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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Journey Home - A Cat's Tale

    This is a story based upon the actual life of a cat found abandoned in a dumpster, left to die, with his leg caught in a trap. Born in a small town on the coast of Maine, an unpretentious cat named 'Patches' encounters life changing experiences during his first two years. His siblings are given away, his father abandons him and his mother without explanation, and he's discarded by an uncaring owner and left homeless without food or shelter. As he wanders the streets to piece his life back toget... more
  • The Man Who Came to London

    by A S Cookson
    In 1948, the first set of Caribbean nationals arrived in Great Britain on a ship called “Empire Windrush”. They struggled to find housing. They worked as labourers. They faced open discrimination, forcing them to quickly form their own community. Decades later, Freddy makes the same journey. Does he find a place to live? Does he face stereotypes? Has Britain moved forward? In a road trip, which includes Sheffield, Birmingham and Cambridge, Freddy discovers the true British society. Rea... more
  • Inside the Mind of Martin Mueller

    by EA Luetkemeyer
    A DAZZLING DEBUT NOVEL, Inside The Mind of Martin Mueller tells the story of a man of wealth and taste whose mission in life is no less than to “reassemble the scattered shards of the shattered Over-soul of mankind.” He believes the penitentiary he’s an inmate of is in the basement of his country estate. Daily he discards the fine clothes of a retired billionaire and dons the blue denim of a prisoner and takes an elevator down to his cell where he toils obsessively at his masterpiece, a manuscri... more
  • Beware the Dither Bird

    “Beware the Dither Bird” is a provocative, contemporary novel about two friends—one attempting to save a forest and its wildlife from extinction—the other attempting to warn people about foreboding satellite radio messages of harmful national events yet to occur. Maxwell Draper, a physicist, receives time dilated radio messages from a satellite in deep space and is witness to perceived warnings about subversive transformations within the country. Nelson Quip, his friend from college da... more
  • Woman

    by V.P. Evans
    A book about women’s rights and women in general. Five stories, each of them tells a world through the eyes of another woman. Dissimilar places of the west and east, women so different. But regardless of color, race, ideas, beliefs, and faith, all of them have something in common—the strength in the blood that runs in their veins, driving them to fight against injustice and seeking to spread their love.
  • Clark is Scared of the Dark

    by Beatriz Rare
    This is a humorous story about a little dinosaur who has problems going to bed. Clark is always scared of the dark! With the help of his mom and a new friend, he will overcome his fear by going through a hilarious journey. He will discover that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. With cute illustrations and funny situations, this book is designed to entertain children and parents.
  • Quickfinger

    by Désirée Nordlund
    Police Detective Patricia Palmer works for a better World and trusts in everyone's equal value. When Celerina crosses her path, everything she believes in is rocked to its core. She knows her newfound friend is a pickpocket but is forced to arrest her as the prime suspect of a double homicide. For this, she is unprepared. Celerina's involvement appears to be obvious. Yet, their suspect does not behave as other killers. Palmer and her partner Detective Chaney decide to find the missing piec... more
  • I Am Marcus Fox

    by Bryon Cahill
  • HUNTER 5

    by Bernina M. Moore
    Hunter Killinger, an exceptional low-income housing elementary student is recruited by a specialized government agency to stop the global theft of vials containing contagious diseases, while trying to detach himself from an overprotective mother.
  • Souls of Viridian

    by ayin weaver
    A 15th century Italian child of a secretive healer, a young Parisian woman and her father at the dawn of revolutionary France, a lesbian artist living in 21st century America, a modern-age widower searching for answers after her husband's death, and an apparition from an other-worldly dimension become aware of each other through enchanting synchronicity--But what could they possibly have in common?
  • Karaoke Jane

    by BC Brown
    Sometimes getting to the top means starting at the bottom. Rock bottom. To Jane McCullough nothing said bottom like being homeless, jobless, and entering karaoke contests in order to eat. But when her husband of fourteen years abandons her, Jane finds herself caught up in the hurricane of her new life. Can gale force nights of bars, alcohol, and singing steady Jane enough to land her back on her feet? Or does she run the risk of losing herself trying to keep her eye on the horizon?
  • King Joey's Hope for Abby's Cure: An Adventure Story

    by Laura Alston
    The gentle story of King Joey’s Hope for Abby’s Cure is a personified friendly adventure. This 96-page, short chapter storybook teaches children about cancer in the simplest terminology. Abigail, known as Abby is a happy child with a very colorful imagination. She has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) but is not disheartened because of her illness. Abby’s battle with leukemia may have disabled her body to function properly at times; however, it has enabled her natural curios... more
  • A Lover's Secret

    by Howard Reiss
    When Azu finds her high school sweetheart, Michael . . . the one she was sure she would marry . . . 50 years later on Facebook and shortly thereafter he is found dead, Azu uses her journalistic skills to investigate what happened and in the process is shocked by his life, what he had become and accomplished, and what she didn’t know when they were teenagers.
  • Executive Target

    by Pete Byer
    President James Whitcomb, former Republican governor of New Jersey, is entering his third year in office. He ran for and won the presidency after President Trump decided not to run for reelection. Unknown to the Whitcomb administration, there are two separate but concurrent plots to take down the presidency. One by the publisher of the leading progressive newspaper in the country, the second by a domestic terrorist organization. The action in this political satire culminates in Phoenix while Pre... more
  • My Not So Normal Life: Spy Recruit

    by Liz Laz
    My name is Lily Anne Gemorski. I am not your normal eleven-year-old. I am a spy. I speak four languages and know how to defend against someone three times my size. As a new recruit, I have learned a lot about being a spy. What I haven't learned is how to lie to my best friend, Becky; or how to get my team captain to stop hating me.
  • When I Grow Up

    by Casey Bowers
    When I Grow Up is the fun children's book of cool careers that kids can really picture themselves in (literally)! What will they be when they grow up? Play with the possibilities and let them see for themselves with When I Grow Up. Through simple rhyme, playful illustration, and the picture window wheel, this children’s picture book gives kids a fun way to see themselves in lots of different careers using their own photos.