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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    A children's story about a skunk who learns to spray two different scents-- that stinky skunk smell if he is frightened or doesn't like you but if he likes you he sprays the fragrance of sweet perfume.
  • Of Sin and Soul

    by Liam Murphy
    0f Sin and Soul follows the travails of a young American woman, Chloe Ettagio. Who leaves her home and family behind and escapes her loveless marriage by emigrating to the west coast of Ireland. She embarks on a torrid but disastrous sexual affair once settled there. This affair reshapes the rest of her life. We learn how a singular life event can change our destiny so dramatically. And of the family secrets and the community's efforts to protect those secrets.
  • Everything in Between

    by Valerie G Miller
    Because life doesn’t always go to plan A heartfelt collection of short stories about family, loss and love, and those special moments in between . . . Love Sometimes the path to love requires learning to trust yourself. Other times, giving your heart to another demands that you risk everything. Then there’s an everlasting love that can only be truly appreciated by the memories left behind. Family A mother is missing and the secrets she’s been hiding have the power to change her fami... more
  • Biron the Bee Who Couldn't

    by Gregg McBride
    Biron the bee isn't sure he wants to be like the rest of the bees in his hive. But he doesn't know what he would be good at besides making honey. Thus begins the delightful adventures of a sprightly little bee with a big imagination. When all of Biron's exciting ideas are discouraged, he wonders if any of his dreams "as big as the sky" can come true. His amusing exploits take him from honey homes to spaceships with wings, until he's finally reminded of the importance of believing in himself—"the... more
  • Amy and the Tortoise: How Animals Saved the Planet

    by John Leben
    Amy, a twelve year old girl, lives under a glass dome. Her friend Gus is a grumpy 100 year old tortoise, who barely survived the ravages of global warming in his younger days. Amy narrates Gus's story of environmental disaster, when the forests burned and humanity almost destroyed the planet. Gus remembers that technocrats called Bald-Headed Suiters were in charge of the survival of humanity. They cared little about the planet or the animals that populated it. Their solutions were short-sigh... more
  • Neither Out Far Nor In Deep

    by Leah T. Williams
    Seventeen-year-old Kadeem is suspended after yet another fight at school. Frustrated, his single mother takes him to her native island, St. Kitts, where she leaves him with her father. Away from his video games and distracting city life, Kadeem must either sink or swim in his new environment. Neither Out Far Nor in Deep, explores Kadeem’s peculiar journey in his mother’s homeland with an even more peculiar man sporting a heavy Caribbean accent. While navigating his new environment, Kadeem connec... more
  • Undercover Angels

    by leah Pete
    Undercover Angels mostly follows An Young Angel Name Mary who is but through many things, but its over her Life and a mortal And an Angel
  • The Village Twins

    by Izzy Abrahmson
    Life in The Village is rarely quiet or uneventful, but after The Village Twins are born, everything gets even crazier. Adam loves to create elaborate pranks. Abraham usually takes the blame. As teens, they both love Rosa, a wandering princess. But the Russian army is looking for Adam, who falls for Rivka Cantor, but she thinks he’s Abraham.… Confused? Imagine how they felt. Every chapter will take you deeper into the Black Forest. You’ll laugh and smile, and perhaps shed a tear. The Village... more
  • Choices: Three Novellas

    by Annabel Thomas
    “Reading Annabel Thomas is to appreciate a master at the top of her craft. In three novellas, Choices uses the backdrop of rural Ohio to introduce real people wrestling with universal challenges. In ‘Dorsey and the Amishman,’ young love is caught in the crosscurrents of cultures that intertwine yet stand distinct and separate. In ‘The Lost Book,’ mature love faces physical and mental decline, as well as the demands of mortality itself. In ‘Tuesday at the Airport,’ an aging woman searches for m... more
  • Dad Is My Best Friend

    by Kerice Robinson
    Caribbean illustrator Kavion Robinson's oil paintings beautifully portray a father and daughter's heartwarming bond in "Dad Is My Best Friend." The reader will learn why Angela's dad is her best friend as she recounts all the fun things they do together. Racing, bike riding, and push-ups are some of the things Angela loves to do with her dad. Readers will have the chance to count and interact with Angela and her dad while they exercise. 
  • Mom's Not Wipin' Your Bum

    by Lin Hawthorne

    In Mom’s Not Wipin’ Your Bum, Zeke's mom teaches him all about potty training and he takes us on his imaginative bathroom adventure, ultimately learning to wipe himself. It's the launch of a long list things he can do “by himself!” With whimsical illustrations and fun humor, the book captivates kids and parents alike and opens the door to dialogue about responsibility and steps to learn it. It's chock full of helpful tips for all the boy moms who n... more

  • Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life

    by Shogo Onoe
    True liberation means freeing yourself – freedom sometimes takes the form of leaving yourself open to all kinds of new experiences. Liberation – Seeking the Meaning of Life is the story of how desperate Japanese seeker Shogo Onoe was sent to Mexico by destiny, there to begin a new chapter in a journey of self-introspection. He writes of the three passionate Mexican friends he treasures, Gerardo, Jorge, and Ramon, who all lent him a great deal of support and belief to his efforts to write and rea... more
  • A Summer of the Forest Folk

    by Tom Pinch
    A Polish best-seller classic, continuously in print since 1920, filmed and radio-produced, now for the first time in English. Three friends spend every summer in a remote cottage in Pinsk Marshes (Byelarus), the largest surviving stand of virgin forest in Europe. This summer, a teenage boy joins them. The book follows his adventures as he learns about life in the forest. The author was a noted Lesbian and the book describes her and her two lovers (in the novel they are portrayed as men)... more
  • Out of the Lion's Maw

    by Tom Pinch
    Polish classic best-seller, in print since 1946, now for the first time in English. 570 B.C. Carthage, Sicily, Crete, Egypt. An elderly Zoroastrian priest and his teenage apprentice rush across the Mediterranean in an attempt to forestall the break out of a war. They are pursued by secret agents, assassins, and, eventually, the whole state apparatus of Pharaonic Egypt. Book culminates in the Battle of the Thestis Well (as described in Herodotus).
  • Wild Fennel

    by Bruce Mitchell

    The First World War is over and the Thorntons celebrate Armistice on the streets of Sydney, but their vision of an era of peace and prosperity is about to be shattered.

    Against a backdrop of the Spanish Flu, the Roaring Twenties, organised crime and the Great Depression, the Thorntons do what they’ve always done—they knuckle down and get on with life. But will that be enough? Will they survive the challenges before them or be cast upon the jagged rocks of life, like so ... more

  • The Ninth Passage

    by Dale O. Cloninger
    Dean Collins after a prolonged absence returns home for his 45 high school reunion. Memories long relegated to the deep recesses of his mind tells his new wife the story of Alec Driver, a WWII vet, who after attaining two degrees in music accepts the position of choir teacher at a small town high school on Florida's west coast. Alec quickly begins a romantic relationship with a student (Tracy Ashbury) in his choir. Only his skill in developing musical excellence in his choir and the entreatie... more