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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Listen to the Wind: The Orphans of Tolosa, Book I

    by Susanne Dunlap
    Where did they come from? Where will they go? Sent away for their own protection when they were very young, Azemar and Azalaïs become separated when they flee from the band of outlaws who served as their supposed protectors. Armed only with their fleeting memories, their names, and the wits and intelligence that have helped them survive brutal conditions, they struggle to find each other again and discover the mysterious past that links them across distance and time. Who are they? And do t... more
  • The Story of the Cloth

    by Ken Paterson

    What would you do if you were walking through the park at dusk one day and a fairy appeared, offering to grant you a wish?

    Trainee architect by profession, daydreamer by habit, Alex happens to have one ready: the power of instantaneous travel.

    It’s only when he finds himself in Oman on his debut ‘flight’, and is drawn, by a chance encounter with the kindly scholar Burhan, into the perilous quest for an ancient cloth, that Alex realises there’s alw... more

  • Timothy Mean and the Time Machine

    by William AE Ford
    With Timothy Mean’s amazing imagination and time machine, anything and anywhere is possible! Join Timothy on a magical rhyming adventure as he skips through time and pranks with pirates, gets daring with dragons, and even teases a T-Rex! “It’s Monday. Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today? With Timothy Mean, every day is a rhyme in time!

    by Antoine j Polgar

    Throughout these nine stories, the sadness of loss swerves between desire, guilt, remembering, secrecy, forgetting, mourning, horror and invention combining imaginary surrenders, survivals and rescues. The stories are set mostly in New York City and New York State over nearly a century that begins in the 1930s and extends past the turn-of-the twentieth century millennium into a dystopic future. Among them, the once hidden manuscript of a writer living in hiding with his four avatars (Roy Roge... more

  • Creek Bait

    by Richard Lutman
    “Creek Bait” is a collection of fourteen stories exploring a range of genres. Each story portrays the world of characters who escape from life. Some succeed, others face heartbreak and the lucky ones find redemption. From the isolation of a husband and wife to a magician who offers a ray of hope reading these stories is a journey that is passionate, surprising and sometimes tragic.
  • What It Might Feel Like to Hope

    by Dorene O'Brien
    What It Might Feel Like to Hope, the second collection from award-winning author Dorene O’Brien, is a masterful and eclectic mix of stories that consider the infinitely powerful, and equally naïve and damning force that is human hope. A couple tries to come to terms with one another as they travel west in the uncomfortable twilight of their youth; a mortician and an idealistic novelist spar about the true nature of death; an aspiring author hopes to impress Tom Hanks with zombies; a tarot reader... more
  • General Meade: A Novel of the Civil Warn

    by Robert Kofman
    As the civil war raged on, President Lincoln desperately sought a commander to defeat the seemingly invincible Confederate general, Robert E. Lee, whose army had invaded Pennsylvania. Lincoln turned to the Old Snapping Turtle, General George Meade - a courageous man with remarkable integrity and a fiery temper - to save the Union during its greatest time of need. Just three days later, Meade confronts Lee’s troops at Gettysburg, resulting in the bloodiest and most dramatic battle of the war. ... more
  • Beyond Forever (Let Yourself Believe Series)

    by Rhonda Frankhouser

    Wise beyond her thirty-three years, advice columnist, Lily Anne Fincher, relishes being the consummate wall on which everyone leans. It gives her life purpose and makes her feel needed and loved even when people ignore her advice. She never considers the possibility of her own happily ever after, until she catches the shy, handsome guy in a three-piece suit, watching her from behind a newspaper in the downstairs coffee shop.

    Stoic investment banker, David Morris, never plans on... more

  • A Tribute to Tulipia

    by Chiara Talluto

    Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right. What do a hare, a tulip, a blossom, and a wolf share in common?

    A wild forest is no place for a pretty young orphaned tulip to live in. However, Tulipia didn’t have a choice; she is often despised and ridiculed. Was it fate or a blessing to be spared when her parents were plucked from the Jade Oasis?

    One terrifying evening Tulipia’s future is jeopardized, and all the wisdom taught to her by her mother and father is test... more

  • Sea, Sky, Islands

    by Alice K. Boatwright
    In this trilogy of stories about life in the San Juan Islands, a teacher fantasizes about her favorite author to ease her loneliness, an islander finds love with a precariously sober alcoholic, and a young couple has to make sacrifices to keep their dreams afloat – but all find strength and inspiration in the sea, sky, and islands.
  • HEAR What's HERE

    by Mike Agrelius
    HEAR What's HERE is a children's picture book that helps elementary students, those with English as a second language and those with learning disabilities better understand homophones. Example: "Can you find a PAIR of PEARS? Do you SEE the SEA? Would you like to STARE at STAIRS? Or maybe BE a BEE?" Cartoon illustrations and definitions of the featured words are on each two page spread.
  • HEAR What's HERE

    by Mike Agrelius
    HEAR What's HERE is a children's picture book that helps elementary students, those with English as a second language and those with learning disabilities better understand homophones. Example: "Can you find a PAIR of PEARS? Do you SEE the SEA? Would you like to STARE at STAIRS? Or maybe BE a BEE?" The entertaining book is complete with cartoon illustrations and definitions of the featured words.
  • The Light In Cy

    by Mark Glover Masterson

    A little bird, searching for new friends, discovers the light inside.

  • By Violence Unavenged

    by Annette Young

    Australian violinist Phoebe Raye sees her dreams of romance and revenge dashed when Nazi Germany annexes Austria in 1938. Engaging first person account of Sydney and Vienna between the wars. Extras include book club discussion topics, recommended films, and further reading.

  • A Distant Prospect

    by Annette Young
    Sent unwillingly to school and thrust into a string quartet, crippled Irish cellist Lucy Straughan must choose between isolation and friendship in a foreign land. Gentle Della Sotheby is encouraging. But will hot-headed Pim Connolly and precocious Phoebe Raye accept the awkward, math-loving Lucy? What can Lucy offer? And how will she overcome her shyness and stage fright? Moreover, can each girl face her family's troubles? Meticulously crafted and true to life, A Distant Prospect is ... more