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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sport It!

    by Pria Dee
    Bop it sock it roll and rock it! Jump and slam-dunk it! What’s your sport? From basketball to yoga to rock climbing to paddle boarding, this rhyming picture book celebrates a variety of ways to stay active and have fun moving! Lively, playful dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes, also capture the spirit of sport for young kids. A fun read-out-loud book about all the sports a child can play to stay fit, and healthy.
  • Things to See in Arizona

    by Mary Vensel White
    Tuesday Mayes has always felt like she was meant for more than the desert she's lived in her whole life. With the summer after high school graduation upon her, she is eager to start a new chapter despite a recent health diagnosis. But when her father goes missing, she must confront a reality she's not ready to face. Enter Cristian Robles, childhood friend and long-time crush. When he offers to accompany her on a journey across Arizona to find her father—if they visit supernatural locations fr... more
  • My Perfectly Imperfect Summer: Growing Up in the Age of Fireflies

    by Sandra Brown Lindstedt
    If you loved the multi-award-winning book Life of a Firefly, then you will be amazed by the sequel, which is a stand-alone adventure for young adults of all ages. This romantic coming-of-age story is sure to win your heart as you read about teenage heroine Sandy Forte and her dreams of the perfect summer full of fun, sun, and boys. When she arrives in Texas from Chicago, her vacation begins innocently with joyful adventures and first-time romances. But everything could be ruined when she and ... more
  • When Cardinals Appear

    by Katie Eagan Schenck

    She has a promise to keep. But when her plans are thrown into a tailspin, will a persistent red bird show her how to let her dreams take flight?

    Lanie McAllister is ready to move on. Wrestling with her mom’s death, the young woman just wants to settle the estate and soar off for good to her boyfriend in California—far away from painful memories. But she suspects the lucky cardinal she keeps seeing is trying to send a message when a flat tire puts her back in... more

  • Voyage of the Pleiades

    by Amy Marie Turner
    Botanist Linnea Wren journeys across the world to the magical island of Chiloé; will she realize her dreams of botanical discovery, or will romance and her murder investigation draw her closer to becoming the next victim?
  • in search of lost time

    by Kartikey maurya
  • Beast Mom

    by Kim Imas

    An Oregon mom is about to lose her $#!t.

    It might be what the government’s been waiting for.

    On the outside, Harriet “Harry” Lime is a typical American mom. But after years of packing all the lunches and picking up all the socks, she’s become a bit…off on the inside. And after stumbling upon the offensive new statue at her daughter’s school, she gets unusually angry and turns into a gigantic mons... more

  • The Fireweed Moon

    by Barbara J. Dzikowski
    Willow Trudeau has lost her mojo, her career as an artist in New York City is floundering, and she decides to pick up and move to the small town of Weeping Willow, Ohio where her father, Leon Ziemny, still lives. When she arrives, she finds he has a houseguest, a stranger from her late grandmother’s past, who’s on a mission to find his murdered pastor brother’s long-missing Bible, a treasured family heirloom passed down from slave times. Amid the cultural uncertainties of 2017 America, as the t... more
  • Starlight

    by Becky Hemsley
    Sometimes the magic we have inside can only be seen by those with an open mind and heart. Dandelion is a boy who carries magic in his pot. Some can’t see that magic, however, they just see a boy who doesn’t seem to belong. He’s different and that makes some people feel uncomfortable. But there are others who see his sparkle, they can see that what makes him different is also what makes him magical. By opening their hearts and minds, they see the true wonder he holds, and by doing so recognise t... more
  • Breathe

    by Becky Hemsley
    A girl is faced with the challenges of trying to 'be' what others expect of her. She's either too loud or too quiet, too fierce or too weak ... Until it's all too much. So she finds a special place to express her feelings, to regain her sense of self, and to ... breathe.
  • The Blizzard's Secrets

    by DJanée

    Something is not right in the peaceful community of Taliver, and Daia knows it. But there’s more at stake than she realizes.
    An enjoyable quick read. A suspenseful young adult dystopian novella filled with plot twists and cliff-hangers that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

    Taliver is a peaceful community. After rigorous training and relentless hard work under the studious mentorship of Taliver’s Seer, Daia is entering a new stage in her life and preparing for he... more

  • I'm Going on a Trip: Layla's First Flight

    by Danielle Nowell
    Layla, a 6-year-old, is getting ready for her very first flight as she is going on a trip. Will you come along as she gets ready and goes on an airplane for the first time? While traveling can be fun, many kids will experience an airplane for the first time and not know what to expect. This book is designed to help lessen the anxiety of something new, by going step by step through what can be expected when going on a trip, and having to take an airplane for the first time.
  • Life Lessons of Lucy Lu

    by Gwen Kelly

    Mama, wait!  You forgot me! Please don’t go Mama! Please don’t leave me here!” Lucy Lu cried out. “Why are you leaving me?”

    OH, NO! Even though Lucy Lu was an adorable, happy puppy who loved to be with people, her Mama abandoned her at an animal shelter!  After a cold and scary night outside at the shelter, Lucy Lu was welcomed in by the nice lady that worked there, and she met a new dog friend that taught her how to be a good dog and get adop... more

  • Just Enough

    by Ranee Taylor
    Uncover the heartwarming adventure of Elenor the Bunny as she learns to treasure what matters most. Elenor is a curious and playful patchwork bunny who loves her treasures but struggles with keeping them organized. When her beloved blanket goes missing in the mess of her room, Elenor is heartbroken. With the help of her family, Elenor discovers the importance of taking care of what she loves the most. Just Enough is an inspiring story about family, responsibility, and the joy of finding wh... more
  • Blaze Union and the Puddin' Head Schools

    by W.T. Kosmos

    Dear Courageous Reader,

    I’m shocked to report that powerful knuckleheads have divided Island Nation, stoked extreme school rivalries between the Puddin’ Heads and Sweeties, and created ludicrous school rules. Students are required to wear MegaCorp Frames and only read MegaCorp books (all other books have been banned). In class, students attempt to survive bootstraps, spoon helmet, dodge rod, and dynamite combat training. And get this: Students with large hands are not allowe... more