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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • COTTONBLOOD An American Saga

    by S.P. Zelinsky (Pen name)
    COTTONBLOOD: an allegorical, weighty word created to title the acrimonious business dealings in the production of America’s chief commodity in the 1800s. \t This saga chronicles the decades leading into the Civil War from two disparate perspectives; one privileged the other shackled, but both murderous and living under assumed identities. The bigotry, bitterness and hateful prejudice of the era that nearly spelled the end of a great nation serve as the backdrop for these complex tales of a fug... more
  • The House of Baric Part Three: Widows and Weddings (The House of Baric Trilogy Book 3)

    by Jillian Bald
    Mauro and Resi's story comes full circle in this third and final part to the House of Baric trilogy. But circles are not always smooth. It will be a jarring realization when the Barics' happily ever after fades like a sunset over the Adriatic. Enter The House of Baric for one last visit to learn how it all ends.
  • The House of Baric Part Two: A Brother's Defense (The House of Baric Trilogy Book 2)

    by Jillian Bald
    Part Two of this fast-paced tale of aristocratic life in the 17th century Venetian Empire begins where Part One left off: the mercenaries arrive in Solgrad to visit Resi and her new husband, Baron Mauro Baric. You’ve met the colorful characters of the House of Baric, witnessed their loyal bonds of friendship, watched their willing romances, and wondered what other family secrets will be revealed. Mauro’s buried pain can no longer be ignored. In Part Two: A Brother’s Defense, he must fac... more
  • The Wrong Side of Twenty Five

    by Dionne Abouelela
    Blossom Springtime Weatherby Franklin doesn't know much, but she does know that she's tired of life in a small town. The unraveling of a lifelong lie sends her packing, fleeing as far as she can from her mother and her string of live in uncles. Even if she only has what's left in her childhood piggy bank and one beat up rebel of a car stuffed to the brim with broken suitcases and trashbags, Blossom is determined to go the distance and start fresh far from the corn fields and familiarity of s... more
  • The House of Baric Part One: Shields Down (The House of Baric Trilogy Book 1)

    by Jillian Bald
    The Barics' tale begins with "The House of Baric Part One: Shields Down". Marriage matches for the Venetian nobility were not preordained by God in heaven. They were skillfully negotiated by fathers looking to enhance their own prestige and wealth. A young lady could overlook petty shortcomings in her future husband, if he were rich, held a title, and was easy on the eyes. The young Baron Mauro Baric was such desirable yet flawed match. Mauro was the last of the House of Baric, and he... more
  • A Little Noble

    by Janet R. Macreery

    Stranded in the wilds of 1694 Scotland, 13-year-old Mercy must rely on Calum, a duty-bound Highland lad. As they trek through the rough terrain they need Calum's knowledge of the Scottish Highlands and Mercy's skills with nature to finish Mercy's mission by midsummer. She must deliver a cryptic message to a Scottish nobleman and secretly hopes she will learn about the family she never knew. Their journey takes Mercy places she had never imagined and Calum back to the one place he ... more

  • Lake Effect

    by Nicole Tone
    After the death of her fiance, Sophie Daniels is struggling to keep herself together. Painting is the only way she’s able to clear her head and stay grounded. For her art isn’t a hobby—it’s her religion. With a semester away from finishing graduate school, she knows that, despite her loss, things are going to get better. In fact, her thesis advisor has even taken a special interest in her. Sophie’s convinced that she’s found the mentor that she’s been looking for. When he shows he’s interested i... more
  • Run with the Wolves: Volume One: The Pack

    by Terry Tombs
    It is the fifteenth century, and three kingdoms are caught up in the dire conflicts of their time. As the possibility of a peaceful resolution provides hope that a decade-long war will finally end, no one realizes that dark forces are waiting to invoke chaos as a full moon rises. On a farm nestled beneath the Euralene Mountains along the western border of Medinia, young Willie works for the Smythes as a serf. One moonlit evening when the Smythes are gone to a neighboring village, Willie hears th... more
  • Am I Black or Am I White?

    by Norman Whaler

    *** AWARD WINNER ***

    Tara's mother was Black and her father was White. But she didn't look Black or White! Some kids didn't like that and made Tara cry. So, what does God say about it?

    (Racism, Bi-racial, Being Different, Multiculturalism, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Christian Perspective, Picture Book, Spanish Edition Avaiable)

  • JACK

    by Norman Whaler

    *** Award Winner ***

    Jack had the measles and had to stay home. But, no TV or video games? Now, what was he going to do? (Imagination, Children's Book Classics, Early Reading)

  • The Tiny Tree

    by Norman Whaler

    *** AWARD WINNER ***

    The Tiny Tree was brand new to the forest and wanted to be friends with everyone! But why didn't the Big Trees like her? All the trees find out that being different can sometimes be a GOOD thing!

    (Being Different, Racism, Bullying, Christian Perspective, Picture Book)

  • From Everywhere to here

    by Brent Kollock
    Is love possible? A journal of photos and poetry recounting the wanderings of a romantic pessimist in search of love, its meaning, or even its existence. First in a series, after all, love and wandering are compulsive acts.
  • Goodnight, Oregon

    by B.K. Froman

    In 1997. any visitor to Rain, Oregon would find long-buried mysteries, crazy neighbors, a convent, a buffalo, a jailbird, and a sky full of beckoning stars.

    Sophia Bolton can’t wait to get out of the place.

    At twenty-six, she dreams of saving humanity by traveling to the stars. She also considers herself the master of work-arounds. After all, she’s escaped her sloth-thinking community several times, but family screwups—death, alcohol, stupidity, ... more

  • Women and Thieves Of Two Pan (Two Pan Series Book 3)

    by B.K. Froman
    A National Willa-Award Winner. Belle Chere is looking for a man—even though she has nothing but loathing for the guy. It has nothing to do with her colorful youth. She's paid for those stunts. Yet, her stubborness makes her a fool. By misjudging a man with a grudge, she's s served a cold slice of revenge. Whit no faith in the sheriff, who she's known since he was in diapers, she plans to stop the man who is destroying her safety. To disguise her search for him, she joins the Ladies Mountain... more
  • The Lights of Two Pan (Two Pan Series Book 2)

    by B.K. Froman
    It's sort of a relief to have Ox Woolsey dead. That's not something his son, Jiggs, says out loud, but most folks in the fizzled-out town of Two Pan already know each other's business. Now Jiggs if free to grow his Oregon land, his cattle, and his frequently funny ideas to the Bonanza-big size of his childhood dreams—until the outsider arrives. Dr. Richard Jarmin frames the stunning landscape of the Eagle Cap Mountains in dollar signs, a perfect site for vacation cabins, and he's actively orga... more
  • Genesis Too, A resolution of creationists and evolutionist beliefs in the creation of the Universe

    by Rob Ransone
    Perhaps everyone, at one time or another, has pondered about how the Universe and all of its life forms came into existence. Creationists believe this was God. Evolutionists believe this was a Supreme Power. Agnostics believe that God is unknown and probably unknowable, and are not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god. And atheists believe that all of this incredibly complicated Universe of solar systems, and diverse plant, animal, and human life jus... more