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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Betwixt: A Novel

    by Christopher Deeg
    How do you fall in love if you can't stand other people? From the midst of his daily corporate hell, Chadwick is about to find out-if he doesn't implode first. Each in their own way, the staff at Viable Fitness Corporate Office are about to have their cages rattled and worlds turned upside down.
  • Bridget Knotterfield and the Hiccup Fantasy Trees

    by Ingo Blum
    A rare ability. An anxious girl. A fantasy tree that grows when she hiccups! When was the last time you took a stroll in the woods and really “experienced” nature? Most people tend to go through their lives, never truly appreciating what surrounds them. Unveil and rediscover those feelings through the story of 8-year old Bridget Knotterfield. Bridget loves trees. Even more, she can make fantasy trees come alive when she hiccups. Every time she feels scared or threatened, she gets a terribl... more
  • Not Just Me

    by Catina Noble
    “Catina Noble’s Not Just Me, is a thoughtfully written teen drama that follows the daily ups and downs of a young high school girl. Noble uses relatable situations in her story to remind young people that they are not alone in their confusing (and sometimes uncomfortable) teen years. The protagonist, Teal, faces many challenges such as a fight with her best friend and a potential step-mother stealing her time away from Dad. Teal feels all the feel’s: betrayal, sadness, confusion, but through it ... more
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    by Adam Jphn
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  • The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection: Return to Coney Island

    by Melissa Stoller
    The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection #1: Return to Coney Island They thought it was an ordinary sleepover . . .  When nine-year-old twins Emma and Simon shake a snow globe from their grandmother's enchanted collection, they’re transported back to Coney Island on June 24,1928. According to family legend, that's the day their great-grandparents meet on the Coney Island trolley. But if events don't work exactly as they're supposed to, the meeting won't take place and the twins might never be b... more
  • Ready, Set, GOrilla!

    by Melissa Stoller
    Gorilla likes to race with his pals but he really loves to win. He cheats and misbehaves until he has no friends left. Then . . . Gopher arrives, and beats him at his own game. When Cheetah enters the race, will Gorilla and Gopher discover the true meaning of friendship?
  • A Chance to Be Normal

    by Koywan Keyes
    As twelve-year-old Koywan navigates the school day, he endures a lot of stress. He?s the butt of everyone?s jokes, has only a few friends, and being chosen last on teams is a weekly event. But having to ride the bus and deal with the jokers and pranksters is the worst. He anticipates the sassy words of his worst enemy, Suzie Johnson. As if enduring his classmates? jokes during the school hours isn?t bad enough, Suzie?s sharp words put the bitter icing on what has already been a bad day. He keeps... more
  • Scarlet's Magic Paintbrush

    by Melissa Stoller
    Scarlet paints perfect pictures with her magic paintbrush until the day the brush is lost, and then she fears she'll never be able to paint again. When the brush is found, Scarlet realizes she must let go of perfectionism and allow her own creativity emerge.
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  • The Same Smoke

    by Alicia Graybill
    Aaron Stiles, an American G.I. fighting in France during World War II, is convinced that the best outcome for him from this war is martyrdom. Jacques has escaped from the concentration camp near Drancy. Alone in the world, Jacques is just trying to stay out of Nazi hands. When both end up joining a French resistance cell, they discover a powerful mutual attraction. Will their love be enough to help them survive? When a dangerous mission threatens to reveal dark secrets from Jacques' past, will t... more
  • Not Just Any Man

    by Loretta Miles Tollefson
    Just a man. Known for his character, not the color of his skin. That’s all Gerald, son of a free black man and and Irish servant girl, wants to be. It’s an impossible goal in slave-holding Missouri, but in the West, mountain men and villagers alike seem to accept him without question. New Mexico is all that Gerald hoped for, but shortly after he arrives in Taos, he realizes he wants more than he’d thought: A girl with her own complex ancestry and a high mountain valley with intriguing potent... more
  • Valley of the Eagles: Microfiction from Old New Mexico

    by Loretta Miles Tollefson
    Forty-two micro-stories set in Old New Mexico, each less than 500 words long, and many based on actual people or events. Includes: Rattled. On the Santa Fe Trail, two men dispute a rifle’s origins. Trapper in Love. A language barrier comes between a trapper and his woman. Edward and Augusta. The future warden of New Mexico’s first Territorial Prison takes a wife. Decision Point. Word of the Elizabethtown, New Mexico gold strike reaches Denver. Thicker n’ Snot. Miners from around t... more
  • The Year of the Shaman

    by Kareena Maxwell
    If you could take one-year off from you life as you know it, what would that look like? "The Year of the Shaman," is a story of Naiomi a shaman, who had to relearn how to walk through fire and light. With the guidance of her coyotes, she found her way back to where she belonged as a healer, but this time with more self resolve.

    by Kareena Maxwell
    Inspired by the life of American Cultural and Economic Anthropologist, Stanley Ann Dunham during 1995, the last year of her life. She was instrumental in obtaining micro-finance loans for non-agricultural workers in Kajar, a hamlet in Indonesia.
  • The Zodiac Son: Book 1


    In a small village in ancient Indochina where things were uncertain, Song Huy, a mischievous boy, lived with his Godparents. He always felt like there was one thing he was missing, his parents. As the new Dynasty takes over his village, Song receives, a pouch, fit for the wooden box, inside 12 jade ornaments of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. His Godparents gives Song a letter written by his parents. Song reads the letter out loud; it said: We miss you very much and think about you everyday. W... more