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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • No Bounds: An Anthology of Short Fiction

    by James Pitter
    No Bounds is a short story anthology with eclectic subjects and styles of writing. The participating authors from around the world delved into their creative consciousness to produce layered characters and mind-blowing themes. Topics range from dinner with the in-laws to cats, sainthood to drunken crazy week, lost love to school, and much more. This anthology aims to surprise readers with stories from authors that know no bounds. All proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres: Doctors Without Borde... more
  • Don the Fly Wants a Friend

    by Venita Yvonne Vance
    This beautifully illustrated children’s book about a lonely fly will help teach your children about the importance of friendship and trust. Don the fly wants nothing more than to find a friend. He meets many different animals that are too busy to play with him. They send Don on his way. While running away from animals who want to trick him, Don finally finds a buddy to laugh, talk, and play with. This is a great bedtime story or learning tool for readers ages five to seven. Like a Dr. Seus... more
  • Assume the Physician: Modern Medicine's Catch-22

    by John Hunt
    The hilarious novel written in the radical satirical style of Catch-22, M*A*S*H, and House of God, ASSUME THE PHYSICIAN lays bare all the nakedness of the emperors running America's health care system. Part Animal Farm and part Animal House, ASSUME THE PHYSICIAN is the story of young Dr. Eddie Marcus, who fights to provide care for his patients while engaging in battle against everyone who wants to prevent him from doing so, via their rules, guidelines, mandates, standardized tests, and other su... more
  • Onyx McFly Saves the Day!

    by Crystal Judkins
    Onyx McFly is a tough and determined little eight-year-old girl, who is as bright as she is brave. With her multi-colored sidekick Boom by her side, Onyx uses her imagination to live out a whole host of fabulous exploits, stimulated by her surroundings. Having always wanted to be a superhero, Onyx tells the story about a time when she had to become just that, and use her flair and resourcefulness to solve a real life problem and save the day! Onyx McFly Saves the Day, is a fabulous child... more
  • Chainsaw Honeymoon

    by Steven Ramirez


    Life, love, and a few dead bodies. Just another day in LA.

    One year ago, Alan and Stacey Navarro underwent a painful separation, leaving their daughter, Ruby, to live with her mom and an over-caffeinated Shih Tzu named Ed Wood. People split up all the time, and most kids might get over it, providing they can still Snapchat. Not Ruby. A bright, funny fourteen-year-old who loves shoes and horror movies, she is on an insane mission to get her parents back tog... more

  • Absolute Zero

    by Ireland Gill
    The Negative Zero series continues in Absolute Zero as Evika Stormer's new life as Soldier of Light begins with her Guardian Angell, Hayden, right by her side. But this new life isn't turning out as simple as promised. New challenges arise, and new secrets unfold. And Evika soon discovers that there are certain levels of evil from which even Hayden cannot protect her.
  • Negative Zero

    by Ireland Gill
    Upon awakening from her First Death, Evika Stormer is presented with her "purpose" when meeting Hayden, her handsome and audacious guardian angel who's watched over her since the day she was born. Hayden advises Evika that her new role is to "save the dead." But not just any dead...they are the souls held in the Dark Realm with Alysto, the devil himself. All that Evika thought she knew about life, death, good, evil, and everything in between ends up being far from the truth...right along with th... more
  • Darkest Before Dawn: From The Beauty For Ashes Saga (Volume 2)

    by Sharon Polk - Novellas by Sharon
    Priscilla Roads is orphaned after her parents are in a fatal car accident. When a distant relative takes her into her home, she becomes a victim of unfortunate circumstances and criminal activities. Eventually, she is placed under the care of a young psychiatrist, Dr. Fannie Meyers. Priscilla, Fannie, and a cast of characters, including Ruth Samuelsson, from Hidden Secrets, take us on a journey through the darkest fragments of their lives. As we travel with them, we see glimpses of their greates... more
  • Hidden Secrets: From the Beauty for Ashes saga (Volume 1)

    by Sharon Polk
    Ruth Samuelsson lived the first few years of her life in the city with her mother and father. A catastrophic event occurred that changed the entire course of her life and stripped her of her faith. Consequently, she is convinced God cares nothing about mankind, most especially her. Ruth takes us on a journey through the complexity of her imperfect life. Her story exemplifies the unconditional love of our incredible God, and His remarkable ability to take the ashes of lives and exchange them for ... more
  • How to Eat Your ABC's

    by Theresa A. McKeown
    How to Eat Your ABC’s is the first book in a new series of unique children’s books. Cleverly written and illustrated, this book encourages children to get excited about healthy eating and develop a genuine love for reading. Written entirely in rhyme with a melodic tone, it is meant to be read aloud so parents can share in the experience.
  • Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children's Story

    by Charles Katz and Linda Baron Katz
    Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children's Story is about two people affected by depression and mania. This sweet, straightforward book helps children understand these conditions and lets them know that with the proper medication and support by family and friends, people can get better! Whether the child is mentally ill or interacting with someone who is, Peter and Lisa is a helpful read for young people who simply need to know more about mental illness. Authors Charles and Linda Katz offer... more
  • Strivers and Other Stories

    by Robert J. Williams
    Set between the 1920s and the present day, Strivers and Other Stories explores African-American and Southern voices reflecting characters striving towards their versions of the American dream. We meet teachers and doctors, train porters and factory workers, soldiers and musicians; mothers, fathers, children and spouses; mentors and mentees. With a mix of humor and heart, satire and sentiment, this collection captures their everyday struggles for better lives and their hopes for promising futures... more
  • Clevenger Gold: The True Story of Murder and Unfound Treasure

    by SE Swapp
    This novel is the true story of the Clevenger family from Arizona Territory, and their unfortunate events as they trekked north to Washington Territory. Once the old, cantankerous Sam Clevenger and his wife, Charlotte, hired Frank Willson and John Johnson to help with the move, their fate took a dark turn. These true events were documented by journalists through the 1887 trial and well into the 1900s, and stories have been told of Sam’s unfound treasure for nearly 130 years. This is the... more
  • Hungry Generations - a novel

    by Daniel Melnick

    Seeking a larger publisher for Hungry Generations: In September of 1972, Jack Weinstein – a young composer – arrives in Los Angeles, seeking a job in the movie studios, and he develops a friendship with Alexander Petrov, a great piano virtuoso, one of the émigré European geniuses in flight from Nazi Germany, who raised their families in L.A. The pianist tells the young man stories of his life from the thirties to the present and of those expatriates liv... more

  • In Love's Time

    by Lilian White
  • Rhapsody (Reverie Book 2)

    by Lauren Rico
    Top cellist Julia James has begun a whole new life- happily married and expecting her first child. She is finally poised to have the life she's always dreamed of and she is finally able to put the past behind her. 

 Unfortunately, the past isn't quite done with Julia yet.
 Riding high on his gold medal win at the Kreisler International Music Competition, Jeremy Corrigan is stunned to find his reputation in tatters, along with his plans for fame and fortune. But Jeremy isn't one to toler... more