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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Blue Valentine

    by Thomas Cummings
    Nicki Valentine's life is wearing thin under the drag of her unchosen role as the bad girl, the slut, and the endless psychodrama of a small Oregon town. Then at an after-hours party in a house on the rich side of town, an old acquaintance has walked out of the darkness, dragging the past with him. The meeting is no chance affair, and it can only mean that someone is gunning for Nicki, someone who's used to getting what he wants and who has the means to take it, whatever the cost. In a town whe... more
  • The Great Pillow Sham: An allegory of the Donald Trump presidency

    by Travis Dunn
    The Great Pillow Sham is a read-aloud children's picture book that portrays an allegory of the current U.S. presidency. A pompous pillow is elected to resolve a family's bed head problems. His glorious promises enamor the family. Unfortunately, they ignore an ominous warning tag attached to his back. Is this pillow all he's stuffed up to be? Or, is he just a sham?
  • The Art of Being Remmy

    by Mary Zisk
    It’s 1965. In this funny, illustrated, coming-of-age novel, when mid-sixties attitudes kept girls in their place, 12-year-old Remmy questions what is fair and challenges rules that restrict her. She fights to be an artist in spite of Dad’s objections, a goofball boy rival, and the danger of losing her best friend to a rat fink.
  • Building Heaven

    by Andrew Osborne
    BUILDING HEAVEN is an existential thriller about atheism, blind faith, death, and one agnostic’s perilous journey through the afterlife. In the Cedars-Sinai coma ward, a law professor named Pete Herlinger miraculously regains consciousness five years after the car wreck that claimed his wife, child and parents. Grief-stricken, Pete wishes to see his family again and winds up in a supernatural realm where the dead create their own reality. Guided by the soul of his father (who, free of... more
  • Viking Warlord: A Saga of Thorkell the Great

    by David K Mullaly
    Thorkell inn ha′vi is a rarity during the late Viking Period. He is an old Dane who has survived many raids and two invasions, and he has lived to tell about battlefield triumphs, family dishonor, the defiance of a king, personal banishment, and being named regent of a country--twice. His only remaining desire is for his name and deeds to live on in the sagas of the Norse people, so he will share his story with his family and a famous story-teller. Then he wants to die with a sword in his hand. ... more
  • After The Benediction (After The Storm Publishing Presents)

    by Sherabim Joy
    After the Benediction will take you on an extraordinary journey… Evangelist Jacey Joyner is loved and admired by as many people who envy her. To the untrained eye, she appears to have it all together; a beautiful family, a thriving ministry, and people to fawn over her. However, after the benediction; she struggles immensely with her own reality, to the point that she is haunted by a suicidal presence. Her refusal to forgive her father, former Bishop Jason Loftin, for his thoughtless and scandal... more
  • The Handy Helpers

    by Rosemary Morgan Heddens
    The Handy Helpers are excited about going to summer camp?that is, everyone except Beth Anne. Her parents want her to go to a free camp for children with disabilities. Beth Anne begs them to let her go to camp with her friends. Finally, her parents admit they don?t have enough money to pay the camp fees. With help from some of the seniors, the Handy Helpers are able to raise the money Beth Anne needs. So why has Beth Anne suddenly changed her mind and wants to go to the special camp after all? ?I... more
  • Passing Fancy: A Post-Postmodern Picaresque

    by Scott A. Feero

        Craig Plumber, once a world renowned sculptor known as DeBris, is unable to enter his studio without being seized by debilitating fits of anger and agitation. Nina Brown, once a serious student known to family and friends as Fancy, woke up one day unable to bear the sound of her given name being spoken. Craig, now running a remodeling business in NYC, is undone by dark resonances from a buried past when, Nina, his client’s alluring, yet callow nanny, arrives from Seattle f... more

  • Alma's Colors: A Novel Inspired by True Events

    by Maria McShea
    It is the 1950's and eight-year-old Alma is no stranger to struggles. While growing up in a one-bedroom house in Argentina, Alma discovers there are two things she knows for sure, she will not be poor, and one day something extraordinary will happen to her. What she does not know is that just four years later, she will be on her way to America as an immigrant
  • Lil' Sass and The Adventure of Anger: Lil' Sass Explores her Emotions and Learns that it's OK to Express Anger (The Adventures o

    by Christie Mann
    Lil' Sass helps children explore, understand and learn to express their emotions in a healthy way. This emotional wellness children's book series and accessories (plus FREE resources online) are on a mission for kids and adults to have a healthier, more responsible and resilient relationship with their emotions. Lil' Sass and the Adventure of Anger, part of The Adventures of Lil' Sass children's emotional wellness book series and accessories, allows readers to join Lil' Sass as she discove... more
  • Lil' Sass and the Adventure of Sadness: Lil' Sass Explores Her Emotions and Learns That It's Ok to Express Sadness

    by Christie Mann
    Lil' Sass and the Adventure of Sadness, part of The Adventures of Lil' Sass children's emotional wellness book series and accessories, allows readers to join Lil' Sass as she discovers that it's OK to express sadness. In this book, Lil' Sass, a spunky and independent 10-year-old, is sad when her dad moves away. She struggles with understanding how to express what she's feeling. Mrs. Moo, a family friend, gives her advice on how to deal with her sadness, and Sass feels much better.
  • Christmas Eve on the Underground Railroad

    by Michael Easterling
    Christmas, it has been said, is many things to many people. In these seven stories the meaning of Christmas is as varied as the time and circumstances in which they take place. A young Quaker recalls Christmas as a time when he received the courage to shelter fugitives. A Dutch fisherman is driven to despair by his own compulsive gift giving. An Amish housewife seeks resolution for a life haunted by the image of a Christmas tree. Of course, Christmas is foremost a celebration of the birth of Chr... more
  • The Question of Lahash

    by Nicole Mayor

    "You have chosen to be this," she gestured in his direction at nothing in particular, "and you can choose to be different. I want to see if it's possible."

    Life is as much about choices as it is the cards we are dealt, if not more so. In The Question of Lahash, Nicole Mayor uses Kate, a celebrity magazine writer, to propose an unplanned social experiment of sorts to a wickedly dark rock star named Lahash, who has risen to fame be taking on a demon persona.... more

  • Electro: a small Texas town

    by David Lisenby
    A group of individuals deal with the aftermath of an emp and take their own journey to fine one another ... and themselves.
  • Willow Oak

    by K.M. del Mara
    The willow knows what the oak does not. The story of Willow Oak begins on the eve of the American Revolution and concerns two young girls, sisters in a New York city family who are loyal to the British crown. As war threatens, their father decides the family must flee to Montreal. This does not sit well with his daughters, who have no experience with the dangers of war. They depart for Canada anyway, sailing up the Hudson River and befriending along the way a free-born black boy who is an ... more
  • Freefall: A Divine Comedy

    by Lily Iona MacKenzie
    Freefall: A Divine Comedy features Tillie Bloom, a wacky installation artist, who travels to Venice for an extended reunion with three former friends, women she hung out with in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. She also plans to crash the Biennale, an art extravaganza scheduled every other year. Each woman’s life has taken a different direction. Tillie and Daddy have both moved to the States from Canada, where Tillie has given herself over to art. Daddy—once a heterosexual radical feminist/hipp... more