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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Déjà vu All Over Again

    by Larry Brill
    Déjà vu All Over Again is a comic story of redemption about a burned-out Hollywood screenwriter who is tired of being slapped around by life, and is obsessed with his youth. So he writes a script for the life he wishes he had and uses it to return home in a hilarious plot to recreate his high school days and finally win the heart of the girl he let get away 40 years ago.
  • The Thirsty Crow & the Crow and the Fox: Children's Folk Tales from India

    by lekha murali

    Folk tales are a means to impart knowledge and values of ancient cultures.  Woven together from everyday occurrences and animal characters, these stories are told colorfully in an effort to educate little children in an appealing manner.

    Like many from my generation, I heard these stories, growing up in India.  The two stories narrated in the book are well known throughout the region.

    "The Thirsty Crow" is about a clever crow that finds a resourceful way to dri... more

  • The Widow Makes Three

    by robert wyrick
  • Grail of the Grimoire: YA historical fantasy (Book 1 of the Crusaders Series)

    by J.S. Sterling
    Magic and adventure collide in the latest chapter of history's most legendary quest! In the 12th century, sixteen-year-old Cassandra is likely to be burned at the stake if anyone finds out what she can do. So the only magic she allows herself is used to hustle dice games from unsavory characters too cowardly to fight in the Third Crusade. When she is kidnapped and brought to the Vatican's secret library, the Grimoire, Cassandra finds that her place in the world is as the next leader of the... more
  • Timmy on the Toilet

    by Peta Lemon
    Timmy is walking to school one day and saves a fairy in distress. He is granted a wish but accidentally wishes that he could fly whilst sitting on the toilet at school. Join Timmy on his adventures flying on the toilet and find out what happens when the fairy grants him another wish for looking so daft! With beautifully funny illustrations and a wonderful plot, Timmy on the Toilet will delight children and adults alike.
  • Return of the Bones, Inspired by a True Native American Indian Story

    by Belinda Vasquez Garcia

    In 1915 at the age of thirteen, Grandfather witnessed the theft of 2,067 family skeletons stolen from the Pecos Pueblo. He had run after the trucks transporting the bones, their skulls hanging out of windows and eye sockets hollow, until he stumbled and fell with his ear to the ground, listening to the rumble of tires carrying his ancestors far away from their resting place. Grandfather lay on the dirt clutching a diary belonging to the thief in hopes that one day he might use the book as a c... more

  • Memphis Mae

    by Jennifer J. Hayes
    Memphis Mae holds the key to her mother's deepest secrets in her journal - but the questions and feelings they arouse in Memphis make her start to doubt everything she has ever known about her mother and what she believed was true love... Memphis Mae is the long-anticipated follow-up to Bound by Memphis, which earned author Jennifer J. Hayes the 2013 Author of the Year Award from the BWABC. More tantalizing glimpses from Jasmine's past are revealed through the eyes of her daughter as she read... more
  • Bound By Memphis

    by Jennifer J. Hayes
    Loosely inspired by true events, Bound by Memphis, by Jennifer J. Hayes, is the steamy, sultry romantic story of Jasmine Henderson, a successful public relations consultant who has everything she's wanted in life... Well, just about everything. Fourteen years ago, while planning her wedding to Melvin Brown, better known as MB, she was left at the altar with no explanations. Although she assumed she'd never move on, she ended up meeting and marrying the love of her life, Chauncey M. Henderson, an... more
  • Enlightenment (The Bathala Series)

    by Reno Ursal
    When Dorothy Dizon meets the mysterious Adrian Rosario and his alluring knowledge of Filipino history, her life takes an unchartered detour. Adrian knows Dorothy’s true calling is connected to the hidden history of the Philippines, but can’t reveal any of it until she is conscious of it herself. He keeps his true identity hidden, regardless of how close she gets to the truth. What Adrian doesn’t realize is how much Dorothy affects his body and soul. And the more he underestimates her, the more ... more
  • No Gun's in LIttle Cavern

    by craig sholl
    The town of Little Cavern is a made up place near the last turn of the century, late 1800's, about the old over to new Western Frontier or as told from an unreliable narrator while relaying the story of his ancestor, Mildred “Millie” O’Leary with prospects and her own womanhood soon to beckon her. The town of “Little Cavern” though adheres to its only strictest rule of not having Gun’s within its city walls, but only comes to mare its own sense of hypocrisy and drawing the town into conflict wh... more
  • The Drummer's Call

    by Patricia Leppo
    When Josh is forced to visit his great-aunt’s historic inn in Dover, TN, he assumes it will be the worst vacation of his life. That is, until he meets a young boy on the property who looks eerily similar to a boy in one of the antiquated family photos that line the walls of the inn. As his friendship with the boy deepens, Josh suddenly finds himself thrust back to the year 1862 and into the heart of the Civil War. Trapped in the past, Josh has no choice but to become involved. Filled with in... more
  • The Dusty Train's Sweet Surprise

    by Subhash Kommuru
    Why is Goti, the shiny red bus, teasing poor Vivek, the dusty coal train? Day after day, Goti’s unkind words poke fun at Vivek. Finally, Vivek has a chance to get even with Goti. What will he do? Will he show Goti how it feels to be hurt or will Vivek surprise him with kindness? This heartwarming book teaches the importance of returning good even when others wrong us. Kids will also learn a bit about the Sankrant festival.
  • Express Exec: A Novel Approach to Outrunning the Pace of Change

    by Gary Brose
    The pace of change is escalating and running your business so that it remains relevant and you keep pace with that change is exceedingly difficult. Walk in the shoes of Andrea Lane, an interim VP at a struggling company faced with having to make massive change in a very short period of time. Listen in on her conversations with management and employees alike as she attempts to gain trust and move her organization forward during fast-paced and troubling times.
  • Independence Blues

    by W. B. Garvey

    Independence Blues is the story of two journeys.  The novel follows the hopeful striving of Emerson and Madeline Gardner who travel from Jamaica to the United States in 1946, landing first in New Orleans, where Emerson attends university after giving up his successful pharmacy business in Kingston, then on to New York, Canada and eventually to Los Angeles where they settle after color prejudice forces Emerson to give up their dream of his becoming a doctor.... more

  • A Short Joy for Alma Hedman

    by Frances Webb

    Two cultures, embodied in Alma, a troubled ex-nun, and Carmelo, a newly arrived young man from Puerto Rico, hit head-on in this 80's era story about language and obsession.

    A Short Joy for Alma Hedman begins as Alma leaves her convent for an uncertain outside world. She brings with her a handmade cross, made out of her convent napkin ring, which she wears around her neck. Based on her experience teaching English as a nun, she gets a job teaching ESL at the city co... more

  • LaLa Feels Blah-La: LaLa's World Book One

    by Tela Kayne
    Welcome to LaLa's World: Where kids learn how to be the change! In "LaLa Feels Blah-La," a young girl and her stuffed bear wake up feeling blah for no apparent reason. LaLa's mom teaches her to be mindful of her feelings and turn her mood around with the flip of a coin. Perfect for young readers, LaLa Feels Blah-La, teaches children to be more mindful of their feelings and manage their mood swings.