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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Blame

    by Tony Holtzman
    Jason Pearce, a young geneticist, loses NIH support when his basic research falters. Though he and his attractive wife Audrey, legal counsel to Pearce’s university, disdain private, corporation support, he accepts an offer from a venture capital firm to take his research in a new direction: gene therapy to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. As the research succeeds, Pearce’s disdain for private support diminishes—it enables him to buy a Lamborghini and build a new house in the country. Audrey become... more
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: A Billy Bob Joe Block Adventure

    by Eldon N. Spady

    Billy Bob Joe Block, the basis of 'Gators, Goons & Guns on the Bayou is at it again. Along with assorted cousins and associates, they're pursuing their animal-control/security-consulting/reality-show production businesses in Louisiana bayous. In the process, they seemingly just accidentally, encounter many exciting, often deadly, and nearly always hilarious run-in with mob family and drug cartel operations and assassins.

    Add to this the bumbling interference from do-gooders who ... more

  • Nicole's New Friend

    by Dawn Brotherton
    Has Nicole found a nasty enemy…or a new friend? Nicole loves every moment she spends playing softball with her friends on the Lady Tigers fastpitch softball team. When her coach introduces a new girl, Nicole tries her best to welcome her onto the Lady Tigers. But Diana doesn’t seem interested in being friendly—or even polite. Nicole realizes that the team is infected with drama and negativity and Nicole finds herself dreading the practices she once loved. What will bring the team back together... more
  • This is Not a Test

    by Liv Wigen Carswell
    Sixteen year old Beth was ignorantly happy. That changed over spring break of her grade eleven year. Her mother kills herself, her boyfriend of over a year becomes abusive and she finds herself falling in love with a boy she just met. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is; add a dead mom to the mix, plus a younger sister to take care of and it becomes a living hell.
  • 9781535583206

    by Jim Reardon
  • Noble Chaos

    by Brent Green

    RYAN STERLING is a nineteen-year-old college junior traversing a moral switchback in 1969 and 1970.

    He protests the Vietnam War while weighing patriotic implications. He loses passion for education while remaining on the Dean’s List. He defies authority while conforming to group pressure. He experiments with drugs while resisting dependency. And still he devours philosophy and psychology to find meaning in his raging confusion.

    But conflict is the price of his search for und... more

  • WARRIOR: The Life and Lessons of A Man Who Beat Cancer for 57 Years

    by Brent Green

    A warrior who fought for life

    Perhaps a teacher cared enough about you to sound an alarm. Or a caring friend. Or maybe a medical professional urged you to drop a bad habit and live healthier. And then you changed.

    For Brent Green that life-change agent was Mark Crooks, a doctoral student in exercise physiology. After just one run with him through a city park, Brent cast off a seven-year cigarette habit and reoriented his thinking to wellness.

    In ho... more

  • Starting Over in a New Country

    by Elzbieta Dudkowska
    After arriving in Chicago in 1988, Polish immigrants, Yoanna and Michal undertake many challenges in their adopted country - looking for jobs, finding an apartment, learning the language, wrestling with illness, and meeting educational goals. Along the way, they find friends, life lessons and assimilate into American society, while never turning their back on their Polish heritage. Yoanna's most discovery, "To succeed, our fate is in our hands."
  • The Very First Christmas Stocking and the Gifts of the Seven Coins

    by Terry Paul Lafargue

    THE VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS STOCKING and The Gifts of the Seven Coins

                                 The Never Before Told Nativity Story

    It is a new and creative holiday story whose roots are nestled sweetly in tradition. Author Terry Paul LaFargue captures the warmth of the original Christmas story with a modern twist the whole family can enjoy. ... more

  • The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age

    by E. Thomas Behr
    At 55, Henry Doyle has it all: wealth, happiness, a strong, loving wife, a young son, and most important, his life − after a violently successful, 35-year career as a spy, soldier of fortune, and as needed, paid assassin. To the men he’s led in battle against Napoleon, he is El Habibka, the legendary Bedouin cavalry general. To the French who hate and fear him, he is more ominous: a shadow − a Sufi ghost – le wraith qui disparaît. When Napoleon escapes captivity on Elba in 1815 to return as Emp... more
  • roses the chase

    by daniel bogogolela
  • If We Had No Winter (Billie Dixon #1)

    by D. L. Pitchford

    Does a father who abandoned his family deserve a second chance? Can an unwanted daughter restore her faith in men? Or has Billie already sabotaged her chance at first love?

    After her parents' divorce, introverted Billie Dixon buries herself in her studies. Her plan? To stay out of sight, out of mind, and out of trouble. But that plan fails when she starts at Bradford College.

    While hopeful to renew her relationship with her estranged father, she stru... more

  • Murder Undone

    by Robin Storey
    For 20 years, wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy has borne the guilt of murdering her first husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress. When Eva is offered the opportunity to travel back in time, and undo her crime as penance, she accepts – what does she have to lose? Back in her old life with Charlie, her passion for him surpassed only by her torment at his infidelity, she is more determined than ever to prevent him from leaving her. But her plan plunges her into a world ... more
  • Mary's Song (Dream Horse Adventures Book 1)

    by Susan Count
    A girl and a foal share one thing. They are both lame. One cannot survive without the other. Love, friendship and adversity all sweetly wrapped up in the tale of a horse. A compelling, well-developed plot that will charm and engage your young reader.
  • Girl with Broken Umbrella

    by Davor Banovic
    Davor Banovic’s debut story collection Girl with a Broken Umbrella depicts events, which appear to be random at first, in the lives of a few people who are connected in several ways. Most of them are deeply involved into to the world of art, literature, philosophy, or religion. Nevertheless, with the exception of a few short dialogs, the narrative isn’t loaded with theory of any kind and it is extremely readable. By hiding and revealing plot details, the author creates a kind of ontological susp... more
  • That Woman: Beating the Odds in Colonial New York

    by Wayne Clark
    A young woman takes on the brutal merchant king of New York's East River waterfront—and wins. Illness suddenly deprives 17-year-old Sarah Da Silva and her older brother Jacob of a mother. Before Sarah has come to terms with that loss, her merchant father grows frail and increasingly desperate in the face of impending bankruptcy. On the rainy night their father scours the docks of Bordeaux, France, to make his final bid to save his family, his children are kidnapped and forced onto a ship boun... more