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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Galleon

    by michael merry
    This is a collection of eight stories. ‘Galleón’ tells of the loss of a Spanish ship off Panama in 1715 and its re-discovery in 2017. ‘Escape’ describes how jailed prisoners can be illegally freed. ‘Hideaway’ is a story of an eye-witness to a crime. ‘The Miracle’ is the tale of a seminarian who sees and speaks to Saint James. ‘Lottery’ explains how a young offender wins the Lottery. ‘The Old Man’ reveals how a retired revolutionary performs a favor. ‘Triple Cross’ takes the reader through the ex... more
  • The tomb Robber

    by michael merry
    Prize winning author, Michael J. Merry has published a new book of seven short stories. As usual, they are woven from fact, fiction and personal experience, providing the reader with a diversified spectrum of tales encompassing seldom explored subjects. The title novella tells of a sixteen century Spanish expedition to Panamá, where Gil González Dávila proceeds north along the Pacific Coast an Indian guide persuades him to explore the Farralon river where a large native indigenous tribe was said... more
  • Percy, and two other fools

    by michael j merry
    Percy and Two Other Fools is based on the mysterious disappearance of Percy Harrison Fawcett (1867-1925) who, along with his son Jack, and a friend, Raleigh Rimmel, vanished in the jungles of the Mato Grosso in March 1925. An experienced explorer, Fawcett and his two companions were searching for a lost city he called 'Z' near the Xingu river. They disappeared and were never heard from again. In 2018, an English aristocrat recruits a small group that travels to the area to search for Fawcett's r... more
  • Strangers In Another Country

    by Lawrence G. Taylor
    Set in the late 60s and two ethnically different environments (London and Stockholm), this collection of two short stories and two novellas describes social and personal problems encountered by the four protagonists respectively: Betty, Binky, Charlie, and Moby - the men are fictionalised expatriates from the Caribbean. Themes are dreams, loneliness, alienation, disappointment and the lack of solidarity are some of the leading challenges they face. There is humour to ease the pain. The question ... more
  • Chula the Fox

    by Anthony Perry
    Chula, a Chickasaw boy, is suddenly thrown into the murky and treacherous worlds of warfare and adulthood after a traumatic ambush costs him his father. Left haunted by a restless spirit, Chula concludes, in line with the customs of his time, that only vengeance will make things right again. With the help of his Uncle Lheotubby, and armed with a brand-new musket, Chula hones his skills to become one of the revered Chickasaw warriors. He vows to join a raid against the enemy, regardless of his... more
  • Home and Castle

    by Thomas Benz
    Here is a world where misunderstanding among friends, lovers, neighbors, and spouses runs rampant. A man who frequently gets mistaken for someone else decides to impersonate a stranger’s long lost classmate. A commuter falls asleep on the train and with time to kill, wanders into an unfamiliar bookstore where he meets a woman who may or may not be a former lover. An ordinary bureaucrat lucks into a fortune and retires early with unhappy social consequences. A couple moves to a gated comm... more
  • Ophelia: An American Dream

    by Aiden Blasi

    It is important to remember that even the most fortunate, the most content, the most sane among us are separated from the least so by little more than a single loss, a single mistake, a single weird day. I implore you to remember this as I tell you the tale of Preston Carter. Preston’s loss and his weird day leads him to a voyage from the wintery city of Burlington, Vermont to the Pacific coasts of California, in pursuit of his obsession with a woman he had never met.

    His is a tal... more

  • Tomas of Terra: Mastery of Tomas Series

    by Jaylee Balch
    What do a Human orphan, a Spider, two Leaf Bugs, two Scorpions, and a Megalong have in common? ADVENTURE! Unbeknownst to Tomas, a malevolent creature plans to destroy him and all he loves. He thought he was ready for his Emergence, but that was before the fate of the realms was laid on his shoulders. Now he must use all he has learned, and find the courage to save himself and the interconnected worlds and creatures that he has come to love.
  • Dearest Millie (The Pennington Family)

    by May McGoldrick
    Lady Millie, youngest of the Pennington family, has always lived in the shadow of her talented and powerful siblings. She’s been the rock of stability and order for her sisters and brothers. Her future looks bright until fate deals her a tragic hand. Dermot McKendry is a former surgeon in the Royal Navy who has returned to his home in the Highlands to open a hospital. As disorganized as he is passionate, he is a man with wounds and a secret past he has worked a lifetime to hide. Providenc... more
  • The Walk of the Wandering Man: (complete version)

    by Ric Szabo

    Central Europe, 5000BC. The first farmers are advancing across the continent from the east. The age of the hunter-gatherer in Europe is drawing to a close.

    When a young, Mesolithic hunter is sent into the winter forest, he has no idea his rite of passage will be different to those who had gone before. But the gods have other plans.

    Beyond the brutal wilderness, his path will lead him to a different people. People from distant lands, moving ever closer to his. But as his journey ta... more

  • Box Blades for Sale: A Quick and Easy Buyer’s Guide

    by Mike Langer
    Box blades are indispensable to farmers, landscapers, and builders because the simple design of a box blade is excellent for helping level out soils and other materials. Useful for preparing building sites, creating garden plots, smoothing driveways, and landscaping- even on tough, compacted soil - a box blade tractor attachment is efficiently equipped with adjustable ripper shanks to break up the soil, and blades to then level it out. Depending on your needs, more
  • Sourpuss

    by Merricat Mulwray
    Sourpuss is a blistering satire of the depraved and entitled culture that pervades college campuses. Mallory Wahl loathes the campus party scene . . . She’s sprinting through her senior year obsessed with winning a spot on the US Olympic track team. But she runs straight into a hurdle in the form of fraternity president Graham Patterson, an intern assigned to help her recover from an injury – one she blames on him. Once Graham’s therapies begin to work, Mallory pretends to fall in love ... more
  • Another Ocean to Cross

    by Ann Griffin
    When talented Jewish teen artist and secret activist Renata Lowenthal is beaten by police, she convinces her father, a doctor stripped of his right to practice, that the family must flee Germany. After a harrowing journey separates them, the family reunites in a refugee camp in Egypt. Renata uses her artistic talent to get her parents out of the camp and settled in Alexandria, where Renata tries to improve her family’s odds of survival by marrying Ray Stern, a Canadian officer in the Royal Na... more
  • A Bell For Jimmy

    by Theo Wadsworth
    A 103 page (51 quatrains) illustrated poem about a little dog who saves his snow-bound mountain village from imminent disaster.
  • Stolen Future: The Untold Story of the 2000 Election

    by Stephen Singular

    Investigative reporter Stephen Singular conducts a breathtaking historical excavation of a still-controversial "cold case" -- the disputed, nail-biter 2000 election in Florida. Remember the infamous "hanging chads?" The outcome of the election was, amid uproar and rancor, ultimately decided by the Supreme Court. But what really caused those thousands of votes to be invalidated? Determined to find out, Singular dug deep — and uncovered shocking s... more

  • The Sweetest Bird

    by Craig Cantelmo
    The sweetest bird takes a behind the scenes look at the lovable, soft spoken stork as he delivers all types of babies with compassion and love. Follow this sweet hearted bird on his journey as he will stop at nothing to deliver the next bundle of joy.