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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Sweetness Run: Part One

    by Wendys Donuts

    The Sweetness Run is the brand new, no holds barred, nonsense comedy from professional class clown Wendys Donuts. It follows the grand love affair between Jason and her Majesty The Sweetness. On his adventure Jason will have all of his senses tested to their extremes, battle foes he never imagined possible and brave adversities of a most nefarious nature. Not to mention have his mind warped by some troubling n’ tricky thieves and inevitably have his soul searched, against his will of co... more

  • Beauty Kills the Beast

    by Astrid Hoffmann
    Beauty kills the Beast transports us to imaginary worlds through very real stories. Four short tales, told as metaphors to actual societal issues, state the struggles of young characters’ facing emotional abuse, social discrimination, transgender identity, drugs and human trafficking. Each story introduces us to the circumstances and emotional conditions lived by each character, under a close analysis of the author where she calls our attention to issues of self-esteem, respect for oneself and o... more
  • Jake, Lucid Dreamer

    by David J. Naiman

    12-year-old Jake has been suppressing his heartbreak over the loss of his mother for the past 4 years. But his emotions have a way of haunting his dreams and bubbling to the surface when he least expects it. When Jake learns how to take control in his dreams, he becomes a lucid dreamer, and that’s when the battle really heats up. Using his wits to dodge bullies by day and a nefarious kangaroo hopping ever closer by night, Jake leans about loss, bravery, the power of love, and how you ca... more

  • Budland

    by Tom Kranz
    Jail didn't sound so bad to Bud Remmick, who sacrificed his successful television news career, a small price to pay for erasing an abusive, blackmailing sociopath from the face of the earth. But the plan to ride out a lenient sentence starts to fall apart when prison life turns on him. Then his lawyer turns on him. Then, his wife. With nothing left but his own anger, Bud Remmick faces a reckoning with a lifelong dysfunction that plays out behind bars with a couple of unlikely co-dependents.
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  • Another Bump in the Road

    by TM Brown
    This is PART THREE of the Struggles of the Women Folkseries. Follow TM as she shares the experiences of characters that you’ve come to love and hate. Continue the emotional roller ride that spans several generations, weaving through the pain and uncertainty that consumes their lives.
  • Mable the Maple

    by Vin Morreale, Jr
    In the charming forest of Willowwood, a young maple tree feels she has little to offer, compared with the bigger, stronger or prettier trees around her. But thanks to her friendship with Simon the Squirrel, Mabel soon learns that being special is not about size, looks or how much you are noticed by others. One’s true value is in the friends you make, and the love you choose to share along the way.
  • Do You Like My Drawings?

    by Manley Peterson

    The poor artist needs your help deciding if his drawings are good or bad. Sometimes he has trouble drawing something as simple as a circle or a pair of scissors. Do you think you can get through the whole book without laughing? And maybe give the artist a word of encouragement, while you are at it?

    This silly, funny, read-aloud from the creator of Bloated Goat and Four Scary Stories for Kids will make children of all ages laugh and giggle at the goofy d... more

  • Das Leben und seine Überraschungen

    by Silvia Berrenrath
    3 Frauen verschiedenen Alters und Lebensumständen, haben alle mehr oder weniger ihre Päckchen zu tragen. Nele, Frauchen von Rudy startet in ihr neues Leben. Iris, eine alleinerziehende Mutter, immer im Stress. Brigitte, Ende 50, sagt was sie denkt und genießt die restlichen Jahre bis zu ihrer Rente. Während Brigitte und Iris auf ihr tägliches Highlight warten, hat Nele mit der Umstellung in ihr neues Leben zu kämpfen.
  • Lottie Niffumevol

    by Michaela Smart
    Nine-year-old Lottie and her friends often get into trouble without meaning to! For example, in one chapter, Lottie and her best friend, Janonva, accidentally break a neighbour's window while playing baseball. When she isn't having misadventures, Lottie tries to outdo her competitive enemy, Bridget, who thinks she is better than Lottie at everything. My book has a unique advantage: I wrote it from when I was eleven until I was thirteen.

    by Dr. Fran White
    This book provides a description of the meaning of dyslexia and what it feels like and the challenges of children who are afflicted with this leaning difference ( NOT disability). All children will be knowledgable of this learning challenge and, hopefully, exhibit compassion for those classmates who struggle to learn. Motivation and encouragement are the goals in writing this book that parents and children will enjoy.

    by Dr. Fran White
    This book was written to educate all children on how to identify bullies and to understand why they choose to hurt others. Nicki Nice, the protagonist, learns how to deal with the painful experience that she sustains from her bully and how to solve this problem. As reported by the media, all of the violent behaviors and killings by angry students were once victims of bullies and are displacing their rage on innocent children. We must teach our children about bullies and how to help them.

    by Dr. Fran White
    This is a novel about racial identity, racism, parental abandonment and family connections. It is hoped that the reader will understand the pain of racism as noted by the protagonist, Brandy's, abandonment, rejection and dilemma in finding the answer to her racial identity before marriage and motherhood.
  • Midway Field

    by Mike Marcon
    Midway Field is the story of an aging pilot on his way to the American Midwest for a summer of solo barnstorming, flying from town-to-town selling rides and living out of his airplane. On this, his second summer of barnstorming, he crashes his airplane in heavy fog and then discovers he has died and gone where all of us may go. Through his main character, Doc, the author presents us with his view of what he thinks actually happens when we leave this reality and enter into the realm of death. 122... more
  • Whistleblower

    by Terry Morgan
    Huge amounts of international aid money are being stolen by those at the heart of the political establishment. Ex politician, Jim Smith, threatened and harassed into fleeing abroad for accusations of fraud secretly returns to renew his campaign. A realistic thriller covering events in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and a sensitive study of a stubborn and talented man who steadfastly refuses to fit into the stereotype of a successful businessman and a modern politician. "Hi... more
  • The Cacouna Caves and the Hidden Mural

    by Barbara Burgess
    Deanna Aynsworth’s older brother, Matthew, finds himself staring at a seventeenth-century painting of a sea captain who looks just like him. Then, before Deanna’s eyes, Matthew vanishes without a trace. A year later, still struggling with the fact that her brother has gone missing, Deanna decides to get away for the summer. She and her boyfriend, Justin, rent a room in a B&B near Cacouna village. They discover a seventeenth-century diary by Wasaweg, a young Mi’gmaq woman, who fell in love with a... more