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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Man from Ireland

    by Michele G. Charrier
    On the eve of her 50th birthday, Madeline St-Laurent’s life is half over. Neglected by her husband and lonely, she has all but disappeared under the weight of family responsibilities and personal neglect. Half over doesn’t mean half dead, her best friend Sofia tells her.  Maddie embarks on an ambitious program to reinvent herself and undergoes a stunning metamorphosis that reinvigorates her dull life in ways that will ultimately test her appetite for risk, improbable encounters, and dangerous re... more
  • If You're Gonna Be There

    by Loni Hoots
  • Around the Sun

    by Eric Michael Bovim
    Around the Sun is the story of Mark White, who seems to have it all. The head of a top Washington D.C. PR firm, he works with multibillion-dollar hi-tech clients, is in constant demand for TV appearances, and has meetings everywhere from Copenhagen to San Francisco. But Mark is still grieving for his deceased artist wife, Monica, and is only a part-time father to Colin, his eight-year-old son. Afflicted with apathy, Mark, leaves the reins of his business in the hands of his trusted consiglieri, ... more
  • The Beautiful Caterpillar

    by Ricky Patel
    What does it mean to be beautiful? The Beautiful Caterpillar is a thoughtfully written children’s story that examines the reality of “stranger danger” and bullying, through characters that children will love and relate to. Told in the words of a young boy and caterpillar, this story will teach children the significance of listening to their own intuition, the power of saying “no”, and the importance of celebrating their own beauty and confidence. Safety tips are provided for children and adults... more
  • 978-0-9980279-1-3

    by PD Scullin
    Step right up and witness an exciting, entertaining world of action and intrigue. It’s 1982, and Paul Driscoll is fate’s punching bag. His father recently died, he gets fired from his job, and his girlfriend dumps him. Desperate for money, the 23-year-old copywriter becomes a promoter with a traveling circus—and in his first town, falls in love. Katherine Flynn-Ryan is a divorced mother harboring a dark family secret. Although she knows the circus man will leave her, he promises to return... more
  • The Poet's War

    by Francis O'Neill
    It is Europe’s darkest time in near memory. American warrior poet Alistair Stears, thrown into Italian WWI through his mother’s love for an Italian colonel, experienced a convoy of the dying through burning provinces of Italy in the terrible retreat of 1917. It brought from him the great English poem of the Italian war. One war later, all gracious things await destruction, knowledge is burned, thought coarsened, manners trashed, perverted faith and truth follow the dictators’ flags—vultures t... more
  • Shame the Devil

    by Donna Scott
    England, 1643 The Civil War has created a great divide between those who support King Charles and those who would rather see his head on the block. Young Scot Colin Blackburne finds himself caught in the middle when he witnesses Parliamentarians murder his mother because of his father’s allegiance to the king. As further punishment, the family is sent to Yorkshire as indentured servants. Mistreated by his master and tormented by a Parliamentarian soldier, Colin vows to take up arms for the... more
  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum

    by Anders Roseberg
    Tweedledee and Tweedledum look so much alike that it really is hard to tell them apart. They look the same and dress the same, but are they really? We now get to dive into the private lives of our beloved twins to find out how different they really are!
  • Baby Shark Saves the Day

    by Christian Bergstrom

    From Amazon #1 best-selling mindfulness and psychology author: Baby Shark Saves the Day is a fun book for ages 3-8 that makes mindfulness both easy and fun while showing how we can handle difficult emotions in everyday situations.

    To make mindful breathing kid-friendly we figured out many playful ways together with my 5-year old son. Baby Shark breathing was one of the funniest and most memorable and we wanted to share it with the world in the form of a fun engaging book that shows you ... more

  • Cuppy and Stew

    by Eric Goodman
    Real People, Real Tragedy — A Story Told the Way it Must Have Happened — Grabs Readers in Eric Goodman’s New Can’t-Put-it-Down Novel, Cuppy and Stew... Over the years, novelist Eric Goodman’s books have been described in many ways – readable, fascinating, raw, honest. He describes his latest work a little differently -- part historical novel, part memoir, part love story. Goodman might be a little too modest when referring to Cuppy and Stew (IF SF Publishing, San Francisco), as this book ... more
  • Slender Notions

    by Nicholas Antonopoulos
    An unapologetic work of fiction that scintillates with wit and vigorous honesty scouring every page. Leo--an aspiring writer in his early-twenties living in suburban Massachusetts--is a discreet heroin addict unable to stomach the inanity of day to day life, living vicariously through the writings of Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac. Drug-laden trips to a local Zen Monastery and shoplifting excursions at the local bookstore occupy his idle time. After being invited to a poetry reading in Boston, he... more
  • The Cowboys of Mill Creek Manor

    by Dave Webb

    Cookie Morgan wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Or a cowboy. After a series of enlightening events during the summer of 1950, she realizes that the heroes in her favorite westerns can't hold a candle to the ones in her tiny coal town in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Cookie and the other kids in her neighborhood spend an ample amount of their free time pretending to be the stars of their favorite cowboy movies and shows. Up to this point in their lives, they could only see t... more

  • When Life Was Like a Cucumber

    by Greg Wyss
    A humorous, thought-provoking and occasionally surreal novel steeped in the history and atmosphere of the early 1970's in Europe and America, it tells the story of a young man searching for his place in the world after the halcyon days of free love, the drug culture and rock and roll have passed. Inspired by an angel calling herself Isadora Duncan, his odyssey begins in Upstate NY and carries him to the streets of Boston and Florida's Gulf Coast before he finds himself seated next to Jesus on ai... more
  • Brody the Lion: Sometimes I ROAR! (Duplex)

    by Dr. Kristin Wegner
    Brody the Lion: Sometimes I ROAR! Is the first book in the Brody the Lion Series. Brody the lion was as proud as could be his birthday was coming he was going to be 3. But for this little cub with autism a birthday party causes big problems. As Brody roars, his Mom & Dad do their best to calm their little cub; but when his friends are late, Brody does not get the right present, and his friends sing too loudly, it is more than this little cub with autism can handle. This delightful book is the f... more
  • The Man on the Rails

    by Rovshan Abdullaoglu

    “A terrifying red train was speeding along the rails. That train, which passes by here daily, seemed so sinister to me now. For it was rushing toward me . . .”


    The life paths of two strangers, both of whom have decided to commit suicide by train, cross on the iron rails. They are looking for a way out of life's dilemmas and see no reason why they should continue living. Their lives are approaching the final station; they are waiting for the death train. Thes... more

  • Dead Reckoning

    by Michael Corbin Ray & Therese Vannier
    On September 8, 1923, seven ships of the U.S. Navy’s Destroyer Squadron 11, led by Commodore Edward H. Watson on board the flagship USS Delphy, bore full speed into a treacherous section of California coastline informally known as Honda Point. Traveling south in single file “follow the leader” formation, the ships were attempting a turn into the Santa Barbara channel at night in heavy fog. They missed by several miles. One after another, in a span of just minutes, the destroyers jammed themselve... more