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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Thrift Store Coats

    by Brooks Rexroat
    Brooks Rexroat’s Thrift Store Coats transports readers to the postindustrial Midwest and explores the lives of those living on its quiet edge. Interwoven with themes of love, lineage, poverty, and survival, the characters in these stories grapple with the idea of identity — not only of where they fit into the world, but of how their origins impact their place in the future. The collection’s titular story of focuses on a couple's navigation of poverty after the recession leaves each of them su... more
  • The Amazigh's Apprentice

    by Ri J. Haare
  • Spies of the Midnight Sun: A True Story of WWII Heroes

    by Samuel Marquis
    “Spies of the Midnight Sun” is the true story of legendary British safecracker and spy Eddie Chapman, the British Double Cross Spy System, and Norwegian female Resistance operatives Dagmar Lahlum and Annemarie Breien. Known as Agent Zigzag, the most remarkable double agent of WWII, the fearless and roguishly handsome Chapman fell in love with and spied alongside the stunning 20-year-old model Dagmar Lahlum in Occupied Norway. Based upon recently released historical records from British and Norwe... more
  • The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave

    by Eileen Hobbs
    Addie B. and her cousins Jack, Beanie, and Bodie are mourning the loss of their grandmother Winnie. While visiting their grandfather's beach house in Maine, Addie receives a mysterious treasure box once owned by her grandmother. In it is a moonstone ring and a mysterious poem from her grandmother. The poem leads Addie and her cousins to nearby Moonstone Cave where, together, they enter a secret and magical garden and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, they meet wonderful friend... more
  • Gabby For President

    by V A Trafton
    Gabby's brilliant idea Campaign For Education helps raise money for much needed school materials. She organizes bake sales, car washes, babysitting services and pet walking. Challenge after challenge Gabby rises to the task making her community proud and restoring hope to the younger generation for a better, brighter future. Her leadership skills will take her all the way to the White House as the first woman President of the United States.
  • Sally the Travelin' Artist

    by P. G. Shriver

    Sally and Red roll out of the library on another adventure! This time, a grumpy new friend is tagging along. Who checked them out of the library and why? Find out as Sally and Red meet new friends and get a little dirty. The third book in the Texas Festivals Series takes young readers to Take 190 West festival in Killeen. Learn about the festival and what it offers its community and visitors through this humorous, rhyming story.



    Part 2 of THE 'JOHN ROSS' TRILOGY. In 1825, 10-year old Charles Rawden Maclean sets off on his first sea voyage. When he is shipwrecked on the coast of Zululand, his arrival is not unexpected; someone with extraordinary mystic powers is waiting for him. Marooned, unlikely to be rescued, the crew face multiple dangers in the kingdom of the Zulus. When the young Maclean is detained against his will in the warrior king's kwaBulawayo, the place of killing, it heralds the beginni... more
  • The Gods Wait

    by John von Dorf
    In The Gods Wait by John von Dorf, you’ll find pessimists fighting to be optimistic about romance, a waitress’s vivid inner world, an internet troll’s thoughts on philosophy, and many other slices from diverse, scattered lives. A collection of well-drawn characters seek fulfillment and meaning through various mediums, including film, insults, and food. Each obsession demonstrates the individual’s need and desire for grander meaning than their obsession actually delivers. The only voices with ... more
  • The Story of Oscar the Owl (A Madoline Series Book)

    In a remote part of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, an owl named Oscar learns about life and befriends a little girl named Madoline, who has just moved to a newly built cabin in the area. The two of them have a unique connection and begin a friendship.
  • Don't Let Me Go

    by Jamila Mikhail
    On top of battling the normal teenage angst that everyone goes through, Joanie is also reeling from her parents’ bitter divorce and having to cope with her mother’s new boyfriend and father’s new family. Alone in a new town and without friends, she turns to passing the time by indulging in her longtime hobby of making toy models of soldiers and is both amazed and shocked when one of them comes to life. Despite her millions of unanswered questions and having to make sense of new mysteries ever... more
  • Song of Six Rivers

    by Zev Levinson
    Song of Six Rivers explores the colorful history, rich diversity, and stunning geography of the Humboldt Bay/Six Rivers region of northern California through a blend of lyrical poetry and archival photography. This epic poem is blended with historic photographs from Humboldt State University Library’s Special Collections, most of which have never before been seen by the public. It is an ode to the region, and tells a story that confronts mortality and loss and explores our connection to the eart... more
  • Fully Human: The Story of a Man Called Yeshua

    by Douglas Thompson
    An 11-year-old living in the city of Nazareth exhibits an uncanny understanding of scripture which exceeds that of most adults. Though his stepfather wants him to follow in his footsteps into the carpentry trade, the boy rebels and prepares to begin his rabbinical studies. His gifts and strange manner make him the butt of taunts and bullying by other children, but a local rabbi has a hunch that he might be a prophet. When Yeshua’s mother tells him the story of his true origins, Yeshua sets off ... more
  • After the Fall

    by Brad Graber
    Rikki, a teenager being raised by her grandmother, has a secret. She can’t remember her mother. Whenever Rikki asks the older woman a question, Rita falls apart and refuses to discuss the matter. Desperate to learn the truth, Rikki finds a hidden family album. Is the boy in the photograph with her mother a long lost uncle? Determined to solve the mystery, Rikki embarks on a journey from New York City to Toledo, then on to Detroit and Phoenix to meet Harry, a writer who is struggling with his own... more
  • Hawke's Return

    by Mark Willen
    When a teenager accuses a key official of a local charity of blackmailing her for sex—and then abruptly disappears—a mystery turns into a crisis, raising concerns about the girl’s safety, the charity’s survival, and the career and reputation of a man who says he is innocent. Enter Jonas Hawke, retired lawyer and sage of Beacon Junction. Jonas has just agreed to oversee the charitable group, a friend’s attempt to help Jonas move past his grief over the death of his wife. It’s his job to uncove... more
  • Mystery at the Raleigh Tavern

    by Jami Borek

    Amanda, Amelia, and their friend Jacob must solve a mystery – who stole Thomas Jefferson’s violin from the Raleigh Tavern? The Sheriff thinks he’s already found the thief, but he couldn’t be more wrong. He’s decided that the thief must be Jacob.

    They have to find the violin to clear Jacob’s name, but there’s more at stake even than Jacob’s freedom. Jefferson left some dangerously political notes in the violin case. It is 1774, and the righ... more

  • The Accidentals

    by Sarina Bowen
    Never ask a question unless you’re sure you want the truth. I’ve been listening to my father sing for my whole life. I carry him in my pocket on my mp3 player. It’s just that we’ve never met face to face. My mother would never tell me how I came to be, or why my rock star father and I have never met. I thought it was her only secret. I was wrong. When she dies, he finally appears. Suddenly I have a first class ticket into my father’s exclusive world. A world I don’t want any part of – ... more