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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Pumpkin and the Worms

    by Krasimir Karamfilov
    An arrogant and conceited pumpkin decides to become the biggest pumpkin in a field. When it asks the worms for help to achieve its goal, the worms help it, only to find themselves in trouble later. Needing help, the worms ask the pumpkin to return the favor. The pumpkin refuses. The worms have no choice but to fight for their lives and restore the balance in the field.
  • Unclaimed Baggage

    by Emma Ryan
    Jenna moves home to care for her dying stepfather, but she ends up taking care of everyone. While struggling to say goodbye to the only father she has ever known, she unearths a family secret that manages to disrupt her already complicated life. And at what seems like the worst possible time, Jenna falls in love with a man who turns out to be the first person in her life who doesn’t want anything from her, but her.
  • There Is A Fountain by Hal Miller

    by Lothar Mueller
    Julie Strassbourg whose mentally ill mother has disappeared , grows up in a north-side Chicago neighborhood with the help of her boyfriend, Rudy, and friends who belong to a German social club. There, later, as a beautiful nineteen-year-old she meets Gehrhardt Von Ritter, captain in German Naval Intelligence, who has been sent to America to recover a damning document that was stolen from the office of Adolf Hitler's doctor. Shortly thereafter, Julie learns that her long-lost mother has been fo... more
  • The Call

    by Laurie Boris
    As if being one of the first female umpires in professional baseball isn’t challenging enough, blowing the whistle on a cheating player could cost Margie her career…and maybe her twin brother’s major league prospects too.
  • Super George and the Invisible Shield

    by Laurie P. Mendoza
    Kids keep saying things that make George mad. No matter how loudly he yells, they just won't stop. Worst of all, George is the one who keeps getting in trouble! His teacher says he's letting other people steal his power. Can Grandma and George's favorite superhero, Silent Knight, help him learn to stay in control and out of the Cool-Down Corner?
  • Blood & Water

    by Katie O'Rourke
    Tucson, Arizona is a place for runaways. Everyone you meet here came from somewhere else and has a story about what they left behind. Blood & Water tells these stories in five alternating first-person narratives: a young mother named Ally, the deliberately childless Tim and Sara, single dad David with a college-bound daughter and David's little sister, Delilah, who shows up on his doorstep with a secret.
  • A Long Thaw

    by Katie O'Rourke
    A multi-generational story about the power of secrets and the unbreakable bonds of family. A Long Thaw is about two female cousins who were close as children and reconnect as adults. Abby and Juliet were born into one big, close, Catholic family. But the divorce of Juliet’s parents fragments this family and sends the girls in very different directions. Juliet grows up too quickly, on the west coast, forced to be responsible for her younger sisters as well as an alcoholic, single mother. O... more
  • Watili, the Native American Slave Heroine

    by Anthony Garcia
    Sustainability and preservation of our Earth are never more evident than Watili, as she fights to return to her village, she demonstrates her ability to live independently with nature to sustain a paleo habit lifestyle and preserve nature it its original form Join Watili as she as enslaved by Apache invaders and survives a 700 mile forced walk from her Ute village of Parussi then connected to the only man that could return her to her family, the original cartographer-mapmaker of the American so... more
  • The End of Always

    by E.B. Brown
  • Something Better than Home

    by Leona Beasley
    Something Better than Home is the story of a young black girl growing up in the 1970's South who, after discovering she's gay, goes up against her Christian mother and hot head, unpredictable father in order to find a place she belongs, a place she can call home.
  • Money. Power. Love.

    by Joss Sheldon


    Born on three adjacent beds, a mere three seconds apart, our three heroes are united by nature but divided by nurture. As a result of their different upbringings, they spend their lives chasing three very different things: Money, power and love.

    This is a human story: A tale about people like ourselves, cajoled by the whimsy of circumstance, who find themselves performing the most beautiful acts as well as the most vulgar.

    This is a historica... more

  • A Rare Gift: Book 1 Crystal Journals Series

    by G.Rosemary Ludlow

    Ten-year-old Susan Sinclair is a typical girl whose most exotic pastime, in the normal course of things, is her weekly martial arts class. But when a complete stranger gives her a rare crystal while she’s at a flea market with her parents, everything changes.

    Every time Susan sleeps, she wakes up on a nineteenth-century migrant ship headed for New York City. There, she meets a young boy named Jeremy who was orphaned at the beginning of the vessel’s journey.

    When Susan ... more

  • Happiest One!

    by D.C. Koh
    An Italian immigrant wrong suspected of killing another man is on the run in rural 1930s America. But Felix is not the fugitive kind: This free spirit enriches the lives of others as he confronts racism, physical and sexual abuse, and the man-made limits placed on the human spirit. When he upsets the status quo, however, he makes enemies who find his very existence a threat.
  • Dream-O-Doodle

    by Ursula Taylor
    Dream-O-Doodle is a bedtime story for children 2-6 written in a rhyming verse. It encourages children to go to sleep and shows what wonders can happen when they close their eyes revealing 11 different "dreamy" scenarios. Little rhyming chapters are selected on the basis of popularity amongst little ones (Animals, Dinosaurs, Magic, Space, Fairies and Elves, Friendly monsters, etc...). Dream-O-Doodle is meant to make bedtime fun and easy for children and parents.
  • 978-1545009079

    by H. A. Callum
    Alder Ferry would have been just another nondescript suburb living in the shadow of its urban parent if not for one detail: the mysterious stand of alder trees anchoring the town to its past and standing as a reminder to the wilderness that once stood in its place. In the shadows of the alders a boy named Tommy found refuge. There, an eclectic book collection was his only companion through a tumultuous childhood, serving as his escape from the brutal realities of his life. That was, until Aubrey... more
  • Don't Mess with Coleman Stoops

    by Justin Lantier-Novelli
    Coleman Stoops just had his twelfth birthday, but he’s not getting popular anytime soon. The kids in his grade call him “Stoopy.” He hates the cruel nickname almost as much as he hates himself for always managing to accidentally play into it. The clothes he wears, the hobbies he loves, and the way he behaves in school all contribute to his eternally low ranking as the butt of everyone’s jokes. Coleman’s a dork, a dweeb, a nerd. He’s the fool of the school. So when the most popular kid in his... more