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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Johnson Place: A Rappahannock County Story

    by J. Stewart Willis
    In the Johnson Place, visit the story of tract of land, the site of a tragic hunting accident, the sexual enslavement of a seventeen year old girl, the murder of a farmer's wife, the trial and hanging of the guilty party, an opportunistic purchase of the land, a family conflict over inheritance, the loss of the final vestiges of a great land holding, and the shattered dreams of many men trying to create a ski resort on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge.
  • The Emperor's Regret

    by Barbara A. Pierce
    The Emperor's Regret is an original folktale that tells the story of a popular young emperor who makes the decision to denounce his former lifestyle for another. When he is brought face to face with a surprisingly reality, it changes his way of looking at his very own existence. Can he endure the twist and turns his life is about to take? While on nighttime Safari trip in Botswana, Africa, Barbara witnessed a leopard stalking baboons for an evening meal. For her, it was a very tense moment. L... more
  • Allow Me To Ruin Your Christmas

    by Freddy Cruz
    Beckett Ramirez learned of his mother Natasha’s tryst with popular podcaster Lex Griffin the hard way. By catching them in a compromising position. Desperate to have the two men in her life meet under different circumstances, she arranges a meeting. That’s when Beckett learns the truth behind his father’s untimely Christmas Eve death more than ten years ago. Angered by this new revelation, Beckett seeks payback. And he begins with Lex’s wife and daughter. But just as he’s about to score hi... more
  • After Claire: In Search of a Habitable Life

    by John R. Wallis
    On a routine trip to the grocery, Paul's wife tells him she wants out of the marriage. Shocked, Paul runs a red light and Claire is killed in the ensuing accident. When nine-year-old Allie learns her father was responsible for her mother’s death, their relationship becomes fraught for many years. A psychotherapist, Paul begins working with Angela, a young woman wanting to end her relationship with Ricardo, a drug cartel-connected attorney in Miami. Ricardo will have none of it and threatens to h... more
  • 52 Lessons With Finn

    by Spencer Margaret
    Lola Thune is thirteen when her father up and leaves. Lola and her mother try to keep their family café afloat, but between school, friends, and life in her sleepy Minnesotan town, Lola's miserable. When she rebels, her mother demands she spend time with her grandfather Finn every week as punishment. After recently losing his wife and son, Finn has been reflecting on the meaning of a life well-lived. In their time together, Finn proposes sharing lessons he’s learned over the years. Each lesso... more
  • A Collection of Tiny Stories: Diminutive Tales from the Tip of My Imagination by

    by CK Sobey
    A Collection of Tiny Stories: Diminutive Tales from the Tip of My Imagination presents prose and art that represent an inspirational celebration of the spirit, gathering “tiny” works “born out of moments of whimsy, mystery, and longing.” Add “and magic” to that list, because CK Sobey’s works employ a magical element that gather tales both fantastic and reflective into three sections: “Inspiring Odysseys,” “From the Heart,” and “Fanciful.” These short works don’t require linear reading. Readers c... more
  • The Girl Who Woke Up

    by M.J.Royle

    Clementina has epic plans for her sixteenth birthday. Sun, sea and sand on the sun-kissed party island of Ibiza with her two besties; she’s been looking forward to it all year.

    Until her dad ruins it all by sending her away to spend the entire summer with her grandparents in middle-of-nowheresville. No Wifi, no Instagram, no Netflix... no way!

    If only her mum hadn’t died eight years earlier, if only her workaholic dad would lighten up—she wouldn’t be spendi... more

  • Blue Ring Assassins

    by Stephen Cohen
    Berlin 1939 - 1943 From the smoking ruins of a bombed Berlin brothel, three shocked and injured female survivors are taken to a secluded training facility by Nazi officer, Gruppenführer Walter Schellenberg. They’re not there for official business but for medical treatment. Trained by the SS officer in all aspects of espionage, the women are desperate to survive. They turn the tables on their armed captors and kill them. After covering their tracks, the women return to ply the only trade they kno... more
  • Peyton and Isabelle

    by Avery Yearwood
    A tale of unrelenting ambition that explores what happens when a person has to choose between the life they always wanted and the person they were destined to be with. Peyton is born to a teen mom in the hollers of West Virginia. After he lands a football scholarship to a Boston prep school, he knows this is his chance to climb out of backbreaking poverty. Determined to make something of himself, he excels on the field and in school. No one can stop him. He falls in love with Isabelle, a f... more
  • sepia

    by Herlinde Cayzer
    A photograph runs like a leitmotif interweaving the fates of three protagonists over a period of seventy years. Beginning at a time of political extremism, the issue of indoctrination resulting in a fatality in 'sepia' was as topical during Germany's Third Reich as in present times. Parallels to Herlinde's story will surprise readers. The tissue box should be handy for the sadder moments brought about by a war many of the day's youth did not understand nor willingly participate in. Yet, the huma... more
  • North to Home

    by Crissi McDonald
    Leaving the Chinkapin oaks of her native Texas for a cabin nestled in the Sitka spruce of a Pacific Northwest Island, divorced Nolee Burnett is ready for life on her own terms. Her plans for independence, however, are challenged by her mysterious neighbor, Keet Noland. His secret nighttime dives into the frigid Salish Sea puzzle her, as does the large male orca who swims in the bay close to her cabin. Combining grounded characters with a mythical twist, this love story plunges into magical wa... more
  • The Killer and Other Stories

    by Robert Levin
    Stories that run the gamut from the very funny to the darkly serious.
  • The Arctic Quest

    by Minda Gomez
    Let your imagination soar in this exciting illustrated adventure! Rico, Diego, and Araceli Martinez’s road-trip to Mexico just got a lot more exciting, thanks to an incredible gift that turns them into Arctic animals! As they scurry, fly, and lumber through the Arctic, will they work together to complete Don Toño's challenge in time? You will love following the adventures of these spunky bilingual siblings, and will savor their deliciously warm Navidad celebration in Mexico!
  • Sun City, A Hilariously Addictive Story of Rebellion

    by Matthew Minson
    A Heart Warming Recipe for Fun Take one old farmer, a salacious genius chef named Betty Crocker, a former CIA operative turned counterculture warrior, a mob boss in witness protection and a 14-year-old boy and girl who just want to make movies. Add a coven of clog dancing Wiccans, a corrupt corporation, and a pack of feral hogs. Mix in a cache of hyper-engineered government pot seed and bake to perfection in the Texas heat. What do you get? A delectable dish called Sun City, a positively addict... more
  • The Indian and Me

    by Catherine Peebles

    Set during the American Revolution with historical true events and romance. 

  • What Would The Founding Fathers Tell Us Today?

    by Werner Neff
    The United States was founded in the late 18th century, as the first republic based on modern democratic rules. The texts of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights dominated the ruling of the country with separation of powers to legislature, executive, and judiciary. What the Founding Fathers learned from the Greeks and Romans shaped this country. America created the model for modern democracy, which was later copied by countries around the world. Today, we are struggling to maintain the de... more