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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Nick’s Rainforest Adventure

    by Elliott Smith
    The second book in the Nick’s Adventures series! A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO THE PHILIPPINE EAGLE FOUNDATION, AN ORGANIZATION THAT HELPS TO PROTECT THE CRITICALLY ENDANGERED PHILIPPINE EAGLE FROM EXTINCTION. Nick is creating a masterpiece. He is painting a picture of his favorite bird—the critically endangered Philippine eagle. But as he paints, he drifts off to sleep... Nick dreams he is in a wild rainforest, the home of the Philippine eagle, and he ha... more
  • Gabriel, The Training of an Angel

    by Diane Rosier Miles
    Looking back on his youth from a heaven unconstrained by time, the angel Gabriel writes his memoir to recount his spiritual formation on Earth with the Hanson family. Sent in 2015 to the Philadelphia suburbs as a guardian for a grieving boy, Gabriel, himself, grows up through both sorrowful and lighthearted experiences with mortals. What does Gabriel learn from family life?
  • Portia

    by Denise Turney
    Portia is the rich, classic story of a remarkable woman who is forced to choose life after she discovers that she has breast cancer. Her career as a Chicago defense trial lawyer has long been rewarding. Not only does she win pivotal, community-changing cases, she's making good relationship investments in and out of the courtroom. Pinnacle of these welcomed changes occurs at a holiday party when Portia meets her soul mate, a loving go-getter who lives life intentionally. Career success, strong... more
  • The Moment before

    by Terence Clarke
    During the student uprising in Paris in May 1968, eleven-year-old Yvette Roman, in the company of her mother Emma, is attacked by police during a riot. Her head injuries are so severe that the operating physicians cannot be sure that she will survive. She does survive, but at the cost of her speech, and is left also with periodic severe epileptic attacks. Her epilepsy takes a very rare form that includes complicated spell-bound visions before the actual arrival of the seizure itself. At the age... more
  • The Secret Life of Rachel Barrowovski

    by Angela Anwyl
    The new girl seems too good to be true but is she all she seems to be? Share in Rachel's secret life and travel with her as her adventures and search for happiness take her around England.
  • The Witches Three Count on Me!

    by Yates Davis and Lynda Bouchard

    Nothing cures being sent to your room on Halloween night like an unexplored forest. Count on it!

    This is no ordinary night. It's Halloween and a mischievous little boy has run away from home. He takes a path through twisted forest trees and comes upon a frightful scene - three witches up to no good! They see him, too, and that's when the magic begins. How will he outsmart the witches as they try to capture him? Told in rhyme and through the prism of a child'... more

  • A Family Divided

    by Dick Parsons
    The Versailles Treaty which brought peace after the Great War (1914-18) was viewed by Adolf Hitler as humiliating and unjust, leading to his determination to make Germany great again and the Reich judenfrie (rid of the Jews). When he becomes Fuhrer in 1934, his policies affect the families of two German brothers in evermore contrasting ways. Klaus the younger is married to a Jew and their children a boy and a girl, are therefore Jewish. His brother Wolfgang's wife like him, is an Aryan and to Hi... more

    by Carrie Beamer
    Etta Litali has grown accustom to the superstitious behavior that comes along with being in an Italian family. But when her dad begins to spend his nights stealing signs from every city pole within three miles of their home, her house becomes overrun with dirty poster boards and the neighbors begin to notice. Stressed her dad will end up on Oprah as the man who hoards stolen signs, Etta distracts herself with a boy named Jordan. Despite the ban Jordan’s clique has on Etta, their connection gr... more
  • Clean Your Windows With Power Washing

    by Tru Windows
    There are a lot of ways to clean your windows, doors, and floors. But the best and fastest way of cleaning is power washing and pressure washing. Basically, people think both are the same but there is a little difference in Power and pressure washing. If you want to know more then visit our website.
  • Angelina Escapes to Mackinac Island

    by Suzanne Locascio
    Return to the riotous start of the French Revolution with this amazing tale of survival and adventure. The world is chaos for Angelina Savoy. The citizens of France are starving and raging mad. Thousands of French peasants are ready to beat down the doors of the King's home and kill for food. Join Angelina Savoy, who is best friend and servant to Marie Therese, the daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Angelina's life is secure and glamourous working for the royal family living in the... more
  • Scorn of Secrets

    by B. Truly
    I must keep it locked away—the memory of my darkest secret…. When the rising tides of my life peak, I’m left struggling with the currents of the storm. The first dilemma is my dad’s gambling debt. Mama bounces back quickly from the ramifications it causes. She proves this by getting a new man. Her Rico Suave is just the tip of the iceberg—she moves us across state to live with him and his two sons. My outgoing, older sister fits right in—she’s the total opposite of me. I am Ma... more
  • Vivid

    by Jana Jones
    Vivid is an unconventional coming-of-age story that poses the question: Who are you when your back is against the wall? When a series of unusual ailments befall Sheri’s children, she realizes she must push past self-doubts and fear to awaken the power within. Sheri connects with a group of concerned parents, led by a larger-than-life widowed mother of four, to take on unethical medical researchers and casually indifferent politicians. Inspired by actual events, Vivid is a story that illu... more
  • The Legend of the Stinky Sock

    by Laura Riley

    Who doesn't like a little bit of magic? Especially when it helps you win baseball games. This humorous and clever story is about a young boy named Conner who is searching for "The Legend of the Stinky Sock". According to the myth, the sock holds special baseball powers that will make anyone an incredible player. Will Conner discover the secret to the legend? Or, will he find out the magic to improving his skills is through hard work? 

  • Past, Present, future: Stories that Haunt

    by Ian Prattis

    These tales operate at three levels. First, the characters are all of “US.” Their stories are the One Human Story of struggling to live in this world. Dig deeper, and you’ll find the rich metaphor pointing toward truths about the way our species has evolved and why our permanent dominance of the Earth is a fiction that will not stand up to any real scrutiny. At their root, Dr. Ian Prattis has pointed out that “reality” is not action-over-time but it is simultanei... more

  • Jeremy Full of Grace

    by Greta Cribbs

    In a dying world, one boy offers a glimmer of hope.


    Eight years after a plague killed most of the world’s population, leaving the survivors barren, midwife Leslie travels the countryside in search of some sign that humanity may still have a future. She never expected that sign to take the form of Jeremy, a seventeen-year-old Catholic boy who claims to have been impregnated following what he believes was a visitation from the Virgin Mary.


    Leslie, an ... more

  • The Woes of a Ginger Named Red--Book 2--Treasures in the Attic

    by Andrea Witt

    What happens with Ginger invites her BFF from Ellington to stay the weekend in her new house? The attic caught Ginger's eye before the house was even theirs. What do Ginger and Andi find during their treasure hunt? Join Ginger as she explores a treasure-filled space with her old friend, Andi.