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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Better Than A Bully: J.J.'s Friendships & Secrets

    by Tina Levine

    MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS HONORING EXCELLENCE, GOLD LEVEL 2021. Justin, (aka J.J.) adores his friends but can’t seem to avoid being bullied. His lack of self-esteem leads him to be physically and verbally abused by an older student. J.J. holds onto several secrets in this drama about middle-grade kids. Throughout, the reader will be drawn into his narration and inner thoughts concerning the struggles of being bullied. From “Better Than A Bully: Carrot Top’s Surprise,” th... more

  • Woven

    by Maureen Morrissey
    Woven takes the stories of four families, beginning in 1850, and weaves them together and into the 21st century. It is a family saga and a story of survival and migration; ending in the United Sates with the new generation. It is a story of overcoming adversity and finding strength and hope when it seems impossible.
  • Flick and Friends - The Big Storm

    by Jamie Lawrence
    Flick and his fire engine friends are called into action when a huge storm blows into Maddsville. The mayor's son Tumble is trapped in the middle of the river while the floodwaters are rising around May Day's house. Through the thunder and lightning the engines race - will they be able to handle these daring rescues. Join Flick and his fire station friends on another daring adventure.
  • Flick and Friends - The Exploding Paint Factory

    by Jamie Lawrence
    Another adventure with Flick and his Friends. Maddsville is having its annual clean-up day. But the engines have little time to relax after all their hard work because Mr Popov's polluting paint factory has caught fire - oh no! Meanwhile Flick and Ember set off of a mission to find the town litterbug. Who could it be? More fun and daring with Flick and his Fire Engine friends including some eco wise tips for the whole family.
  • Flick and Friends - The Bushfire

    by Jamie Lawrence
    Flick and his fire engine friends have to perform some daring rescue when a raging bushfire erupts after some naughty campers didn't put out their campfire.
  • Mia, the Monster of Fear and the Fairy of Courage

    by Cynthia Sanders
    Mia, a six-year-old girl that listens to this bad, evil voice in her head & she starts believing she is not smart and can't do anything until a fairy comes along and shows her she can do it, shows her dreams of being a doctor and helping people. Mia, then dumps the monster of fear and becomes friends with the fairy, and starts believing in herself again.
  • Bully 4 Love

    by Steven Paul Leiva
    Bully 4 Love is set in the 1990s and a bit beyond. It is narrated by Adolphus, a history professor at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California (you know, where they do the Rose Parade each New Year's Day). He agrees to teach a nighttime Adult Education class at a local High School as a favor for a friend. On the first day of class, the first student to walk in is Lavinia, a radiant beauty fashionably dressed and expensively bejeweled, especially her wedding ring. Adolphus is intrigued at fi... more
  • Sailing to Byzantium

    by L. F. Ranner
    Both a private history and a universal tale, the first volume in this genre-defying series traces the lives of four friends on a journey of tragedy and self-discovery. Along the way, they navigate the treacherous intersections of love and comradeship; they experience the redemptive power of art; they learn how right is not always rational and how the probable is not always the real. They are the patron saints of the imperfect and the everyday, of foolish stabs at freedom, and of losing e... more
  • Jungle Dream: Includes activities and Coloring sheets.

    by Nickoli Bhola

    Follow Zachary through his Jungle Dream. A rhyming story, where he encounters and overcomes dangerous creatures of his own imagination. Following the story you'll find coloring sheets and activities that will inspire and engage the imagination of your young reader(s).

  • Servicenow Admin Developer Training

    by Harini Gupta

    Our administration now is lined up with the official outline of the servicenow administration training Exam. Become a specialist in executing and keeping up ServiceNow stage applications with this ServiceNow Online Training. Increase an inside and out comprehension of UI and route, clients and errands, and information organization. With Cloudlabs, work on populating and securing the information base, making information bases and administration inventories. Figure out how to e... more

  • Par Angusta Ad Augusta: Through Trial to Triumph

    by Philip Scholz
    Jefferson Thomas had his life figured out when an accident halfway around the world reset his perspective. Within twenty-four hours, Jefferson and his guide dog are on a plane to Germany to collect his young nieces and nephew, who are left behind after their parents die in a car crash. Bringing Abigail, Taylor, and Matthew back to Manhattan, Jefferson must learn to balance his new life as the kids settle into his home. Meanwhile, Greenwich Village bookstore owner Monique Vasquez manages he... more
  • Letters from Afghanistan

    by Maricla Pannocchia
    Olivia is a 14 years old Californian girl. Her summer doesn't look so exciting as she and her family head over to grandpa's home in San Francisco. But the geography assignment her teacher has set her could change everything. Olivia has to write letters to a girl studying in an Afghan school. That's how she connects with Basya. Basya is 14 years old and lives in a small Afghan village. She dreams of becoming a teacher but she has to face so much just in order to survive and get an education. ... more
  • The Apology Box

    by Naomi Ulsted
    Sixteen-year-old TESSA has always been popular, athletic, smart and driven. But when she makes a snap decision to throw a lit firecracker into the dry forest, she devastates her whole community, as well as her own life. With a town that despises her, a mother struggling to understand her, and her own future opportunities dwindling, Tessa must decide how to live her life when everything seems to want to drag her down. With 227 court-mandated apology letters to write, Tessa gives herself just that... more
  • Twin Power

    by Kiyanda Baldwin Young
    Sebastian and Simone are fraternal twins. They teach teamwork, memorization, social skills, reading, and writing. They show little readers some cool things they can accomplish because of their "Twin Power."
  • Sela Blue and the Magic Ticket

    by Alisia Dale
    When Sela finds herself stuck indoors on a wintry day, the magic of her imagination takes her on a journey far beyond the shores of her Musical Village of Chateauguay. Set in her little town off the south shore of the bay, readers get to know Sela and her family as they bask in her imagination and daydreams brought to life through playful and whimsical story lines of childhood adventure and amusement. Her stories are relevant and ring true with kids of all walks of life, ages, and skin tones bec... more
  • Daughter of the Yellow Dragon

    by Starr Z. Davies

    Genghis Khan united a nation and created a vast empire for his heirs. But after 200 years of civil war, his empire has fallen into the dark ages.

    Mandukhai dreams of being a fierce warrior woman, but her dreams are shattered when she is forced to become the second wife to the Great Khan.

    Unebolod spent his life in the Great Khan’s shadow, preparing for a day when he can seize control of the empire. But when he forms a dangerous alliance with Mandukhai, it swiftly transforms ... more