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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Map of the Edge

    by David T. Isaak

    1969. Southern California.

    For fifteen-year-old Rick Leibnitz, the whole world is on the horizon —just out of reach. Abandoned by his mother to the care of his abusive father, he quashes his dreams in favor of survival. But when an attempt to protect a friend goes wrong, Rick lands in juvie. Emerging from his incarceration, he finds an unlikely ally.

    Free spirited teenager Lincoln Ellard is on a mission to expand the minds of all he meets. When the discovery... more

  • EbeSNEEZEr Scrooge

    by Alexis Beck
    There’s more to the classic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge, the Christmas curmudgeon...Full of descriptive vocabulary, enchanting illustrations, and scientific problem solving, this holiday tale will make you smile, laugh and appreciate an alternate perspective of the timeless story.
  • Cate and the Garden Bandits

    by Betsy Coffeen
    Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Cate the butterfly! One day, while lost in a daydream, Cate finds herself in the middle of a mystery. The flower petals in her garden are missing, and she can't figure out what happened. But when she comes face-to-face with a bumblebee, everything changes. At first, Cate is frightened by the bumblebee's size and unfamiliar appearance. But soon, she discovers that this mysterious creature is on a mission to protect his family. With stunning illu... more
  • The Little Ghost and the Little Witch

    by Isla Wynter
    When a witch appears outside Layla’s castle, the little ghost doesn’t know what to do. Witches are said to be scary and evil. But the little witch needs help… Will Layla be able to follow her heart and aid the witch – and maybe make a friend in the process? An adorable children’s picture book about friendship, not just for Halloween.
  • Second Choices

    by June Wright
    Uncover the emotional journey of one woman's search for love, acceptance, and the place where she truly belongs. Elise's life has been marked by a relentless pursuit of belonging. An adoptee who always felt like a second choice, she believed she had finally found her place when she fell in love with and married Evan. Little did she know that Evan carried his own powerful demons, ones that would nearly destroy her when she summoned the courage to confront them. The tragic aftermath left her ov... more
  • Things We Do For Love

    by Vered Neta
    Daisy Bach, a therapist, has always been certain that she did not want to have children. Her childhood experiences with an overbearing and controlling mother, Verity, who tore the family apart, further cemented this decision. However, at the age of forty-five, Daisy finds herself reconsidering this choice. Unfortunately, her decision to try and conceive is complicated by her mother's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. With strained family relationships, Daisy faces the daunting task of caring... more
  • Tinder for my Housefire

    by Cassie Fritsche
    Tinder for my Housefire" is a compilation of poetry and prose written over the span of a decade. Each poem was written to express the deepest emotions and thoughts associated with depression, bipolar disorder, love, grief, marriage, and everything else life throws at you. If you are reading this, I hope you don’t feel as alone anymore. I believe poetry can weave together stories between people like a tapestry. Some say suffering is the human condition, but I believe overcoming the obstacles of l... more
  • 9798868907746

    by Jackie Galgey
    Let’s go to Crazy World! Gwen and Gabby are spending the day at an amusement park with their parents. There is so much to do! But when faced with the biggest, baddest rollercoaster of them all, Gwen loses her courage. Will Gwen be able to overcome her fears and take the ride of her life? Find out in this fun and exciting story about cotton candy, river rides and rollercoasters. It promises to be the ride of a lifetime!
  • 9798868931666

    by Jackie Galgey
    Everything is going wrong… Gwen and Gabby love Halloween. They have spent ages finding just the right costumes to wear while Trick-or-Treating. But when only Gabby’s outfit is delivered, Gwen fears the worst. Will Gwen’s costume come in time for Halloween? Find out what happens in this sweet story of compromise, candy and the joys of sharing. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!
  • 9798868939396

    by Jackie Galgey
  • The Fart Brigade: A Tale of Passing Wind and Lasting Friendships

    by Sherri Eri
    Hold Your Breath! Meet a new breed of superheroes. Three puppies and three kittens strong, they keep the animals at Windy Vale National Park safe. Gas what their superpower is! Big hint: they call themselves The Fart Brigade. In this tale filled with toots, whenever any animal in the humongous park gets into trouble, all they have to do is holler and The Fart Brigade rushes to their rescue. But … disaster! Enemies have discovered the secret to the Brigade’s weakness. And soon, the B... more
  • Ferald

    by Keith Williams

    An upbeat and unruly ferret is ready for an adventure! With his new companion Birzy, Ferald embarks on a journey into the unknown. Along the way, they meet many interesting characters, such as Mr. Wiggly, who offers them a scrumptious tea and toast. Join Ferald and Birzy on their journey as they learn the true meaning of adventure and appreciate the beauty of nature.

  • Avi Loves Idli

    by Swathi Avadhani
    Join young Avi as he begins his day with an eager appetite and a love for idlis. In this delightful children's book, "Avi Loves Idli," written by Swathi Avadhani, young readers embark on a delightful food adventure alongside Avi. As Avi dives into his delightful meal, the reader is taken on a journey of flavors and tastes. The idlis are accompanied by the traditional condiments of chutney and sambar, enhancing the gastronomic experience. The vibrant illustrations bring the story to life, capt... more
  • The BharatCal Chronicles

    by K Kailash
    "The BharatCal Chronicles" takes you on a whirlwind journey through the birth, rise, and eventual fall of a nation like no other. When the United States grinds to a halt, a group of ambitious NRIs, backed by India's political powerhouse, seize the moment to carve out their own sovereign state: BharatCal. But as Silicon Valley becomes the heart of this new world, power struggles, cultural clashes, and international intrigues ensue. The entry of Manvendra Sodi, India's charismatic leader sets t... more
  • Maya and Waggers: I Have to Scoop What?

    by W.T. Kosmos

    For generations on Island Nation, the Puddin’ Heads have despised the Sweeties and lived without dogs. But after a shipload of dogs and puppies arrives, the Puddin’ Heads race to buy these creatures despite having no clue how to care for them. When the Union family can’t take their new puppy, Waggers, on a trip, Maya, her best friend Lily, and Waggers stay with dreaded Uncle Puddin’ Head. But Lily is a Sweetie, Maya refuses to scoop poop, and her uncle really, really c... more

  • Pirates of the Wild West: A Time Travel Sea Adventure with a Western Twist

    by Bryan Cantrell
    1718 the infamous pirates of the Caribbean meet secretly in Nassau harbor on Blackbeard’s prized ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Caught in the clutches of a tempestuous storm, their lives take an unimaginable turn when a time vortex whisks them away to the year 1873, casting their ship into the depths of San Francisco Bay. Prepare to set sail on a thrilling fusion of history and fantasy as the Golden Age of Piracy collides with the untamed spirit of the Wild West! In Pirates of the Wild Wes... more