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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • 5A Goes to Overlook Park

    by Terry Markoff
    This story is about how the students of 2 fifth grade classes help the police apprehend the members of the notorious JSV gang of thieves. The main action occurs while they are on a 3 day field trip at Overlook Park.
  • Flygirl

    by R. D. Kardon

    Pilot Tris Miles will fly you to new heights in this inspiring story of love, ambition, and the true meaning of success.
    It's 1997, and Tris is not content with her job as a First Officer for tiny Clear Sky Airlines. She wants to be a Captain—the only way she knows to prove her worth as a pilot and atone for a deadly mistake. To further her career, Tris accepts a prestigious job with Tetrix, Inc.

    But her dream of becoming pilot-in-command twists into a nightm... more

  • Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek

    by Sarah Walker Gorrell
    It's the early 1900s, when Jeremy's mother is dying from cancer. As she spits up blood, and calls out to her husband, "Caleb, Caleb where are you"" - Jeremy searches for his father and can see the glow of a cigarette from the workshop. By the light of the moon, he can see that his father is talking to a woman. His mother is dying, what is his father doing? Walthere and his band of gypsies set up camp on Caleb's land by the creek. Walthere helps Caleb with the blacksmithing and his wife, Rosa... more
  • The Treehouse Treasury, Spoiled Pink

    by Laura Sidsworth
    Spoiled Pink: Young Princess finally falls out of love with only the color pink The Treehouse Treasury: A collection of Prose/Poetry about seasonal and special happenings with beautiful paintings/illustrations
  • Risking Exposure

    by Jeanne Moran
    Munich, 1938. A timid 14-year-old Hitler Youth member contracts polio. Photographs she takes of fellow polio patients are twisted, turned into propaganda which mocks people with disabilities. That's when she realizes - her new disability has made her an outsider in her own country, a target of Nazi scorn and possible persecution. Her only weapon is her camera.

    by Luca De Antonis

    "I predict a time, not so far, when man, travelling on a flying machine will be able to reach every place in the world with less effort and the highest pleasure in seeing things from above, which is the closest point of view to that of our Creator.It is a new era. Today is the beginning of a new era."

    These are the words of the journalist Harriet Quimby in the presence of the most sensational invention of the modern era: the aircraft. And just the flying machine becomes the to... more

  • East

    by Kirk Kjeldsen
    Fourteen-year-old Job Hammon ekes out an itinerant existence in the Pacific Northwest, in a not-too-distant future where China and other industrial economies have become primary world powers, and the United States has become a fractured, post-industrial wasteland. When Job learns that the mother he’d thought had died years before had actually left to seek work in Asia, he emigrates there in hopes of finding her and finding a better life for himself. Set to a backdrop of such issues as immigratio... more
  • Treading the Uneven Road

    by L.M Brown
    The stories in this linked collection are set in a small village in the Northwest of Ireland in the early 1980’s and 90’s. A by-pass around the village has rid them of their once busy traffic. The residents feel forgotten by the world. The need to reach out and be heard is explored in every story, from the young woman who starts to have phone conversations with her husband’s gay lover, to the dyslexic man who confronts his cruel teacher years later. The collection is not only about the charact... more
  • The Renaissance Club (The Timegathering Series)

    by Rachel Dacus
    Young art historian May Gold is trapped in a dead-end college teaching job and a slowly failing love affair with an older professor. Yearning to fly free of job and dead-end relationship, she feels like a precocious failure. When the floor under the gilded dome of St Peter's basilica rocks under her feet, May finds herself in the year 1624, staring straight into the eyes of her idol. But can she make a relationship with a man five hundred years in the past, in a brief hour or two at a time? And ... more
  • Blueness (The Aquamarine Sea)

    by Karen Stensgaard
    When a bucket-list cruise becomes a nightmare! Solo traveling leads to enormous complications. American businesswoman Kat Jensen begins an exciting, well-deserved vacation on board an old Danish clipper ship sailing from Copenhagen, Denmark to Hong Kong, but she regrets her decision from the moment she sees her cabin. Before boarding, she agreed to an 1860 re-enactment dress code and digital detox. But life aboard the no-frills ship means going without modern plumbing and electricity. After ... more
  • Sally

    by J. Schlenker
    Alice, a white nurse at an old-folks’ home, makes friends with the establishment’s oldest and only African-American resident, Sally. Alice shares a special bond with Sally, a bond she only divulges to her husband. Alice gains Sally’s trust and records her life and all the struggles she faced as a black person born into slavery. Decades later, Michelle moves into her grandmother’s house. She finds her grandmother’s journals stored away in the attic, where they have lain untouched for forty years.... more
  • Time of Death The Story of Jared: A graphic journey of an ER tech

    by Mitch Bensel
    Walk into a level one trauma ER, see the horrors that medical people face daily, enjoy the gallows humor, watch the tech and the nurse fall in love. A graphic adventure with miracles and ghosts. Jared Walker is a tech in a level one trauma emergency room. He has seen and done it all, bagged the fresh dead, fought the spirits that just left the bodies, felt the pain and horror of death as the families wept. He has been a loner for a long time. A new nurse to the ER falls into his heart an... more
  • Finding Rose

    by Julie Ryan
    When three sisters, Ginny, Sally and Molly are brought together at their father’s hospital bed, they are forced to confront not only the prospect of a future without him but also the secrets of the past that have kept them apart. Their father, Eddie Matthews, drugged up on morphine, seems to be rambling but could he, in fact, be reliving previous lives as a Tudor monk and as a soldier on the Front in WW1? Struggling to speak he reveals that he has a secret and urges his daughters to ‘Find Rose’... more
  • Timur's Escape

    by Tabi Slick

    In the height of Sultan Mustafa’s reign, a war leaves the fate of the Ottoman Empire in the hands of one vampire and forbidden love.

    Abandoned as a child, Timur never knew his parents or a life outside of the Janissary Corp. The only thing he’s ever known is that he belongs to the Ubir underworld, a group of vampires led by the sultan’s chief escort.

    Despising himself for everything this life has made him do, Timur’s world changes... more

  • Money Gita: The $247 Trillion Global Debt And The Dream Merchants

    by srinivas murthy

    Balasubramaniyum a.k.a bals2you, a seemingly successful adman, creative writer, also a venture capitalist happens to get a message from Lord Kubera, the treasurer of wealth, who has come to collect the $247 Trillion Global Debt, on line!

    Narrated in chat fiction style, the negotiation in 5 sessions forms the content of the novel. The witty conversation outlines the nature of wealth, the illusive aspirations promoted by the dream merchants, the cause of debt and the possible terms o... more

  • Ashes Like Bread

    by Jean Hoefling
    The prophetess Zyla is used to the elders of the clan of Adam and Eve rejecting her dark glimpses into the future, and bitter that she doesn’t receive the honor she deserves. When her forecast of a deadly flood gets her exiled, she and her sister flee the mountain of Eden to live in a sweltering desert chasm among descendants of the murderer Cain. Zyla is willing to do anything to advance her status among the Cainites, even if it means becoming a second wife to her sister's desirable husband, or... more