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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tea Cups & Tiger Claws

    by Timothy Patrick
    First comes the miracle and then comes the madness. The miracle is the birth of identical triplets, and the madness is all about money, of course. The year is 1916 and the newborn baby girls have become pint-size celebrities. Unfortunately, this small portion of fame soon leads to a much larger portion of greed, and the triplets are split up—parceled out to the highest bidders. Two of the girls go to live in a hilltop mansion. The third girl isn’t so lucky. She ends up with a shady family that l... more
  • Death of a Movie Star

    by Timothy Patrick

    StarBash is the hottest thing on TV. Featuring desperate actors facing off in madcap competitions to win a movie deal, the reality show is famous for making fools of its fame-starved participants.

    So it seems odd that respected Hollywood A-lister Cassandra "Casmo" Moreaux would become a contestant. But her motivation is simple: revenge against the program’s producer, Lenora Danmore, the legendary movie star who blacklisted Casmo’s mother during the Mc... more

  • Mondays With Morty: Offbeat Lessons for $uccess

    by Jim Tilberry
    Every week 85-year old Morty Goldberg teaches a new success lesson to young Walter Dill who is deferential and naive. Morty is a retired businessman who drinks heavily, gambles a lot, and has an over-sized libido. He also swears like a sailor. His lessons are often absurdly flawed and comically confusing. Although a friendship develops between the elderly mentor and his young pupil, Walter pays a price again and again for Morty's twisted advice.
  • True Son

    by J.T. Holden

    For U.S. President Royal T. Kingley, life at the top of the world isn’t quite what he’d expected. From his surprise electoral college victory and crushing defeat in the national popular vote to his record-low inauguration attendance and abysmal approval ratings, things couldn’t possibly get much worse for the once quasi-respected real estate tycoon-cum-braggadocious TV reality show host. Until now. Amidst a full-scale investigation into possible collusion between his campaig... more

  • Tips for a Long-lasting and Beautiful Lawn

    by Mike Langer
    Anticipating the approaching planting season is one of the most exciting times for gardeners, landscapers, and farmers alike. It’s the time when we begin to think about new goals, and plan and envision the projects ahead of us. But, as fun as it is to pick out bulbs for planting, a new outdoor dining set, or new stones for a garden pathway, there are some less-exciting – but very important—considerations to attend to as well: those pesky weeds.

    Weeds can not only ruin the look but als... more
  • JB: Or the Unexpected Virtue of Being Swaggy

    by J.T. Holden
    JB is an affable, claustrophobic, daydreaming eighteen-year-old pop star with a kind heart and a passion for making music. Swaggy is a pleasure-driven, smooth-talking, manipulative narcissist with a hair-trigger temper and a voracious lust for fame. Though the two have been inextricably linked since time out of memory and share a bond far greater than mere brotherhood—indeed they share the same body—Swaggy has long believed their “partnership” to be less than equitable, and secretly dreams of th... more
  • Tales Untold

    by Kevin Focke (BatWhaleDragon)
    This book contains Seasons Of Love, The Zoobadoo Zoo, The Most Epic Tale Of All, and the titular Tales Untold. Seasons Of Love 'What if an opportunity passes by, as the seasons do? What if you can never truly say: ‘I love you?’ Five short stories featuring beautiful covers by Daniel Sherekin (Borodante) explore this central question. The Zoobadoo Zoo ‘What if Humans were only kept around for sport?’ In this quintessentially British short story of existential angst, we explor... more
  • Dear Mr Albert, ...It's Me, Prince!

    by Sophie Paris Ginsburg and Sabrina Sage Ginsburg
    Have you ever wondered what your dog would say, if he could speak? Well… think no longer! "PRINCE THE DOG" is no normal dog. He has had some crazy life adventures and wants to tell you all about them. His life began in a doggy-training program. He was training to help disabled veterans. But then he became very sick and never saw his trainer Mr. Albert again. Prince knew Mr. Albert wanted to hear from him, so he started writing him letters. Prince writes about how he ended up being adopted by... more
  • Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India

    by Anne George
    Reared in India, Edwina Hardingham loves her country and cannot imagine an existence away from it. Equally at home in the vibrant society of members of the East India Company in Calcutta, and in the cool clime of Simla, at the foothills of the Himalayas, she enjoys undisturbed calm until confronted with love and mutiny. When the dashing Mr. Grayson rescues her from the hands of brigands in Calcutta, she develops a tenderness for him, which not even the ill-humoured Mr. Davenport can discourage. ... more
  • The Madonna Model

    by T.L. Ashton
    Jillian Warner journeys to the heart of today's art world, to learn how much true love is left in it. She soon discovers that there are as many fake people as forged paintings. Jillian lands a job as an American art specialist at Lyon's, a major New York City auction house. She wins a tough fight against sexism in the workplace, only to be defeated in her personal relationships by the doubtful provenance of the men she loves. She prefers Wyeth to Warhol, but is challenged by men who want to see ... more
  • The Shape of the Atmosphere

    by Jessica Dainty
    Gertie MacLarsen believes she was given ugliness at birth. Growing up in an estranged home, the only times she feels beautiful are the nights her father comes in to show her the stars. The day of her 16th birthday, the same day that Sputnik traverses the sky, Gertie’s life is irrevocably changed. After a family tragedy, her elusive and alcoholic mother sends her to Willow Estate, a private mental institution, where she is thrown into a world of harsh therapies, dangerous hospital politics, and, ... more
  • children of the Mists

    by lexa dudley

    Children of the Mists is a story of enduring love. Set in the 1800's, life on Sardinia had barely changed since the time of the Caesars. Two families, the Sannas and the Canus, are united by friendship and honour; love and laughter; joy and promises; omens and superstitions; youth and experience transcend generations.

    However, for Raffaella and Antonio, their passionate love becomes entagled with revenge. death changes devotion. Promises are forgotten. Vend... more

  • Zhougong: The Duke of Zhou: a Novel of Feudal China

    by Don Hoyt
    GENERAL OVERVIEW Approximately 1100 B.C. the ruler of an independent province on the frontier of ancient China named Ji Fa defeated the reigning Emperor Di Xin's vast forces to found China's 3rd dynasty, the Zhou. The rise of the Zhou with their military, scientific, cultural, and economic superiority and their triumph over the Shang dynasty is the subject of this novel. For the most part, Ji Fa's conquest was made possible by three extraordinary men: (1) Ji Chang- Fa's father, primary au... more
  • We go blindly into the darkness

    by Edward Arruns Mulhorn
    Children play Frisbee on a beach; a man borrows his friend’s boat to go fishing; a couple move to the Highlands to retire; a chance conversation is held in Gatwick Airport. These are ordinary events experienced by ordinary people. What makes them extraordinary is where they lead. The twenty stories in this collection are diverse; what unites them is a search for meaning and closure. The characters exist in a natural world that is as mysterious as it is majestic, and they struggle to find thei... more
  • PALDI Two Cultures, One Heart

    by Kathy Marsden
    This is a story set in two real-life villages called Paldi, one in Punjab, India and the other on Vancouver Island in Canada. There are strong ties between them, as the village in Canada was settled by emigrants from their home village in India in the early 19th century. These bonds are explored in a fictional story about a friendship between two women, each born and raised in one of the two villages. Themes ranging from intercultural to romantic to transcendental and to human unity are layered ... more
  • Medals & Memoirs: Wings

    by Scott Harding
    Sometimes even a hero needs saved. Follow the life of a World War II hero and his unlikely guide through life. Love, laugh, and cry, but learn to live again through the innocence of a special child.