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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper

    by Zangba Thomson
    Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper is an urban-fiction novel by Zangba Thomson that is intense as it is pointed and dark. This vivid, savvy, and altogether street-smart debut marks a bold new voice in literary fiction. The setting is South-side Jamaica, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, and home to Babita Harris, an Indian immigrant plagued with the deadly black fever disease. With a couple of months to live, her only hope of survival is a costly liver transplant. But with no health i... more
  • AnnaPolis Summers

    by Linda Heavner Gerald

    AnnaPolis Summers

    Before your eyes, this girl who considers herself a “boat nothing, Fifth Mate” (which doesn’t exist) relates her story. Obviously, the heroine is an insecure middle-schooler. Anna Polis is named after her father’s favorite town, Annapolis. James Herbert Polis thinks it funny that he calls his only daughter after a place that he loves. Abigail Hawthorne Polis, Anna's mom, is strong willed but loves her husband fiercely. She follows his lead on most issues. These excepti... more

  • Journey into Darkness: A Story in Four Parts

    by J. Arthur Moore
    As it begins, Journey follows Duane Kinkade, his parents, his dog, and his best friend, Jamie, from his father's departure to the war in the spring of 1861, through a season of uneasy calm sharing time with his friend on the family farm, into a summer of unexpected violence with the death of his mother, toward a winter of loneliness, culminating in the spring of 1862 when Duane sets out in search of his father by running away to the war. The novel goes on through two and a half years of the war,... more
  • A Bigger Piece of Blue: Stories

    by Dan T. Cox
    These compelling stories huddle around the twitching candle flame of real life. The simple, unpretentious writing turns an honest eye toward the grit and grace of ordinary people making decisions in the context of their relationships, good and bad and in between. The stories touch on love gone sideways, love rediscovered, and love everlasting. A strong sense of place, a subtle use of language, and a captivating pace (sometimes without action) dominate throughout—as do lead characters who are ric... more
  • Murder in Marrakech and Other Stories

    by shefali wardell
    6 short stories about finding inspiration. Murder in Marrakech is a walk through the city, through art, and most importantly through life. A regretful workaholic Jools roams around Muswell Hill, trying to get to the bottom of his spiritual crisis. Pumpkin goes to Marrakech to kill. Is it to late to learn to live again? There comes a time when we all have to decide.
  • Love You Dad

    by Pasquale M Palmieri
    A young talented musician. A child prodigy. The single father of a little girl, in search of his own father, of his roots, of his bearings as a man. A testosterone charged tale spanning over three continents: Australia, North America and Europe.
  • Canoe Trip

    by David Beasley
    Tim persuades his big brother Chuck to go on a canoe trip down the Saugeen River in Ontario. They have to paddle through rapids and overcome the dangers of the river. In the forest and in the towns along the way they have many great adventures. Whether they are chased by moose, trapped by bears, harried by steers, mistakenly jailed, frustrated by big yachts and a madman in a motorboat, overturned in dangerous rapids. or entranced by the stories of a hunter and an Indian chief, the boys cannot be... more
  • Running Out

    by Dave Essinger
    After a plane crash in a remote Canadian wilderness, the athlete-hero of Dave Essinger’s riveting debut novel faces the race of his life—to save his wife, his daughter, and himself. Dan’s past is fraught with sinuous turns and compelling complexity, but his present path is straight and clear: survival. We follow his every stride, sometimes as breathless as he is, as he runs toward rescue—or disaster.
  • Violet's Flight

    by David Beasley
    Japanese Armies invaded an almost defenseless Burma in 1942, sending tens of thousands fleeing over the mountains to India. They ruled the remaining Burmese, whom they boasted of liberating from British rule, with arrogance and brutality. Violet's Flight narrates the experiences of a young Anglo-Burmese girl and her relatives growing up happily under the British and their ordeal either escaping the Japanese or living under the occupation or fighting in the resistance. The battles won by the a... more
  • Rusticles

    by Rebecca Gransden
    In Hilligoss, a tired man searches for a son, a flamingo enthrals the night, and fireworks light up the lost. In these stories and more, Rusticles offers a meandering tour through backroads bathed in half light, where shadows play along the verges and whispers of the past assault daydreams of the present. Walk the worn pathways of Hilligoss.
  • anemogram.

    by Rebecca Gransden

    A young girl emerges out of the woods. David is in the middle of wrestling with an unsatisfactory existence when she enters his life. He decides to look out for the girl, but he soon discovers she may not be all she seems. Together they decide to seek out a place of safety, away from a world that could misunderstand their relationship. As their troubles come to the surface, events take a turn that will have life-changing consequences for the both of them.

  • Chocolate for the Poor

    by David Beasley
    In the Berkshires village of Windsor, Mass. in 1805, Ephraim Wheeler, an unemployed laborer, takes his 13-year old daughter Betsy into the woods and rapes her. When his wife returns from work ami learns of the rape, she calls Justice Walker for help. The Justice with a posse picks up Wheeler and turns him over to the Sheriff at Lenox where he is kept in gaol. Wheeler's fate depends upon the perceptions of his guilt by the various political factions, ind the reactions of his family, friends and ... more
  • Spiral

    by David Richard Beasley
    The decline of a prominent family owing to alcoholism and impoverishment in Hamilton Canada in the early 1850s leads to threats of suicide in 1873 when a young girl is denied her inheritance. The story is set against problems imperiling the city such as crime, cholera, financial collapse and legal malfeasance. The courage and reliability of another member of the family help rescue its reputation and contribute to the restoration of the city’s prosperity. Figures from the city’s past walk its s... more
  • Feathers, Shades, Shadows & a few Raindrops

    by Mandar Naik
    Feathers, Shades, Shadows & a few Raindrops is a poetry collection. Words... they flow through us and scatter all over the sky, like shimmering stars. And when they are touched by emotions, they come down leisurely like feathers, change their shades, some disguise in shadows like lingering past and some drizzle down with the raindrops. I have managed to collect a few of them.
  • Pebbles in the water: Short stories by Mandar Naik

    by Mandar Naik
    'Pebbles in the water' is a collection of short stories, basically based out in India . These stories basically speak about interrelationship and its complexities, today's world and the insecurities they borne.
  • Sarah's Journey

    by David Beasley
    Sarah Kinney, the daughter of her owner and of a mulatto slave living in West Virginia, marries Henry Lewis, who is thought to be free. When her owner dies and her husband captured as a runaway slave, she and her two children are abused by her new owner. She has three more children by her owners and escapes with them through Ohio to Upper Canada in 1820. She and her children in this free from slavery colony interact with white settlers and escaped slaves are threatened by bounty hunters but thri... more