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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Day God Played Baseball

    by John Henry Hardy
    The Cherokees haven’t won a baseball game against their rivals, the Creeks, in ages. The Creeks, under the leadership of wealthy factory owner Conrad Beamis, have won the championship two years in a row. Worse, it’s obvious that Conrad bribes officials and recruits overage ringers for his team. How are you supposed to beat a team that doesn’t play by the rules? The Cherokees’ coach, Alex Sardinski, understands his players’ frustrations. The rivalry between the two youth baseball teams is all to... more
  • Turn: A Detroit Love Story

    by Ava Reeve
    Written conversationally, as though Olivia is talking directly to the reader, the main character illuminates her passions for her love-interest Max and thoughts on other characters with their own beauty, flaws and complexities. Olivia reveals how she digs herself into messy predicaments often as a result of her own erroneous conclusions on her journey from adolescence into adulthood. The genuine insights and social observations that shake out in the process of maturity come with frustration bu... more
  • Lyrical Bondage - Erotic Poetry

    by Pauline Hightower
    Lyrical Bondage is an erotic book of poetry steaming with sensuality, seduction, and temptation. The pages are saturated with lyrics that will evoke true emotions like love, hurt and desire. Lyrical Bondage is a stimulating and intense prose that will allow you to drift into a passionate escape.
  • World Peace: World Peace Celebration

    by Salomon Mpouma
    The author surrounds personal tales with reflections on finding happiness within oneself, including truisms from thinkers like Woodsworth and Gandhi. Mpouma has a lot to say about his life, which has been one of never fitting in. Things took a harsh turn when he was two years old and his father, a candidate for public office in Cameroon, was assassinated. Growing up amid the resulting family turmoil, Mpouma was frequently getting into trouble at home and at school. He bounced around from the hom... more
  • Aegean Fire (Arion's Odyssey, vol. #2)

    by Lin Sten

    In Aegean Fire, in 433 BC in Classical Greece, from his chained position at his oar, Arion catches a glimpse of Athens’ fabled Akropolis through an oarport of the trireme commanded by his nemesis, Smerdis. Despite the fantasies of his childhood as the scion of a wealthy mercantile family on Lesbos, when he had always dreamed of coming here, he now hates Athens.

    After the Battle of Sybota, due to previous violent insubordination witnessed by Artontes, Arion’s new mas... more

  • Four Months in Brighton Park: Growing Up in the Sixties

    by Larry Ehrhorn
    Set in a working class neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side in 1965, "Four Months in Brighton Park" focuses on Kelly Elliott, the kid with two first names. Kelly is a cross between Holden Caulfield and Walter Mitty, rarely facing reality until one day when he is forced to confront the consequences of his actions, when he impulsively makes an obscene gesture at Joe Swedarsky, the school jock and bully. That initial conflict starts a cascade of humorous and affecting dominoes that change his l... more
  • Gym Class Hero

    by Martin Parks Kalmbach
    Life is throwing a lot at Stevie Kalkannes as he begins his Junior year at Jackson High School. As basketball season approaches in northern Ohio, Stevie wonders whether he should return to playing a game he loves after being the star of the team in junior high, then giving it up in defiance of an overbearing father, a bombastic sports talk show host now divorced from Stevie's mother - and a very critical older brother, a former star player at Stevie's school. Gym Class Hero captures the emotions... more
  • Spivey's Web

    by Sandra Warren
    Spivey, a barn spider, is tired of spinning ho hum barn spider webs. After spinning a web that won't catch flies, she's banished to the window high in the barn loft where she spins her creative webs to her hearts content. All is well until one bright star shines through her web sending sprinkles of tiny stars to the barn floor where they calm a very special baby. Spivey is proud her web didn't catch flies, it caught the light.
  • 9781981217670

    by Sandra Warren
    Barn spider Spivey is tired of spinning ho hum barn spider webs, so, after being ridiculed for spinning webs that won't catch flies, she is is banished high in the barn loft where she spins creative webs to her hearts content. All is well until the star of David shins through Spivey's new web creating a sprinkling of stars that calm a very special baby lying in a manger far below. Spivey is proud that her web didn't catch flies. It caught the light!
  • Shorting California

    by Chris D Dodson
    Sean Kirkpatrick, a dedicated social worker for the county of Los Angeles, has only one ambition: to serve the needy and downtrodden. But it’s not until Sean’s fiancée turns his marital plans upside down, causing a butterfly effect of events in Sean’s life, prodding him toward a path of denial and self realization. A gripping coming-of-age story that pits man against the world—revealing, with satirical flare, the precarious, clandestine world we all live in.
  • The Girl in the Back of the Room

    by Pamela Kay Hawkins
    In 1961, Laurie Billings is a precocious high school freshman, who outwardly looks like a grown women, but who inwardly has a lot of growing up to do. When she discovers her birth certificate and sees another man listed as her father, her entire sense of reality shifts. What other secrets have been hidden from her? Struggling to understand her place in this new world, Laurie does her best to navigate identity crises, toxic relationships, and other unforeseen events that force her to examine w... more
  • The Essence of Being and Fine Dining According to Muscat, the Vineyard Cat

    by Lana Pereyaslavska
    This is a story of a cat, named Muscat. He owns the Dry Riverbed Winery, and kindly lets a couple of friends run it for him. He is a well-connected cat, a bit of a philosopher. A young one, as he is only on his Life Number Two... Muscat's Zen-like state of mind is disturbed when Sweet Olivia comes back home. Things are never going to be same.
  • My Selfish Shellfish: A Novel

    by Lana Pereyaslavska
    This is the story of Oyster, also known as Emily. She is living a life of her dreams in a city of San Geronimo, a bustling tech hub. She is lucky, gorgeous and is about to marry into a very prosperous family. But one Sunday morning everything changes, after Emily and her fiance Mark join a group of friends on a hike to the beach. They expect to be back by lunchtime. What begins next is a wild journey through many realities and identities, where things are not what they seem to be. You have to fi... more
  • The Platinum Raven and Other Novellas

    by Rohan Quine

    The Platinum Raven and other novellas by Rohan Quine is a paperback comprising a collection of four novellas – The Platinum Raven, The Host in the Attic, Apricot Eyes and Hallucination in Hong Kong – each novella being also available by itself as an ebook. All four are literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror, celebrating the darkest and ... more

  • Hallucination in Hong Kong

    by Rohan Quine

    In Hallucination in Hong Kong by Rohan Quine, sliding from joy to nightmare and back, a plane-flight frames a journey into Jaymi’s and Angel’s polarised identities and perceptions, where past and present merge in an obsessive fantasy of love, death, horror and apocalyptic beauty.


    As their plane takes off, Jaymi is warmed by the presence of his beloved friend Angel beside him. They are bound for Hong Kong, to perform a g... more

  • Apricot Eyes

    by Rohan Quine

    In Apricot Eyes by Rohan Quine, a cat-and-mouse pursuit through the New York City night involves a preacher, a psychic and a dominatrix, broadcast live on air – until a horror is unearthed, bringing two of them together and the third to a sticky end.


    Having partially regained a power of second sight that he’d once possessed but lost, Jaymi Peek uses this ability in a li... more