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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Book For Kids That Are Big (And Those That Want To Be)

    by Luben Redwood
    Join Matteo as he wishes his way into adulthood only to discover the perks of being a kid. This compelling children's book starts an important conversation for young children who are always wishing they were older. It teaches gratefulness for the adults in a child's life and to enjoy the little things.
 This book intentionally leaves plot points open to encourage discussion between the reader and the child. This debut work from author Luben Redwood evokes contentedness and arouses imagination.
  • Havensbury

    by ST Tangirala
    Dead Poets Society meets Good Will Hunting. In the prestigious realm of Havensbury Preparatory Academy, Noah Liebermann feels out of place. A determined student, he grapples with academic challenges and the isolated culture. Maybe he’s just not right for this school, for this world… But a serendipitous encounter with a homeless man unveils a new outlook on life and teaches Noah invaluable lessons about resilience, entrepreneurship, and the profound impact of communal bonds. With the guidan... more
  • Healed

    by Jamie O'Toole
    Cuppy Valentine is a shy, humble nurse working in a Chicago urology office where a steady stream of quirky patients (and their private body parts) never ends. Cuppy’s life is predictable and ordered until she suddenly receives the magical power to heal the sick. Word spreads through her community, making her an instant - albeit reluctant hero. But her gift has its costs, and Cuppy learns even the best of intentions can have disastrous consequences. One part humor and all parts heart, Healed is t... more
  • Malice Aforethought: A True Story of the Shocking Double Crime That Horrified Nineteenth-Century New England

    by Avree Kelly Clark

    In the summer of 1874, a beloved schoolteacher mysteriously goes missing upon closing up school. After a frantic search, the young woman is discovered horribly mutilated in the woods, and authorities question everyone in the small railroad village of St. Albans, Vermont.

    With the case turning cold, news arrives of an eerily similar crime committed in peaceful Pembroke, New Hampshire, in the autumn of 1875. This one, even more gruesome. Everyone questions whether the two beauties were in... more

  • The TreeHouse

    by Sophia Errico
    Brand-new third grader, Chris Anderson, has his whole year mapped out, and it starts with two words: BE NICE! Easy enough, right? Well... seems like it at first. But when Chris and his best friend, Bobby, meet new kid, Kevin, being nice proves harder than Chris thought. Kevin is EVERYTHING Chris trying not to be. He's rude, he's mean... and Bobby seems to like him much better than the new Chris. Try as he might, Chris cannot get on Kevin's good side, who is now acting like a bully, and... more
  • Earth Book 1 Peregrination Series

    by SG Boudreaux
    Destructive earthquakes and time-traveling portals created by massive storms take our heroes and heroines to beautiful, exotic, strange, and dangerous places. Everyday people thrown into a warrior lifestyle they never expected and didn't ask for; all while fighting demonic forces at every turn. These people are known as Peregrines; those who travel through time and space in search of important artifacts and lost people. Seth Jager falls through a storm portal and awakes from a two day sle... more
  • The Glow in Loretta's Garden

    by Lois Wickstrom
    When Loretta digs in the dirt to plant her flower garden, she discovers glowing larvae. Learn about the lifecycle of the firefly as she puts the larvae in her empty ant farm box and watches the larvae build tunnels and mud houses. After they hatch, she also learns the secret to their special flashing messages.
  • Desert Friends: Travels With the Pack

    by Linda Harkey
    Animal friends in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona are found in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Rodney, a roadrunner, and his best friend, Quincy, a Gambel’s quail, spend days racing each other through dry creek beds called arroyos. One day Rodney and Quincy meet two hunting dogs—Gator and his three-legged buddy, Tripod. Danger surrounds the four friends as a thunderstorm sends tremendous amounts of muddy water down the arroyo. The force of the water sweeps Tripod away. Who will come to his rescue? ... more
  • Jack the Christmas Parade Pony

    by Nicole Natale
    Join Jack, the extraordinary Pony of the Americas, on an unforgettable adventure that will warm your heart and inspire your spirit! Nestled amidst the breathtaking Arizona desert, Jack might appear just like any other pony, but his story is anything but ordinary. Surrounded by the graceful beauty of Arabian horses, Jack yearns to discover what makes him truly exceptional. Despite his charming personality and unique appearance, he can't help but feel like he doesn't quite belong. But destin... more
  • Two Weeks of Summer: A Lighthearted Coming-of-Age Novel

    by Katherine Tirado-Ryen

    Kim Kincaid can’t catch a break. She has a thankless job at a law office, a nasty co-worker, and a boyfriend allergic to genuine commitment. Meanwhile, her older sister, Dena, skates through life with a perfect husband, a perfect job, even a perfect daughter. Kim grits her teeth through their every phone call, counting the minutes until she can disappear into a drink or TV (preferably both). She doesn’t recall agreeing to babysit her niece. She only remembers Dena bragging about y... more

  • Her Life As She Knew It

    by S. Cassadera
    Born of mixed heritage, Jayliah gravitates toward her father's side of the family more than her mother's because that's all she knows. It's tough for her to deal with the constant scrutiny from her mother who seems to have her own agenda when it comes to her friends. While exploring her sense of identity, her parents are experiencing their own crisis. Ambrielle has been grappling with a deep, dark secret that she has kept hidden for most of her life. When this secret is threatened to be expos... more
  • Promise to a Guardian Angel

    by Karin A. Todd
    Not Breaking His Promise to a Guardian Angel Authors bring forth a riveting story that keeps readers guessing what happens next For readers who enjoy a good story packed with action, mystery, love, and surprises, this Promise to a Guardian Angel will grip the hearts of readers everywhere. Authors Ronald Freed and Karin A. Todd love to intrigue and thrill readers of all ages and in Promise to a Guardian Angel, they will keep readers guessing all the way to the end — and will take them by s... more
  • Frizzy Lizzy

    by Liz Leonard
    In the first book of the series, Frizzy Lizzy and her sisters find themselves lost during a family hike. Faced with the daunting task of finding their way home, Lizzy steps up, using her sharp wit and trusty pocketbook to navigate the challenging situation!
  • Ace on the Hill

    by J.C. Wesslen
    Fitting in and finding your way. Every adult has had to do that, especially during their teenage years. While the results are often mixed, one thing is certain: the experiences are memorable. Ace on the Hill is the story of a young man named Jay who has bounced around more than playground basketball. When his family finally settles in the Boston suburbs in the mid-1970s, Jay forges a bond with new friends at the local ball field and vows allegiance to the surging Boston Red Sox. Soon, howev... more
  • The Story of Alex Taylor

    by Tony Rosenberg
    In "The Story of Alex Taylor," immerse yourself in the remarkable odyssey of Alex, whose life takes an unexpected turn after an unforeseen tragedy.. This captivating narrative explores the depths of the human spirit as Alex faces adversity with unwavering determination and resilience. Discover the unbreakable bonds that form with family and friends, the profound moments of self-discovery, and the inspiring journey from survivor to advocate. As you follow Alex's path of healing and self-discov... more
  • Clemmy Gets a Sister

    by Caroline Crocker
    Clemmy Gets a Sister is the fourth in a delightful series of stand-alone picture books about Clemmy the Brave bulldog. In this mostly-true story, Clemmy has mixed feelings about an unexpected addition to her family. Her struggles will not only provoke giggles, but will also provide material for thoughtful familial discussion.