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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Demons & Thieves

    by Brae Wyckoff
    A thief in search of his destiny. A man in search of his son. The Messiah fated to meet them both. Demons & Thieves is a fast-paced, riveting tale of demonic powers that bring destruction, of unconditional love that brings restoration, and of man’s ultimate choice toward one or the other. In this brilliantly crafted historical novel, master storyteller, Brae Wyckoff, weaves together the account of the two thieves on the cross and the Gerasene demoniacs in an action-packed, epic adven... more
  • A Travel in Time to Grand Pré

    by Michele Doucette
    A Travel in Time to Grand Pré is a historically informative adventure, tying the history of the descendants of Yeshua to modern day Nova Scotia. Madeleine Sinclair feels disconnected with the era of her birth, yet aware of herself in another time period. Traveling back to 1754, she comes to learn, live and experience the lives of the French Acadian people, meeting Michel LeBlanc. Through the loving guidance of fellow time traveler, Madame Pêche, she comes to understand the predetermined course o... more
  • Riley the Brave

    by Jess Sinarski
    Riley Bear is on the adventure of a lifetime as he learns to be brave like a cub. He has always been courageous and clever, but his journey with some safe big critters might just unlock his guarded heart in new ways. This super-cool cub is ready to rise to the challenge! Includes informative afterword for adults.
  • Hush, My Inner Sleuth

    by M.E. Meegs
    In the fall of 1947, the pulp-inflected ghost of Skip Ryker—a recently atomized Hollywood detective—hijacks the head of a literarily precocious young woman named Willie Tigue. The results are anything but predictable. The serpentine saga opens at a New England women’s college, where the ever-playful Betty escapes a meddlesome narrator by slipping her friend Willie a mickey and assuming her identity. Undaunted, the plucky storyteller adopts Willie as her new protagonist and travels with her to... more
  • Tales From My Back Porch

    by Darrell Case
    n the evening, the back porch of the country home took on an aura of enchantment. As dusk settled and the lamp was lit, children wandered in from their play to sit on the floor or snuggle in their parents' laps. Glasses of iced tea were refilled and someone would settle back, look up at the stars and say, "I remember when..." Thus began one of many tales, often embellished with some distant imagining. Each one taught a lesson of life. Once they were tucked in bed, the children would drift off wi... more
  • Nobody should read it

    by Tina White
    nobody is together. everybody is alone.
  • Cambridge Street

    by Steven Decker
    Cambridge Street picks up the Tomaso saga on a sweet-smelling farm in Sicily. Tomas and Katerina have three boys: Paolo, Renzo, and Leonardo. On the verge of poverty and after getting caught up in a Mafia web of violence, the family decides to send their sons to America. It is a heart-breaking separation: each must say good bye to the people they love knowing they will likely never see them again. In America, at the dawning of the Roaring Twenties, the arrivals must adjust to life as unskille... more
  • Cinderskella

    by Amie Borst
    Middle school is scary. So are skeleton girls. To win at both, you’ve got to put some skin in the game. Cindy might appear to be your average twelve year old, but since her mother’s death she has a secret. Every night she turns into a boney, white skeleton. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Cindy’s dad is afraid of her. She has an evil stepmother who makes her do crazy chores, some of them with a toothbrush. And then there’s the werewolf who intends to make Cindy his midnight snack. The... more
  • Worthy

    by Judy Salz

    Dr. Jenny Gordon's life as a physician and mother should be satisfying, but something is missing, leaving her discontent. Dr. Mark Stewart's childhood was perfect, until an unexpected event nearly destroyed his life. Chaplain Joseph Waters' faith sustains him, but his relationship with God is unclear to him. The three are thrown together after an earthquake strikes the hospital where they work. Strong and lasting friendships form, as they struggle to overcome their early troubles.... more

  • The German Half-Bloods (The Half-Bloods Series Book 1)

    by Jana Petken
    Germany, September 1939. At the outbreak of War, Dieter Vogel and his family face catastrophic events and separation as each member embarks on their deadly paths towards survival, love, and freedom. Dieter Vogel, a German industrialist, believes in protecting his family at all costs, but in a bid to keep his English wife and children safe, he is plunged into a well of deceit that tears the family apart. Doctor Paul Vogel is coerced into working in the Nazi eugenics programme and soon disco... more
  • Danethrall

    by Gwendoline SK Terry

    Pillaging. Violence. That is what the Norsemen were infamous for, and when they invaded the Kingdom of the East Angles in autumn 865, that is exactly what they did. Aveline, an Anglo-Saxon child, is taken captive by Birger Bloody Sword and stolen away to Roskilde, Denmark, where she finds herself alone, abandoned by her God. 

    Five years have passed. Adopted by her captor, Aveline is an outsider to the Danes and perceived as a traitor by the Anglo-Saxon th... more

  • Stuck in the Onesies

    by Diana McDonough
    You’ll fall in love with Barb and Ellie, two Donna Reed era moms raising kids and husbands during the tumultuous 60’s in the suburbs of DC. It’s the story of relationships, and how they evolve along with the times without intentionally taking part in the bra-burning activities that swirl around them. Living near the nation's capital, Barb and Ellie get tangled up in the issues of the 1960s, civil rights, women's rights, and the anti Viet Nam war movement. You'll laugh, cry, and learn a litt... more
  • Don't Look at Me

    by J.P. Grider
    A severely disfigured newscaster and dishonorably discharged ex-soldier must adapt to life in their new roles in this reversed retelling of a Beauty and the Beast tale. Because it's about time the pretty boy falls in love with the ugly girl.
  • Lost Clown

    by J. S. Pan
    Genk, an orphan and a nobody, longed to be accepted by his fellow villagers but all he received were ridicule and accusations. An expedition to the mystic hill in search of the Teacher to learn magic might make his desire come true. Though plagued with obstacles, the journey turned into an unexpected meeting of a new friend, Tim. His first friend ever. New bonds were forged as Genk meets Tim's group.
  • Visions

    by Neil Stanners
    Leo Cassems is a renowned artist who has managed to secure his isolation by owning the only bit of land within a large, wild, mostly unvisited national park on the Australian coast. He has quietly lost his interest in art. He has women and friends but their visits are rare. He drinks too much. At the start of summer he is walking on the cliff tops of his domain when he notices a large hole in the middle of ‘his’ beach. In it he is amazed to find three children quietly lazing away their first day... more
  • The Magic Room: Das Magisch Raum

    by Neil Stanners
    Where do you hide in a dying city? Where some want revenge, some will never surrender, some are crazy, others are evil and then there are those who just want to survive. Is there a place that is safe? A place where they won’t find you? Who can you trust? Who will help? And when the time is right, can you escape? Adriane Gerst has run all the way into Berlin. It is April 1945 and the Russians are right behind. Dieter Falke has fought the Americans across half of Europe. He has had enough. Hauke K... more