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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mists of the Blue Ridge

    by Tecla Emerson
    Olivia lived a quiet and protected life tucked away on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was far from the great war that had been raging between the North and the South. She had little interest in the who and the why of it all, and wasn’t even sure where her sympathies lay. Then, without warning, the conflict surrounded her. At 16, she was ill prepared for the responsibilities that were thrust on her. This is her story. It’s a tale that tells of courage, determination and survival during ... more
  • Cuentos Y Canciones Para Futuras Generaciones (Tales and Songs For Future Generations)

    by Iván D. Moreno

    Tales based on songs (Written in spanish). A set of stories with humor and endearing characters in which music becomes a companion of situations ranging from melodrama and surrealism. Carlos Gardel, Green Day, Duncan Dhu and Pearl Jam are some of the referenced artists. From Bogotá to New York; from Paris to a mystic town,

  • A Place Called Schugara

    by Jewel Hart
    A story of life, death, love lost and meaning found in Schugara and beyond.
  • Getaway

    by Maureen Brady
    When Cookie Wagner snaps and stabs her abusive husband, she flees to remote Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. For a moment, she seems to have gotten away with murder. But, consigned to a secretive life with a new name and the need to be on constant alert, she faces all she has not gotten away with. She is helped by the recently widowed Mrs. Biddle, who offers her a place to stay, and the lobster fisherman Butch, who gives her a job and later falls in love with her. Walking the cliffs and beaches, takin... more
  • 978-1-54394-913-1

    by Jeff Muir
    Both hilarious and poignant, The Electrician explores the life of a boy growing up surrounded by elderly, slightly crazy relatives whose experiences were tainted by the Depression and World War II. With omnipresent religious and ethnic traditions, impending nuclear holocaust, failed romances, alcoholism and, ultimately, recovery, it's a coming-of-age tale that will resonate with anyone who grew up in the shadow of history.
  • Andersonville - The Long Journey Home

    by Tecla Emerson
    Hock snuck off in the dark of night to join the Union Army. He was too young to be part of the fighting force but now, taller than most, he easily joined their ranks. Wounded in the battle at Petersburg he was captured and sent to a Confederate prisoner-of-war camp – a camp so horrid, it is still written of today. As one more of Andersonville’s nameless inmates, he was given a number. Identified as “Unknown 9586,” he was thrown on the death cart and hauled out as one of the dead. “Unknown 9586,... more
  • Jenny Wade: A Girl From Gettysburg

    by Tecla Emerson
    It had been foolish to stay but now there was no choice. It was anyone’s guess what the outcome would be. Nothing was as it should be. Oddly, the Confederate troops were pouring in from the north and Union troops were marching in from the south. They arrived in droves. The town was not prepared for what happened during the early days of the summer, 1863. Jennie, a young local girl, did her best to keep up with the demand for bread and water and medical care for the troops. Her brothers were scat... more
  • The Letter

    by Tecla Emerson
    "My being for ever banished from your sight..." Who was this "...undutiful and Disobedient Child" who in 1756 penned a letter to her father in England? What had she done to so offend him? Why, as a well educated young girl, had she become an indentured servant? Why was she alone? In her letter, she pleads with her father to forgive her and to at least send her a bit of clothing. "...almost naked, no shoes nor stockings to wear." Here, within these pages, the mystery of Elizabeth Sprigs is reveal... more
  • Gift of the Winds

    by Tecla Emerson
    It was a lonely lighthouse, tucked far out on a peninsula. Its function was to protect the ships at sea from the treacherous shoals of coastal Maine. Jacob and Sarah had done their job well all these years: keeping the lamp lit and sounding the warning horn whenever necessary. And now, unable to help, they watched as the violence of a late winter storm took out its fury on a helpless schooner. Sailing from distant Ireland, the ship held many of the Irish immigrants who were escaping from the lin... more
  • The Oregon Trail - Pathway to the West

    by Tecla Emerson
    Maddie knew the trip wouldn't be easy. Her mother and older brother were no longer with them and Hannah, her little sister, was hers alone to care for. And Hannah was mute. Mute for reasons no one knew. It would take months to arrive at their destination. Months that would include accidents, floods, Indian attacks and disease. The losses along the trail were both huge and unexpected. Would they ever reach the West, the land of their new home? It was 1845. A small group of daring an brave pione... more
  • Silver Buckles

    by Gayle Siebert
    Lindy Jones is on a mission to find her birth father. She knows nothing about him except that he's a rodeo rider. Her mother has always said he wants nothing to do with her, but a chance sighting of a man in a cowboy hat leaving their house on the last day of The Calgary Stampede makes her doubt that. She sets out to catch up with him, even though it means sneaking out. When she discovers he left the Stampede earlier, she falls in with a group of cowboys headed to the next rodeo, telling herself... more
  • Reminds Me of My Innocence

    by Peter Kelton
    This novel traces brotherly and sisterly ties through a lifetime of misadventures, a journey into absurdity, where Alzheimer's takes the narrator. He unravels tales from that inner brain, spliced together with imagination, in a humorous delight, a complex litany of literary fiction, adventure, mystery, suspense, myth, romance and desire.
  • The Life of an Airborne Ranger: Donovan's Skirmish

    by Michael Kitz-Miller
    This is the first book in a trilogy. Book One: Donovan's Skirmish cover the early years of Jack Donovan who, without funds to continue his college degree, with the draft in effect leaves school and ends up enlisting as a private in the army. The first book will follow his early years as an enlisted man then a non-commissioned officer with two tours in Vietnam. Jack continues to distinguish himself and is awarded the Medal of Honor for heroic actions during his second tour. He is seriously wounde... more
  • Wembly

    by Gayle Siebert
    It's tough being a tomboyish seventeen year old girl. Even worse when your friends have moved on to other interests and you're still horse crazy. When Lisa Rogney becomes the target of bullies and her once-friends not only don't help but are part of the problem, she realizes she has to change at least some of her ways in order to fit in. Can she do that? Should she?
  • Merry Christmas Tabitha Tinker

    by Daniel Fleischhacker

    Tabitha Tinker is ten yrs old and loves Christmas except for the annual visit of her cousin, Melvin. He is a spoiled brat. He has no boundaries and seemingly no regrets for the damage he does. He pours perfume on Tabitha's cat, he gets his head stuck in the railings of the stairway, he breaks an expensive Swiss music box clock, and destroys precious ornaments on the Tinker's tree. When Tabitha finds out he has a terminal disease, her attitude toward him changes. It's very funny. a... more

  • Wembly

    by Gayle Siebert
    Being a teenager can be difficult. It's even more difficult when you're a tomboyish seventeen-year-old who loves horses and your friends have gone on to other interests. When Lisa becomes the target of bullies and her once-friends not only won't help but are part of the problem, it seems she will have to change to fit in. Even if it means becoming someone she isn't. Can she do that? Should she do that?