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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Here Comes Ingo

    by odeta xheka
    Created by Odeta Xheka, Here Comes Ingo is a great example of the benefits of art in early childhood development. This unique picture book encourages children to switch seats with the illustrator via painting, coloring and drawing directly ON the page in order to tap into their creativity and let the imagination soar. The book presents the multi-layered tale of Ingo, a scarlet macaw who drifts off to sleep while sitting on her eggs and dreams of flying into the lush tropical rain forest she ca... more
  • Love & Daisies

    by Jennifer L Rowlands
    Ella has spent her life in a small town surrounded by loyal friends, the scent and beauty of her floral shop, and calm predictability. Everything changes when she runs over a newcomer in town. The usually level-headed businesswoman falls clumsily into a future she couldn’t have predicted, and finds herself entangled with a past never forgotten. Despite her resistance, Ella tumbles through romance and comedy into the arms of the man she never imagined she'd find.
  • Found Objects

    by Peter Gelfan
    Aldo Zoria, a successful commercial photographer, lives with his wife and their lover in a happy household that includes the lover’s two young children. Domestic bliss shatters when an unexpected guest arrives and threatens to turn their world upside down. Found Objects is a novel about the struggle between values and instincts, ideas and reality, whom we strive to become and whom we were born to be.
  • Monkey Temple

    by Peter Gelfan
    A coming-of-old-age adventure Two longtime best friends and rivals, determined to "not go gentle into that good night," set off on a final road trip. Their efforts to face past failures and give meaning to their dwindling futures change their lives forever but not at all as they had envisioned. It's a buddy story with strong female characters and plenty of dark humor as the dreams of youth collide with the realities of a life lived.
  • Kindred Spirits

    by Kevin Christopher Brown
    Topher and Skibby are well on their way to freedom after a desperate escape from their ancient cotton plantation--until catastrophe strikes. What begins as a journey of hope and optimism quickly turns to disaster as their chance at freedom disintegrates into a choice between slavery or death ... until the timely intervention of a Seminole war party separates the brothers and triggers a chain of events that sets them on perilous new journeys during the Seminole Wars. Kindred Spirits is a thril... more
  • Pet Peeves

    by Diane Michaels
    Can the queen of amnesia and a stand-up comedian turn a failed soap opera into a hit TV show? Kendra Lewis-Frost, a daytime drama writer, unintentionally came up with the idea for a sitcom about veterinarians. Austen Hughes, a comedian, is desperate to land a steady gig, even on a daytime drama. Madeline Puri, a late addition to the cast, may be the answer to everyone’s dreams. Well, almost everyone’s dreams. Life behind the scenes is a minefield of egos, opinions, and romantic distractions as t... more
  • The Painted Cross

    by Hunter Dennis
    France, 1788. The winds of change are blowing, and all can feel the air upon their skin. This is the time of the Heirlooms, the age where the two mysteries, the Cross and the Song, are created. The priceless necklace, the Cross of Nantes, lost to the Traversier family in 1759, has reappeared in their ancestral home - on the neck of the girl hit by Xavier’s carriage. Her name is Estelle Guerrier. Legally white, from Saint-Domingue, she will affect all those in her wake, awakening passion, envy,... more
  • Disposable

    by Nicole Saunders, Esq.
    In DISPOSABLE, college student Annalyn Winston is desperate to get out of debt. She finds unusual but high-paying work as a surrogate for a wealthy, barren couple. All goes well for a time, with Winston installed in a lovely house and her student loan debt decreasing each month. All goes well, that is, until a routine medical test reveals that the unborn baby has a potentially devastating birth defect. Told in three narrative voices—those of Annalyn Winston; Gerline Caslon, her counterpart a... more
  • Blind Walls

    by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
    A house of haunted ghosts: it's horror in a sense, but not so much of the "horror genre" as of the small daily torments to which our choices lead us. Based on the enticing legend of the Winchester “Mystery” House—a labyrinthine edifice built by a guilt-ridden armaments heiress—the story is seen through a blind man’s eyes. Raymond Smolett, a veteran tour guide on the verge of retirement, leads his final hour’s gaggle of gawkers through the monstrous maze. For the first time in thirty years, he b... more
  • As the Winds Change

    by Christie Leigh Babirad
    If you were given one more chance to talk with someone who passed away, what would you do? What would you say? When April Miller’s estranged childhood best friend, Johnny, is killed in a car accident, April is confronted with his spirit as she’s heading to work one day, making the phrase, “It’s never too late,” all the more poignant.
  • Lancelot Bottomley the Reluctant Knight

    by Terence Goodchild
    This is the story of a boy named Lancelot Bottomley from the concept of his birth down the birth canal to the christening, and how in his own words he lives with his silly name his parents have given him, on account his mother had the hots for Richard Gere in the film ( The First Knight). It tells the story through his eyes and words of his experiences going to infant school then on to secondary school and how he had to put up with the taunts and innuendos regarding his name and then puberty an... more
  • The Surgion's Mate

    by Dr Gerald Stulc
    The Surgion's Mate is a sweeping historical fiction novel of adventure, intrigue and romance, taking place during the Napoleonic War. Our hero, Jack Swift, is a lowly surgeon's assistant in the English Navy, an orphan who escaped the Great Terror in France as a child. His ambitions drive him to take on an espionage assignment in France, where he becomes embroiled in Napoleon's land war at the risk of his own life. In the process, he learns the meanings of duty, courage, and responsibility, and f... more
  • The Big Book of Genre Stories

    by Dale T. Phillips
    Here are five books combined into one big volume of stories, thirty tales in different genres. Strange new worlds and encounters with the unusual, in stories from light to dark. Some to make you laugh, some to make you think, and some to scare you. Dip into the Big Book for a taste of monsters, mayhem, myth, magic, and murder. Crime and Mystery Science Fiction Horror Fables and Fantasies Magic Realism/Paranormal
  • The Train, A Pilgrim Odyssey

    by Allan Ramsay
    A train headed for Hell with all humanity on board, most seemingly oblivious to their fate. The train's ruling elite use the Communications Centre to broadcast fake news, but they are influenced by sinister spiritual forces. An ancient document called The Message offers the only alternative. It tells of a great King, Victor Love, who will one day rule the Earth, making King's City His capital city and bringing world peace. Most dismiss The Message as naive hate speech. Those who beli... more
  • Jack's Awesome Adventure: Summer Camp Chronicles

    by Dr. Peter J. Isikwe
    In this second edition of the educational book series, Jack learns how to make a new friend. On this adventure he and Mike have an awesome time while at summer camp. The two instantly forged a bond over baseball and ice cream. For friendships to grow Jack had to give it time and patience. Jack wasn’t scared anymore, and he couldn’t wait to see what was in store for his next awesome adventure with his new friend
  • Momma, Do You Remember When You Asked Jesus Into Your Heart?

    by Kathy Banks
    Children & parents may dread bedtime, but Brian can show you that bedtime can be the best time for a great conversation. Brian was always asking questions right at bedtime. One day he had a question that was the best question. It just had to be answered right then. So Mom sat with him and told him how she came to believe in Jesus as her Savior. Let's find out how the story goes.