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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Boar's School

    by Cindy and Gus Gee
    Book 5 of a five-book series. In this final book of a charming five-book series, Boar's family make an astonishing discovery. While on an outing to view the large Holiday Tree at the State's Capitol, the family learns there is a school beneath. You are sure to smile as Boar, Junior and Hardy meet some of their future classmates.
  • Boar's Brother Hardy

    by Cindy and Gus Gee
    4th book of a five-book series. After Boar's parents return from the state fair, they are surprised to find that they brought home a new member for the family. The family decides to adopt, and Boar and Junior now have a brother. Enjoy this charming story with the same simple drawings as the previous books.
  • Boar's Sister Junior

    by Cindy and Gus Gee
    3rd book of a five-book series. Boar's family decide to go on an outing for the day. It is after lunch that Boar discovers Junior, a peppy gecko. Follow Boar through this adorable Boar's Family Book with simple drawings, as Boar learns that little sisters are not so bad after all.
  • Boar's Letter

    by Cindy and Gus Gee

    This book is 2nd of a five-book series. 

     As Boar is adjusting to having a family, Mom decides that Boar needs a couple of things: clothes and a name. Delight in how Boar's Dad comes to realize what Boar's full name should be.

  • Boar

    by Cindy and Gus Gee
    Based on a true story. A couple shopping at a pet store spot a stuffed chew toy, a Boar. The toy is brought home to their dog where they soon realize that Boar is not only alive but is able to talk! Boar has the family she has always wanted in this first adorable children's book of five.
  • The Stage Robbery: Marshal Spur and the Outlaw

    by Anna Elizabeth Judd
    Many of us cannot recall the old western shows on radio and television, where thrilling endings were prompted by “Tune in again next week to see…!” The Stage Robbery, by Anna Elizabeth Judd, brings us back to these great old days, where hero and villain alike take us through suspenseful moments of, “Will the Posse find the Marshal?” or “Will the Outlaw Gang get away with another crime?” The Old West, a notorious outlaw gang and a well scripted crime all come together in The Stage Robbery, wh... more
  • Stand: A journey of friendship and self-discovery

    by Joel O. Estes
    In Stand, readers are introduced to middle schooler ETHAN STRONG (11), whose journey to discover his own identity and privilege evolves over the course of a number of challenging and formative events. His mom, SARA STRONG, is a struggling, single parent whose job in the city makes her rely heavily upon her Ethan’s grandparents for support and daycare. When Ethan’s grandmother gets cancer, his world is rocked and he is sent to summer daycare. He and sister KINZIE STRONG (5) are taken to the home ... more
  • Fire on the Frontier

    by Kenneth Kunkel
    Rome and the Northern Frontier. 9 CE. One seeks revenge. One desires freedom. One craves victory. One demands justice. When his parents were killed by a barbarian attack, Marcus was rescued as an infant by his adopted uncle. Will his plan for revenge bring him the peace of mind he desperately desires? Her oppressive home life has forced Helena to seek freedom. Will her fights in the arena bring her closer to her goal or will her unexpected encounter with Marcus disrupt her search? A ... more
  • Shadow the Scaredy Cat

    by Michelle Urra
    Join Shadow in this magical Halloween adventure that proves even a scaredy cat can discover how to be brave. "Shadow the Scaredy Cat" is a delightfully fun story for children, filled with colorful and playful illustrations that capture the enchanting spirit of the season. Shadow reminds young readers that it's okay to be scared sometimes, and that learning to be brave can come from the most unexpected places.
  • American Rehabilitators - Evil Twins Meet The Devils

    by DS Kumar
    David Wayne is a medical representative living in Chicago and working for a pharma firm. He goes to New York City to market an antidepressant drug. In the City, he meets Ingrid, a flight attendant. This gives David another chance at love and pits him against a Boston gang that has kidnapped Sigrid, Ingrid's identical twin sister. Ingrid is forced to smuggle stolen diamonds for the safety of Sigrid, who has killer plans for her captors. After David comes back to Chicago, he is entangled in a biza... more
  • Disaster for Sale

    by F. David Rinehart
    "When Yellowstone’s Super Volcano threatens eruption wiping out the United States, Dr. Thomas Jackson, the world’s foremost expert in the geology of aquifers and underground water movements is called upon to lead the frantic effort to reverse the trends hopefully avoiding an eruption. Joined by internationally known disaster response expert, Catherine Craft, who has just finished her rotation leading the massive response to the eruption of Sicily’s Mt. Etna and the initial test of her designe... more
  • Harmony: The Saga of the Earth

    by Apala Banerjee

    Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the outdoors. It held all sorts of mysteries and wonders, and I would spend countless hours observing darting squirrels or sprouting pansies. I loved nature with all of my heart. I was in awe of the changing seasons, the flash of lightning, and the plants that bore produce. As I grew up, I learned about the variety of threats putting the environment in danger. Plastic pollution and habitat loss, among other issues, seemed to be eating away a... more

  • ERNESTO JOKED: A Quail Story About Humor, Courage, and . . . Señor Coyoté! (Henry and Friends Book 4)

    by Hazel Pacheco
    In this nail-biting episode, Ernesto’s talent for making others laugh is put to the ultimate test. When a cantankerous coyoté invades the bosque and threatens the quails, it’s no time for jokes—or is it? Coyoté demands a funny story . . . or else. With his whole covey counting on him, will Ernesto think of a story funny enough to make Coyoté howl with laughter?
  • The NeverEnd Friend

    by Sapana Grossi
    Achille and his teddy bear, Benji, are heroic adventurers and best friends. One night, Benji is lost, and Achille feels helpless. When Achille learns that Benji is on top of the monstrous Mount NeverEnd, Achille embarks on a difficult journey to recover him. He braves the steep slopes, outsmarts a horrible ogre, and travels through a wondrous forest . . . but Achille performs his most courageous and selfless act of all after reaching the top of Mount NeverEnd. Detailed illustrations create... more
  • The Boy Who Changed His World

    by Robert Whanslaw

    Friendship can heal the deepest wounds, but what if those wounds are opened again?

    In the seaside town of Whitstable in 1978, amid the punk rock revolution, two outsiders forge an unlikely bond. Callum, a teenage boy tormented by bullying and self-doubt, meets Potts, a reclusive World War II veteran with a troubled past.

    A friendship between them grows; Potts encourages Callum to face life and go for what he wants and maybe even the girl, Lucy, at school he has a... more

  • Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs!

    by Frank Mastropolo
    In our house, new technology is something to be resisted and uprooted. Forget Google and ChatGPT; Dad gets his questions answered by a Magic 8 Ball and his drunk uncle. Mom got a high-tech treadmill with a fitness app. She entered what she ate in one day and it sent an ambulance to our house. Our Smart TV's remote can't change channels but it shuts off our neighbor's home dialysis machine. "Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs!" is an illustrated humor book ostensibly written by a snarky boy about life wi... more