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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Woman's Prerogative

    by Steven C Brandt
    A Woman's Prerogative, Steven C. Brandt’s new novel, provides an engaging, current-day story of the head vs heart challenge people face as the number of single, career women and men increase. In Prerogative, wealthy Greta Sadler, 32, returns home to Reno after 10 adventurous years on the east coast and, against her iconic father’s wishes, discovers love with Alex Mackenzie, 34, an ambitious, hi-tech geologist and professor at the University of Nevada-Reno. Greta and Alex each feel a need to prov... more
  • Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic!

    by Sharon Chappell

    What happens when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer? In this inspiring story written by a breast cancer survivor, The Little Green Monster helps Marie and her family survive and thrive through her mother's treatment. The book includes cancer and feelings vocabulary, as well as family cancer resources and activities. The book explores the questions like: what can you expect while the loved one goes through treatment? While science does its work, what can love and everyday magic do ... more

  • Elves Up North - A Family for Castor

    by Lori Walters
    The "Elves Up North - A Family for Castor" - NEW PICTURE VERSION - where the readers are part of the story! Come meet a magical wizard named"The Maestro" and help save Christmas this season for Santa Claus: - Soar through the clouds - Bounce along with your new friend, Misty the mouse - Meet the "Elves of Table 12" - Discover why Castor the Elf is feeling down this year - Search for all the "blue" presents he has wrapped to save Christmas - Help him find a family and learn that som... more
  • The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair - The Girl with Curl

    by Chris Garcia-Halenar

    The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair – The Girl with Curl was inspired by our beautiful niece Vivian – our very own Little Miss Crazy Hair.  The book chronicles a week in the life of Little Miss Crazy Hair who along with her best friend, her dog Duke, escape on wild and wonderful daily adventures resulting from the decision of how she will wear her wonderful, curly hair. She serves tea as a Princess.  She refines her poise and grace as a Pr... more

  • tour packages

    by jesly jose
    All of us are really exited to hear the word tour. Obviously , going out for a tour is a pleasant experience for all the people regardless of age . All of us wises to spend some quality time with our friends and relatives. Touring also have many advantages. It helps in filling our mind with happy and pleasant feelings. Touring to new places helps in understanding about the trends and cultures of the region. Touring with friends and relatives can be thought as a wonderful medicine to get recover... more
  • All the Colors

    by Kay Hartford
    Everything in Claire Chandler’s life has changed except her hairdo. She lost her brilliant husband to opioids and her fulfilling career to office politics. She’s starting over in a senior mobile home park in the Sun Belt. But what comes after The End?
  • The Enchanted Sonata

    by Heather Dixon Wallwork

    "The Enchanted Sonata," a retelling of The Nutcracker Ballet with a dash of The Pied Piper, will captivate readers of all ages.

    Clara Stahlbaum has her future perfectly planned: marry the handsome pianist, Johann Kahler (ah!), and settle down to a life full of music. But all that changes on Christmas Eve, when Clara receives a mysterious and magical nutcracker.Whisked away to his world--an enchanted empire of beautiful palaces, fickle fairies, enormous rats, and a prince--Clar... more

  • Downfall

    by Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy
    Downfall is multinational because its setting is the world. Downfall is not just another fictitious ordinary novel, it is mostly a virtual reality novel based on documented political events that happened in our time. The book is highly romantic, political, social, and religious. Downfall is a scream rebelling against injustice. The torn Middle East shouts for peace. Downfall deals with the arrogance of power now trying to control the world without resorting to international legitimateness. Downf... more
  • Spanish Tale

    by Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy
    The novel, "Spanish Tale" talks about the scientific achievements of the Muslims in Spain thus paving the way to the age of the Renaissance. This tremendous historical achievement was narrated through a strong drama carrying within hatred and ardent love between a strong Arabian king ruling over most of the Spanish provinces and a Spanish queen ruling over a small dominion.
  • The Wanted Lawman: (Western Reader's Edition)

    by A.C. Smith
    Deputy Jesse Morgan has a dark past and will do almost anything to keep his secrets safe—especially from his fellow lawmen. After all, he’s a wanted man. But when he's tasked with helping the sheriff's sister in law, Cecilia Drake, move to town, the simple task becomes more than he bargained for. The feisty reporter captivates his attention but leaves him feeling betrayed when he discovers his picture published in the local paper—with his name. Jesse fears it will bring the wrath of the law, ... more
  • Devil of Gilding

    by December Knight
    Despite their troubled past, the Blake family have found their own kind of perfect. James, a nobleman, and his less than reputable brother Clemit discovered something to live for in James's son, Toby. When jealousy enters their lives in the form of a new personality, all hell breaks loose. In a single instant, all of their lives change for the worst. A new greedier villain enters their world wrapping tightly around the one thing that kept everything together, Toby. Toby is forced to fight for... more
  • Always Gardenia

    by Betsy Hanson
    In present-day Seattle, 56-year-old Gardenia Pitkin is adjusting to life after the death, two years previously, of her beloved husband Torre. As pieces of her life come together, she is confounded by the surprises that surface -- a handsome engineer is determined to court her, she enjoys a growing friendship with her charming if eccentric boss, and she is convinced that her daughter-in-law is being unfaithful -should she tell her son? ALWAYS GARDENIA combines laugh-out-loud moments -- in homage ... more
  • Chasing the Blue Sky

    by Will Lowrey
    Behind every pair of eyes that view this world through a tapestry of worn fences and shadowy, concrete kennels lives a rich and vibrant story. This is one. In the oppressive heat of a Clay County summer, a chained dog gives birth to a spirited, black puppy named Toby. Taken from his mother’s side at just a few weeks old, Toby soon discovers the love of an adoring family. But just as quickly, he finds himself fighting to survive in the unforgiving world of the county animal shelter. But ... more
  • The Raider

    by Suzanne Werkema
    Sixth-grader Micah Harrington Hess is fed up. The kids in middle school stare straight through him. Despite his natural friendliness and elementary-school successes, he’s invisible now. When he discovers that his ancestor Micah Harrington fought and raided with Jessup’s Loyal Rangers during the U.S. Revolution, Micah decides to imitate his risk-taking ancestor—to raid the unjust and help the helpless. Micah is ill-informed about the Revolution, but he’s positive no one ignores raiders. His mom s... more
  • All That We Ever Knew: The Reconciliation of God and Science

    by Jeffrey (J.F.) Krizan

    Pete Holzfaller was in middle school when the mailman delivered the weekly copy of Time magazine to his family living in rural Maine, an ordinary circumstance. However, the copy stuffed in their mailbox on April 12, 1966 was different! That cover was chilling for some of the kids; ominous bold black letters on a threatening red background asking, no proclaiming, what some elite spiritual reformists were already writing books about; “Is God Dead?” That cover image was burned into y... more

  • The Mealtime Monster

    by Jessica Williams
    When Iris Rose is faced with a plate of vegetables at supper time, she just can't take it anymore! She closes her eyes and wishes with all her heart for a creature to come and eat her meals for her. What will happen to Iris when she gets her wish?