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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Conjecture

    by May Clarke
    Lia, an average writer living an average life had found a thrilling motive to forge ahead. In the quiet hours of the evening, unnoticed, she retrieved letters from a stranger’s grave. Letters that were penned by a man to his dead wife. The sudden uncanny tone of the letters alerted her of a forthcoming disaster that led her to kill a man. 17th century: Three hundred years from now, a girl will kill the immortal warlock. Being part of an unforgivable crime, submerged in relentless guilt, Li... more
  • The Diving God

    by Brian Ray Brewer
    The Diving God follows the misadventures of Bob Banks, who leaves his stultifying job, his broken marriage and New York City for a disastrous vacation in Mexico where he becomes stranded and where he eventually finds romance while teaching a single mother’s son the basics of platform diving. This romantic comedy speaks of urban angst, of self-discovery and of building family from the wreckage of past relationships.
  • Strange Tales and Shadowy Beings from Beyond the Bible

    by Edward Brown
    This book contains nine stories, written in an entertaining style for the average person – but based upon sound theological, historical, and scientific principles – drama, adventure, and inspiration all rolled into one. It is not just fantasy or pure fiction. As such, it provides a fresh perspective on understanding the human psyche – filling in gaps where people can stumble or fall. Most stories have a Christian perspective, although there is no denominational focus. The setti... more
  • The Four Queens

    by Christopher Walker
    A rumour has spread around the kingdom of the four beautiful girls who live in a little house at the end of a long lane... And the King is looking for a wife. Join Alexandra, Belle, Celine, and Darla - with their older sister Zygmunda - on their adventures at the castle, dealing with a man whose selfishness and arrogance are as famous as their own beauty...

    by D.C. Schulze

    CENTRAL ILLINOIS - 1979  Thirteen-year-old Spence MacElliott is a kid in trouble. Hit by his drunken, abusive father at home, and hitting others at school, he's on the verge of being expelled from Halvdale Junior High. Seeking refuge from the violence of his rust belt town, Spence spends every spare minute volunteering at Pal's Place, an animal shelter located far outside the city limits. There, he forms a bond with Blue, a battle-scarred pit bull who's managed to escape from... more

  • Heather's Journey: Historical Romance of 1930

    by K.C. Foster
    Nineteen-year-old Heather Randolph dreams of going elsewhere, and she can't be still in the midst of a 1930 United States. Residing in her beloved hometown of Sterling Illinois, Heather desires to see her family roots in Savannah, Georgia. An abrupt tragedy misaligns her dreams, and she's stuck in the middle of a handsome yet untrustworthy Puerto Rican bootlegger and her sassy and loud 12-year-old sister, all while trying to escape the grips of an abusive mother and the law. See and fall in lo... more
  • Some Dreams, You Can't Replace

    by Ellen Dyer
    In 1980, naive teenager Karen Saunders becomes romantically involved with charming Geoffrey, a senior at a collage an hour away. When an unexpected pregnancy happens, at Geoffrey's urging, Karen reluctantly chooses an abortion. Afterward, she struggles to cope with her emotions, unaware that her trust in Geoffrey is a mistake. Her unconscious attempt to replace what she has lost ends in her arrest. Once Karen understands the truth about her relationship, she begins to move on with her life.
  • The Power of a Flower

    by Ann Marie Hannon
    This is a short but powerful story that offers hope and understanding for moments when sadness or a sense of abandonment over life events become overwhelming. The book achieves this through a "gift" a little girl finds that renews the "circle of life'. This story also promotes the importance of genuine and enduring friendships through shared memories. "The Power of a Flower" is a Mom's Choice Awards GOLD award recipient and serves as a prequel to Ann Marie's other award-winning books. All books... more
  • Escape to Woodshine

    by Debra Star
    Greta and her daughter Lily flee a family violence situation. On reaching Woodshine township and thus safety they meet some very friendly, kind and caring people. However good their life becomes, how far will one man go when he is intent on seeking revenge?
  • What Gears Do you need for Fly Fishing

    by Jack FlyCaster

    Embarking on a fly fishing adventure requires more than just a rod, reel, and line. To fully immerse yourself in the experience and increase your chances of success on the water, it's essential to equip yourself with the right accessories. From protective gear like waders and wading boots to organizational tools like vests and packs, and from essential eyewear like polarized sunglasses to handy gadgets like strike indicators, each accessory plays a crucial role in enhancing your comfort, ... more

  • When the Tamarind Tree Blooms

    by Elaine Russell
    Geneviève Dubois, half-Lao, half-French, turns eighteen and leaves the French orphanage where she has been trapped for fourteen unhappy years. She is determined to uncover the story of her parents and locate her missing twin brother. Stepping into the deeply divided world of 1931 French colonial Laos, she finds neither French colons nor native Lao readily accept her mixed heritage. Even falling in love is fraught with the cultural restrictions of two dissonant societies. Where does she fit in?
  • Try Before You Trust: To All Young Gentlewomen and All Other Maids in Love

    by Constance Briones
    What if Taylor Swift found herself penning songs about love in Elizabethan England when women were required to be chaste, obedient, and silent? Young poet Isabella Whitney sets out to do just that. Having risked reputation and virtue by allowing her passions for her employer's aristocratic nephew to get the better of her, Isabella defies sixteenth century convention and sets out to shake up London's reading public by being the first woman to pen a poem about the deceptive practices of men in lo... more
  • DRESSING UP WITH ARCHCHI: A diverse picture book about playtime with Grandma (Stories from Sri Lanka)

    by Nadishka Aloysius
    Nominated for the State Literary Awards 2022 Enjoy a colourful afternoon of fun and frolic with a spirited youngster as she slays monsters and demonstrates that girls can be whatever they want to be – they only need an active imagination and the love and support of a wonderful grandmother! This charming picture book is about a little Sri Lankan girl who loves playing dress up with her Archchi (grandma in Sinhalese). She selects a colourful sari, decorates her hair, and puts on her (non-tox... more
  • Ayash Grows a Family Tree: A heartwarming picture book about a boy and his grandmother (Stories from Sri Lanka)

    by Nadishka Aloysius
    WINNER of the State Literary Awards 2023! School projects have never been so much fun... Five-year-old Ayash has a problem: how do you grow a family tree? Help arrives in the form of his grandmother, Paatti, who, armed with a box of old photographs, gently guides the eager little boy while teaching him about his roots. A humorous and endearing tale that will become a firm family favourite! Includes a worksheet and activity ideas which can be used to explore your own family tree
  • The Bouquet of Kisses: How to Give The Greatest Gift of All

    by Paul Baruzzo
    In a busy city lives a boy and his mother, in a simple but happy home. One day, when he learns that his grandma is sick, he wishes with all his heart that he can find a way to make her feel better. However, when his mother doesn’t have enough money to buy her the bouquet of his dreams, he has to pray that he can find a new way. In this story, all about family bonds, love, and sharing, will the boy let himself be held back by the things he doesn’t have? Or, will he allow God’s love to show him... more
  • The Purple Christmas Tree

    by B. Woster
    Join Elfendorf as he relays a tale of friendship and hope. Firgo and Cedarboppin are the best of friends, but one Christmas they find themselves separated. Can Elfendorf bring the two trees back together again? (For ages 8-12)