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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Snapped

    by Jacci Turner
    Ari Wren has a great life: Two best friends and a family she loves. Cade Waters is by far the most popular guy at Sierra High School. Why then has he suddenly noticed Ari, a freshman nobody? Her friends are surprised by his attention and more than a little jealous. As Ari finds herself falling for Cade, his requests become more intimate and personal. Ari feels confused and unsure about what to do. Follow Ari as she navigates budding romance, tough decisions, betrayal, and a trip to an island in ... more
  • Complimentary Tales

    by David T. Straw

    Follow a deck of playing cards from an Eastern Airlines flight in the 80's, to where they are today.

    The story that takes readers back through time, the characters and settings take a back seat in coach to the free deck of playing cards given to a young boy while flying to visit family. The cards will bind the characters and their unique stories in connections and hidden meanings, and in a way, bringing the cards to life. At times, the suits will be dealt on different continents, sh... more

  • Ashes of the Enslaved

    by Abdul Sami
    Dealing with loss, pain, war, and suffering, the author of the highly rated book “Pseudo Man” is back again with a new version of spectacles, allowing you to view the world through his eyes. Following is a collection of poems that will reignite the wounds buried by the sands of time. Proceed with caution.
  • Some Good Hearts Still .......

    by Clive Dev
    The Life of a person may not be the way it seems to us. The image on the other side of the coin is always different. Rosa saw the other side of the life Of Charlie. Without realizing it herself; she over time, led him gently to his other side. Some good hearts still ..........
  • A Crying in the Wind

    by Elizabeth Fleetwood
    This epic and sweeping 200-year saga of an ancient island and its violent transformation from Eden-like paradise to the tourist-destination Tasmania of today, is told through the lives of four families. The Aboriginal child Tom, stolen in 1812 and forced into early adulthood with no family, no identity, and no love; the hard working Scottish Fairfield family who leave all that is familiar to establish themselves in an alien place; the convict George Turner whose gentleness and conscience are... more
  • Time Passing

    by Terence Goodchild
    Synopsis TIME PASSING The story is set in England, America, and Korea Kevin Connor and his family are caught up in world war two their father is in North Africa fighting the Germans so the family has to cope living from day to day in war torn Britain. Lucy Kevin’s sister meets and American airman Danny to the disapproval of her mother, but she warms to the young man after meeting him. Danny gets shot down over the pacific when the Japanese bomb pearl harbour and once again the world is at war ... more
  • Passing Lincoln

    by Michael S. Rogers
    When her great-grandson returns the five-dollar bill with her note that he can trust God, Dolores is ready to give up hope. She wants to believe God can reach him, but she doesn’t know how to help. Desperately, she puts her gift in the offering plate on Sunday morning and prays, “God, if you’re really there, you can use my money to save one of those kids. I don’t want to be selfish. It doesn’t have to be my Little Chet. Whoever it is, God, I pray you use my gift to help them see Jesus.” From wal... more
  • The Essence of Shade

    by Deborah Jean Miller
    Shade believes her prayers are answered when she meets a Christian man who offers her marriage and a name for her newborn child. But when her husband suddenly dies years later, she uncovers secrets from his past—secrets so profound they derail the lives of both her and her daughter. Seeking to rebuild her life and independence, Shade moves to a small Michigan beach town and falls in love. The relationship, however, can never be. Her internal struggle to honor her vow to God, while denying her o... more
  • The Interlocutor's Tale

    by Paul Kaufman
  • Frannie, Book One: 1987-1990, 2009-2010

    by Curt Buckley

    Part love story, part coming-of-age story, part mystery, part thriller. The Frannie Trilogy is funny and sad and erotic and smart, just like the extraordinary people whose lives it chronicles.

    The Frannie Trilogy tells the sprawling saga of John Graham and Frannie O’Brian, two American expatriates. Beginning in 1987 when they meet in a London pub, John and Frannie live through thirty years of love, loss, murder, terrorism and madness, encountering extraordinary friends and en... more

  • The Legacy of Tallow Manor

    by Terence Goodchild
    One fateful day, the second meeting of Benjamin and Elizabeth , was to change their lives forever. As teenagers, they could not know how their friendship could dictate the course of both their lives. We follow the lives of Elizabeth, of Tallow Manor, and Benjamin, a farrier's son, as the twists and turns of fate and the meddling of family pull and push them through life. Will they ever meet again? This epic tale will take you to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Greece and home to England.
  • Ladies of Gothic Horror (A Collection of Classic Stories)

    by Mitzi Szereto
    Classic gothic horror stories from the literary mistresses of the past! Many of gothic horror’s spookiest tales have come from the pens of women. Yet a substantial number of these women were overshadowed by their male contemporaries, especially with regard to the classics. Ladies of Gothic Horror (A Collection of Classic Stories) redresses this imbalance by bringing together a selection of gothic stories from the past written exclusively by women. Carefully edited and compiled by author and a... more

    by Brett Sody
  • A Vulture Came to Town

    by Bdice
    When Vulture arrives in town, the feathers start flying... and not just because he's molting. The other animals think he's weird. He thinks they're even weirder. Claws are unfurled. Teeth are bared. Then their anger at Vulture turns toward each other. Suddenly everyone is mad that Wolf eats meat, Donkey is loud, and that Duck makes a muck. If only a brave voice in the crowd could turn this zoo back into a village and help them to see the beauty in being different.
  • Until The Darkness Goes

    by Renee Ebert
    Molly Morris is a 42-year-old, headstrong Jewish New Yorker who has had it with her family's conventional middle-class values. She flees to Long Beach, California to begin a vibrant new life far from her critical mother. There, she finds love with Javier, an attractive Mexican auto mechanic who invites her into his life, his culture and his close-knit family. Life is good...very good...until tragedy strikes and Molly's grief and self-recrimination plunge her into depression and drug addiction. B... more