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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Diamonds By The Yard

    by Elliott Murphy
    Diamonds by the Yard is the story of Lexi Langdon, a beautiful young heiress from Houston, Texas, living in New York with her husband Ray Arthur - a record company executive with dangerous Mafia ties - and her affair with Lee Franklin, an ambitious singer-songwriter. The setting is New York City and the East End of Long Island, The Hamptons, in 1975–76, a time when excessive and flamboyant behavior was the norm. The rich and famous interact with characters from all walks of life, from notorious ... more

    Will, a young knight, joins Godfrey of Boullion and four other noblemen on a quest known to history as the First Crusade.
  • Everywhere She's Not

    by N. John Shore, Jr.

    David is a brilliant young man living alone in an old seaside motel in San Francisco in 1979. He has just destroyed the life that he and his live-in girlfriend Kate spent two years building together.

    He has no idea why he did the terrible thing he did. All he knows is that he's appalled he did it, and desperately wants Kate back. Fat chance. Kate, who loves David, is many things. Stupid isn't one of them.

    Everywhere She's Not is about crazy-making, mind-boggli... more

  • Another American Century

    by B. Hazleton
    By the end of the 2020’s, socialism and political correctness have pushed the United States toward their inexorable conclusion: state mandated equality of health care, college education, and income achieved at the expense of individual opportunity and free enterprise. As the government becomes increasingly beholden to special interests and hamstrung by entanglements abroad, economic and social chaos ensue and the American Dream unravels. Told through a series of people and events over the remain... more
  • I'd Like A Cat Like That

    by John Allen
    A lyrical, whimsical story of a cat that can do all that including shooting baskets, driving a power boat and helping out with math. Yes, I'd like a cat like that.
  • A Divided Mind

    by M. Billiter
    What if the only friend you have isn’t real? When the voices in his head begin to make sense, high school senior Branson Kovac turns to the one friend he’s still got… only to discover he’s not really there.
  • Tanglefoot: Book one of the 'Suncookers series (Print)

    by B.W. Edwards
    Set in the Northwoods of Maine in an isolated logging community, Tanglefoot follows young Charlie King as he learns the ropes of making, transporting and selling moonshine during the summer of 1920 right after prohibition began. Conflict between brewers causes serious problems. Charlie works for his controlling father, Caleb, his kind Uncle Amos, and learns that he has unexpected abilities as a Native American shaman from his mentor, Hiram Francis. \tAuthentic details about working in the woods... more
  • THE ITALIAN CHRONICLES: The Complete Trilogy

    by MaryAnn Diorio
    Now, all three novels of THE ITALIAN CHRONICLES Trilogy in one book! Follow the page-turning saga of Maria Landro as she faces losing her fortune, her family, and her faith. Book 1: THE MADONNA OF PISANO A young woman, a priest, and a secret that keeps them bitterly bound to each other…. A young, 19th-century Sicilian woman, Maria Landro, has a bright future ahead of her. Engaged to be married to her childhood sweetheart, Carlo Mancini, Maria is suddenly blindsided by her pastor and form... more
  • Woman of Flames

    by Kim Stokely
    Based on the life of a Jewish prophet, Woman of Flames is a sweeping epic of how faith, lust, and revenge can drive nations into war. As a child, Deborah must convince those around her that her visions are a gift from the Hebrew God, whom she is called to serve. As she matures, Deborah battles the prejudices of her people to achieve the position God has ordained, that of a spiritual leader for Israel. Growing in confidence and power, Deborah accepts God’s promise to use her to free the Israe... more
  • In the Shadow of the Queen

    by Kim Stokely
    Jerusalem, 76 B.C. For the first time in history, a woman rightfully reigns over Israel. The queen's rule gives Anna, a gifted young seamstress, opportunities for work and education she never thought possible. But to achieve her dreams, Anna must enter a world festering with intrigue and deceit. Those living within the queen's shadow already plot to seize the throne when she is dead. Even Lev, Anna's first love, is drawn into this underlying world of power, pleasure and political maneuvering. ... more
  • The Walshes: The Coming of Eve

    by Joe Clark
    April Walsh considers herself an ordinary housewife. Her marriage to her husband, Joe, has had its ups and downs, but April loves being a wife and mother. April is also a writer, and she hasn’t been able to find a good story in a very long time. That all changes when April is given an assignment to go undercover as a prostitute. Her editor tells her that if her story doesn’t feel real, it won’t sell. April decides to go all in. Exit April, and enter Eve. Eve is April’s alter ego. She’s a glam... more
  • Come As You Are: Finding Peace in a Church Youth Group Godspell Production

    by Anne Marie Bennett

    This relevant, adventurous young adult Christian novel explores faith, community, and family relationships within the setting of a church youth group's theatre production of the musical Godspell as seen through the eyes of troubled sixteen-year-old Casey. From rehearsals to building sets to creating costumes, Casey's journey inspires us to take a look at our own lives as we strive towards determining which friendships are most important and which can be safely turned away from. Christ... more

  • Temple of Greed

    by Willem Mulder
    Following the discovery of fraudulent gold trading, Richard Genetti flees the Vatican. Cardinal Longo has concealed the fraud for many years. A price on Richard's head leads to the mafia's involvement. It results in a manhunt through Europe where Richard must stay out of the hands of ruthless murderers. He receives help from an Australian Commando Unit and a beautiful Japanese woman who knows how to handle insolent guys. The wild, humorous journey takes victims but also friendships and romances ... more
  • I Love You More Than Christmas

    by Deborah McGinnis
    One night a little boy asked his mom if she loved him more than Christmas...and so it began. This is a beautiful children's Christmas book filled with colorful holiday images done in original watercolor. It is sure to please the child in all of us.
  • Year of the Amphibian

    by Christopher Pickert
    What is paradise for a fourteen-year-old boy? For Conrad it's definitely not dusty Los Angeles, where he's stuck living with his mother and his cheeky little sisters. Paradise is the forest where his dad still lives, by the water where everything is beautiful, where he belongs.
  • Boy in the Hole

    by Akiva Hersh

    From an anti-other political climate comes a novel that gives voice to outcasts tyrannized by power.

    Boy in the Hole is the gripping account of Jacob, a boy wrestling to understand himself, his family, and the world in which he lives as he grows up in the Deep South in the seventies.

    Emerging from a family of sexual deviancy and alcoholism masked by religion and wealth, Jacob learns to define who he is, but struggles to find the balance between faith and sexuality. To embrace... more