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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The World's Stupidity Is Set Against the Light of Truth

    by Walter Schenck
    religious poetry revolving around Abraham, King David, and Iran
  • Hamlet, Reimagined

    by Walter Schenck

    Schenck’s version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a must reading. It is BOLD. DARING. And, a BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT play! Schenk’s version of Hamlet is precisely formatted, demonstrating a high level of creativity without wasted or superfluous scenes. 

    Though the author has taken extensive liberties with the original play, Schenck’s changes adhere to the author’s goal. The women have been given new and enhanced characteristics while Laertes, Osric, Fortinbras... more

  • Something Magical in the Soul

    by Walter Joseph Schenck. Jr.
    A masterpiece of conservative religious, political, and profound poetry, offering a multitude of subjects and styles by award-winning poet, Walter Schenck. In 2017, Walter was nominated for Florida's Humanities Literary Award.
  • Crazy Eddie

    by Thomas Jewusiak
    A book of short stories including Crazy Eddie about a young criminal who started his a career in the 1950s and Brides of Christ about the Catholic School experiences of a young boy. Wolf is a portrait of a gangster who lived in the 1920s
  • A MAN OF NO COUNTRY : A Biographical Novel: Book 5 of the Lord Byron Series

    by Gretta Curran Browne

    The Man ... The Poet ... The Legend Having left England behind him, Lord Byron arrives on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, where he meets the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Godwin and Claire Clairmont. Four young people seeking a new life.

    All are brought to life in that happy and haunted summer of true friendship, love, and story-telling; when during a period of stormy weather over the Alps, Mary writes 'Frankenstein'; and Byron writes 'The Vampyre', later pla... more

  • Arise Crusader

    by Val Jensen II

    New Edit and Title: Arise Crusader

    (First Edition Title: The People's Crusade)

    In the year 1096, the Kingdom of France is set ablaze by righteous fire. Men, women, brigand, and knight - with a promise of forgiveness of sins - answer the pope's call to retake Jerusalem. In a village along the Oise River, Anseau of Valois, a young ploughman, has defied his Church, enraged his lord, and disappointed his father. 

    A forbidden relationship... more

  • Best of All Gifts

    by Sheila M Cronin

    Jonquil Bloom, skilled gift counselor at a local department store, is raising her ten-year-old alone. The new man in her life wants them to become a family. Then, her long lost father, a veteran of the Korean War, turns up unexpectedly to make his amends. But faced with a new heartbreak, her spirit darkens, and she must undergo trial and transformation before she discovers the best of all gifts. Set in the 1990s in Southern California. Suitable for young adults, book club recommended, Best of... more

  • The Big Field:a Child's Year Under the Southern Cross (Third edition)

    by Anne Morddel
    Patterned after books of hours, "The Big Field: a Child's Year Under the Southern Cross" is a month-by-month account of life on a farm at the edge of the Atlantic Rainforest in South America. Birds, flowers, butterflies, and bugs abound in a warm and gentle story of three young children living on their grandmother’s farm and learning from her the seasonal changes and simple activities that often mirror those of children in the northern hemisphere. The subtext of the grandmother’s determination t... more
  • Hollywood Daze: a gripping and timely coming-of-age story

    by Simona Moroni

    All you need is one cut, to kill it in this town.

    UnREAL meets Bringing up baby, in this oh-so-relevant dark and wacky coming-of-age story.

    "They’re waiting at the grave. We plant the seeds ... Next year they’ll bloom, technicolor fed by darkness. Like this town." 
    Hollywood Forever Cemetery, June 2015: A freshly dug grave.
    Halloween, 2014: Mona arrives in Los Angeles. 
    <... more

  • Walking Shadows: Stories of Tragedy, Love & Triumph.

    by Chijioke Dikeocha


    Walking Shadows is a collection of nine breathtaking, compelling stories, which no doubt keeps you spellbound as you read its fascinating pages. With an uncharacteristic, innovative form of chapters, plots and characters, the author stylistically narrates his stories that are replete with satires.

          Dikeocha’s collection of compelling short fictions is an attempt to examine the complexities of “Love”, “Rela... more

  • À la Murder: The Couturière’s Tale

    by Mireille Pavane

    ‘May you gain your heart's desire.’

    Yvonne, Suzy, Jo, and Stephanie became friends over a shared affinity for misadventures, gluttony, the occasional book, and a lot of bickering. Although not entirely without intelligence or redeeming qualities, they displayed the usual giddy girlish interests in pretty things and fun, and had little else on their minds besides the blissful prospect of the upcoming Renaissance Ball and holidays. Nobody expected—least of a... more

  • Digital Spine: A Study in Business Strategy

    by Vikram Kalkat
    This is a business strategy for the digital era. It’s all about identifying the business drivers of digital revolution that’s happening all around us. DIGITAL SPINE: BUSINESS STRATEGY MODEL FOR THE DIGITAL ERA As digitisation takes hold of developed economies and new companies, business trends are appearing all around us. These trends are putting to question the conventional wisdom and business models of companies that have thrived for decades. Several of these digital themes and new age ... more
  • To Build a Home: Poetry and Prose

    by Hinnah Mian
    on learning that it is not love if it hurts you. on learning that abuse comes in many forms. on learning that you can't make a home in someone else. on learning that the most divine love there is, is self-love. on learning that to build a home starts and ends with yourself.
  • Angel Curs: The Trilogy

    by Michael Griswold
    Neanderthal Man didn't go extinct, just the truth of what this remarkable subspecies did for humans disappeared. Throughout our history, Neanderthal has had his benevolent hand in our affairs, including the creation of all our religions. Now there is just one left, the year is 2030, and planet earth is a push of a button from nuclear holocaust. Good (Neanderthal) and Evil (ISIS, Pestis, and other global characters) battle over our planet's fate. Angel Curs is told in four parallel stories from... more
  • Farewell Olympus

    by Jack Messenger

    Howard has it all – love, Paris, prospects – until an unexpected guest plunges his life into mystery and farce.

    ‘Farewell Olympus is a witty and sharply written comic novel with an engaging hero dazed and confused by almost everything, from his beautiful but enigmatic girlfriend to the fast-multiplying conspiracies to have him kidnapped, tortured and murdered. An intelligent pleasure.’ (Paul Hoffman, author of Scorn and The Left Hand... more

  • Chanting the Feminine Down

    by James C. McCullagh
    Chanting the Feminine Down is the story of Colette, who seeks the feminine in Christian tradition while wrestling with her past. Her journey is soulful and imaginative, viewing history and religion through a feminine lens. But this is dangerous territory where unconscious and demonic forces live, wage war and compete for her sanity and her soul.