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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Girl I Used to Know: A heart-wrenching and heartwarming story of two strangers and one house

    by Faith Hogan
    A beautiful, emotive and spell-binding story of two women who find friendship and second chances when they least expect it. Perfect for the fans of Patricia Scanlan. Amanda King and Tess Cuffe are strangers who share the same Georgian house, but their lives couldn't be more different. Amanda seems to have it all, absolute perfection. She projects all the accoutrements of a lady who lunches. Sadly, the reality is a soulless home, an unfaithful husband and a very lonely heart. By comparis... more
  • Another Day: A Short Story Prequel to The Anchor

    by A.A Schenna
    They were both focused on living their life to the fullest, enjoying the small things life used to deliver in their lives every single day. That was their secret to retaining a healthy and constant contact with reality.
  • Naked Monk

    by Hugo Bernard

    Three monks and a sly god determined to make them fail. 

    In a remote forest, three monks unwittingly release an ill-tempered god from an ancient curse. The god offers the monks a special gift: the perfect virtue of their choice. Although virtue should make a monk’s spiritual path easier, the god is determined to make them fail. Can the monks find the wisdom needed to resist all the god’s temptations?

    Is such restraint human... more

  • Queen Rain, King Wind

    by Ina Curic

    A story about watering the seeds of happiness in any relationship through appreciation. It is a source of inspiration to exercise daily the role of “heart gardener”, cultivating harmonious relationships.

     What is the cost of emotional disconnection from dear ones? Do you need help with dissolving tensions and arguments in your family before they widen? Learn one simple practice to take care of important relationships daily! Two elves visit Quee... more

  • Harry the Hummingbird: "A Lesson Learned"

    by Patricia A. Thorpe
    The story line of this book was created from the pleasure I attained while looking out of a large window at my lake property in Wisconsin. Over many years, as I drank my morning coffee or ate my lunch at noon, I observed in wonderment many different kinds of animals and birds interacting with one another. Nature continued to illustrate further observations that I hope to share as additional story lines in the future. "Harry" is the name I lovingly gave to a hummingbird that I believed had act... more
  • 978-1-48359-892-5

    by Ben D'Alessio
    After the suicide of his childhood friend, Joel Lupo buys a one-way ticket to Paris after graduating from college. With his two close friends, Riley and Kev, the three young Americans take off on a backpacking trip of the European continent. But in his attempt to fill his life with alcohol, drugs, and European women, Joel still feels something gnawing at him in his pit. While the group is engaged in wanton revelry, a revolution foments in North Africa, on the other side of the Mediterranean.
  • A Ball's Game

    by Stefan Mathis
    What happens when you mix a Major League baseball game, a rock and roll concert, and a talking baseball together? Lots of fun and mayhem. Join Bennie the "Talking Ball" as he narrates the most unlikely game ever played. But it's not just fun and games, Bennie also shares lots of facts about the "grand old game." Destined to be a "Big Hit" among youngsters. Maybe, even a "Home Run."
  • The Circumstantial Enemy

    by John Bell
    When Croatia becomes a Nazi puppet state in 1941, carefree pilot Tony Babic finds himself forcibly aligned with Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Unbeknownst to Tony, his sweetheart Katarina and best friend Goran have taken the side of the opposing communist partisans. The threesome are soon to discover that love and friendship will not circumvent this war’s ideals. The Circumstantial Enemy is an energetic journey to freedom through minefields of hatred, betrayal, lust and revenge. Rich in incident with inter... more
  • Lily Pond

    by Shelley Daniels Lekven
    Costumed frogs in an enchanting world, all delicately crafted from colored modeling clay, populate the illustrations in LILY POND. The story follows the vivid imagination of a little frog named Lily Pond, as she lies in bed one night daydreaming about her future with all its possibilities and promise of adventure. She considers travels to distant lands, saving lives, fame, acclaim, and several possible careers from the safety of her cozy bedroom. LILY POND creates a world of harmony and hope, w... more
  • The Fire Escape Belongs in Brooklyn

    by Chuck Cascio
    It's 1968, and the world is crumbling around Mike Burns, a disillusioned Brooklyn youth attending his second year of college. His cousin and constant childhood companion, Sally-Boy, went missing two years ago. The two called themselves twins because they were born the same day. As Mike tries to lead a "typical college life," he is haunted by Sally-Boy's disappearance. Adding to Mike’s problems, his father angrily nags him to cut his hair; a professor fills his head with passionate, troubling ... more
  • Pieces

    by Mary Ann McGuigan
    Pieces brings to life a large Irish-American family struggling with the aftershocks of alcoholism and domestic violence through three generations. The Donnegans’ childhood demons morph in unexpected ways, and each sibling must strike his own bargain. For some, the prize is an unlikely redemption; for others, a familiar curse brings new pain. As they grow into adulthood, the Donnegans’ apparent conformity to middle-class mores masks a reckless irreverence that springs from first-hand knowledg... more
  • Secret Keeper

    by Jane Alvey Harris

    Seventeen year-old Emily has accepted the truth of her past trauma and made peace with her battered egos. She's won the first battle, but the fight for recovery still rages. Dad's home from prison and Mom's out of rehab. Determined to protect her younger siblings from her abuser and keep her family intact, Emily gathers the strength to speak her secret, only to discover that the people she trusted are powerless to intervene. Nancy insists the key to resolving Emily's crisis li... more

  • A Christmas Squirrel

    by Shelagh Watkins
    One of Charles Dickens’s best loved stories, "A Christmas Carol", was first published on 19th December, 1843. Within six weeks of publication, a London theatre staged the production of a play based on the story. Since then, this heart-warming novella of compassion and kindness has been adapted for screen and stage many times. A Christmas Squirrel is a modern-day children’s Christmas story inspired by the novella for families to read throughout the festive season.
  • Small Secrets

    by Joan Jacobson
    Life is not as orderly as it seems amidst the soybean fields of 1970s Minnesota. Farm girl Raki Pederson finds that out the hard way. Homeless, cast out by her family, carrying a baby and a heavy secret, she redeems her life through the kindness of strangers. There’s the hapless pastor, Sam, followed by a succession of women, each with her own dark secret: Margaret, guilt-ridden from her sister’s death; Carol, a feminist Robin Hood; and Mrs. Anderson, who did the ‘right thing’ only to regret it ... more
  • The night before Christmas - Mustard's Christmas Wish

    by Sophie Scribble
    The all time Christmas classic ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ is reimagined as Mustard, the lovable dachshund, em’barks’ on a Christmas Eve adventure he’ll never forget. Mustard has cards to deliver before Christmas day, but with such little legs it seems a long way. The rhyming tale takes you on a journey of friendship and hope. This ambitious little underdog is sure to capture the hearts of the whole family as he transforms in to a very super sausage dog.
  • My Tired Telephone

    by Suzette D. Harrison
    After a long day of being used as everything from a calculator to a camera, this cellphone has had it! Unable to take further misuse, he decides to give his human a piece of his mind…right at bedtime. Join this delightful romp of viewing the world through a tired telephone’s eyes.