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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • LEADER of The Pack Walking

    by leader ofthepack
    Dogs do not want to stay indoors for long and love to go on walks. Leader of the Pack offer dog walking services Oakville and Burlington for 30 or 40-minute walks and train your dog to walk with a leash
  • Would you say no?

    by Anthony A Roberts
    Would you say no? Hannah Latham, a qualified English nurse needs a new challenge. Her upbringing in the Cheshire County set had been privileged. In social and monetary terms that lifestyle built a desire to keep a distance from lesser mortals, and that at the present includes guys. If truth be told that idealism is beginning to suck. Hannah is having difficulties relaxing in a one to one relationship and has the hots for her flatmate, a girl. The offer of employment is to manage an Island C... more
  • Never Tempt Fate

    by Anthony A Roberts
    A satanic empress skilled in the art of debauchery is never quite the lady. A colourful array of challenges affects our lives. The chameleon blends into these surrounding and his skills are the very devil. This is not be quite a battle of the sexes more a merry go round down the fringes of the darker side. Is this about love or money? Will Nick have his cake and eat it? This story is about responsibility and the fickle hand of fate. If you expect Saints in this storyline there are none. So... more
  • Across the Mekong River

    by Elaine Russell
    In a California courtroom, seventeen-year-old Nou Lee reels with what she is about to do. What she must do to survive. She reflects on the splintered path that led to this moment, beginning twelve years ago in 1978, when her Hmong family escaped from Laos after the Communist takeover. The story follows the Lees from a squalid refugee camp in Thailand to a new life in Minnesota and eventually California. Family members struggle to survive in a strange foreign land, haunted by the scars of war and... more
  • Neither Death nor Life

    by Shel Eugene Cox
    Following the death of her father due to a mysterious illness contracted while serving in Afghanistan, Aubrie, a strong-willed, independent teenager, struggles with the faith of her upbringing. Acting as a pillar for her severely at-risk, pregnant mother, while facing continuous harassment by her liberal high-school humanities teacher, Aubrie wrestles with the voices of faith inside her, while she and her naïve best friend, Chloe, a ministers daughter, try to navigate through a culture of unbeli... more
  • The Tantra Connection: Healing Through Cosmic Interface

    by Monika Müller
    It’s love that can heal us and our planet, not just “making love”. Love comes from the heart and has millions of ways to get expressed – and knowing how to perceive the flow of energy in your own body makes it possible to intertwine it with the energy of your lover. Finding spirit-mind-body unification is the basis for the experience of unity with another. Otherwise, a relationship is prone to be based on the dependency-vulnerability coming from our childhood. Mingling energy with your partner, ... more
  • 978-1-7750209-0-5

    by Nora Ryell
    Distant Hills is the first in a series of historical novels featuring brainy and feisty women. The novel begins in England in 1734. My heroine, Kate Hardy longs for adventure and escape from the small town she lives in. She thinks her life is dull but she is unaware that malign forces are at work to destroy her life.Convicted of a murder she did not commit, she is exiled to the exotic island of Jamaica as a prisoner. She believes her life is over but it is just about to begin. She is rescued fro... more
  • The Era of Lanterns and Bells

    by Ann Tinkham
    In The Era of Lanterns and Bells, a lighthouse is haunted by the memory of lighthouse keepers, a train operator is forever changed by a subway suicide, a journalist befriends a homeless virtuoso, an orca trainer believes she's a whale, an aerialist runs away from the circus, and a Golden Gate Bridge jumper saves lives with fortune cookies. An obese woman is rescued from being a shut-in, a woman discovers that her favorite childhood pond is polluted and cancer-causing, a woman falls in love with ... more
  • In the Company of Like-Minded Women

    by Elaine Russell
    In the Company of Like-Minded Women explores the bonds between sisters and family at the start of the 20th century, when women struggled to determine their future and the “New Woman” demanded an equal voice. In June 1901, three sisters reunite in Denver, Colorado, after a rift many years before. Each sister faces important decisions regarding love, work, and the strength of her convictions. The women’s rights movement and Denver’s progressive leaders provide the backdrop. A number of famous and ... more
  • Royally Courted

    by Cynthia Perdue-Nolan
    France, 1640. In a French coastal village during the Thirty Years War, Altheia de Savoir waits for her Scottish sailor love, Matthew, to return from the sea. But when marauders descend upon her village, Altheia barely escapes with her life. Matthew rescues her and takes her to Ireland, where she will be safe with his family. Though Matthew wishes to officially wed his lady love, he must honor his military obligations and return to Scotland. Then the unthinkable happens. Matthew is captured and l... more
  • Shrapnel

    by Jessica Shook
    Shrapnel hits all of our lives. What the wounds teach us make the scars worthwhile. Two women form an unlikely bond through the parallels they face: the cold beds they no longer share with their husbands, the facades they construct, and the tragedies rising around them. Elle Holloway's husband has walked out on her and left her to divvy up emotions like property in a divorce. Jocelyn Turner is an army wife and mother, barely surviving when she receives tragic news that her husband has be... more
  • The Real Truth

    by Gregg Maxwell Parker

    Derek Severs is a popular talk radio host beloved by millions for his fiery opinions and unflinching moral judgments. When a scandal threatens to bring down everything he’s built for himself, a past he’s tried to forget returns, bringing with it the biggest regrets of his life.

    Then Derek is visited by a series of cranky ghosts from throughout history. If you think you know where it’s going from there, you’re wrong. Repeatedly thrust through time and space at nig... more

  • My Guardian, My Angel

    by Brandy M. Jensen

    An old King sits to write the story of a girl and a Guardian. The sun rises and sets just beyond the Adelza mountains where Alyson Escher lives her simple life on her family's farm. For all of her seventeen years, she dreamed of adventure and of more than her destiny as a wife, a mother, and a farmer. But she never expected her life to change so drastically when a coup for the crown of Hilder endangers her family. When she is rescued by a mysterious stranger called the Guardian, she disco... more

  • Barry Bear's Very Best, Learning to Say No to Negative Influences

    by Florenza Lee
    Barry is a very kind and considerate bear. He is known at home, school, and in his neighborhood as being helpful and thoughtful. New bears move in who are neither kind nor considerate; they bully Barry but Barry continues to do his very best. It is only when the bears attempt to pressure Barry to take drugs and drink alcohol does Barry involve his mom. Barry combines an anti-bullying message with DARE's just say no campaign and gives children usable tools they may use to continue to be their ver... more
  • The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog, A Children's Book on Mindfulness

    by Florenza Lee
    The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog, A Children's Book on Mindfulness is a book about a little puppy named Max. Max's tail is oftentimes hurt, no matter what he does, something happens to cause him pain. This pain is due to no fault of his own. However, believing his tail to be the source of his pain, he sets out to catch it and tie it in a knot. It is only when Max is asked why he runs in circles in the first place that he takes ownership of his actions and calls it a habit. Max's habit of running... more
  • Oh My Goodness, Look at this Big Mess

    by Florenza Lee
    “Oh My Goodness, Look at this Big Mess!” A Book on Obedience Based on Matthew 21: 28 - 32 This wonderful book, illustrated by Ray Johnson is based on The Parable of the Two Sons, found in Matthew 21: 28-32. It features twin brothers, Will and Willis. The brothers look, walk, and talk alike. They do everything together except, one always does as he says and the other does not. When asked to complete certain tasks, one brother states he will and the other states he will not; only one is bein... more