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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Equity of Love

    by Marcus LaPierre

    At a small tech startup in the Silicon Valley of the North, fractious love triangles from the past and present converge and ambitions collide ... with alarming consequences.

    In 2004, the death of a prominent businessman sets in motion a series of events that weave together the fortunes and fates of four seemingly unrelated people: Xavier, a son who wants to prove to society he has the entrepreneurial Midas touch his family is known for; Richard, an amateur writer questioning his career ... more

  • Princess Ella and the Missing Kittens (Princess Ella Adventures)

    by Ken Waldecker
    When Princess Ella visits the pet store, she finds a worried crowd, a huge hole in the wall, and… no kittens! Where could they have gone? She bravely follows the big, scary footprints to the spooky cave on top of a mountain… but what she finds there is not what she expects. Join Princess Ella for her second adventure, packed with cuddly kittens, a stinky troll, and a surprise twist. Princess Ella and the Missing Kittens is a heartwarming tale about getting to know someone before you judge the... more

    by enrique amarante
    Reseña ‘El último secreto de Eva Braun’, de Enrique Amarante Reseña ‘El último secreto de Eva Braun’, de Enrique Amarante Si algo quedará por siempre en la memoria de Enrique Amarante es cada uno de los momentos de su infancia que compartió con su abuelo, quien le contaba anécdotas y relatos sobre la guerra en Alemania e Italia. Tal era el interés que despertaban estos temas en él que su abuelo decidió entregarle una caja con diversos documentos sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial, los cuales han ... more
  • Hair on Fire

    by Daniel McKenzie
    A collection of short stories: "A Ghost Story" A solo retreat to a small coastal town turns into something else when a yogi suddenly finds himself in the role of guru to a strange spirit trying to find his way out. "The Day the Children Remembered" What if children all over the world began to remember their past lives? How would it effect society and the individuals who see themselves as victims and perpetrators of past injustices? "The Allegory of the Virtual Reality Headset" With t... more
  • Guinness the Good Girl

    by Matthew Gillmann
    It’s no secret that kids love Dalmatians, but Guinness the Good Girl™ might just be the most lovable Dalmatian of all, because she loves both kids and adults right back. In the G3 Book Series™, Guinness and her best friend Dottie meet all kinds of interesting people in often hilarious situations. This first installment of the series is Guinness’s origin story, where she comes to Dottie as a sometimes-troublesome puppy and grows into the adorable Guinness the Good Girl!
  • The Last Magdalene

    by Donna D Conrad
    The Last Magdalene does for the New Testament what The Red Tent did for the Old Testament. The temple of Asherah has existed in Jerusalem for hundreds of years, disguised as a benevolent society for widows and orphans. Within the sheltering walls, priestesses are taught to honor the goddess through rites of passion passed from mother to daughter and from priestess to priestess. Into this world, Miriam of Bethany, is born. Miriam longs to become The Magdalene, High Priestess of Asherah, as ... more
  • Fortune Falls

    by James L. Peters
    After experiencing a mysterious detour on his way home from work that leads him to an ancient slot machine and a disturbing message, Jason Lahey's perfect life begins to unravel. His discovery of a brutal suicide will be the catalyst to his downward spiral of self-destruction. Unresolved regrets over his parents’ deaths haunt him while external threats called forth by the suicide will not only endanger him, but his family. Meanwhile, a larger global crisis awaits as the mysterious slot machi... more
  • Raise the Wind

    by Sarah Shaw
    1772: Across the globe people struggle for freedom and justice against the stranglehold of entrenched wealth and power. New knowledge and inventions are changing the world at a breathtaking pace, upsetting the old order even as new notions of equality and human rights seize the public conscience. In this world turned upside down young bride Emily McFarland finds herself far from home and safety, living on disputed land in Colonial Georgia while Zoeth Sinclair struggles to keep his fledgling ... more
  • Elly Robin on the Lam

    by PD Quaver
    Accused of a terrible crime she did not commit, sixteen-year-old piano prodigy Elly Robin has narrowly escaped arrest by fleeing Chicago in a Curtiss Flying Boat. But a rough landing in an isolated Amish community leaves her physically battered. Even as they nurse her back to health, a charismatic little Amish girl declares Elly's flying machine to be "an abomination." In fact the child seems to hold the entire community in her thrall. And when Elly at last realizes the terrible fate in store f... more
  • How To Fly with Alaska Chai

    by Mike Mentz
    Recent first-time flyer Alaska Chai is bursting with tips to help other kids know what to expect on their first flight! Light-hearted and giggle-inducing, Alaska’s mostly-accurate how-to will empower kids with an excitement to see the clouds up close and quite literally broaden their horizons.
  • Ordinary Soil

    by Alex Woodard
    Terrorized by a shadow from the past, an afflicted farmer attempts suicide under a rotting burial elm, inadvertently unearthing a dark ancestral history and exposing diseased generational roots of abandonment and abuse. But a secret also waits to be discovered, deep in the ordinary soil of the Oklahoma Panhandle, that holds the redemptive power to save both the man and the land.
  • Lovely Chocolate

    by Rod Ballard Award-Winning Author

    Every black Queen has their own story. This is just one of many.

    Safari’s dark, beautiful black skin wasn’t always perceived as such, leaving her with many insecurities throughout her life. Both she and her twin sister, Nandi, had to learn to embrace their natural look.

    Safari, a Defense Attorney, has earned her place as a successful black lawyer. Despite the world’s depiction of African-American women from what they see on TV, Safari has truly come out... more

  • Monarch: Stories

    by Emily Jon Tobias

    MONARCH: Stories subverts the reader's common perceptions about how love can heal, how loss and suffering can transform, and how every character deserves a second chance. America's city scars, sewers, alleyways, and bars are landscape to their wars, as characters heal and transform under wind turbines and on open roads, in golden cornfields and with the wails of Chicago blues. Heroes in this collection are the marginalized, the sufferers, the down-trodden, the misfits, the wanderers,... more

  • Anomalous Rex

    by Dylan Cook, Rachel Wunsch
    In this delightful children's book about friendship and acceptance, a gentle tyrannosaurus rex struggles with making friends. The other dinosaurs fear him because he is a t-rex. Determined to overcome their differences, Rex embarks on a quirky quest to gain the trust of the other dinosaurs while being true to himself, and ultimately earn their friendship. A dinosaur book for all readers to enjoy.
  • Mr. Patches is Bored

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Mr. Patches is bored! That’s the long and short of it. Every day feels like it's a chore. Where are the adventures that he has never had? One day, Mr. Patches makes a pact with himself. For a whole week, he will give boredom the slip! From riding out on the range on a moose, to winning first prize for “Cat with Best Hair.” This fun-filled book, for children ages 4 and up, shows boredom in a new light: not an endless series of dull days, but rather, an infinite source of inspiration and pos... more