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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Ember Months

    by Phyllis H. Moore
    In a story reminiscent of Alice Hoffman and Fannie Flagg, a revisit to a rural town and a previous marriage, forces a young woman, Lucy, to examine her own relationship with death and loss. Bessie, Lucy's favorite client, creates the ember months, putting her Christmas tree up in September, aware it changes the atmosphere for her disabled daughters, a young girl struggling to fit in, her reserved neighbors, and the social worker named Lucy. The eccentric, Bessie, is willing to change her world... more
  • The Book of David

    by Kate L. Mary
    Neglected by her mother, abused by her stepfather, and trapped in an oppressive cult, Willow Sands has lived the past three years with the shadow of her fifteenth birthday hanging over her. That was the day her mother handed her over to David, the son of their leader, promising her a future even more bleak than she’d ever imagined. Now, with her eighteenth birthday and the day of her wedding fast approaching, she’s almost come to accept her fate. Hope was the last thing Willow expected to fee... more
  • Teaching Frankenstein: A Cautionary Tale

    by Viktor James

    In this dark comedy about teaching, a nameless teacher struggles with continuing in his career. He winds up at a tough urban school where he decides to teach his favorite novel, Frankenstein, to see if he can stick it out. This seemingly easy task sets him on a hilarious and dark journey told through a series of profane vignettes.

    Based on a true story, the novel parallels Mary Shelley’s 1818 Frankenstein and exposes the truth about teaching in modern America.

  • The Attack Baby

    by Rebecca Paulsen
    A baby, with the help of her two ninja warrior brothers, goes up against a bear. This book is meant to be read together with lots of laughter.
  • Surprise, I Have 3 Eyes!: A Children's Book about Awakening Inner Vision

    by Jenine Lori
    Joey and his magical friends are on a journey through the enchanted forest as he uncovers how to see through his third eye. But Joey will soon find out that not everyone believes that this magic is possible. Joeys' friends will teach him that perceiving reality uniquely and holding on to his beliefs no matter how unusual is the key to understanding the power of creation.  The book focuses on building self-confidence, imagination and teaching acceptance for being different while embracing the ... more
  • Surviving the Holidays: HELL-i-DAZE

    by Olivia Michele "Miss OMG" Giacomini
    Olivia Michele "Miss OMG" Giacomini is at it again! She's back and she's treating readers to her hilarious social commentary with year-round stories in her new book: Surviving the Holidays (HELL-i-DAZE). Join her as she uncovers the truth about low expectations for romantic holidays, major backfires on April Fool's pranks, crappy birthday gifts, the insanity of the winter holidays and so much more! Time to take a little break and have a big laugh over the craziness of the holiday all ye... more
  • Formerly, Amelia

    by Michael Bassili
    Publishers, pushed out of their profession, become oil rig operators to repudiate their past lives. After Henry Hilberts and Ian Fitzroy lose their jobs at a publishing house, the duo discovers the deed to the mighty Vousa: an oil rig stationed far from the mainland. Jobless and alone, the duo decide to become amateur rigmasters, dominating the South Side sea. Lovers Anderson and Mel travel to the East Side for a vacation. Unbeknownst to them, rebels have begun to forcefully recruit citizens in... more
  • The Stranger: A Story of Romance and Intrigue

    by Eleanor Lee Gustaw

    A near-death tragedy takes a handsome stranger on a long search for his lost love where his quest eventually brings him to a lovely publisher, and back to her old way of life.


    There, mystery and intrigue follow police officer detectives, Thea and Gene Ashton, where they discover God's amazing plan unfolding through the years in an unexpectedly profound way that impacts their work to greater value than they could ever have imagined.


    Here, within the dedicated commit... more

  • All Love Prohibited

    by Anders Eklof
    "All Love Prohibited" is a dramatic story of a young, idealistic, and naïve foreigner who falls in forbidden love with an exquisitely beautiful black woman in the tense Alabama of 1961. Before arriving in the United States, he has never seen a black person face-to-face, and his reactions to her contain passions he has difficulty in understanding. He experiences love, lust, terror, hatred, and agonizing heartache as he pursues their dangerous, doomed romance. In the process, he discovers things a... more
  • Shattered Triangle

    Three friends, inseparable as children, take very different paths toward adulthood. In spite of the distances that emerge among them, they are thrust together by the tragedy of death. Each affected in different ways. Giuseppe Lozano, candidate for U.S. Senate, returns home one night to find his wife and three children mysteriously murdered. There seems to be no motive, and little evidence is left at the scene. How will this affect him and his run for office? Giovanni Lozano, a Catholic priest, i... more
  • The Cheese Stealer's Handbook

    A tale of remorse
  • Lifecycle Gates in a Christian's Life: Nehemiah 3 - Gates in a Christian's Life

    by Elizabeth Washington
    As you read, Lifecycle Gates in a Christian's Life, you will see for yourself and know what God is doing in your life. From the Sheep Gate to the Final Gate, you will know how strong you are or how weak you are with your walk with the Lord. You and the Lord, all between you and Him, with each gate will show you how strong and mighty your God is in each gate. You will desire to go further in the Lord to reach the ultimate gate, the Final gate. You are the owner of each gate. In each gate, the inv... more
  • Nana Doesn't Know Me

    by Donna M. Dube
    What is a girl to do when all her plans for a perfect summer are changed overnight? Why does everyone around her exhibit such confusing behavior? My Name is Cally is a story about a girl, her parents, and her grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. It’s about a child’s upheaval, fear and confusion, and ultimately how the family comes together to care for their loved one with kindness, love, and dignity. Tenderly told from the first-person perspective of a child, by an experienced Alzhe... more
  • The Wideawake Hat

    by Amanda Giorgis
    From the Scottish Highlands to the South Island of New Zealand, life was harsh for the early pioneers who ventured into a new land far across the seas where opportunity beckoned for those who could endure the hardships. On Boxing Day, 1848 Sophia steps ashore with her new husband, George, and begins her perilous journey inland to seek a place to call home. Her hope for the child she carries to be born in a house that they build together does indeed come true. And Sophia and George are joined by... more
  • Protector - The Final Adventure - Siam Storm #4

    by Robert A Webster

    Spock furrowed his brow while looking at his annoying mate.

    “Come on then buggerlugs, what’s your book about?”

    Stu tapped his fingers on the closed laptop looking smug, as Spock, looking irritated, asked. “Well, is it a twisty, turny, thought provoking thriller like James Patterson or John Grisham?”

    Stu puckered his brow and squinted, “Nah, not exactly,” he said and grinned.

    Spock looked miffed and sounded exasperated. “W... more

  • Doppelgänger: An American Spy on World War II France

    by E. Thomas Behr
    If you do battle with evil, sooner or later you pick up evil’s weapons yourself. Then you risk becoming what you seek to destroy. When the German army overwhelms France in June, 1940, Walter Hirsch’s safe, carefully-ordered intellectual life as a writer in Paris is shattered. A choking cloud of fear—Nacht und Nebel—settles over his beloved City of Light. He is recruited to join Bill Donovan’s fledgling American intelligence service, the OSS. The American-born son of an aristocratic Prus... more