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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Who Are You?: First Day Of School (Fargone Book 1)

    by Derrill Fussell
    The story begins with the first day of school in a jungle class of animals, defining each child, who they are, and how different they are from each other. The moral of the story is that you can be as different as looks, shapes, size and color can be and still be perfectly all right. Dr. Qooz prepares children the night before the first day of school with a storybook for ages two through six.
  • Aventuras del alfabeto

    by Monica Frascona
    This is a playful, alliterative alphabet book, written in Spanish, for young children. Anything is possible within the silly world of Aventuras del alfabeto - penguins ice skate, bats burn cheese, monsters chomp on apples... The more we laugh, the more we learn.
  • When Fur and Feather Get Together

    by David R. Margrave
    There are picture books that teach; there are picture books about family; and there are picture books that have outstanding illustrations. When Fur and Feather Get Together is a picture book that does all three - embracing the enduring themes of family, fun, learning and visual delight. Did you know that a sighting of a group of unicorns is so rare that it is called a blessing? When Fur and Feather Get Together is a fun and educational rhyming story about a father and child enjoying their laz... more
  • To Caress the air: Augustus Herring and the Dawn of Flight Book One

    by C David Gierke
    Most people accept the view that the Wright brothers invented the airplane. "Not so!" according to American aviation pioneer Augustus Moore Herring. "The aeroplane has a good many daddies." Herring should know; he was there. To Caress the Air is a biographical novel based on Herring's 22-year career in aeronautics. The story takes place in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and chronicles Herring's aeronautical achievements, his ordeals, and his triumph over sever... more
  • Laboratory (Lab) Lizards Go to Hollywood

    by Robert Richardson
    This book continues the exciting make-believe story of three wacky Lizards, living with a family they love that took them in. Suddenly, these failed food experiments are being hunted by the government, because they’re thought to be dangerous and they need to escape, leaving their new family behind.
  • ebook Review

    by Jenny M.
    An incredibly colorful bedtime story children's picture book about a very kind giraffe with brown eyes named Harry, who comes to help all kids who cannot go to bed quickly or have bedtime fears and worries. Giraffes long neck reaches any window of the house if needed! Harry's inspiring stories and magic gifts help every kid to fall asleep calmly and quickly. 25 HD quality pages with bright and exciting pictures will amuse children and their parents. An excellent choice for reading all the wa... more

    by Sophia Lorena Benjamin
    Nudism to a large extent attracted the tourists to Goa until the eighties, beyond which, nudism was banned in this westernized and fascinating state of India, yet it left an inerasable impression. However, there was a time when the way of life was deeply conservative, rooted in tradition, social restrictions and based on strict family and community rules. It was a time of contrasts. An indulgent, stylish, laid back, European way of living with free spirited enjoyment and fun ushered by the... more
  • Pearls...

    by E. Hughes

    “Pearls...” is a collection of stories about a handful of women, the karmic sum of their actions, and the seven deadly sins of life. Folksy moral tales reminiscent of Harlem Renaissance writers the likes of Zora Neal Hurston.

  • ESCAPEMENT: An Exquisite Tale of Love and Passion

    by Kristen Wolf

    ***WINNER — 2018 IndieReader DISCOVERY AWARD***

    From the bestselling Author of THE WAY, hailed by O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE as “A Title To Pick Up Now!”

    "Every now and then someone writes something that...leaves you shaking your head in wonder at the skillful storytelling, the use of language, and the depth of characters. This is one such book."
    —CURVE Magazine... more

  • We Were Once

    by Amy Watkin
    Before Constance Lloyd meets Oscar Wilde, she is a university student and an emerging fashion icon in 1870s London, professing the controversial beliefs that women’s clothing should be comfortable and undergarments should weigh less than seven pounds. With Oscar, she thinks she’s found the unconditional love that can heal the scars her mother left on her. Yet she struggles to create a life that matters beside a man who takes up all the space in the room and most of the headlines in London. When ... more
  • The Misbirth

    by D. B. Moffatt
    A pair of high school seniors are pressured into a blind date. They end up in the back seat of a car and pregnant. The mores of 50’s Americana mandate they drop out of high school and marry. They have a baby girl. Both are emotionally unstable before meeting. A marriage in Hell only throws gasoline on already smoldering embers. Meanwhile, a young man gets brutally beaten up in an after school fight.He vows never to be humiliated again.He man enrolls in a martial arts school. During his freshman ... more
  • Winter Melon Story

    by Naomi Lau
    Two friends Sammy and Davey spend the summer days with Sammy’s grandma, Poh Poh in Minnesota. They visit Poh Poh’s garden every day, eager to pick the winter melon and help Poh Poh make her special winter melon soup. When the melon is nearly ripe for harvest, Sammy decides to follow her own plan, where both children discover one of Poh Poh’s most important ingredients for winter melon soup.
  • Moonshadow Mae

    by Rosie Russell
    Mae is a happy girl and loves many things. One thing she adores the most is the moon. She is in awe of the glowing shine and the shadows left behind. Come along and enjoy this rhyming tale as Mae explores the wonders of the atmosphere above. Enclosed are fun facts, a special craft, and a yummy recipe in the back of this book.
  • Gnomes of the Cheese Forest and Other Poems

    by Ken Priebe
    Gnomes of the Cheese Forest and Other Poems is a collection of funny, dark, and whimsical poems and drawings by author/illustrator Ken Priebe. Open this book and embark on a journey where strange creatures lurk in every corner, and where fantasy and reality become a blur of weirdness and wonder.
  • Chaos Theory As Applied to Love, Baseball, and the Rest of the Universe

    by Mark Herder
    Chaos theory suggests that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in China can produce a tornado on the other side of the world. If that is true, how could the effects of first love be any less devastating? Chaos Theory as Applied to Love, Baseball, and the Rest of the Universe examines life's most elemental forces: love, death, religion, and, of course, baseball. Raised in a family of eccentric losers, George Seibenmann has only one ambition: to pitch for his high school baseball team. Ruth... more
  • 978-0-9834005-8-5

    by Linda S Amstutz
    "Only Big Deals come to therapy every week. Small deals come every other week. Or even once a month. But, the Big Deals, they have a standing weekly appointment. And it seems that not hearing what men say must be a Big Deal. At least to some people." So what do you do? If you're Susan S, you get a little help from your three best buddies, also named Susan. While your husband and teen daughter think you're just being passive-aggressive, your therapist and friends try to help you find the answer... more