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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Reluctant Healer

    by Andrew Himmel

    Between Doubt and Belief

    The Reluctant Healer tells the story of a young attorney who is torn between mounting evidence that he has the spiritual ability to heal others and his life-long skepticism of alternative views. Will Alexander is cautious and conventional. But when he meets Erica, a beautiful, intense energy healer, he becomes troubled not only by her unorthodox endeavors but also by the limitations of his own existence. Amidst this turmoil, Will is st... more

  • Debt Collectors In Love

    by John Sandman
    Kay Pigeon, a reporter for a Wall Street trade paper, struggles with journalism's transition from print to the internet at a publication on the verge of collapse. The time is 2011, the place is New York. She also struggles with her daughters student loans, which she is paying off, until a call center rep alerts her to the ways she is being screwed by the loan servicer and offers to tell her more. Kay takes the bait.
  • Alycat and the Friendship Friday

    by Alysson Foti Bourque
    It’s finally Friday, and Alycat is excited to go on a field trip with her friends. But when she doesn’t have anyone to sit with on the bus, Alycat feels left out. Can she use her creativity and imagination to help everyone feel included? Alycat and the Friendship Friday will teach readers that making new friends isn’t as scary as you might think.
  • Lost Highway

    by Ron Bay, Jr.
    A grandfather, nearing the end of life, recalls the troubled days of his youth. His grandson, struggling with his own troubles, becomes a man. James Thomas Autry, with the sands of time running out, sees in his waywardgrandson himself sixty years past. In trouble at school, in trouble athome, and with an overall crappy attitude, James wants his grandson toknow that his life doesn't have to remain on the same path. Thatredemption is possible. And so, he arranges a hunting trip for the twoof ... more
  • Baby Snakes

    by Demarest Campbell
    In turn-of-the-Century Calcutta, Police Medical Examiner, Dr. E.B. Charron, feels protective of Delia, the Bohemian, meddlesome, only legitimate child of the aristocratic Moran family who might be more than merely harmlessly eccentric. An incipient alcoholic widow with a small, poisonous stepson, Delia maintains subversive relationships among the demimonde and infuriates her oddly possessive maid.
  • Mama's Needle

    by Jeanette W Stickel
    A young boy tells of his Mama’s needle and her spool of long white thread. She uses it to patch holes in the knees of his pants, bind scraps of cloth into quilts and stitch dreams into reality. When he has a magical dream of her needle and thread, mama stitches a quilt together for remembering, and on it, are patches of his dreams. Wearing his quilt as a cape, he flies with his imagination. The narrator of this engaging story is a young African American child. One night, he dreams of his Mam... more
  • Creativity: Finding Your Art

    by Christian Gomez
    Creativity - Finding your Art is a poetic story about 3 characters (Mary the Painter, Tyrone the Creator, and Rita the Artist) that love expressing themselves through art as they each experience different encounters due to their level of passion. This story is about the discovery of wealth, through the discovery of oneself; bringing an alternative yet original concept to life. Creativity is a part of every form of life. What aspects of creativity are your interested in or involved in? Simply ... more
  • Your Pick: Selected Stories

    by V.S. Kemanis

    2019 Eric Hoffer Award, short story/anthology category

    2019 Montaigne Medal Finalist

    For fans of literary short fiction, Your Pick is the ideal introduction to the works of V.S. Kemanis. Carefully selected from the author’s four collections, the dozen stories in this volume are reader favorites. These are the stories that have resonated deepest, bringing tears and smiles, wonder and discovery. “Kemanis knows how to build ... more

  • The Orchard's Descendant

    by Anne Fricke
    Feeling she has little choice, Maggie leaves her beloved community for a century-old farmhouse in the hills of Northern California. What she finds is a dilapidated house, a barn she can’t bring herself to go into, and a mystery involving the former occupants. A daughter sent away never to be heard from again, a father dead in a snowstorm, and Daniel, the angry brother who has lived with the pain of it all for more than 70 years. Will Maggie be able to find the home she has been longing for in t... more
  • Timing the Infinite

    by Nathaniel Schmeling
    College programmer Stranger is an anxiety-ridden over-thinker who takes psychoactive drugs while contemplating the heretical philosophical gambit of techno-anarchy to Satanism. Masking this underlying nerdiness with the public persona of an alpha-male heavy drinking frat star, he's coming to age as a mixed kid whose parents were born during the Civil Rights movement; one generation removed, he is increasingly forced to confront the myths of a post-racial America. Oh, and because these daily iden... more
  • The Legacy of the Marshall Cousins: A Novel of Deceit and Noble Intentions

    by Z. A. Angell

    In 1712, a Knight of St. John and two conspirators lose sacred relics and stolen paintings during a sudden skirmish in Marseille Harbor. Unwilling to face the unpleasant consequences, the Knight and the conspirators independently accuse the Marshall cousins of multiple thefts.

    Five years later, the search for the Marshall cousins still continues and their infamy spreads to the gossip circuit in Paris.

    Young Charlotte dresses as a boy and leaves home to escape the attentions o... more

  • Beautiful as the Sky

    by K.M. del Mara
    Not every scoundrel is black to the core, nor does every saint have a heart of gold. His heart was as black as the Earl of Hell's waistcoat. Or so he believes. And so he lives, until remorse begins to dog his footsteps. One bad decision made when Rafe Mesola was a very young man colors his whole life. But would a true scoundrel feel this amount of pain? When his friends lie dead and his family deserts him, he discovers that anyone – the good, the righteous, the innocent – anyone may hav... more
  • Ouch!

    by Emily Briggs
    Dominic and his puppy Cara are inseparable, except when play gets too rough, ouch! Follow along as Dominic learns how a gentle touch can lead to wet puppy kisses and sweet baby giggles.
  • I Didn't Ask To Be Creative (Bedtime Story Children's Books for Early Readers)

    by Dontavious Pittman
    Kyle is a creative 8-year-old that loves his mom more than anything. Sometimes he pretends that his bed is a pirate ship, and other times it can be a stage for his air guitar show. But Kyle doesn't have to use his creativity to see that his mom works very hard, and has no time for play. Join Kyle as he teaches his mom a lesson or two about using her imagination.
  • The Way of Glory

    by Patricia J. Boomsma
    Cate, a teenage girl from twelfth-century England, joins her brothers and aunt on a crusade to save Jerusalem that stops in Hispania to battle the Moors. Life on a battlefield strains the family’s closeness as they confront the terror and contradictions of holy war. Cate’s dreams of sainthood change to those of a husband and children when she falls in love with a soldier, but she finds no peace even after the family settles on land taken from the Moors. Cate’s friendship with a conquered Moors s... more
  • Wobbles

    by Leah Venegas
    Who hasn’t, at one time their life, felt insecure, maybe isolated, or picked on, or teased? Wobbles is the story of a young leapfrog that had trouble early in life learning how to leap. The relentless teasing from his classmates instilled in him a sense of helplessness and a lack of confidence. Wobbles always felt alone. One day a new student befriends Wobbles and tells him about her father who grew up with issues just like him. Wobbles learns a valuable lesson from his friend’s father, and this... more