry have , they learn that diversity can be awesome and practice builds confidence to try new activities. Important lessons for children ages 2-8.
  • Burning Desire Fades

    by M. L. Stark
    Part 2 presents the continuation of the malicious agenda of Doctor Bates plan with Mary and will leave you in a trance of shock with its vigorous narrative. A moment ago, it seemed, it was yesterday full of happiness. Tomorrow it is a matter of survival for Mary as her life is on the brink of insanity to her Knight in Shining Armour. Mary get involved in a dreading mafia drama in Hong Kong together with Drake. Next, she will experience a magical fairy tale with Drake in Taiwan. Before she notice... more
  • Ka-Boom?: (*The Occasionally True Story about how a Catholic Nun, Deacon and Priest Saved the World from Total Nuclear Devastati

    by Alex Charns
    Three Catholic activists, a nun, deacon and priest, break into the MegaMuerte Corporation plant and destroy nuclear warhead triggers. They wait and wait and wait for the cops to arrest them. Finally, they call 9-1-1 to report the military-industrial complex's conspiracy to blow up the earth. What happens next is a full-tilt romp. If Kurt Vonnegut and Carl Hiaasen had a love-child, this novella would be it. All profits from this novella go to support the Father Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker ... more
  • A Betting Woman: A Novel of Madame Moustache

    by Jenni L. Walsh
    Born Simone Jules, reinvented as Eleanor Dumont, and largely remembered as Madame Moustache, A Betting Woman is a historical novel inspired by the tumultuous life, times, and loves of America’s first professional croupier of modern-day blackjack, bringing to life an intrepid and entrepreneurial real-life woman who lived on her own terms. When her whole family dies in a fire, young Simone flees her grief and travels west to reinvent herself in burgeoning San Francisco. Down to her last dollar ... more