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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Fireweed: Seeking Hope in the Ashes of Tragedy

    by Janet Stobie
    The secure life of Renee Grenville crumbles when a drunk driver kills her Mom. Consumed by her grief, she's skipping school and avoiding her friends. Home becomes a battleground of daily fights with her dad, Steve. When a stalker turns her telephone into a tool of terror, she feels totally lost and alone. Follow Renee and Steve as they search for new life. Join Renee on her faith journey from a "Mr. Fix-it"God who has failed her, to a "companion" God who walks with her through life's pain.
  • Pride, Prejudice, and Personal Statements

    by Mary Pagones

    "A fresh, (not-so) Clueless teen's-eye view of college admissions!" Rosewood South high school senior and Jane Austen superfan Elisa "Liss" Tennant just wants to study literature at a small liberal arts college. But as difficult as securing a marriage to a man with a large fortune may have been during the Regency, the college admissions marketplace of the twenty-first century may prove to be even more perilous to navigate... Warning: Some mild sexual references and sal... more

  • Heaven's Sky

    by Jan Cline
    It's 1935. Clarissa Wilding and her family are battling the ravages of the relentless drought and dust storms on the Kansas plains. Conflicting advice from the local charismatic pastor and a mysterious stranger tug at Clarissa's decision to stay on the homestead not matter what. She must come to terms with a failing marriage, an ill child, and especially with her troubled past.
  • Syrian Brides

    by Anna Halabi
    This delightful collection of short stories offers insight into the lives of Syrian women, both the married and the brides-to-be. It reveals the warmth and humor as well as the oppression in the Syrian society. The stories make the reader laugh while addressing serious issues such as domestic violence. Um Hussam can't find a suitable bride for her son, testing each candidate's sight, hearing and reading skills, occasionally cobbing a feel. Jamila's husband Hassan can't forget his deceased wife,... more
  • 4th and 30: A Gary Green True-Life Adventure

    by Gary Green
    It is real. It Happened. And it mattered.There used to be something called JOURNALISM. It was a noble “Fourth Estate”. There was no concept of anything called “fake news”. Cronkite was the “most trusted man in America” and the Times & Post were paragons of integrity. Newspapers were actually “a thing”. Add to that landscape: axe murders; international monetary manipulation; a small-town police department; Congressional corruption; insane religious cults; cover ups; con men; assassinations; an... more
  • Local History

    by Tim Heintzman
    Aided by his dead grandmother and haunted by a persistent ghost of his own demise, Eldon Wright must navigate these surreal and other more immediate demons in a test of courage and loyalty during the last days of his final year in high school. Eldon cannot see tomorrow but knows a moment in time can change him, forever.
  • Someday Everything Will All Make Sense

    by Carol LaHines
    Someday Everything Will All Make Sense is a humorous and moving exploration of loss and bereavement, narrated by Luther van der Loon, a harpsichord virtuoso and professor of medieval music at a New York university. When Luther’s mother chokes on a wonton from Seven Happiness Chinese take-out, his attempts to dislodge the foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) prove futile, and his mother dies en route to the hospital. At 45 years of age, Luther is finally, irreparably, alone. His passage thro... more
  • Sassie's New Home

    by Erin Albright

    Sassie's New Home helps children cope with the death of a dog. Lanie's beloved dog Sassie dies. Lanie's mom explains what Heaven is like for dogs and Lanie learns about holding onto the memories of all of the good times that she spent with Sassie. She also learns about Sassie's important new job in Heaven.  

  • Silver Line

    by Jill C. Baker

    Silver Line is a tale in the truest sense -- an easy read that rolls along, connecting contemporary Boston with an 1860s mining town in Colorado. Jared Sutherland (son of Sarah/Book No. 1) had repressed his precognitive skills until he met Alexa St. Clair at college. There they discover that they can revert to the older, former selves -- a rugged miner and a beautiful dance hall girl. Lured by the adventure and heat of a mature relationship, they continue to return, braving the rigors of fron... more

  • Burning September

    by Melissa Simonson
    Kat’s life is going exactly the way her sister has planned it, until a detective shows up at their front door early one morning and arrests Caroline for murder. Suddenly and utterly alone, Kat doesn’t know how to navigate a world without Caroline, the woman who raised her. During the aftermath of the crime, Kat tries to figure out who she is without her sister, but unlocking those doors only leads to more troubling questions. Kat realizes the one person she thought would never lie to her had... more
  • Pretty Waste

    by Melissa Simonson
    Welcome to the New Year on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where talk might be cheap (though nothing else is), scheming and manipulation are second nature, intentions are never pure as driven snow, and not even the shrinks can be trusted. None of the names have been changed, because no one is innocent. You'll have to look hard to find redeeming qualities in what is surely a bleak cast of characters, and we'll start with the conception of a clever ruse and a chameleon call girl lacking both s... more
  • Satan’s Synagogue

    by Brian Josepher

    The Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.  Another Holocaust survivor named Eli Pfefferkorn.  The author of the Gospel According to Mark.  The ministry of Jesus Christ.  The 1st century historian Josephus.  Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.  An obscure writer named Brian Josepher.  Their stories, and others, intersect in this chronicle spanning 2,000 years.  Part historical text, part fictional story – or what the author calls a faux history – this... more

  • The Creepy-Crawly Thought

    by Alison Hughes

    When creepy thoughts slither in and refuse to leave, what can an anxious child do? THE CREEPY-CRAWLY THOUGHT answers with a wild, rollicking list of strategies to help chase bad thoughts away. Humor and rhyme tag-team with bold, fun illustration, empowering children to take charge and tackle their fears. This timely story provides a gentle, humorous opening for talking with children about fears, anxiety, wellness and resilience.

  • Winter Tales

    by Patricia J F Worth
    Winter Tales' is a nest of stories about a wealthy Russian landowner and his former serfs after the abolition of serfdom. He relates the difficulties for them in living life once they are free, having always been dependent and downtrodden.
  • A Crying in the Wind

    by Elizabeth Fleetwood
    This is the 200-yr saga of an ancient island and its transformation from Eden-like paradise to the tourist-destination Tasmania of today, told in the lives of four families. The Aboriginal child Tom, stolen in 1812 and forced into an early adulthood with no family, no identity, and no love; the hard working Scottish Fairfield family who leave all that is familiar to establish themselves in an alien place; the convict George Turner whose gentleness and conscience are finally destroyed by hard... more
  • Furry - The Story of the Abominable Snow Girl

    by Alexis Lorraine
    In a time when Kings and Queens ruled the world, there lived a family deep within the caves of Matterhorn Mountain. This was no ordinary family; they were a family of Abominable Snow Creatures. Furry tells the tale of Princess Rosabell and Franco, the true heirs to the throne of the Kingdom of Zermatt. Their daughter Nora befriends a cowardly prince and must unite all the animal kingdoms to save her parents from the evil Wizard Loborio and restore harmony to the Kingdom of... more