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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • When I Grow Up

    by Jessica McEachern

    When I Grow Up by Jessica McEachern, MA, MSW, provides examples of various careers by utilizing the alphabet as a guide. The book captures a Mother and daughter having a conversation during bed time. Zoey cannot settle down for bed because she is excited about all of the amazing careers she can choose from when she grows up. Throughout this colorful book, Zoey imagines herself as many of her career options, from A through Z. The U, in Zoey’s world for example, reflects her vision of bec... more

  • Dead Ground

    by Rod Humphris

    In the mountains and passes of Nuristan the men of patrol base Azun grind through their days and nights of constant vigilance. They hunt the Taliban and try to win hearts and minds. Trouble is coming, that is certain. How or when, where and in what form, they do not know. They fear it and also long for it. Only Lieutenant Simon Ellice, with a clarity born of grief and anger, can see the shape of it. Only he, being beyond care, will do what has to be done and pay the price. Not that he will be... more

  • Skipping Stones in the Sky

    by Margaret Guy
  • Children's Book: Shoo: A Bedtime Picture Book About Cats for Early Learning & Beginner Readers (Ages 1-8)

    by Hana Goldberg
    Teach your children that love is the most important thing in life! Award-winning author! Shoo was a homeless little cat. She lived on a sidewalk, and ate things people threw away. When she could not find food she was howling and people told her to go away – but she had no place to go. Then, one day, she met a little girl named Maya…
  • Children's Book: Pink Tears: A Bedtime Picture Book for Early Learning & Beginner Readers (Ages 3-9)

    by Hana Goldberg
    Teach your children to talk about their feelings! Best children’s book award! One day, when everyone was playing with everyone else, nobody played with Lolly. She stood apart, tears filling her throat. At home, Lolly refused to tell her parents why she was sad. The next day, a strange thing happened…
  • Quantum Roots II: Worm Holes (Volume 2)

    by Kyle Keyes

    In this sequel to Quantum Roots, the meekish Olan Chapman faces danger as vigilante Samuel Leroy McCoy, a US deputy marshal who upheld law and order in 1876, Dodge City.

    The metamorphous holds an eerie transformation, cloaked with rolling sagebrush and horse whinnies from yesteryear, which causes DPA Director, Alexis Grumman to rethink the validity of worm holes.

    "Creation is a worm hole," replies Dr Norman Daly, "Atoms require hadrons to form a nucleus, and each ha... more

  • We Are But a Moment

    by Ulrich Baer
    WE ARE BUT A MOMENT takes the reader on a brisk tour of the globe that vividly imagines the inescapable crisis of the near future posed by overpopulation, diminishing natural resources, climate change, species extinction, and economic tumult. It is 2025, and a young White House aide, Aleks, finds himself locked up in quarantine when he tested positive after a routine briefing from a hotspot. Aleks recounts how our much-admired female president became a globally revered leader who unites muc... more
  • Where's the Ring? Uncovering Reasons for Not Being Married by Lanrewaju

    by Lanrewaju
    Inspired by encountering so many single women who worry about not being married, honest and revealing insights are passionately bound together to provide answers to the compelling question about why there are so many unwed women who want to be married. Looking past the male-female ratio, readers will be surprised by discoveries that can impact how they think, how they feel, and how they live. This is a book that the public has been waiting for.
  • Aboard Providence

    by Keely Brooke Keith

    In November 1860, Marian Foster joins a group of Virginia families who are sailing away from America to form a new settlement off the coast of Brazil. As an amateur botanist, Marian eagerly anticipates exploring a new land. She boards Providence confident in the group’s plan, but during the voyage, her heart is drawn to Jonah Ashton, the secretive and sullen ship’s physician.

    Jonah Ashton is determined to finish medical school before rumors of Southern rebellion erupt into all-out war. ... more

  • Once In A Blue Moon. The Return Of The Gargoyles

    by January May
    Tired of the Gargoyles destroying their homes, the Fairies of Fairy Glen ask the bumbling Wizard McShoogle for help. Armed with a potion and a few jumbled words, they banish the Gargoyles until the moon turns blue. And what’s the chance of that happening? Present day - Ben age 7 and Megan age 9 think the moon looks blue! When their grandmother unexpectedly arrives in Aberdeen, they discover she’s a Witch. Can they stop Russel and his ghastly Gargoyles taking over Aberdeen - before... more
  • Books for Kids: A Tale About a Tail: Bedtime, anytime story about self-esteem, friendship, loyalty and what really matters in li

    by Elena Staniv
    Moon Glow is a vain little fish who dreams about a bigger and more beautiful tail. Evading sharp tooth hunter fish and a fierce fire-breathing dragon, Moon Glow finds her way to the Great Sea Witch, who can make her dream come true. Come join Moon Glow on her brave adventure as she makes new friends, confronts enemies, overcomes obstacles and finally loves herself the way she is.
  • Giovanni (the Great)

    by Pauline Furmanczyk-Winogron
    On a warm and lazy summer evening in a little Italian district on Empress Street, two very important things occur: ten-year-old Antonio D’Angelo receives the birthday gift he always wanted: A new violin. And down the hall, the Ciccione parents receive the gift of a new baby boy who they name Giovanni. Determined to become a great violinist, Antonio overcomes a physical handicap and quickly reaches a skill level far beyond his years, despite his jealous violin instructor’s efforts to prevent Anto... more
  • Seen From The Hill

    by C B Green
    England in the summer of 1989 and for a group of four fifteen year olds it is the summer of change when anything can happen before they return for their final year at school. Nat, Craig, Gail and Joe embark on a coming of age story. A time that will see them discover themselves and deal with the implications of love, loss, death, philosophy, religion and fish fingers.
  • Aunty Kate's Short Stories

    by Catherine Dorsette
    Aunty Kate’s Short Stories take you on an exciting adventure into the lives of some very memorable characters. Though from diverse places and backgrounds, their mischievous acts, sleuthing skills, humility and bedside manner will remind readers of the values of good neighborliness, kindness and honesty.
  • Anthology of Weekly Writing Prompts

    by Catherine Dorsette
    Riveting and full of suspense, Anthology of Weekly Writing Prompts takes the reader into the lives of very remarkable characters. Their deepest emotions of joy, happiness, sadness and loss are felt as their stories come alive on the pages. Very well written and thought-provoking, you will meet characters whom you will never forget! Be prepared to read and actually enjoy it!
  • A Country Divided

    by Jay F. Downs
    While England, France, and Spain plan to re-take their lost territory in the New World as the American Civil War is ending, a prominent San Francisco banker, a Confederate widow, and a British Major play a major part in the plot. As the time of the invasion draws nearer, a romance also blossoms, as the fate of the United States of America hangs in the balance.