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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Onyinye Ugwu
    A millionaire mindset is not always linked to a million dollars in the bank. More often, it is a mindset of abundance how to have a millionaire mindset the answer is simple... It’s all in the way they think wealthy individuals have so-called millionaire mindset it is this way of thinking that separates the successful individuals from the rest of the population
  • Can't Transitions To Can With A Friend Who's True Blue

    by Leah Irby
    A transgender ant feels frustrated because her body looks red, but she dreams of being indigo-colored instead. A cisgender turtle wants to try to jump so high she touches the sky. When they meet, the ant is torn between revealing her true identity and staying safe, so she introduces herself as Can’t the red ant. The turtle is full of enthusiasm and encouragement, but the ant remains skeptical. Woven with lessons learned from the non-binary grasshopper, will the turtle ever get the ant to jump? ... more
  • Life After Ali

    by Rashida Tayabali

    "Widows are bad luck. Everyone knows that!"

    An unexpected phone call shatters Indian immigrant Tasneem Zain’s idyllic family life in Sydney, Australia. Her husband has been in a terrible accident. Doctors aren’t sure if he’ll make it. When Ali dies, Tasneem’s social status changes overnight and she becomes a social pariah. She's also expected to live out the rest of her life alone.

    But life has something unexpected in store for Tasneem.

  • The Bookseller

    by Peter Briscoe
    Four stories about professors, students, librarians, booksellers, and early scientific explorers—all living literately, on journeys of the mind. The first story, "One of Our Stars," is about a professor so engrossed in difficult studies that even a blatant sexual invitation (accepted) merely distracts him. He concentrates with the mental force of a chess grandmaster, a zen roshi, or a musical virtuoso. The next story about a female college student is set in a Colombian jungle. The third story po... more
  • A Particular Friendship

    by Paul Van der Speigel
    Tom Morton is a gay Catholic priest whose closeted life is shattered when the man he fell in love with as a young man comes back into his life. A train of events is set in motion and Tom finds himself in a confrontation with a powerful bishop, a man who is a dark figure from Tom’s past.
  • The Lion in Your Heart

    by R.C. Chizhov

    "A winning story about tapping into your inner strengths. -- MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW
    **Females of Fiction Award Finalist** **LoveReadingUK Indie Books We Love** ** Readers Favorite**

    The Lion in Your Heart is a fun, inspiring and empowering story that teaches teaches children how to overcomes their fears and find courage in difficult situations.
     Heartfelt storytelling paired with vibrant illustrations convey a valuable lesson for all childre... more

  • modafresh for sleep disorder -

    by terensluice025 luice
    How it work? Modafresh for sleep disorder is a new breakthrough product that many people are talking about. Is this product good for people with insomnia? Can it really help them get sound sleep without risking their health? One reason why Modafresh 200 for Sleep Disorder has become so popular is because it is advertised as a natural, alternative way to getting sound sleep. In addition, the makers of the product tout that it c... more
  • Kids Make America Great Again

    by Frank Nato
    During the seismic corona pandemic, a lot of parents lost jobs. Oprah and Ariana try to rescue their parents financial situation by coming up with a n idea. Word goes round about their services. The president invites them over and they do what they do best. After they are done working, the president won't pay and can't pay. He is focused on the coming elections. The country needs leadership from the man in the Oval Office. The president decision on how to pay them unravel what is hid... more
  • Kids Make America Great Again

    by Frank Nato
    During the corona pandemic, Oprah and Ariana effort to help their jobless parents pay bill reach the internet and eventually they are invited at White House. They do their job at White House mowing grass but the president had other ideas of honoring them. In this time of the pandemic leadership was needed but the president was worried about the next election. The way he honored Oprah and Ariana might influence the election.
  • Lakota Cowboy

    by John Hafnor
    Meet the last open range cowboy and the last nomadic Native American. Better yet, be present for their first handshake in the pages of Lakota Cowboy. Their stories become entwined in an unlikely friendship, but cannot change the inexorable march of history. You’ll witness that march from the back of a horse as they trot across the Little Bighorn, into the Canadian wilderness, past Wounded Knee Creek, to finally arrive in a homestead world of badlands hardship and romantic heartbreak. This unse... more
  • The Adventures of Princess the Staffy Dog: The Fight for Theo Castle

    by S P IRELAND
    Princess the staffy dog wears a collar which releases a magical butterfly in times of need. Together, Princess and her friends must fight against the evil of a witch and a colony of rats who are determined to take over Theo Castle. Through trust in her friends and a magical collar on her side, surely Princess will overcome all evil. With loved ones lost and friendship put to the test. the true battle has only just begun.
  • Orphan

    by Kenny Tran
    Every year, a number of past students are sent out all over the world to acquire children for a game that involves a test of wits, skills, and survival extinct in a battle royal where only a number of children will survive. This year, a few changes have been made so that only a limited number of children will survive to the end. There will be over one hundred candidates competing And each child will be required to obtain ten items hidden across the forest in order to leave. How f... more
  • Buy Online Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills:

    by ava george
    Vidalista 20 is a generic medicine containing Tadalafil. Because of its prolonged effect, it is commonly referred to as "end-of-the-week medicine." Vidalista 20, which is equivalent to Cialis, is a medicine that appears in the specialist's treatment for erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil, the main component of the medication, is appropriate for increasing blood flow in the male regeneration framework. It can compete with l... more
  • Clean

    by Michael Rebellino
    Inspired by true events, Clean is the fictional story of Cameron, an independent, accomplished, and strong-willed young adult caught in the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction. The story is told through a stream-of-consciousness collage of spoken word/narrative poetry and letters, allowing the reader to inhabit Cameron’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical space as he stumbles toward acceptance and navigates the winding road to recovery.
  • Malin and the Shorn Women

    by Guy Orgambide
    I know... I’ll tickle a woman’s fancy. Most of all on these special days when she feels quite the little devil. I’m a man’s man, you see. Square jaw, firm lips, commanding chin. Definitely not your silk painting instructor—more your mountain cabin intruder. Right now, Ida and Madeleine are gazing over my body as they would over an edge-of-the-world landscape. Their stares immediately flee the steel blue chill of my eyes, overclouded by thick, dark eyebrows. As their own eyes glide down the crest... more
  • Crown City

    by John A. Heldt
    In the finale of the Time Box series, the Lanes, a family of time travelers, settle in Coronado, California, in 1963 and make a stand against violent pursuers from the future.