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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • River of Angels (Generations of Secrets) (Volume 1)

    by Abbe Rolnick
    When a prostitute is beaten on a Caribbean Island, no one realizes that this seemingly minor event will light a fuse to blow apart the old, corrupt social order. Pursuing healing for the wounded young woman and for other poor workers, members of the community become targets of ruthless entrepreneurs planning to reap big profits while despoiling the island’s rich environment. MEET: Monica, a prostitute by choice, controls every aspect of her life and her bordello, until her world crumbles. Rosie,... more
  • Nature Photography: A Fun Activity Guide (with Knowledge Expanding Crosswords and Word Searches)

    by Michael Fleming
    Explore nature, and know some fun facts accompanied with beautiful photos.
  • Me, G, and the Locust Tree

    by Clay Anderson

    Most of us have that one special tree we remember from childhood.

    It was the perfect castle or spaceship or fort or quiet reading spot. In this heartwarming story, a dad shares his memories of his favorite tree as a child, and helps his own children make their own memories.

    "And now I get to bring joy to your kids.
    They can't wait to see me.
    I get to hold them in my branches.
    Play with them.
    Swing them until they burst out laughin... more

  • The Great Appalachian Trail Race

    by Charles Ricciardi
    The Great Appalachian Trail Race tells the dramatic story of a fierce competition to traverse the entire 2,160 mile woodland journey in the fastest possible time. Among the hundreds vying for the cash prize, the three contestants go head to head: a former collegiate track star recovering from serious injury, a self-serving celebrity athlete and a young woman who knows them both, and has a secret motivation to win. Racing across a rugged landscape, they will all be forced to exert their every ou... more
  • The cursed girl

    by Maria Vermisoglou
    Sixteen-year-old Eva is a witch who lived in Spain, in the year 1230. She met a boy named Jonathan who would become her whole world. Everything was normal until she was faced with challenges that will change her life forever. As a healer, her job is to help people, but there are forces that will try to prevent that. There is a war coming and Eva and her friends must do everything they can to survive. Can they fight their way against the dark forces that are surrounding them? Her wits a... more
  • Jack, The Weightless Boy

    by Adam Brown
    An illustrated tale of a boy named Jack, who was born curiously weighing nothing. Nil, naught, nada, zero, zip, zilch, diddly-squat...absolutely NOTHING! Walking on walls, sailing with gusts of wind, Jack learns quickly that such a gift comes with not only its own challenges, but life obstacles as well. All Jack wants in this world is to just be himself.
  • Mario's Notebook

    by Mary Atkinson
    Ten-year-old Mario must flee El Salvador during the Salvadoran Civil War with Mamá and little brother Nico after his journalist father is killed. As Mario struggles to adapt to his new life in the United State, he must also come to terms with the decisions his father made that left him fatherless and illegal in a new country. "A compelling, well-crafted, emotionally resonant tale." Kirkus Reviews
  • Legacy: Episode I: The Search for Love

    by Robert Maxxim
    Legacy, a novel 30 years in the making, is a futuristic story of mankind's previous sojourns through this and countless worlds as experienced by the author. It describes one man's incredible journey through several lifetimes as far back as a million years, his blunders and triumphs, and the many worlds and places where these took place. The novel highlights advanced scientific and spiritual concepts, written in lyrical romantic prose. But most of all, it is a powerful love story deeply rooted in... more
  • Tuskegee Airmen WWII Fighter Pilots: : The Story of an Original Tuskegee Pilot, Lt. Col. Hiram E. Mann

    by Dr. Patrick Coggins
    This book honors the Tuskegee Airmen - African American pilots known as the "Red Tails," who never lost escorted bombers during World War II. These decorated pilots overcame the prejudicial conclusion of the 1925 War Department Study that "blacks cannot fly a complex airplane." Eleanor Roosevelt, who was flown by a black Tuskegee pilot, dispelled these myths along with their success during WWII. Two issues are clarified: 1) the Tuskegee Pilots never lost a bomber they escorted during WWII, and 2... more
  • The Nautilus Legacy

    by Lewis Crow
    The stunning revelation that his father became none other than the infamous Captain Nemo shakes a young man's world to its foundation. This fictional memoir recounts his life after a tragic war destroys his family and nearly kills him. Learning the truth about his father years later compels him to make a difficult choice: will he keep his comfortable but unspectacular middle-class Victorian existence or forsake everything to continue Nemo's work of exploring the seas and aiding the oppressed? ... more
  • The Black Child

    by Christopher Perkins
    When a family of slaves escapes their plantation, an army of white riflemen chased them leading them into a cabin. Inside the cabin, they were trapped. Surrounded they were, the cabin torched leaving no escape for the family trapped inside. Abraham, the father, does all he can to protect his loved ones. So, they hide in a closet. But, the moment they face a sudden change in time things starts to get very weird. This family strong and brave discovered something about their newborn son that wil... more
  • Rational Creatures

    by Christina Boyd


    “But I hate to hear you talking so, like a fine gentleman, and as if women were all fine ladies, instead of rational creatures. We none of us expect to be in smooth water all our days.” —PERSUASION

    Jane Austen: True romantic or rational creature? Her novels transport us back to the Regency, a time when well-mannered gentlemen and finely-bred ladies fell in love as they danced at balls and rode in carriages. Yet her heroines, such as Elizabeth Bennet, Anne Elliot, and Elinor Dash... more

  • Vincent and The Dissidents

    by Christopher Locke

    What would you do if you saw someone committing unimaginable acts of cruelty? Turn the other way or defend those in need—no matter the cost?

    That’s the dilemma thrust upon Persimmon, a clever and compassionate raccoon, and her loyal forest friends in “Persimmon Takes On Humanity”—Book One of the YA series, The Enlightenment Adventures. Instantly, the courageous critters spring into action, risking their own lives to rescue any animal they see suffering at t... more

  • The Tao Of Apathy

    by Thomas Cannon
    Who are the employees of St Jude’s Medical Center? You already know them. You work with them. Come take a madcap meeting with them anyway and see how and why they leave common sense behind as the new hospital administrator William Petty changes everything. He adjusts associated staffing levels (fires people) and increases workloads (sometimes for the fired people). He even limits Father Chuck to added-value duties. In response, the employees begin to form bad habits and a union. Howeve... more
  • I Love You For You

    by Heather Lester

    "You be who you're meant to be, and I'll love you for you." A child might be different from their parent in a lot of ways,
    but a parent's love is unconditional.

    I Love You For You celebrates the fun a parent and child have when they embrace what makes each other different.

  • Invasions on Hickory Road

    by Jim Delay
    Invasions on Hickory Road is a mystical yet insightfully comic story of dark intrusions that come to a sunny suburban neighborhood. When the families on Hickory Road learn about a home invasion in the next town, their first frightened impulse is to arm themselves against outside attackers. What they don’t realize is that invasions can come from inside their neighborhood as well as from outside, and that they are already endangered by the unknown secrets of Hickory Road itself. Most dangerous o... more