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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tales of Political Infidels Trump’s Lickspittles and Lackeys

    by Rainer Link
    Let pundits and historians argue over the facts of the Trump presidency. This novel confronts the absurd reality of that era with whimsy, street theater, poetry, and a band of merry characters eager to expose the rampant fraudulence. With the help of his friend the Whistler (undercover as a chef in the White House), the novel’s narrator concocts audacious accounts that mock Trump and his lackeys. Trump becomes a medieval quack when he touts useless cures for the coronavirus; he seeks to buy a... more
  • Take a Walk in My Shoes

    by D M Cummings
    Can you imagine yourself wanting to be loved so badly that you put yourself and children in life or death situations? Or wanting someone so badly that you disregarded the fact that they had other women in their lives, so you continue to put up the cheating, waiting at the end of a line of whores to be wifed? Well, that's Cassandra, she just wanted to be loved but was never shown the type of love she should of had. Cassandra never had the ideal childhood, all she wanted was love from her father... more
  • The Mustard Seed

    by Carl Solomon Sr.
    You can succeed in anything you set out to do even when obstacles get in your path. The Mustard Seed is a beautifully illustrated story about a tiny seed who, with faith, overcomes disappointments and grows to become a successful, mighty tree. Just like you can!
  • Trooper at the Beverly Hills Hotel

    by Susan McCauley
    The love of a good dog can get you through any tough time - and Trooper is a very good dog. Join him and his best friend Andrea Eastman at their new home - the grand and glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel.
  • Diamond's Pearl

    by D M Cummings
    Diamond's Peal is a blunt but urban epic starring Diamond, a girl whose life is turned inside out because of her mother's austere rules and the fact that she felt like the black sheep of the family. Her older sister and younger brother were very aloof when it came to Diamond and she hadn't seen her father since she was a youth. This led to her becoming promiscuous and looking for love in all of the wrong places. This landed her with more than she bargained for and a child to whom the father was ... more
  • Buzzy Bee and the Callery Tree

    by Taylor Immel
    Buzzy Bee wants to find a new tree to call home for his bee colony. He sets off on adventure when he spots the most beautiful tree. But there is one problem, the tree stinks! Buzzy Bee and his bee colony think of a way to keep the stink away so that they can live there and so that Callery Tree will not be lonely anymore.
  • Black Boy Hair Joy

    by Tiffany Obeng

    In this stunning anthem, Black Boy Hair Joy celebrates Black boys and encourages them to be proud of who they are!

    In this beautiful encouraging book for all Black boys around the world, a young Black boy proudly celebrates his and his friends' glorious hair crowns. Written in language and prose that Black boys can relate to, this book includes vibrant and colorful illustrations of Black boys of all different colors, hair cuts and styles. This book promotes positiv... more

  • The Fearless Moral Inventory of Elsie Finch

    by Lynn Byk
    There's a filigree setting for every family secret. Richard and Gail Finch designed their estate to carry consequences for misplaced loyalties over a lifetime, but there are consequences neither one bargained for. When the third generation aims for a cache of treasure, someone is expendable. What Elsie covets is the truth. Risking it all, she unfolds her parents' legacy to reveal the spoiling and calculated detachments. Then her father dies leaving her sister alone in a dilapidated house w... more
  • Say What Now?

    by JG Foster
    Normally, Mareike Korn would find a lengthy visit to a foreign land thrilling. Making the trip when she’s twenty-six weeks pregnant is another matter. But when her husband’s job is temporarily relocated to the USA, keeping her family together in the late stages of her pregnancy becomes more important than being a stranger in a new place. To keep herself sane through the ups and downs of her adventure, Mareike chronicles her experience in her bullet journal. The panic of impending parenthood. ... more

    by Armen Melikian
    A very short description of an intricate, post-modern plotless plot: the protagonist Brathki is in search of an ever-elusive ideal land named Urmashu which in the final analysis prove to exist solely in the protagonist's mind, in the process unraveling the very fabric of our civilization. Referred to as “cobra poison” and “the work of the Antichrist” by international religious figures and as “anti-literature” by the author, Expraedium is an incendiary and energetic tour-de-force that merciles... more
  • the Bringer of Happiness

    by Karen Martin
    “I should have assumed with parents known to the world as Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, I would be different.” Sara is different, for she time travels forward into other people’s bodies. When Sara, whose Aramaic name means ‘bringer of happiness,’ wakes up in Sarah-Marie, a young Cathar girl from Montségur, she believes it is her destiny to rescue her from the 13th Century siege. By saving Sarah-Marie, Sara hopes to safe-guard her mother’s gospel. In this odyssey of death, destiny and so... more
  • William A Orazi - Love & Faith, Poems & Song Lyrics

    by William Orazi
    In this book of Poems and Song Lyrics you will discover a hidden gem of original beautiful writings of Love and Faith that will deeply move you and open your heart. The authors true feelings about his Love for his Wife and his Love for God clearly shows the true heart of this man that many of us can identify with. Love & Faith, Poems and Song Lyrics by William Orazi is for those romantic and faithful souls who always strive for unconditional love, faith and happiness in their lives. Ope... more
  • 2011: A Collection of Prose and Cons...

    by Bob Mayfield
    Quirky, humorous stories, with occasional turns of intrigue, poignancy, and satire.
  • A Box of Shadows

    by Marshall Welch
    Eric returns home after being away for 15 years to attend his mother’s funeral and to support his older sister who now must care for their father who suffers from dementia. As a professional recording engineer, he brings with him his collection of sounds as well as the resentment toward his estranged father he has carried for over a decade. During his visit, Eric discovers his father has a collection of his own -- a series of paintings his father has created that reveal a host of mysteries and... more
  • Big Flame and Little Buck

    by JJ Holbert
    What do you do when someone you love is diagnosed with a debilitating mental illness?       Truman Bates was heading for a career in the Vermont granite industry until he began to hear, feel, and see things that no one else could. He was eventually treated for a newly labeled illness: schizophrenia. Decades later, his nephew Pat Bates was a typical senior of the Class of 1984. It was then that Pat's unlikely best friend, Dante Zuckerman, began to seriously worry that the depression Pat fell int... more
  • The Muse of Freedom: a Cévenoles Sagas novel

    by Jules Larimore

    A French Huguenot apothecary’s legacy of secrets, a mystic healer’s inspiration, a fateful decision.

    "Brilliantly told, a story that will stick with you long after you've turned the last page . . . fresh and compelling, as relevant now as it was then." ~ Janet Wertman, award-winning author of The Seymour Saga trilogy.

    "Jules Larimore's lush, vibrant prose and sharp eye for historical detail at once transported me back to Occit... more