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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Splash of Sass: Sassafras Gets a Puppy

    by Janet Adams
    Sassafras, or "Sass," is a sweet girl with just a splash of sass. She has always wanted a puppy. In this middle-grade chapter book, she and her brother get two puppies... and quite a bit more than they bargained for. After these mischievous puppies cause trouble, Sass will learn valuable lessons about the puppies and herself.
  • A Far Strange Country: Feast of Consequences - Book II of II

    by Arielle Hunter

    What do;

    • A mother
    • A Father
    • A Viet Nam veteran, partially paralyzed by a drug overdose,
    • His impetuous 18 year old girlfriend and her promiscuous friend,
    • A pair of stoner college professors,
    • A former bombshell starlet, and her cowboy husband,
    • A notorious epileptic Italian actor/director and his young wife bought from a Serbian Gypsy,
    • An enigmatic cult leader who is rumored to be a murderer,
    • A Native American Pentecostal ... more
  • Open Wounds

    by S.C. Farrow
    An acutely-sensitive eleven-year-old girl is scorned by her fifth-grade teacher. Assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend, a fourteen-year-old girl longs to be loved by her teenaged crush. An immigrant woman who fled her homeland is forced to travel across county by the man who promised her a better life. A war veteran’s family falls apart as he combats the consequences of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And an Anglican nun struggles to comfort a woman who’s been sentenced to the gallows. The char... more
  • Ernestine

    by Kate Reynolds
    Ernestine is the tale of a small-time bunco artist turned nun. In 1527, Sister Ernestine arrives reluctantly in Inquisition-shackled Spain carrying guilt and a document that can change the European balance of power. Her plans to repent are interrupted when she discovers that she's been tracked to Spain by a French spy who covets the document she carries. Ernestine must decide whether to risk her life trying to fulfill a promise or stay and face her fears in the abbey that has offered her succor ... more
  • Overlanding

    by Sue Watson
    Kate longs for adventure while in South Africa, so when she meets Zaleka, a young Zulu girl with a wealth of cultural knowledge and a heart for adventure, an instant friendship turns into the voyage of a lifetime. Zaleka feels pressure to become a Sangoma, a traditional tribal spiritual guide, a lifetime commitment that makes her uneasy. Kate grapples with her future path, seeking to learn more about animals to aid her Ethology studies. With each traveling her journey of self-discovery, Kate a... more
  • SEO Services In The Future

    by Annabel Monaghan
    When digitalisation began to kick into high gear and positively transform the world around us a few years ago, it was not entirely certain just what the coming years - and the future, for that matter - would look like. However, one thing that has remained absolutely obvious throughout all the ongoing changes over the years is that even as... more
  • What the Bird Sees in Flight: Collected Stories of a New Zealand Farming Family

    by Joseph R. Goodall
    Set among the rolling green hills of New Zealand's verdant Waikato District, this episodic collection of short stories opens a window into the life of a twentieth century dairy farming family. Nuanced and thought-provoking, the accessible tales highlight the emotions, disagreements and aspirations dwelling just below the surface in each member of the Hester clan. 'What the Bird Sees in Flight' offers a creative perspective on the complexity of family relationships and the desire for belonging we... more
  • M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)

    by David Smith
    Life and fiction blur hilariously as new POTUS Donald Dump’s trade war with China escalates. Will it end with both leaders in a cage fight or… ARMAGEDDON!
  • The Universe in 3/4 Time

    by Leona Francombe
    When a mysterious World War II piano appears on a Brussels street one winter’s night, no one could have imagined the events it would set in motion—least of all Audrey Nightingale, the pianist who comes across it. The instrument, of finest rosewood, bears the name of an obscure Czech manufacturer, and inside it, someone carved a Pythagorean symbol. Audrey convinces two musician friends to help her make sense of this portentous discovery. At the heart of their quest is an extraordinary man: Kon... more
  • Everything Turns Invisible

    by Gerry Hadden
    Milo Prieto’s odd life begins with an equally odd twist: being adopted at birth by asylum-seeking Cuban musicians and growing up in an experimental housing project in the North Bronx. He’s white, his parents black, but he fits in even as he sticks out. He even shows early promise on the drums of his father. But an accident spells the end of everything. By 17 he finds himself abandoned and incarcerated. He wants nothing more than to die. To disappear. To become as invisible as he feels. And then ... more
  • Click Dubai: Free Classified Ad Posting in UAE

    by Sheikh Mannan

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  • Vandella

    by M. Ch. Landa

    How much are you willing to sacrifice for those who you love?

    Orphaned under mysterious circumstances and raised by her grandmother, Maia thinks she’s left her tragic past behind her. Now a dreamy seventeen-year-old, Maia longs to find true love with her high school crush when she receives the appalling news that her long-dormant Cancer has returned, not just to mess with her romantic plans, but to ruin her entire life.

    One night, during her stay at the hospital, Maia is vis... more

  • Sleeping Presidents

    by John Phillips
    Sleeping Presidents takes us inside the minds and dreams of the 45 men who have served the nation as President of the United States. This work of historical fiction was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem, The Dreamers. Using the artist’s distinctive paintings and original prose, each chapter is devoted to a former president and features artwork not previously exhibited. Sleeping Presidents  explores the gulf between what we allow to be seen publicly and what we may be desperate to conceal, even ... more
  • The Sad Little Wildflower

    by Yvonne Morgan
    Do you ever wish you were someone else? The Sad Little Wildflower wishes she could be a beautiful pink rose instead of just a weed. After she meets Jesus, the sad little wildflower learns that she does have a purpose. Then our sad little wildflower finds out she can be happy just the way God made her. Jesus turns her into a sunny pink lady. God reminds all of us in Psalm 39:14 that "I am wonderfully made."
  • Not My Type: Stories

    by Autumn Siders
    From a ghost of the American Revolution to a struggling writer full of grief, Not My Type is full of eclectic stories that bring to light the pain and the beauty of life.
  • The Old Cape Blood Ruby

    by Barbara Eppich Struna
    In 1898, the Portland Gale tore across Provincetown on Cape Cod’s coast. Walter Ellis, a descendant of legendary Maria Hallett, loses his ship and fishing livelihood. Forced to leave his family behind, he seeks gold in Alaska but never returns. Present-day Nancy Caldwell travels to Alaska to visit family. She discovers an old letter destined for Provincetown but never sent. Back home on Cape Cod, a 1780s house, a hidden ‘pigeon’s blood’ ruby ring, and a past nemesis complicate Nancy’s search for... more