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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Cape Fear Widows Club

    by Dionne Abouelela
    Southern family ties run deep, especially when that family is made of people you've chosen. For the seven women in the Cape Fear Widows' Club, those ties are tested when the group matriarch, Grace, lands herself in jail for a bank robbery gone wrong. Will the remaining six widows be able to help Grace and her bumbling lawyer or will the widow's club find themselves to be a membership of six?
  • A Burnt Offering - a fable

    by Daniel Melnick

    "A Burnt Offering - a fable" about 47,000 words, 190 pages (now with clarifying chapter numbers within each of four parts - see the excerpt of opening).

    This compelling and thought-provoking novel unites a version of the biblical fable, the Sacrifice of Isaac, with a tale about Israeli Intelligence when the country seems on the verge of being attacked by nuclear-armed Iranian missiles. Ari Schneider, the head of Special Operations, believes that he must act, eve... more

  • Chinese Gucci

    by Hosho McCreesh
    Fired from his fast-food job, stunted Millennial Akira stumbles on to a lucrative hustle: selling high-quality knockoff designer purses as the real-deal back via his dead mother's eBay store. On his south-of-the-border runs, Akira routinely gets in over his obnoxious and over-privileged head -- only finding solace at the Hotel Tulum. What will he do when his hyper-masculine façades crumble and all he's left with is the hard and ugly truth of his life?
  • Joseph and the Bumble Bee: Or Be Bee Careful

    by Joseph Myers

    Joey is a young boy who likes to watch bugs. He is sometimes called Joseph by his parents if he has done something he shouldn't have. Joey particularly likes to watch bees. One day, in spite of warnings from his parents about leaving bees their space, Joseph decides to capture a large bumble bee in a flower, which he does successfully. All's well until he tires of holding the flower closed and lets go. The ensuing events lead to a painful lesson about bees.  The sting of real lif... more

  • Escape From Apartheid

    by Frank R. Southers
    A Catholic priest in this historical novel helps a young Colored boy elope with a Zulu Princess. On their escape route, tragedy strikes, but befriended by a White Member of Parliament and his wife, they get jobs, a safe house in a biracial part of Cape Town and security against racial oppression even though unrest besieges the nation. But, as their family grows, safety dissipates. Meanwhile, South Africa's racial segregation conflicts with the 'human rights' concept in the United Nations'Char... more
  • Whippoorwill Chronicles

    by Timothy Strong
    George, fifteen, and Sam, twelve, have been best friends for as long as they can remember. As the novel opens, George saves Sam from drowning. Their lives evolve; Sam's first dance, first kiss. Slowly, the boys drift apart as the difference in their ages defines them. Still, Sam feels an obligation to George for saving his life. Sam has his first date with Delores, a girl younger than him. George graduates from high school and takes a job with the phone company. After a time, George decides t... more
  • Strong Heart

    by Charlie Sheldon
    Impossible visions, great animals, ancient weapons, and a desperate voyage lead a lonely young girl to discover who she really is. One dark May night thirteen year-old Sarah Cooley appears at Tom Olsen’s door in the Pacific Northwest to announce she is his granddaughter. She thinks she has arrived at the end of the earth, a land of wet forbidding forest, a place remote, strange, and mysterious. Just then preparing to leave with his Native American friends for Washington State's Olympic P... more
  • The Fox by M. N. J. Butler

    Leotychides has been born in the Eurypontid palace of Sparta, and regards himself as heir to one of Sparta's two thrones. But he finds that many people regard him as a bastard. When his father dies, his uncle challenges him for the throne. He must face many conflicts in his efforts to preserve the laws and traditions of his declining city.
  • Adrift

    by Charlie Sheldon
    “Stirring…A rich tale of spirituality, grit, and danger.” – Kirkus Reviews When the Seattle Express goes adrift… The Seattle Express, a 700-foot container ship bound for Seattle, is on fire in the Gulf of Alaska. Three hundred miles away, on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Larry and Louise fire up their old tug, Warhorse, and head into the open ocean to salvage the burning vessel. The money from a salvage claim might just save their business. But it’s a race against time, the elements... more
  • Scarecrow-Morphed

    by Harold Fischel
    The story follows the full life arc of our two main characters: Bret and Melony. We are first introduced to them in the typical chaos going on in a high school just before prom season – with all the angst and teasing that goes on. Then we ride along as they grow and mature and find out all the pitfalls and challenges life has in store. A heart-stopping kidnapping, trials of medical school and a real life struggle with drugs swirls around the couple and their best friends and then th... more
  • American River: Tributaries

    by Mallory M. O'Connor
    In the mid-1800s, three immigrant families—Irish, Mexican, and Japanese—settled along the banks of the American River in Northern California. A century later only one family remains. Artists, musicians, poets and politicians, the members of a new generation make their way through the turbulent decade of the sixties. But when an unexpected tragedy brings the three families together, they find that they are torn apart by conflicting opinions, dangerous secrets, engrained prejudices, and their own ... more
  • Tales from the Land of Forever: The Bookkeepers Portal

    by B.A. Keating
    Life didn’t seem like it could get any worse for 10 year old Sarah George after the sudden death of her father. But when she stumbles across an old book in the manor library and is somehow magically transported to a far-off and enchanted land, Sarah is soon proved horribly wrong. An action-packed, thrilling adventure story that will be sure to delight young readers for many years to come.
  • She Started It All

    by Sandra Warren
    Two middle-grade students are at odds over a WWII History assignment when the boy is given U.S. War Bonds & War Stamps and the girl is given WWII aircraft. Neither could have predicted how their unwanted assignments would solve a mystery, uncover forgotten history and bring them together in the process. Based on the non-fiction WWII story, We Bought A WWII Bomber: The Untold Story of a Michigan High School, a B-17 Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • The Angriest Angel

    by Christopher Halt
  • The African Piper of Harlem

    by Zeena Nackerdien

    A Tale of Bullies and Deception

    Neither fish nor fowl, every immigrant threads the needle between being one of "us" versus one of "them." The plot is both a fantasy and an exercise in exploring ways in which recent African immigrants and African-Americans recognize and embrace each other's cultural differences.

    In Harlem, the mecca of black America, immigrants of every complexion live side by side with the descendants of slaves. The story begins with a desc... more

  • The Adventures of Wilhelm, A Rat's Tale

    by Maria Ritter
    Young Wilhelm leaves home and travels the world. He not only discovers the value of different cultures and the importance of family and friendship, but he also overcomes obstacles with courage and cleverness. He returns home with deep respect for all creatures on this earth and a new sense of rat identity and purpose.