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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Shine On, My Bright Little Star

    by Pamela Tomlin

    "Each tiny baby is born with a gift. Whether the gift is great or small, it matters not at all. Each tiny baby is a star." Every Star has a purpose and a connection to the universe.

  • The Clock Tower Treasure

    by Victor Hess

    Book 2 in Jesse's 'Searching for Family' series presents a new story that dovetails nicely with the introductory book but adds even more elements of intrigue and suspense to its tale. This approach will satisfy middle grade readers who want an expanded vision of Jesse's pursuits, life, and growing interactions with the world around him. The book picks up at the point where Jesse's future changed in Jesse Sings.

    Jesse has only lived in Sabina for a year and has just b... more

  • How to win Buy box on Amazon

    by olivia smith
    Amazon, being one of the most influential e-commerce platforms offers numerous benefits to its sellers. But, there are a number of sellers who sell almost same products as you sell, thus making it difficult for your product to target its audience. To stand out, the sellers should provide the best amazon enhanced brand content and product description page to engage the users when they arrive on their page and target to win the Buy Box, which has a d... more
  • The Lives of Cat

    by Barbara Jean Ruther
    SYNOPSIS - The Lives of Cat \tCat Donley, abandoned by her father, left with an alcohol-fueled mother, is raised by her older sister. Cat overcomes a dysfunctional childhood, pursues a career in commercial real estate.\tStrolling the boardwalk, in a moment of recklessness, unlike her character, she crashes a fancy LA pool party. She meets Xander Xavier, son of the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, now manager of the Russian-financed Bodyguard Academy in Sonora, Mexico. They fall in love and marry. H... more
  • The Hills On All Sides

    by N.T. McQueen
    Based in the rural town of Port Lake, the thirteen stories of The Hills On All Sides are rife with themes of love and death, obsession and fear, hope and redemption that resonate in each character's story. From a cast of diverse characters such as a grieving auto-mechanic, a Pomo Indian struggling with his name, a Vietnam veteran on the cusp of a breakdown, a young girl as fragile as her porcelain dolls, and a boy stricken with the stigmata, these stories touch upon our own lives with subtle be... more
  • The Lizard vs The Whale: Battle for the Brain

    by Newton Cope III

    Carl and Walé (Wall-A) have been best friends for years, have been on many journeys, and have seen many things. Can The Whale of the Sea come out triumphant, or will The Lizard prevent Radley from not living Radley at all?

  • Radley & COVID-19

    by Newton Cope III
    Radley & COVID-19 find Radley in the middle of a global pandemic. The poems in this collection focus on how Radley experiences COVID-19. His observations, his worry, his fear, and his love for life.
  • Radley & Friends

    by Newton Cope III
    Radley & Friends tells the story of a young Radley as he finds acceptance and meaning underneath the sea. Told in poetry form, this book will get kids of all ages interested in the ocean and leave them with more self-confidence than ever before.
  • (Mostly) True Tales From Birchmont Village

    by Peter J. Stavros
    Meet the residents of Birchmont Village, a close-knit community of quirky characters and eccentrics. Based upon his lighthearted short stories that first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Peter J. Stavros, with this collection of vignettes, chronicles a year in the lives of these townsfolk as they are faced with one perceived catastrophe and calamity after the other. Yet through it all, the neighbors always find a way to join together to help each other. As Peter describes it, "I wanted to ... more
  • The Spark of Resistance: Women Spies in WWII

    by Kit Sergeant
    As the free world crumbles beneath Hitler’s jackboot, the French Resistance is depending on these women to change the course of history... Daring Mathilde Carré has always dreamed of glory. When the handsome Armand invites her to become his second-in-command of Interallié, one of the founding circuits of the Resistance, she jumps at the chance. But when Armand falls for another woman, how far is Mathilde willing to go to exact her revenge? When Odette Sansom, a married mother of three, is re... more
  • Thunder Rock

    by George A. O'Brien
    “I guide my people to the future by showing them the way they came,” says Thunder Rock, Trail Talker. His gentle voice brings to life the stories of Chief Acorn Fox and Spanish navigator, Juan Álvarez de Rajano, as they were drawn into conflicts with aggressive neighbors like Tuscaloosa, and ultimately, the rampaging Conquistadors. A complex society developed in the southeastern United States before European explorers arrived. When the indigenous peoples developed farming techniques, their noma... more
  • Night Mountain

    by George A. O'Brien
    A complex society developed in the southeastern United States before European explorers arrived. When the indigenous peoples developed farming techniques, their nomadic lifestyles gave way to permanent communities. Corn became a stabilizing crop. These native Americans continued to rely on hunting, fishing, and foraging the landscape, but their new agrarian skills supported central villages and more involved social hierarchies. Specialized crafts developed, like pottery making and harvesting fi... more
  • Nobody's Business

    by Linda Duddridge

    CJ Witmore seems to have the perfect life, but being the son of a Hollywood star means keeping a dark family secret. Despite constant pleas from his girlfriend, CJ refuses to share that part of his life, fearful that if she learns the truth, his whole world will crumble.

    Enter Emily, a girl CJ meets at the worst possible time, as he’s being triggered by an upsetting phone call. Although CJ’s first interaction with Emily is a disaster, he finds her intriguing. Hell, he may ev... more

  • The Bourgeois Anarchist

    by Sam Gridley
    Susie Alioto is a longtime political militant. After college she spent two decades in an anarchist commune, and at age 66 her beliefs haven’t wavered. She protests with young people to demand justice and human rights. She marches for gun control, for Black Lives Matter, for action against climate change. A portrait of her special anarchist hero, Errico Malatesta, hangs on her refrigerator with an inspirational quote of his: “Impossibility never prevented anything from happening.” Yet Susie no... more
  • Pressing through Turkey

    by Raymond Stanley
    A former Buffalo soldier and WWI veteran escorts an OSS officer on a journey through Turkey and the Near East in the late Spring and early Summer of 1944. Set in WWII Istanbul as well as Eastern Turkey, Russian-occupied Iran, and the border with Armenia, Preston Ferguson intermingles his life story with the ever-shifting political landscape being shaped by the imminent defeat of Nazi Germany. Deeply researched, this novel attempts to mesh a fictional character into the true political land... more
  • The Bridge to Rembrandt

    by Nelson K. Foley
    When Robert crossed the bridge, he wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. He was on the way to meet his girlfriend, but when he reached the other side, she didn’t know who he was. Robert finds himself thrown back in time, further and further, reliving the history of Amsterdam through war, riots and the plague. Each time, his fate is bound up with the same woman, and with the work of the Netherlands' greatest painter, Rembrandt. Robert is caught in a race against time. Will he m... more