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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Agri Supply® of Tifton, GA of Features Top Brand Names for Farm, Shop, and Home

    by Jashon Langer
    Open since 1981, Agri Supply is the best choice of agricultural supply storein Tifton Georgia. This Agri Supply is one of the company’s eight retail locations. A family-owned company, Agri Supply has been growing since they started in 1962 in Garner, North Carolina. Agrisupply now carries over 26,000 items for farm, shop, home, and garden. They also retain their core values. To quote the company’s founder: "Agri Supply's goal is to provide quality merchandise at the most reasonable price, to giv... more
  • Because I Wanted To Play With You

    by Tamiko Pettee
    Based on a true story, award-winning writer Tamiko Pettee crafts this charming tale of true friendship that inspires both parents and children to consider how our use of digital devices can affect our relationships. Jake Hedgehog is a boy who loves to play with his friends. He becomes sad and lonely when he discovers that his best friend, Sam is more interested in his phone than in playing with him. Jake takes desperate measures to remedy the situation and ends up jeopardizing their friendshi... more
  • You Weren't With Me

    by Chandra Ghosh Ippen
  • Airmail to Texas: 8,422 Miles to Home

    by Linda Ann
    More than 70 years after they were written, Linda Ann discovered the mysterious letters that her mother had kept in a private box of papers. The letters from Charles to his beloved Wauldean helped tell their story about wartime, not war. More than 60 yellowing letters gave hints to mysteries that Linda and her daughters wanted to solve. The women who inherited the story decided to create this book, a love of labor that took years to develop into what you can read now! The letters themselves are... more
  • The Black Fox of Beckham

    by David L Heaney

    A black fox, a Roma gypsy widow, and a fourteen-year-old girl on the autism spectrum discover and befriend one another in the village of Beckham where fox hunting has been a way of life for centuries. The three improbable friends learn that being different doesn’t leave you powerless as they prepare to challenge a sport they believe is senseless and cruel. TTHE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM is a tale for young adult readers about reckless superstitions fueled by prejudice, a desire to win a... more

  • A Capitalist Carol: The heroic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and that free-loading Bob Cratchit

    by Ted Satterfield
    Resurrected 150 years after his death, Charles Dickens must transform “A Christmas Carol” into “A Capitalist Carol,” for use in American schools. Viewing Ebenezer Scrooge as a hero, not a villain, proponents of the Modern Truth Movement demand Dickens portray Ebenezer Scrooge as an ideal capitalist, while depicting Bob Cratchit as a freeloading loser who deserves to be poor. When Dickens learns the inmate working in the cubicle next to him, Friedrich Nietzsche, is part of a resistance that’s hel... more
  • The Green Soldier

    by J. Edward Gore
    John Gore is eighteen years old in 1862 rural Kentucky. He has struggled his entire life with stuttering and the ridicule associated with it. Unable to speak well, he has focused on writing. Seeing the opportunity for advancement in the military—and with it, respect—John joins the Union army. Unfortunately, his stuttering prevents him from warning a friend of an enemy attack and John watches his friend die. He is racked with guilt and the fear that others saw him fail at the key moment . . . a f... more
  • I See London, I See France...

    by Neil Hummasti
    An eccentric American family led by a precocious 12-year-old prodigy named Victor takes a European vacation and the continent will never be the same. Enjoy the Poppers' zany adventures as they sleuth out a mystery in this comic novel by Neil Hummasti.
  • Forty Ways to Square a Circle

    by Neil Hummasti
    The year is 1996 and the coastal high school where Casey Merriman teaches English is about to go technology-mad and scrap the humanities. On the home front, Merriman is responsible for the care of an elderly aunt who battles a growing dementia. The two competing derangements will plunge Merriman into turbulent descent straight out of Dante and propel him toward a bizarre but redemptive climax.
  • Ellie's Car Kindergarten

    by Lee Zee
    Can stuffed elephants go to kindergarten, too? Sammie takes Ellie, her stuffed elephant lovey, everywhere. But stuffed animals can’t come to Sammie’s kindergarten. Sammie and Ellie are afraid to spend their first day apart until they learn that Ellie gets to go to her very own kindergarten in Mama’s car. In car kindergarten, Ellie works on counting, writing her letters and sounding out words. She has lunch in the cafeteria, and enjoys art, P.E., music and recess. And, just like in Sammie’s ki... more
  • UNfatally Dead: to thaw or not to thaw?

    by Wayne Edmiston
    This historical fantasy begins with a mouse trying desperately to follow an ambulance occupied by a VIP being transported into a laboratory/clinic. It is Dec. 16, 1966… the day WALT DISNEY’s body supposedly was placed into cryonic suspension. A contractual provision requires a review, every five years, to assess whether or not sufficient medical advances would be feasible for reanimation. Although absent for 50 years, he has not been forgotten, figuratively or literally. He faces a momentous ... more
  • Summer of the Black Chevy

    by Kevin S. Giles
    It’s 1965 in Deer Lodge, Montana. Paul Morrison launches his first teenage summer at a school dance, longing for girls and the smack of baseballs. His innocence ends quickly when a roaring black Chevy chases him into the dark, but it’s the mysterious stranger driving it who scares him more. Several worries unfold as the summer stretches on. Paul learns that misfortune knows no boundaries. In Summer of the Black Chevy, author Kevin S. Giles reflects on how fleeting youth can change in a heartbeat... more
  • Birdie & Jude

    by Phyllis H. Moore
    Birdie has lived to regret many of her decisions, but she doesn’t regret offering a stranger, Jude, shelter from an approaching hurricane. Their serendipitous meeting will form a bond that will change their lives forever. In a character driven story with memories of the protests and inequality plaguing the 1960's, Birdie’s reached middle age and questions her life. Jude is striking out on her own, but has been derailed by a fatal accident claiming her only friend. Although their backgrounds a... more
  • The Ember Months

    by Phyllis H. Moore
    In a story reminiscent of Alice Hoffman and Fannie Flagg, a revisit to a rural town and a previous marriage, forces a young woman, Lucy, to examine her own relationship with death and loss. Bessie, Lucy's favorite client, creates the ember months, putting her Christmas tree up in September, aware it changes the atmosphere for her disabled daughters, a young girl struggling to fit in, her reserved neighbors, and the social worker named Lucy. The eccentric, Bessie, is willing to change her world... more
  • The Book of David

    by Kate L. Mary
    Neglected by her mother, abused by her stepfather, and trapped in an oppressive cult, Willow Sands has lived the past three years with the shadow of her fifteenth birthday hanging over her. That was the day her mother handed her over to David, the son of their leader, promising her a future even more bleak than she’d ever imagined. Now, with her eighteenth birthday and the day of her wedding fast approaching, she’s almost come to accept her fate. Hope was the last thing Willow expected to fee... more
  • Teaching Frankenstein: A Cautionary Tale

    by Viktor James

    In this dark comedy about teaching, a nameless teacher struggles with continuing in his career. He winds up at a tough urban school where he decides to teach his favorite novel, Frankenstein, to see if he can stick it out. This seemingly easy task sets him on a hilarious and dark journey told through a series of profane vignettes.

    Based on a true story, the novel parallels Mary Shelley’s 1818 Frankenstein and exposes the truth about teaching in modern America.