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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Lion of the South

    by Jessica James
    The Scarlet Pimpernel meets Gone with the Wind in this suspenseful tale that leaves the lives of two men—and the destiny of a nation—in one woman's hands.
  • Strutting and Fretting

    by Kevin McKeon
    Fresh out of acting school, Bob lands a great job at a major repertory theatre on the California coast. But instead of relishing his success, Bob is preoccupied with doubts about his talent, his life choices and his future. And his wife has left him. And he's broke. But hey – four months of solid work is something, right? Maybe, just maybe, Bob can turn his life around over the summer – and perhaps be invited to keep his job in the fall. But it may take a resolve and a determination that Bob doe... more
  • The Last Homecoming

    by Dan Chabot

    The Last Homecoming traces the lives of three troubled strangers who gather on Christmas Eve to say farewell to a doomed, 90-year-old house, the secure shelter and refuge where each of them grew up.  They all have warm, golden memories of youthful, magical Christmases here, and of the Rockwell-esque small town that nourished them as children.  They are joined by their gracious host, the last owner of the house, whose own deep attachment has led her to stage this last homecoming for p... more

  • Oric and the Alchemist's Key

    by Lesley Wilson
    Oric, returns from an early-morning foraging expedition to find his home, Dunburton Manor, sacked by a band of marauders. Alchemist Deveril, Oric’s mentor and friend, lies fatally wounded. The old man thrusts a key into Oric’s hand, saying it will unlock the secret to great wealth. Deveril also warns of terrible danger should the key fall into wrong hands. Essica Figg, moneylender and arch villain is determined to steal the key - even if he must kill Oric to get it. Oric escapes the burn... more
  • Tommy the Courageous Bird

    by Victor Castelo
    What is the True Meaning of Courage? Tommy the Courageous Bird is a wonderful story about a bird who loves to fly. But what happens when Tommy's Grandpa learns that his grandson is afraid of heights? Grandpa teaches Tommy a secret that will change his life forever
  • 5th&Hope

    by Nathaniel Sewell
    It has been decades since Bobby last saw his mother. Now, on the sunny cliffs of California, his sister calls, and he knows before she even speaks – the old woman is finally dead. He’d expected to feel nothing, but death, Bobby knows, has a funny way of surprising you. Now, after all these years, he heads back to the blue mountains of Kentucky, where his buried memories lie hidden among the dogwoods. When Bobby’s wife Rebecca first finds his grandfather’s diaries in the dusty rooms of their fam... more
  • How to Make a Baby

    by Sadie Sumner

    From an Oscar short-listed filmmaker comes the story of an international surrogacy and the desire and deception that surrounds it.

    When the secrets at the heart of her marriage threaten to destroy a successful designer’s only chance to make a baby, she turns to deceit buys the perfect egg and hires a reluctant surrogate.

    Arriving in India to collect her baby she is stalked by an activist determined to expose the surrogacy industry and discovers her surrogat... more

  • Fling!

    by Lily Iona MacKenzie
    When ninety year-old Bubbles receives a letter from the Mexico City dead letter office asking her to pick up her mother’s ashes, left there seventy years earlier and only now surfacing, Bubbles wastes no time. She convinces her hippie daughter Feather to take her to Mexico. Alternating narratives weave together Feather and Bubbles’ odyssey with their colorful Scottish ancestors, creating a family tapestry. The two women travel south from Canada to San Francisco and then to Mexico where Bubbl... more
  • Curva Peligrosa

    by Lily Iona MacKenzie
    When Curva Peligrosa arrives in Weed, Alberta, after a twenty-year trek on the Old North Trail from southern Mexico, she stops its residents in their tracks. With a parrot on each shoulder, a glittering gold tooth, and a wicked trigger finger, she is unlike anything they have ever seen before. Curva is ready to settle down, but are the inhabitants of Weed ready for her? Possessed of an insatiable appetite for life and love, Curva’s infectious energy galvanizes the townspeople, turning their stai... more
  • Eight Moments

    by Carmen Hendrix
    The product of a neglectful mother and loving father, Donna is fighting personal demons that she just can’t shake and it only gets worse when her mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer and requests a visit before she dies. Once vowing to never go back, Donna is forced to revisit her hometown in Georgia to face her biggest challenge, forgiveness. But, is she ready to revisit those seven pivotal moments and memories in her life that made her who she is today? Will this new visit give her clar... more
  • Two Journeys Home: A Novel of Eighteenth Century Europe

    by Kevin O'Connell
    It's now the late-Summer of 1767. As the eagerly anticipated sequel to Beyond Derrynane opens, having spent almost six eventful years at the court of Maria Theresa, Eileen O’Connell has availed herself of a fortuitous opportunity to travel back to Ireland. Her vivacious personality matched only by her arresting physical presence, Eileen returns to Derrynane this time not as a teenage widow but, rather, as one of the most recognised figures at the glittering Habsburg court. Before departing Irel... more
  • Sessions

    by B. J. Thompson
    Female Predator vs. Female Psychiatrist...Who will survive? Everyone, from time to time, needs the help of a psychiatrist. Sexually sadistic female serial killers are no different. Sessions, a literary psychological noir, delves into the minds of two women as they go head-to-head in therapy sessions, and brings a disturbing twist to the usually male-dominated tales of evil incarnate. The story unfolds over the course of seven days, narrated alternately by the killer, Mrs. Underhill, an... more
  • No More Blood

    by B. J. Thompson

    It's August 25, 1984, 8 o'clock in the morning Bel-Air, Los Angeles, and Truman Capote, the celebrated author of the infamous work, "In Cold Blood", has only three hours and forty-five minutes left to live.

    Near Garden City, Kansas, a young girl walks a lonely stretch of dirt road, waiting in her walking, to meet up with "Him".

    Time is limited for both, the clock is counting down, but there are issues yet to be resolved, facts yet to faced, guilt to ass... more

  • A MIGHTY TREE An Illustrated Epic

    by Christopher Vandeleur

    An old growth tree's heartwood is hewn into an acoustic guitar that begins a fantastic journey passing through musicians from stardom to pawn shop and finally into the hands of the one beauty that will complete a full circle reunion in the end. Illustrated using fine line pencil only. Enjoy turning the pages of this short story folktale style book from CJ Vandeleur.

  • The Woods

    by Seamus O'Connor
    Something—some sort of urgency—has taken hold of the four O'Neill girls following the death of their youngest sister. These young, educated women from an upper-middle-class background are making choices that send their lives off in radically unconventional directions. The novel follows the girls' careers and loves from the anything-goes artist's life of Paris in the 1920's to a Bolshevik revolt in a convent; from scandalous liaisons to hostile encounters with British troops. The story is set in ... more
  • Hullabaloo on Main Street: A Satirical Look at America's Bubble Battles

    by Lela Markham
    Libertarian Connor takes readers along on a wry tour of the American political "bubble battles" on the day after the November 2016 election. Infiltrating both the blue and the red zones of Anywhere, USA, he casts light on why we can't talk about the issues dividing us and offers hope that we might be able to step outside of our self-defined bubbles ... if we're willing. Political satire with a libertarian, nonpartisan twist.