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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Day I Went to Space

    by Bryson Reaume
    “Have you ever been to outer space? Well, it’s a very beautiful place.” What if you went to sleep one night and realized your bed had turned into a spaceship? Follow the adventures of a young boy who flies off to space, becomes a space cadet and explores the galaxy with old friends and new aliens. Join us as we find out what happened on The Day I Went to Space!
  • A True Story by Zack

    by Bryson Reaume
    How long can a chicken fly through the air? How do frogs drink water? Who can answer such questions? Meet Zack, an adventurer with a trusty jet-pack, who has traveled far and wide to share amazing and true facts. Full of crazy illustrations and even crazier facts, A True Story by Zack is pleasing for little and big readers alike!
  • A Simple Rock

    by Bryson Reaume
    Life is simple when you are a rock living on the river. Yet everything can change when a magical gnome visits the river and offers this simple rock anything he desires. What will he become? How will he change? And will it make him happy? Read along and find out what happens when magic wishes find A Simple Rock!
  • Dragons and Bunnies

    by Bryson Reaume
    Do you know that dragon? Do you know that bunny? In Dragons and Bunnies, we meet two animals who could not be less alike. Though they do not look or act the same, they find a way to see past their differences and share exciting adventures together. Join them as they learn that a dragon and a bunny can, in fact, be great friends!
  • The Mouse Who Lost His House

    by Bryson Reaume
    “Do you currently live in a house? Then you are luckier than this mouse.” Join us for the heartwarming tale of loss, hope and new friends. When Mouse loses his home to a tornado, a group of animals come together to help him rebuild. Along the way he makes some great new friends and learns a lot about what it means to be selfless.
  • Father Divine's Bikes

    by Steve Bassett
    FATHER DIVINE’S BIKES lays bare the dark underbelly of 1945 Newark, a city that profited greatly during World War II, but is unable to cope with the peace that brings joblessness and crime. It melds a gangster war, three murders, a gun-toting paperboy, and the numbers racket into a suspenseful tale of two altar boys adrift in a world of poverty from which there is little hope of escape. Bookies using Father Divine’s controversial movement as a front, recruit the boys to run numbers under the gui... more
  • The Centauri Settlement

    by j.d. nightingale
  • Urbantasm: The Dying City

    by Connor Coyne

    Thirteen-year-old John Bridge’s immediate plans include hooking up with an eighth-grade girl and becoming one of the most popular kids at Radcliffe Junior High, but when he steals a pair of blue sunglasses from a homeless person, it drops him into the middle of a gang war overwhelming the once-great Rust Belt town of Akawe.

    John doesn’t understand why the sunglasses are such a big deal, but everything, it seems, is on the table. Perhaps he accidentally offended the Chalks, a... more

  • From Beaton's to Beach Haven

    by William Fortenbaugh
    This book tells of a wooden catboat, called Ghost, which is 28 feet long and carries a 47 foot mast. The author collaborates with the builders at Beaton's Boat Yard, the crew that raced on Ghost and professional photographers to offer a story that is detailed, lively and inspirational. There are numerous color photos as well as hull and sail plans.
  • Mud Puddlers, a historical noir novel about how Hoover Dam opened the floodgates to organized crime in Las Vegas

    by Shaun Bailey
    William Black may be the first racketeer to ever hit Las Vegas. He isn’t content “puddling mud,” or pouring Hoover Dam's concrete. He’s more concerned with running “the Black Bank,” an underground lottery complete with runners, middle men—the works. The only thing standing in his way is Simeon Eliason, the boomtown's dictatorial mayor. But does Black fall in line? No, instead he doubles down, and the reason is simple. If Black succeeds, he may never again have to perform hard labor. But if he fa... more
  • The Centauri Settlement

    by j.d. nightingale
  • After All

    by Alan Johnson
    From Cubby’s perspective, 1968 pretty much sucked… And with two years to go before graduation, Cubby James and the group of close friends in the East Tennessee town of Lincoln, are just trying to get through it all. Along the way, they have to work through the problems and make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Struggling through the uncertainty of their teen years, AFTER ALL tells the story of teenagers in a small mountain town, dealing with the uncertainty and heartbreak ... more
  • Prophet

    by Fyodor Shaplyko
    A Russian scientist, who studies astrology, during a holiday in Egypt, meets an unusual young man. The signs indicated that the young man – Mahdi (the last successor of the Prophet Muhammad). Upon return to Moscow, a Russian, who is strongly impressed by the meeting, deepens in the study of the theme of the Mahdi. To clarify the situation, a trained person is soon sent to Egypt, who must find out who is essentially the young men met by the Russian scientist. Arrived in Egypt, a Russian is coming... more
  • The Italian Couple

    by J.R. Rogers
    An atmospheric historical thriller of subterfuge and illicit love with a menacing plot set in Mussolini's Asmara, Italian Eritrea.
  • When You Least Expect It

    by Lisa Washington
    Karyn is a journalist, preparing to start her own magazine. Her life seems uninteresting until her twin sister gets caught up in a bunch of mess and her best friend shows up, unannounced. Karyn is trying to keep it all together when two unlikely men begin to show interest in her. This is all more than she can handle. Evolution has known since he was a teenager that his path would cross with the girl of his dreams again, he just didn’t know it would so soon. He knows his heart’s desire, but tryin... more
  • When Forever's Over

    by Alan Johnson
    From 1965 to 1968, the world was turning upside down. The fabric of America was changing as the post-war baby-boomers began coming of age, demanding a place in society. Questioning authority and the beliefs of their parents became the norm. The confusion of the '60s only compounded the confusion felt by a group of young teens, growing up in a small town in the mountains of East Tennessee. It was a time when they were learning how to b a part of their small corner of the world, when they were b... more