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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Life with 12 Siblings

    by Therese Crutcher-Marin
    A story about a young girl growing up in the bread basket of the United States, Ottawa Kansas, in the 1920's with Austrian immigrant parents and 12 siblings.
  • Take the Late Train

    by Jack Messenger
    Stephen Ketley’s life goes off the rails on the night of his tenth wedding anniversary. Suddenly, his marriage to Sarah is not quite as secure as it seems. Meanwhile, his stepdaughter Emma relies on him to mediate between her warring parents, his sister refuses to speak to him, and Audrey his mother drinks too much and shouts too loud. As his certainties fragment, Stephen recalls an idyllic summer in Florence with his first love, Giuliana. Forced to choose between career and love, authenticity a... more
  • Only Summer

    by Rachel Cullen
    From the beaches of Cape Cod to the manicured lawns of Westchester to the steamy streets of Manhattan, summer is the time for clambakes, sunbathing at the country club and sunset drinks at exclusive rooftop bars. However, for Sabrina, Molly, Heather and Megan, this summer is when their lives unravel, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Only Summer is the interlaced story of four women who spend the summer making impulsive choices that have difficult and often disastrous effects on ... more
  • Nescient Decoy

    by John Morris Benson
    JASON CARTER FINN never thought he’d feel like he was watching himself in one of his grandfather’s generation black and white movies, but that’s how he felt during much of 2016 and 2017. A note on a photograph he discovered in the late summer of 2017 gives personal meaning to something his grandfather said about decoys the last Saturday of the 2000 water-fowl hunting season. Twenty-five- year-old Finn uses his personal diary and declassified CIA notes to write a travelogue of curiosity, intrig... more
  • The Best Uses for a Rotary Mower

    by Jashon Langer
    If you own a large expanse of land, there are going to be different types of terrain that need to be maintained, and different types of mowers will be needed for effective results – not to mention that using the appropriate equipment is essential for your safety on the job. For clearing tall grass and thick brush, a rotary mower with a stump jumper will be ideal. Mounted to your tractor, a rotary cutter will control the overgrowth not meant for a mere grooming mower. If you have rough areas that... more
  • Gap-Toothed Girl

    by Ray Harvey
    “Tournament night in a sweltering Las Vegas stadium, and the girl with the gap-toothed smile stood bleeding in her ballet slippers.” Thus begins Gap-Toothed Girl, the story of Dusty May, a Lakota orphan with an iron will, who runs away from the horrific circumstances of her foster home and her foster father — a man of beast-like brilliance and power — to pursue her dream of lightness and ballet, even as her foster father unleashes an army to bring her down. Part literary fiction, part thri... more
  • When You Were a Dinosaur

    by Neil Roy McFarlane
    When You Were a Dinosaur is a collection of educational and entertaining stories designed for parents to read to/with children aged five to infinity! In each story, your child will have a great time being the main character who changes into and lives the life of a mighty creature for a day. Although the main aim of this book is to entertain young readers with fantastical adventures in which they are the star, kids will also … … learn amazing facts about the workings and wonders of the n... more
  • Bart and Ned

    by L.A. Goldsmith

    In this storybook, a family dog saves the day!  Ned, a dog, shows a boy some of life's treasures just when the boy thought the world was falling apart.

  • Birdseye Chronicles

    by L.A. Goldsmith
    This is the story of neighborhood friends: Starbrite (the Chihuahua) who’s afraid of the world; Roger (the Rhodesian Ridgeback) who’s frustrated in love; Natasha (the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) who’s hoping to be a mother; Puck (the Dandie Dinmont Terrier) who’s wanting to smell flowers and be with his family instead of kenneled; Delroy (the Boxer) who’s focused on getting rid of an Airedale Terrier from the neighborhood because he’s different; Marshall (the German Shepherd) who makes contin... more
  • Sigi and the Italian Girl

    by Stephen Hale
    During one of Europe’s darkest hours, the brutal occupation of Fascist Italy in 1944-5, nineteen-year-old Siegfried 'Sigi' Brandt is stationed with the German army in the spectacularly remote village of Madonna del Bosco, far from the front line of battle. Sigi falls for alluring local beauty Tiziana, a descendant of witches. Secretive about her family's affiliations, wary of accusations of collaboration, Tiziana meets Sigi furtively in the old coven’s den up on the hillside. From the mountains,... more
  • Check Out Different Setting Options of 4K Wallpapers for Your iPhoneX

    by Subhajit Khara
    iPhone X is the latest model from Apple. It comes with multiple features which people could only dream of a few years ago. One of the most talked about aspect of this phone is the wallpaper and how it is set. So, through this article, you will know about setting iPhone X wallpapers in your iPhone X.

    Setting HD wallpaper in detailed steps

    First, you should be aware of the images which are built-in t... more
  • Living Waters

    by Ed Waldrop
    Living Waters is the story of AJ McClellan, born in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. He was raised and nurtured along her creeks and waterways. Tragic events in AJ’s young life tested him deeply, but it was the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City that moved him to action. Determined to serve in his country’s defense, AJ joined the Army right out of high school, eventually doing two combat tours in Iraq. He would later leave the Army a broken man, emotionally and spiritually. He lived a vaca... more
  • CB the Croissant Bird

    by William Armitage
    Exquisitely illustrated by American wildlife artist, Shelley K. Shaw, and filled with fun bird facts, authors William Armitage and Wendy Barry bring you the (mostly) true story about the real-life friendship between the Potters and a catbird who turned up in their garden every morning waiting for a croissant crumb.      “Yes. I was right. There it is—the gray catbird!” Mr. Potter declared pointing to a picture in the bird book. “Known  for making over one hundred different sounds including... more
  • General Order No. 5: The Redemption of a Muslim American Patriot

    by Frederick Khan
    We are only living the story that God had already decreed, and some of us write it down, so... •\tWhere are we in the grand scheme of things as the historical chain of events since the beginning of time unfold? •\tWhat have we become, and who has either been benefitted, harmed, or otherwise influenced by our existence? •\tWhat was boxing legend Muhammad Ali really like away from the cameras? •\tWhat was AMMCOP supposed to be, and what happened to it? •\tWhat was MANA supposed to be, and w... more
  • Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise

    by John Danenbarger
    With deeply flawed and relatable characters, Entanglement – Quantum and Otherwise is intricate literary fiction unraveling a generational family saga (from mother’s youth to daughter’s death) which examines the lasting impact our loved ones have in shaping our reality or lack thereof.
  • Imaginary Kings (Amgalant Book 2)

    by Bryn Hammond

    In the steppes of High Asia, the year 1188…

    ‘Jamuqa rode his trophy mare, off-white, black-pointed, on a Tartar seat, high arches of ornamental silver fore and aft. He wore a winterfur of snow leopard, near white with black whorls. The effect was kingly and fantastic: he might be Irle Khan himself, the king of ghosts, in his eerie splendour.’

    Aged twenty, Temujin has been named Tchingis, khan over the Mongols. But only a third of his people accept a kingship bas... more