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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Samurai's Heart: The Heart Of The Samurai Book 1

    by Walt Mussell

    With the death of her older sister and sole sibling, Sen must return home to Himeji and find a husband to marry into the family swordsmith business. Failure ensures her family's craft, honed through generations, will die. Her father's handsome apprentice, Nobuhiro, would seem the ideal choice for a husband and her parents press the issue. Sen rejects this offer as she wants a Christian husband, difficult as the religion is banned. Eschewing her parents' advice, Sen decides to seek... more

  • A Matchbox Full of Pearls

    by Kamille Roach
    A homecoming. A secret. A fight for her life… Twenty years old and drifting without purpose, Lola return to the ramshackle house of her childhood in the tiny Western Australian Wheatbelt town of York to attend her foster mother’s funeral. Once there, she’s quickly pulled back into her old life through the familiar surroundings and a familiar man she once loved. When a parting gift from her foster mother reveals clues to a long-forgotten murder, Lola begins to piece things together and is compel... more
  • We are the Kings

    by Books Forward Author Publicity
    A tribute to family history, We are the Kings (Bold Story Press, March 1, 2022) shows the difference in women's struggles across two generations of women. While Marcella is sifting through her family’s conflicting and fading memories, she puts into words what no one else will say out loud, revealing not only what may or may not have happened, but what is truly at stake when a woman tells her story. “​​He responded by shrugging back at me with the kind of male indifference that is indicative o... more
  • What are the subjects in computer course?

    by Moon Life

    The Computer course subjects remembered for the course are there to help the understudies in understanding the course more precisely. It covers the parts of the course in giving the competitor inside and out information about the course. The software engineering course creates abilities in the understudies which they can utilize further in their work profiles. A portion of the subjects remembered for the course are : 

    Introduction to Digital Electronics
    Value and Ethics
    O... more

  • Wheet, Wheet, and Repeat!

    by Marianne Paidas
    Two very special visitors arrive at 8 year old Sarina’s kitchen window-so begins an adventure into the wonders of nature. Sarina watches two cardinals eat their breakfast every morning at her bird feeder, a birthday present from her mother. Many questions pop up, but one in particular puzzles her: Why does the male feed his mate when she seems perfectly able to feed herself? With the help of her mother, Sarina figures out the splendid answer as a big surprise reveals itself and makes Sarina gl... more
  • When Wings Flutter

    by Liane Carmen
    On the other side, Kate’s soul prepares for her next life. She just won’t remember the lessons she needs to learn or their purpose after she's born. Now in her twenties, Kate Matthews meets the handsome, charismatic Will Kennedy. She falls hard and fast with no idea she’s loved him before—in other lifetimes. They marry, have a son, and Kate’s life finally feels perfect. Then, in an instant, her world shatters. Kate must face life on her own as she attempts to move forward as a single mom... more
  • Taint

    by Janet Kelley
    Rebecca White, a senior at the top of her class at Plains High School in 2001, is a Kansas girl going places…until the rape. She wants the rapist to pay for his crime and go to jail. Unfortunately, nothing is that simple, and she wasn’t the one raped. This is the story of how Rebecca seeks revenge for her best friend, Luke Warren, who was raped by the principal’s son, Weston. While the senior class chooses corsages and boutonniéres for prom, Rebecca plots revenge against Weston. She must find... more
  • Moose and Goose On The Bus

    by Grace Diane
    Spring is coming, and everyone knows it. Goose loves spring and all that goes with it. Moose loves spring but he doesn't enjoy feeling cold. Bruce, the bus driver, hates the chill of March and doesn't care who knows it! Moose, like a good friend, comes up with a plan to make everyone happy - just in time for spring.

    by Ernest Cohen


    Meet Geoffrey Zukor, a bumbler of superhero proportions, whose private calamities have him waltzing through life with all the grace of a one-legged unicyclist. But then something happens, something quite extraordinary. Late one afternoon, his fortunes change — dramatically. Did he finally catch a lucky break or was it actually the consequence of an intervention by none other than a Grand Master in the esoteric Art of Coi... more

  • Finding God - An Epic Esoteric Roadtrip

    by Fraser Wilkinson
    Finding God, By Fraser Wilkinson – Synopsis ISOBEL unexpectedly returns to town with a daughter after a sixteen year exile. Her childhood sweetheart MANNY sees a violent encounter between Isobel and his STEP-FATHER prompting him to take revenge. Perennial vacillator and day-dreamer, Manny is forced to head for the US Border, somewhat relieved that he has finally taken control of his meandering life. The group of emigrants are intercepted but with the guidance of a strange character in the... more
  • Crusty and His Red Sweater: The Amazing Story of a Real-Life Rescue Dog

    by Tracy Voss
    Poor Crusty really needs some help. He had been left behind by his family and now is alone on the street hungry, cold, and covered in itchy bugs, with nothing to protect him except his red sweater. Rather than stopping to help, the busy people just walk past. Until one day, a kind woman named Tracy gently picks him up in her arms and tells him everything is going to get better. This is the true story of how one dog was saved from a life on the streets near the border of Mexico, brought back to... more
  • Becoming Ruthless

    by Rita H Rowe

    Ruth is young, excited about life and not looking for love. Yet love finds her, and Ruth is thrilled. But she is left devastated when she finds out that her the man she loves has deceived her. Still hopeful, she embarks on another relationship only to find herself in the same predicament.

    Ruth becomes disenchanted with love and decides that if she can’t beat them, she may as well join them and begins a journey that will change her very being and endanger her life.

    Can Ruth f... more

  • Astra the Lonely Airplane

    by Julie Whitney
    Background I wrote the book after my husband’s job as Chief Pilot of a corporate jet came to a grinding halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. I sat her beautiful interior one last time and openly wept, feeling sick to my stomach wondering what would become of her, and how long she would in the hangar before being flown again. Brief Synopsis Astra is a sleek, beautiful, shiny Gulfstream (G100) airplane with a fun and playful personality, who finds herself all alone in her hangar with an uncer... more
  • Mira Monkey's Magic Mirror Adventure

    by Once Upon a Dance
    Mira the monkey enjoys carnival day until crazy things start happening. Could fairies be causing the mischief? Will Mira make it home? Will she ever be the same? Ballerina Konora appears on each page encouraging kids to act and dance the story along with Mira.
  • Danny, Denny, and the Dancing Dragon

    by Once Upon a Dance
    Interactive movement wrapped up in a charming story of new baby disappointment. Only little brother Denny has an amazing surprise for his brother Danny! Kadessa the Dragon makes a fabulous dance partner in this third story from the Dance-It-Out collection, pandemic creations by an award-winning dance teacher and her Ballerina daughter. Grown-ups sit; kiddos move and practice dance fundamentals on their imagination stage. Ballerina Konora is featured on each page as optional movement mentor... more
  • Joey Finds His Jump!

    by Once Upon a Dance

    Kids’ movement inspiration wrapped up in a charming story of friendship and determination.

    The debut story of twelve Dance-It-Out! Creative Movement Stories by an award-winning dance teacher, turned award-winning author, and her ballerina daughter.