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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Help Me Hide This Giraffe!

    by Brian Donnelly
    If a giraffe showed up at your door and you had to hide her what would you do?? A brother and sister explore all the outrageous possibilities in this imaginative and hilarious rhyming tale by award winning author Brian Donnelly.
  • Bethlehem Barn

    by Debra Westgate-Silva
    Ancient legends tell us that for one hour on Christmas Eve, animals are given the gift of speech. If we could have heard the animals on that very first Christmas Eve, what do you think they would have said? From the discovery of something in Cow's hay, to the realization of what--or who-- it is, Bethlehem Barn is a light-hearted, fun retelling of that very first Christmas from the animals' point of view.
  • The Quarry Bank Runaways

    by G J Griffiths

    Would you like an adventure on another planet? This is just one of the questions Lara and her sister, Eva, must answer one sunny day in their garden. They wonder how will they return to Earth in time for lunch? And how will they get there when the aliens’ spaceship is so small? When it’s only big enough for ants!

    But their help is needed on the planet Zeegrazzalo-Jeewoppza so off they go – into the unknown. Their feelings of helplessness only start to fade a... more

  • Breaking Lucky

    by Bruce Mitchell
    Danny ‘Lucky’ Thornton cursed his middle name. Born in 1895, asthma almost killed him when he was four, but he survived to be among the first volunteer lifeguards on Sydney’s Coogee Beach. Danny’s sister Cath dreamed of becoming a doctor at a time when they told women to ‘know their place’. She didn’t listen, and broke through the walls of prejudice to graduate from Sydney University the only woman in her class. Danny came home from the war with a crippling wound and a shattered mind. Cath st... more
  • Wide Sky People

    by Bruce Mitchell
    Wide Sky People – Volume 1 of the Thornton Series Wide Sky People is the journey of the Thornton family from Ireland to Sydney, over the fabled Blue Mountains to the town of Orange in Central Western New South Wales. The story starts in the 1840’s when Mick and Cate Thornton and their two boys survive four months at sea to encounter false arrest, bushrangers, crooked cops, working the land and a devastating bushfire, to name just a few. Their sons Michael and John take us on a journey thr... more

    by Tina Shepardson
    Inspired by a true story, WALKOUT shows democracy in action as Maddie organizes a safe school’s anti-violence walkout. Other kids throughout the States are walking out. But Maddie’s principal has announced that only older grades can participate. At the same time, Maddie’s best friend Stella is too scared to help. Can Stella find her courage and join Maddie in walking out?
  • Father War

    by Thomas Doherty

         Young John Spenser sets out to follow in the footsteps of his missing father - duty, honor, country - only to discover decades later that coming face to face with a flesh and blood idol can have dreadful consequences -- for him, his idol, and the woman both men left behind.

  • Hula Girls

    by Eric B. Miller

    Claudia Wyler is a young navy wife living in Hawaii in 1941, striving to be the perfect helpmate to her ambitious husband. She believes devoutly in the dictates of “The Housewife’s Pledge” and embraces the gender roles, social mores, and cultural norms of pre-feminist America. She seeks guidance in The Newlywed Cookbook and Woman’s Home Companion, and finds solace for her failings in the weekly delivery of Life magazine.

    Spanning wartime Hawaii to mainland Americ... more

  • If Only

    by Matthew Tree
    In Saint James' Park, London, the police apprehend a young man who is carrying a bag full of high explosives in one hand and a collection of letters sent to his grandfather by the writer Malcolm Lowry in his inside pocket. In the course of the following interrogation, we discover the strange past and secret phobias of the detainee, and the emotional link between his actions and the Lowry letters. (The book's author really did have a grandfather to whom Lowry wrote on a regular basis).
  • Kraylos

    by Shaid Williamson
    Kraylos-Yellow Finds His Purpose is a whimsical story about a crayon that has lost his way in the world. Through the help of friends and self-reflection, Yellow comes to understand his purpose and place in the world, in the process finding the joy he sees in those around him. Every page features hand-drawn colored pencil art, telling a story about purpose and hope.
  • Walter

    by Sara Robinson
    Walter is a dog whose curiosity and bravery lead him to jump his backyard fence and leave the only world he’s ever known. He embarks upon an adventure that forces him to question his old life as he faces fear and uncertainty when taken to the dog pound. Walter is innocent and naïve but soon learns how challenging real life can be. His journey helps him trust and love again when his ancestral connection with humans is revived after meeting his forever family. This story will appeal to animal ad... more
  • A Storm in the Carolinas

    by W. Scott Jones

    The gems of wisdom learned from his cigarette smoking, liquor drinking, textile working father help guide Storm Sanderson in his quest to become a Baptist minister. Storm and his wife Cynthia are faced with the moral and social dilemmas of the Vietnam War and the racial unrest surrounding the integration of public schools and churches in the South. 

    Called to a rural church in South Carolina in 1970, the young pastor quickly finds out that his new congregation is a part of a commun... more

  • Stinky-Dog…Where In The World Are You?

    by Lynne Russell
    Stinky-Dog, a toy pug, has been left at home alone for safety. He’s lonely and invites his toy animal friends over to plan a holiday. They debate where to go each animal advocating for his own country of origin. We travel the globe with them in the stunning illustrations. Where will they go and what will they learn in the process? Fun, adventure, friendship and the road to true happiness awaits… Rhyming text and full colour illustrations make learning about the planet a joyful experience. Ag... more
  • Stinky-Dog…Where Are You?

    by Lynne Russell
    Stinky-Dog is a little toy pug who gets left behind in an amusement park one night. He has an adventure with his new found friends before he’s found again. Rhyming text and stunning full colour artwork make this book a fabulous bedtime story. Adults and children both relate to Stinky-Dog ‘s true tale of woe, adventure and friendship.
  • Black and Blue

    by Lee-Ann Khoh
    Jade wants to give up on life. Battling the darkness inside her and the expectations of her Malaysian Chinese mother, Jade retreats to her bedroom and talks to a fictional counsellor - Deanna Troi from Star Trek. When Jade meets Rory, a charismatic local musician, their budding new friendship promises to be the light at the end of the tunnel - but will Jade get what she needs? Black and Blue is a contemporary coming-of-age story about mental health, the power of music and trying to find... more
  • Cenforce 100 mg

    by Nina Grace
    What is Cenforce 100 mg tablet? Sildenafil citrate is seen as a blue pill, sildenafil citrate is used to treat the physical weakness of men. This pill helps in the circulation of blood from the penile. So that the man becomes stiff and it helps to maintain the lifting for a long time. For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, this drug is like a miracle. Sex is a sexual process that is expected of everyone and is non-existent. This medicine is like magic for anyone suffering from ed. Thes... more